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  1. If you are an iGrill owner you would be best NOT to update to the latest version of the iGrill App. It's a complete mess and removes features. Have a look at the comments on the App store. I complained bitterly to Weber, who promised a series of updates (that will restore these functions) and promised to send me something to apologise. But I am as angry as all heck. I think they should roll it back to the previous version
  2. Thanks for the advice, I will report back when the purchase is complete
  3. Hi, I am excruciatingly close to pressing the button on an XL, but I want to be absolutely certain that aside from long slow cooks, the Primo will get screamingly hot when I want to sear steaks. Just for comparison I currently use a Weber Family Q and the other night did a spectacular reverse sear tomahawk. Can someone assure me the Primo will do an even better job? Thanks Dean
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