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  1. So I did some ribs a couple of weeks ago. Put a few chunks of hickory in with the unlit coals. Lit the coals with my electric started. After 8 minutes of using the electric starter, I cut the starter off and pulled it out, shut the lid and adjusted the vents for smoking. Waited until the temp came up to about 225 and put the meat on. Checked an hour later, the temp was good (between 225 and 250), but a lot of white smoke was coming out, so I took out some of the hickory, leaving the a chunk or two that had burned, and ended up with the nice thin blue smoke. The ribs turned out really good, but didn't have a lot of smokey flavor to them. So it got me wondering about how I shut the lid and opened the vents to the smoke setting right after lighting the coals. When I pull the electric starter out, not all of the coals have caught fire yet, so as the fire slowly spread to the unlit coals, I think it was causing the unburned hickory to smolder and create the thicker undesirable smoke. So I am wondering if I am supposed to let the fire spread to all of the coals, and let all the coals burn until they are coated with ash, then throw in hickory, wait for the white smoke to stop, and then put the meat on. The manual says to always wait until all the coals are coated with ash before cooking, but it seems like if you do that, you'd have really high temps and have to wait for the temps to come back down to the 225 to 250 range. Not sure what the best approach would be.
  2. Looking for some expert advice on how to avoid too much smoke flavor and bitter taste. Cooking on a Vision Series B. I'm using hickory chunks. What's the right amount of wood chunks to use? I hear a little goes a long way. I have made the mistake before of putting the wood in with the charcoal before lighting. When should I put the wood on the coals, and after putting the wood on the coals, when should the meat be put on the grate too smoke? Ideally, I'd like to smoke meat in the 225 to 250 degrees range. About how long should it take for the coals to be ready to introduce the wood, and then after introducing the wood, how long should it take before food can be introduced? Thanks
  3. Anyone out there have the 13 X 17 inch stone sold by CGS? Would you recommend it for cooking ribs? What kind of rig do you use keep it suspended in or over the fire bowl? Was looking at getting it and either a woo ring or spider, but am also considering just resting it on top of a couple of pieces of steel flat bar resting on top of the fire bowl.
  4. Any idea if you put two of these on a Woo ring or Spider?
  5. Any idea what the inside and outside diameters are at the top of the fire bowl of the B series? Looking into what ceramic deflectors are out there that might fit other than those specifically made for this grill. Thanks.
  6. Purchasing a Vision Series B with ashtray today from Sam's Club. Looked at it quite a bit. Hoping to come across some cool mods to seal it up as tight as possible to control the temps and some other DIY mods to implement instead of buying some of those pricey aftermarket accessories. Any ideas for an indirect setup? I've seen the options on he Ceramic Grill Store site and read where some people have used other grill brand products, like the Kamado Joe divide and conquer. Any recommendations for sealing up the intake vent and make sure there is a good seal where the ashtray meets the grill? Any heat diffuser solutions using something other than the products marketed specifically for that (like plate metal)? Any gas conversion kits that will work for the series B with ashtray? I'm sure most of these questions are covered by topics somewhere in the forum. Looking forward to seeing a lot of the mods and products people have used on this forum. Thanks, Jacob
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