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  1. Cheap Vision rotisserie

    I would love to see this in action. A little video when you make your trial run would be great!
  2. Vision At Sam's Club

    Owner of a Sam's Club Vision Grills Diamond Cut B (six weeks). Only quality issue I have seen on mine is the grill. I would agree that it's nothing special. It's a little awkward. In fact, I think I would prefer the pivoting top grill I saw on the Akorns I looked at. However, in every other respect, it's been great. I have had zero issues with tightness of seals and it hold temperatures rock solid. I really couldn't be happier with it.
  3. First Cook On The Vision

    Great choice for a first cook....t-bones are my favorite steak! What temp did you cook at?
  4. Temp control - Vision B

    Sounds like it's going well. Post some pics when you get done. This has been my experience as well. If I don't rush, i can get the right temperature locked in. I haven't, however, been able to get higher than a little over 400. I also believe the rack temp on mine is about 25F hotter than the temperature gauge on the Vision. Have you tried checking that?
  5. Vision workout

    Congratulations! That looks delicious!
  6. Newbie with a Diamond Cut from Sam's Club

    Pics or it never happened!
  7. That's my post cook routine as well...you left out dumping the ashes.
  8. Newbie with a Diamond Cut from Sam's Club

    Congratulations! I have a the same model, bought from Sam's on April 13. I had no fit/leak issues at all, it holds temperatures well. I don't wash and wax it, but I do wipe it down with a damp cloth every time I use it. I also find I just take better care of it than I have my previous grills. For lighting I am using a chimney, but many here recommend against that - however, it works for me. My bride was a little concerned with the cost, but now is in love with it - since we bought it a little over a month ago, she has only had to cook meat one time. And we have yet to have a bad meal from the kamado. By the way, I highly recommend the recipe section here. I've used it a bunch of them - all winners. Enjoy!
  9. Looks like you've been doing it right. I asked on the Vision Grills Facebook page and they said it was no problem.
  10. It's an overcast day and we've had some drizzles already. Intermittent thunderstorms are in the forecast for this afternoon. There is a good chance we won't get any precipitation, but typically, when it does rain here, it rains hard. My kamado is stored on the deck under the eaves of the house, but I roll it out from under to cook. Even if I keep it close to the house, it'll probably get wet if it rains. Is it safe to have a hot kamado get hit with rain?
  11. So what happened on Mother's Day? Was your cook successful?
  12. Heeeeerrreee we go!

    I'll chime in with a hearty, me too! I've had my Vision Grills kamado exactly 1 month. I've already used it more than I used my old gas grill all of last year. I'm cooking 2-3 times a week. My wife loves that! And I haven't had a bad cook yet! Congrats on a good first cook!
  13. 2nd Pizza Cook

    Are you just using the thermometer on the grill or are you using a separate one? I find that the grill thermometer runs about 25 to 30 degrees cooler than the old oven shelf thermometer I have. I'm not sure which one is further off, but based on how things cook, I'm believing the Vision thermometer reads a little cool.
  14. First brisket on a B-Series Diamond Cut

    And it came out great! Best brisket I've ever done. Six and a half hours for an 8 lb brisket.
  15. It's done. Unfortunately the grill temperature rose while we were at church, so the cooking time decreased. In the past, I would never have left a grill for a little over an hour. But i decided to chance it since the grill has held temperatures so well. It rose from 275F to 350F. So the time to cook shortened. The test piece was great. All internal temperature checks in the 190s. Now it's cover and 'rest' for one hour. Dinner will be just in time for the Spurs game. Corn on the cob is roasting now.