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  1. Hey RVA, As for charcoal, there wasn't really a setup; I just cleaned out the firebox and loaded up the KAB to the top. I made sure I could get the smoking stone on top of the lump and away we went. I don't believe I have ever run out of lump when doing an overnight. The key is filling it up all the way and making sure you keep your temps in the 225-250 range. Were you using lump? If not, maybe briquettes aren't as efficient. I'll defer to some of the other 'experts' on here.
  2. Congratulations!! Being almost 2 years into my Vision, I love it. My Weber is now a cabinet for storage! Lots of good advice on here. Just like EZ said above and others have said, spend some time getting to know your grill and you will love it! The other thing is let's see some pictures. Always want to see what folks are doing with their Kamado..
  3. Hey P. Thanks for the post; I tried using it with the two halves just sitting together and i couldn't keep the heat regulated; it kept spiking up; I am going to keep it for offset and see how it works. I am a big cast iron fan, so I might give the lodge circular griddle from Academy a try. Thanks GC
  4. Hey Guys, So I was gearing up to smoke some very nice beef ribs and when I picked up my Vision lava stone, it slipped as i was putting it onto the crossbar and cracked right in half. So, i am using my pampered chef pizza stone as a replacement, but don't want to use it permanently. Any suggestions? I don't do enough two tiered cooking to invest in a spider system or KJ divide and conquer, so just looking for a deflector. Thanks GC
  5. GS1397

    Newbie to KJ

    I tend to like to use the KJ when I am doing a low and slow burn because of the chunk size and even though I don't have a KJ, the concept is the same. I only add small chunks when doing ribs or butts, rarely when doing any other meat or fish. I tend to use the RO Red bag when doing quick high heat burns like steak or pizza. The mild smoke from the charcoal works well for me and my crew. For some reason, when I used the RO by itself on long overnight cooks, it had a tendency to drop in temp very low. Now, like the others, I tend to use the less expensive RO or B&B mixed in with the KJ.
  6. Happy Holidays!!! I was the recipient of a KAB for Christmas and used it to smoke a boston butt. Worked like a champ, and now I want to do more of a high heat sear for either steak or pizza. The KAB insert said to not use it for a high heat clean-out, but I am wondering if anyone here has used it for high heat things like pizza. I usually get it up around 600-700 for pizza and don't want to have to take it out just to do pizza. Thanks!!! GC
  7. Hey guys, thanks for all the responses. I ended up putting 2 on the top rack and 1 on the bottom rack. Smoked them 12 hours and they ended up great.. not as much bark on the bottom one, but still ended up really good. Just got a Kick Ash Basket now for Christmas and now get to learn how to use it!!
  8. thanks guys! I appreciate it. one other question, does it take longer when you have 3 going at once vs 1 by itself?
  9. Hello Everyone, For a family Christmas party coming up I am wanting to smoke 3 Boston Butts on my diamond cut B. I am wondering if anyone has used the expansion rack for this? Place two on the bottom rack and one on the top? Just wondering about the drippings for the one on top and how it affects the two on the bottom; I know I won't have room for 3 on the bottom... Thanks! GC
  10. I have had my vision for over a year now and have no issues keeping it around 225-250. I put in the lump with a starter and just keep the lid open for 10-15 minutes, then close her up and set the vents and let it heat soak for 30-60 mins. I have gotten so comfortable, I don't even use the grill thermometer all the time; just the meat one. Depending on the type of lump and the amount of wood you put in it will fluctuate 25 degrees or so up and down during a long smoke. I smoked a couple of racks of beef short ribs and did the 3 +2 method and kept it between 250-275 the whole time and they turned out great! If you can't keep it steady below 250, then you might have a small leak somewhere. I replaced the gasket around the ash drawer with nomex and that seemed to help it stabilize faster. That was many months ago... Love the vision! Just keep tinkering with it and you'll get comfortable and confident...
  11. GS1397

    Gas Insert

    I'm curious how much time you really save with the gas? I've found that when I use the chimney with a good starter like weber wax cubes, i can get a good 350-400 fire going in about 20-30 mins. I actually use my old weber gas as the platform for the chimney and then dump right on top of the lump into the Vision B. The chimney coals then get the vision up pretty quickly as well. Saving 10-20 mins isn't worth the hassle or expense. But that's just me.. I've learned to manage the time after having the B for over a year now. To each his own.. if it works for you, then good for you and enjoy!! I have really gotten addicted to the charcoal taste though.
  12. Vision support is great! I had the ash drawer on my diamond cut B seal burn up and Vision sent me a replacement pretty quickly; They are great to work with!!
  13. GS1397

    Finally did it

    Doesn't exist or didn't happen if there aren't pics.... lol! congrats. you'll love the B... I have had mine over a year and use it all the time and couldn't imagine going back to the gasser i still have...
  14. I have had a Classic B from Sam's for about a year or so now and I love it. The ash drawer felt burned up after a pizza cook a few months in and Vision sent me a nomex replacement roll. I fixed it myself and except for the couple of cooks after I noticed it was flaking off, I have had no air leak issues. For the money, you can't beat it. If I could have gotten a KJ classic for $699, I might have done that but for the money with the sam's classic b, it's hard to beat. There are some on here that have gotten them for under $400 at the end of the season when Sam;s puts them on clearance. I haven't used my gas Weber since I got the Vision. Again, for the money, it's hard to beat the Vision...
  15. Smoked a rack the day after the 4th and did 3 hours at around 225-250 and then did an hour in the foil with a bout 4-5 pats of butter in the rack; took them out of the foil, put them back on for about 30 mins to firm up and they were great! My Vision B dome gauge read around 225 or so and my gauge that was on the rack was reading around 250-280. That's been the norm for a while now.
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