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  1. Temp not holding overnight

    Thanks for the response. For this last one, I actually shop vac'd the inside and the fire bowl to make sure there wasn't any ash causing airflow issues. I made sure to take out the old leftover lump from my last cook and only added the larger pieces back after completely filling it mostly with new large lump pieces. I'll document the next one more closely and see what happens. Thanks again!
  2. Temp not holding overnight

    Hey guys, been a while since I posted. Over the last 3 low and slow cooks it have had an issue with my diamond cut B not holding temps. I usually fill up the bowl to 1/2-3/4 full with Royal Oak lump and try to put the bigger pieces on the bottom. I use a wax starter and let it come up to around 250-275 and let it heat up for around 30-60 minutes. I then put on my boston butt and adjust the vents to keep it between 225-250 or so. It holds really well for the first 2-3 hours and by then I am heading to bed. When I wake up after 8 or so hours, I see that my temp had gone to 200 or below. I then have to go out and add more charcoal so that I can get through the stall. The first few overnight cooks I did performed flawlessly. Temp held and I had plenty of lump left. I can't figure out what is different. The temps aren't that cold as it was only mid 40s last night. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thx!
  3. 2nd overnight cook

    I've gone 14 hours and still had some lump left over. Never had to refill on a Boston butt that size...Just fill it up and let it roll...
  4. Finally took the plunge and bought a Vision

    $399 is a great deal. I picked mine up earlier in the year for $499, still a great deal. I was worried they would run out of stock like last year and didn't want to wait. At least that's the excuse I used! Love the diamond cut B and how good it cooks. Can't imagine using anything else..
  5. 2nd overnight cook

    10lbs or so...
  6. 2nd overnight cook

    So I did another butt overnight and the results were much better. Started it around 9 and let the vision heat soak for about an hour at 225ish. Put the butt on and let it get back to 225 before going to bed. I woke up around 6:30 and saw the temp had dropped to 208. Internal was around 160. I opened up the vents a bit and let it come back up to around 230-250. It took until around 1pm to get to 205. Once it got there I wrapped in foil and put in a cooler. Pulled it a few hours later and it was good. Before and after pics below... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. First overnight low and slow...

    I was using the Vision heat deflector and had my drip pan on the bottom rack and the butt on the top rack. I'm doing another one in a couple of weeks and will cook it longer...however it did probe very easy when I took the temp in various places... oh well this is only #2 so we will see how #3 does... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. First overnight low and slow...

    Hey guys... thanks for the info and comments. The pan was mainly for a drip pan so that the drippings wouldn't burn. I added the vinegar to the water just for flavor/aroma. Last time it was a bit dry so I added more liquid to the drip pan to help. The cook was between 235-260 for the whole time. I took it off the grill at around 193, wrapped in foil and then put in my small RTIC for about 3 hours...and for the most part It was moist and tender, but it just seemed like there were some parts deep in there that weren't... maybe it's just me!! [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. First overnight low and slow...

    Hey guys, thanks for the likes. I pulled mine a little while ago after being in the cooler for about 3 hours. It pulled very easily and had a great smoke flavor to it. However, there were some parts that still didn't seem to be as moist and weren't as tender. Don't get me wrong, it was still good and tender, but not as much as I thought it should be. I had a drip pan filled with apple cider vinegar and water. Any ideas?? I agree, with the ability to smoke these things the way we can with a Kamado, sauce really becomes an afterthought. Even using the Jack Daniels rub I found at Wal-Mart, the bark and smoke flavor was fantastic. thanks again...
  10. First overnight low and slow...

    Here you go... woke up at 06:30 and it was around 160 with the grill holding steady around 245. I pulled it about 10 when it hit 195. Its now foiled and towel wrapped in a cooler until we get back from lunch errands. Looks good anyway. I'll let you guys know how it tastes when I pull it this afternoon...
  11. Here we go..first Boston Butt going overnight. It's about 8.5lbs, hope to get it on in the next 30-45 as the Classic B is heat soaking now. Hopefully it will be done around 8am or so... we will see. Target temp is 250... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. First cook

    It's interesting to hear how folks do things differently. I have a classic B and for high heat sears, I use a chimney to get the coals hot. I have found it takes for me less time to get it up to that 500-600 when I put a full hot chimney on top of the lump and then spread it around. For low and slow, I put a Weber was starter cube in the ash drawer, light it and let it go. When the temp gets up to around 200, i close her up and it floats between 225-260ish, which is good enough for me. When I close up from the high heat cooks, I just close the vents and walk away. If I am in the 550-600 range, it does take more than a few hours to cool down, but I always find my B has only used about half the lump that was in there. Again, very efficient. If you close her up and still burn all your lump, then you do have a leak and need to look into it as it shouldn't do that. The best thing is to take a day and just burn some lump and play around with the vents to see where your cooker gets to. Ceramic Chef and a couple other guys recommended that to me a when I got mine a few months back and it was great advice. Once you get to know her, you will love it!! Good luck!!
  13. Spare ribs

    Mike, those looks great!! A couple of questions; what is that on the lower grate? also, what kind of ribs are they? thanks!!
  14. Here you go GLOCKer.. not the prettiest job but it works. Cooked a flank steak for tacos tonight. Got it up to 550 and once I was done, closed up the vents and soon the temp was falling. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Hey guys, wanted to brag on Vision customer service. My ash drawer gasket started failing recently so I took some pics, emailed them and a few days and a couple emails later received in the mail a nomex replacement gasket!! Did burgers tonight so tomorrow will do the replacement gasket. I'll post some more pics of the process as well. For now here is the drawer when I noticed it.. !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk