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  1. Good Morning! I am curious about moving my Vision. I am moving to an apartment for a short time and wanted to see if anyone has experience on moving these grills. Unfortunately, if I do move it, it will go into storage and then have to move it again some time later to a new home. So, moving it twice, i am concerned if it will survive; so should I sell it or roll the dice moving it twice;
  2. I have the Vision Diamond Cut sams edition. I have had it for almost 4 years now and love it. I do wish there were more accessories. I know you can get 3rd party ones and I have done that, but for what it's worth, depending on your budget, I would go KJ. However, I wouldn't do the Classic 1, I would spend the extra $$ and do the Classic 2 or 3; I know it's a bump in $$, but the 2 seems like the best deal for your dollars; at least to me. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the choices you have. I would also recommend if you have access to a SAMs club, to have a look at see if you can find a B series on clearance. There are stories of people finding them around this time of year clearanced out to less than $500. Happy Grilling!!
  3. Klcfred, what are your issues with the temp? i have had my diamond cut B for about 4 years now and was able to smoke in it pretty quickly after starting using it. the key is really playing with the vents; do a smoke test to see if you have leaks, etc. it does take some practice so I would start with something easy like ribs, maybe a small Boston butt; again, it does take some practice; there are a number of threads on here about it too; my best advice came from long time users like Herman or others; take an afternoon and play around with the vents to see how the temp changes, sets in, etc. if you have run away temps. then you must have an air leak, so doing the smoke test would be helpful. Hope this helps! Happy Grilling!! GS
  4. I have a diamond cut classic B from Sams. This time of year if you can find any left at Sams you can usually get them clearance out. I can't speak for any of the other models, but mine has been great! The customer service has been ok; not great, but ok. Early on the felt on my ash drawer melted off so they sent me replacements. The cast iron charcoal grate cracked and they replaced that as well. I ended up upgrading to a Kick Ash Basket and it has been well worth the $$. This past spring my side shelves started warping and my fire bowl cracked after a high heat pizza cook and my temp gauge stopped working. They replaced all under warranty and all I paid was shipping. For the $$ it's a good buy. I use it a lot all year long as well. The components on a KJ or Primo or one of the more expensive brands are probably better, but for me it wasn't worth the extra $$$. If and when I go to replace this one, I will probably go with one of the more expensive brands like KJ mainly bc of the extensive accessories they have. Other than that, I have been happy and would purchase it over again with no hesitation.
  5. Posted this in the Vision page as well, but haven't gotten any reponse; was wondering if anyone on here has used the pizza porta for the classic B?
  6. Not sure if this goes here or the pizza page, but was wondering if anyone on here has used the pizza porta for the classic B?
  7. I purchased a academy house brand round cast iron griddle to use after by lava stone from vision cracked into two pieces. I cut the handles off and it fits perfectly into the bracket that the lava stone came with. And because it's cast iron it's pretty indestructible. I usually put a disposable aluminum pan with some water in the bottom to catch whatever drippings; maybe i'll try sand next time; interesting...
  8. So far they have not been too great with customer support. With COVID-19 going on they are working from home for customer service. The initial email was returned quickly and bowl is covered under warranty, but unfortunately I still have to pay for the shipping. The other issue not only are the firebowls back ordered, when I call to actually place the order and pay for the shipping, I get voicemail. When they actually did call back, it showed up as a TOLL FREE number on my cell so I assumed telemarketer. Now I can't get them to call back again. I am really disappointed with the customer service. Up until this, it has been really good so I hope this is all due to the unusual working situations we are all in. Still, with the crack like it is, it's hard to keep the temps stable at low cooks, so not a lot of confidence in smoking anything right now...
  9. I have a Diamond Cut classic b from around 2017. Been a great grill, but I noticed after a high heat cook the next day that the top ring of the fire bowl was seemingly cracked. It was almost like some of the other designed where the top ring is detachable; but I don't remember it being 2 pieces in the past; help me out here guys; a classic b fire bowl is once piece of ceramic correct? i have attached pics here for your review... i'll email vision as well but wanted to get ya'lls take too;
  10. Hey Guys, I am going to attempt to smoke a turkey breast for Thanksgiving. I am also frying one just in case. I am wondering two things; 1. Is brining necessary? 2. What type of rub have any of you used; and do you inject? I always inject and use a rub on my fried turkeys; Thanks! GC
  11. Hey Karl, with the handles it's 17'; i cut the handles off yesterday and it's now 14'. with the handles off it fits perfectly into the lava stone's bracket.
  12. Hey Karl P, I haven't measured it yet, but will do so and report back. Stay tuned...
  13. I had my lava stone for about a year or so before it cracked and then eventually broke in half. I opted for the cast iron griddle from Academy sports. It's not expensive and because it's cast iron, dang near indestructible. the wings fit nicely onto the edge of the fire box or some here have cut the wings off so it will sit in the lava stone's cradle. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/outdoor-gourmet-14-in-preseasoned-round-griddle?gclsrc=aw.ds&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgbX7zqDk4wIVlpOzCh1dywONEAQYAiABEgItl_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds#repChildCatid=27890 For $15 it was worth a try anyway..
