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  1. Hey guys, I have very new KJC2 that I purchased at Costco. After only about a month or so, I noticed that when I open the lid, it's not staying open. It doesn't close all the way, but will slowly fall down about halfway. Is this normal? it's super annoying when I am trying to add food, check temps, etc. is there an adjustment I can make on the air hinge to make it stay open all the way? Thanks!
  2. Hey Boater, I agree; When I had my Vision, I would always let it heat soak for about an hour at 250-300 before I put on the butt. But having that grill for 4-5 years I knew exactly where to put the vents to get me there. for this one, it's just a little trial and error to get that part of it down;
  3. Hey Guys, Thanks for all the help; I did put the deflector plates right on the lowest setting of the D&C and then the x-rack for the drip pan adn then the top for the grates. It worked great except for the first time in a very long time, the butt I cooked didn't hit a stall. I was shocked; it's been so long since I had one that didn't stall, I was wondering if something was wrong with it! lol; overall good; took a bit of playing with the vents to get it dialed in; can't wait to cook another one.
  4. Hey Guys, Got the costco deal and finally was able to fire up the new KJC2. After a couple of simple burger cooks, I now want to do a butt this weekend. How do you guys do it when you don't have the sloroller? Just sit the deflector plates on the bottom of the D&C, the a drip pan on the accessory rack? no second plate? Thanks for any advice/direction here. GC
  5. Hey Guys, went buy Costco today and they have the Classic 2 on sale for $799. That's a great price, so that's what made up my mind on the KJ vs Primo discussion I've asked about on here and the Primo forum. The Costco guy told me it's to clearance them out because grilling season is over. I'm in SC so it's never really over for me. Procured a truck and heading back tomorrow to pick mine up!! Really excited.. I'll update the group once I have it and am up and running!!
  6. I have had a diamond cut classic B for almost 5 years now. The lava stone worked great but it did crack and eventually broke in half after a year or two; depending on what you want to use it for, I went to Academy sports and got a great outdoors( i think it's the house brand) round cast iron griddle, cut the handles off and used that; the great thing about it is it's cast iron so it's largely indestructible and fits the metal holder for the lava stone;
  7. Hey Guys, shopping for a new grill and it's come down to a KJ Classic and an XL Oval. Lots of pros and cons on both, and I posted this same question on the KJ page. I'd be interested from other Primo owners why they went Primo over a conventional round Kamado and if they were considering KJ or BGE; BGE is out of the running as they just too expensive for what you get with them. So, again, thank you for any insights you can give.
  8. Thanks for that; it seems like what is being sold is the same setup as what's on the AGC website or even the KJ website; just didn't realize the deflectors were included.
  9. Ok guys; not to belabor this topic or make it too confusing; but Amazon has the Classic 2 on sale for $812. With the cover it's $900. That seems like a steal for a Classic 2; however, when you add the charcoal basket (I had a KAB with my vision and won't go back to not using one) and the half moon deflectors, you're in the $1200 range. That's still a good bit less expensive than a classic 3; thoughts on the deal from Amazon on the classic 2? I don't think i've seen it that cheap before...
  10. That's interesting. I use a cast iron round griddle that I cut the handles off and it fits perfectly in my Vision. I am wondering if that would work on a KJ; With the cast iron, I do use a drip pan, but of course have no worries about the heat.
  11. Hey John, thanks for the comment; can you share how you get 6-8 racks of ribs, what kind of ribs? I usually only do babybacks and the issue is the length; i've used the weber rib rack, but again the ones at the edge have issues with the lid closing and getting in the way; Same with the butts; Appreciate it! Thanks
  12. Can I ask how/why you've had to replace 3 deflector plates on the BJ?
  13. John, this is great information; Right now, Atlanta Grill Company has all the KJs on sale. They have the Big Joe 2 and the Classic 3 on sale which come out to the same price; I have a Vision Diamond Cut and have had issues cooking more than 3 butts at a time. I have also had issues with cooking more than 4-5 racks of ribs as well. It's not something I do often, maybe a few times a year, but when I needed that space the Vision has been cramped; I am guessing the Classic is about the same size but the divide and conquer are better; Just thinking for the same price I can get the space of a BJ 2 and save myself a significant amount of $$ of the BJ3; Thoughts?
