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  1. @Mode Red Are we twins?! Because I'm as OCD as you seem! Sound like a solid and true method! Thanks for sharing it my brother in smoke!
  2. @TKOBBQ Thanks! @retfr8flyr Thanks for you ideas. I'm not using any sweet rub or sauce. No need for sauce on any properly cooked meat.
  3. Cgriller64 - I thought about dual zone. As far as the Chupacabra rub, it very herbaceous. You either love or hate. You must as some salt to it. I've cooked a lot with it, chicken, fish and tons of veggies. They also make Cajun Chupacabra Rub. I'll be sure to post photos. TKOBBQ - I have a Char-Griller Akron Akorn pit. Two things I hate rubbery skin and too much smoke on any meat. I have some apple and cherry chunks. High temperature indirect sounds interesting. Would you keep the stone in place?
  4. CHOW TIME! One question, did you wrap it immediately after cook? I use Foil Tents they seem to work better because you don't want that BARK to go soft due to humidity inside tight wrapped foil....
  5. I’m going to be practice cooking Half Chickens, as I try to decide which method is best for my Easter Cook. I’ll be using mesquite lump charcoal. My Chicken Preparation Steps: · No Brine. Injection with spices, lemon juice and butter. · Rub with Olive Oil to coat. Then my CHUPACABRA-SEX RUB! It’s a combination of 2 Gringo’s Chupacabra Rub & Prasek’s Smokehouse BBQ Seasoning! · Basting with leftover Injection liquid. My Possible Cook Methods: 1. FAST – 400 degrees - Center Charcoal Direct cook No stone Until internal temp of thigh reaches 170 degrees Rest 2. SLOW – 250 degrees - Charcoal in "Weber Snake" Indirect cook Stone Until internal temp of thigh reaches 170 degrees Rest Thoughts about what you would do in my place? Pros and Cons? Is there a third and better way? Thanks to you my Brother’s in Smoke!
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