  14. Hey EZ that looks like a great setup. One question i would have is how much space is there between the deflectors and the base rack as well as how much room between the main rack and the expansion one? it's hard to tell from the photos, but could you get 4 10lb boston butts on there? 2 on bottom 2 on top as well as the drip pan on top of the half moon deflectors? Again, great setup; Also would a setup like that work with a KAB? Thanks!!!
  15. Hey American, So I have the same grill as you but only a couple of years older. I have had the same issue and have the same setup. What I have found is really is dependent on the type of charcoal. I cooked 4 butts over the last 2 months and 3 of the 4 were perfect. I cleaned out the firebox and filled the basket, lit the coals and let it heat up for about an hour to around 250. Added my wood chunks, deflector plate and butts. It settled in around 225, I watched it for about an hour and went to bed around 11pm. I woke up at 6am and it was still sitting at 225 with about 30% of the lump burned. My vent settings were similar. My bottom vent was closed a bit more and the top was open a bit more. So this last cook I did on Friday night, same exact setup except the charcoal was different. For the previous 3 I used the B&B Hickory Blend for the first one and the Kamado Joe Big Block for 2 and 3. This last one I bought a bag of the new Royal Oak XL. It was not in the same class as the B&B or the KJ. The KJ is always consistently really big pieces. the B&B is about the same but has smaller ones built in. The RO XL was what you would expect lump to be. It was normal size lump pieces. As I lit the fire, it settled in at around 240 for two hours and the started dropping. At about 2am, the fire had gone out. I had to babysit the fire to get it to stay at 250 so I could get through the stall and get the butt to finish. I can only surmise that the difference was the charcoal. There are ones on here that will say that it doesn't matter, but I believe for these low and slow, you really need the larger pieces so that the airflow will continue. I use RO red bags for high heat cooks all the time because of the value. But from here on out, I'll only buy the KJ big block for low and slow.
  16. Hey Guys, Work has had me traveling in Maryland over the last few weeks and today I tried the Pit Beef on a kaiser roll. I think it was bottom round grilled and then shaved; it's almost like roast beef, but not. It was really good and different from anything else I've tried in a while. My question to the group is has anyone tried to do this on the Vision? Any and all comments are always welcomed...
  17. I have a diamond cut B as well. One thing I do so I can get the temps really high is leave the ash drawer open about an in or two while it's heating up. Just lets more air in faster. If I really need to get it hot and fast, I'll take my electric air mattress pump and put the end of the hose up to the ash drawer grate and just let it run for about 5 minutes. That much forced air will get it hot fast. it can blow ash around if you haven't done a good clean out, so just be prepared. The biggest thing I think is like cmospyder said, fill it up with lump. I have easily gotten mine up in the 700 range for pizzas.
  18. You def have a leak somewhere. I filled my KAB up tonight and after cooking some greek chicken, i shut it down and after about 5 or so hours it cooled from 350ish to cool. That's been my norm. What I have done is get a fire going, throw some wood chips on it for smoke and close up all the vents. You should be able to easily see where the leak is coming from.
  19. Lowcountry Gamecock, please let us know how it goes; I am thinking about doing a ham soon and haven't ever really done one.. and oh btw GO COCKS!!!
  20. I received a KAB for my anniversary back in Dec to fit my diamond cut B. I absolutely love it. I think it is great for airflow as well as ease of clean up. I always had issues when not using higher end lump of the small pieces clogging up the grate. This is not an issue now. Not to mention on a couple of high heat pizza cooks the grate cracked. I have done boston butts, ribs, low and slow, as well as steaks and pizza in a high heat setting and the KAB worked great! The fit and finish is great for my diamond cut B. No noticeable air gaps at all.
  21. I have the diamond cut B series and I think it depends on when you're shutting the top vent. If you shut it when you're in the middle of cooking or have alot of smoke going, theres going to be some smoke coming out of the top vents; it's just what happens; if you close it at the end of a cook, and you're lump still burns and smokes, then you have a leak. Easiest way to tell is when you shut her down, do you have lump left after a few hours..
  22. Agreed; I have that exact thermpro wireless probe and my grate temp and dome temp always runs about 25-50 degrees hotter at the grate; again depending on the environment. Not to worry; the key is to just pay attention to one of them and not try to worry about both..
  23. I use the cast iron griddle from Academy; $20 and it's cast iron so it's damn near indestructible.. and cast iron holds and dissipates heat well; and it's also great for smashburgers....
  24. Hey RVA, As for charcoal, there wasn't really a setup; I just cleaned out the firebox and loaded up the KAB to the top. I made sure I could get the smoking stone on top of the lump and away we went. I don't believe I have ever run out of lump when doing an overnight. The key is filling it up all the way and making sure you keep your temps in the 225-250 range. Were you using lump? If not, maybe briquettes aren't as efficient. I'll defer to some of the other 'experts' on here.
  25. Congratulations!! Being almost 2 years into my Vision, I love it. My Weber is now a cabinet for storage! Lots of good advice on here. Just like EZ said above and others have said, spend some time getting to know your grill and you will love it! The other thing is let's see some pictures. Always want to see what folks are doing with their Kamado..
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