  14. Thanks TKO; can you explain/expand on that thought? I know the 3 looks longer than the 2 but i've never seen them side by side;
  15. Hey Guys, I currently have a Vision Diamond cut from Sams that I use frequently. However, I am wanting more grilling space so I am looking hard at a big Joe. What I am struggling with is the almost 1K diff in cost. I use a KAB now and totally get why they are popular, so I'd want to get either one of those or a KJ one. The question I have is the slo roller worth the $$$. I have smoked many butts, ribs, etc. on my vision just using the deflector plates I have with great results. Does the slo roller make that much difference? TIA.
  16. I am looking at getting a Big Joe when I move to my new house in August. I have noticed that most 2 and 3's of regular and big joe's are sold out on the KJ website. Anyone in the know have any ideas of when they'll be back in stock?
  17. Hey Guys, I have a Diamond Cut B I purchased from Sam's back in 2017. It's been a great one and I was just curious if Sams isn't carrying them anymore. I haven't seen any in a couple of years and was just wondering if anyone else noticed this?
  18. Remember if you were above 190 or close to it when you pulled it, it's very possible those last few degrees you're looking for cooked while in the foil resting. If you wrap it in foil and then leave it a cooler wrapped in a kitchen towel it will still cook some more. I have pulled plenty of butts at around 190 and then let them rest for a few hours and they pulled just fine; Looks like you're getting into the swing of it; like most have said; fill up the basket, and keep practicing!
  19. GS1397

    KJ2 vs KJ3

    Hey Guys, I have a Sam's Club edition of the Vision Diamond Cut Classic B that is going to go to my son here in the next few months. I have narrowed down my shopping to a Primo oval and a KJ. I am partial to the KJ because of all the accessories and innovation they've shown over the last few years. I like the extra space of the Primo, but one thing I was wondering that I can't seem to put my finger on is what's the difference between the KJ Classic 2 and Classic 3? Thanks!! GS
  20. Good Morning! I am curious about moving my Vision. I am moving to an apartment for a short time and wanted to see if anyone has experience on moving these grills. Unfortunately, if I do move it, it will go into storage and then have to move it again some time later to a new home. So, moving it twice, i am concerned if it will survive; so should I sell it or roll the dice moving it twice;
  21. I have the Vision Diamond Cut sams edition. I have had it for almost 4 years now and love it. I do wish there were more accessories. I know you can get 3rd party ones and I have done that, but for what it's worth, depending on your budget, I would go KJ. However, I wouldn't do the Classic 1, I would spend the extra $$ and do the Classic 2 or 3; I know it's a bump in $$, but the 2 seems like the best deal for your dollars; at least to me. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the choices you have. I would also recommend if you have access to a SAMs club, to have a look at see if you can find a B series on clearance. There are stories of people finding them around this time of year clearanced out to less than $500. Happy Grilling!!
  22. Klcfred, what are your issues with the temp? i have had my diamond cut B for about 4 years now and was able to smoke in it pretty quickly after starting using it. the key is really playing with the vents; do a smoke test to see if you have leaks, etc. it does take some practice so I would start with something easy like ribs, maybe a small Boston butt; again, it does take some practice; there are a number of threads on here about it too; my best advice came from long time users like Herman or others; take an afternoon and play around with the vents to see how the temp changes, sets in, etc. if you have run away temps. then you must have an air leak, so doing the smoke test would be helpful. Hope this helps! Happy Grilling!! GS
  23. I have a diamond cut classic B from Sams. This time of year if you can find any left at Sams you can usually get them clearance out. I can't speak for any of the other models, but mine has been great! The customer service has been ok; not great, but ok. Early on the felt on my ash drawer melted off so they sent me replacements. The cast iron charcoal grate cracked and they replaced that as well. I ended up upgrading to a Kick Ash Basket and it has been well worth the $$. This past spring my side shelves started warping and my fire bowl cracked after a high heat pizza cook and my temp gauge stopped working. They replaced all under warranty and all I paid was shipping. For the $$ it's a good buy. I use it a lot all year long as well. The components on a KJ or Primo or one of the more expensive brands are probably better, but for me it wasn't worth the extra $$$. If and when I go to replace this one, I will probably go with one of the more expensive brands like KJ mainly bc of the extensive accessories they have. Other than that, I have been happy and would purchase it over again with no hesitation.
  24. Posted this in the Vision page as well, but haven't gotten any reponse; was wondering if anyone on here has used the pizza porta for the classic B?
  25. Not sure if this goes here or the pizza page, but was wondering if anyone on here has used the pizza porta for the classic B?
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