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  1. The problem eventually went away for me. Maybe it was the inside lining of the cover leaving residue, maybe it was something (calcium-like) seeping to the surface. At any rate, as the cover has weathered and baked in the sun and after many cooks it seems to have stopped. I used a little vinegar on a microfiber last time I cleaned it off.
  2. I get what you're saying . I have done a test burn for a couple of hours but have been hesitant to cook yet in case there was a defect. But after rubbing most of the stuff off last night, it's time to get started! Looking closer I think it's just were the cover rubs on it the most and the high winds beating it around created some transfer from the cover.
  3. Pretty sure it's not pollen. Came to the surface when grill was covered. Feels hard and crusty like a hard water deposit. Thought about wiping a spot with some vinegar. I suspected the cover as well but I don't see or feel anything on the inside that would cause that. Maybe I can rub the cover over a 'clean' area and see what happens.
  4. Hmmm. I sent some pictures to Dansons so we'll see what they say. Hate to think of hauling this thing back to Costco . Thanks for the reply
  5. Outside. White chalky on the raised areas of the textured surface.
  6. Just got the new Costco Pit Boss. Don't know if this is common for ceramic cooker finishes but I have what looks like a calcium deposit forming on my lid. At first I thought friction from the cover was wearing off the paint, but I have found if I scrape with my fingernail it seems to come off. Anyone know if this is typical or a defect? New spots crop up every few days. Thanks, (Trying to attach a 2MB photo but keep getting a failure message)
  7. Hello. Just picked up the new Pit Boss from Costco a couple weeks ago. Decided to retire the Weber Smokey Mountain that served me well for many years but just got too beat up to hold temp. Looks like I have a lot of reading to do now!
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