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  1. My kamado came with a two-level grill. I am new to kamado cooking and have only used the lower grill. If I am using a diffuser stone, how will the temperatures vary between the lower and upper grills? Thank you, Bill
  2. This is my third cook. Prior to this one, I posted them on the Vision sub-forum but figured it was time to graduate to the big boys and girls cooking forum. My son was home from Haiti (works there building hospitals) and we decided to cook some venison tenderloin from his hunt last fall. The only reason we have anything left is that we don't eat it when he's gone, and he's only back for a few days every 6 weeks. I stole ideas from a variety of recipes and posts here. Glad I did the bacon wrap, because I overcooked (hit well done and wanted medium rare) it - turned out great! A remote thermometer will be my next grilling purchase. Thanks to all of you who post recipes & videos. We newbies really benefit from them. I used a simple soy sauce and brown sugar marinate, with a little of a Saltlick rub. Two tenderloins were marinated and wrapped, then cooked for 30 minutes at 350F. Another tenderloin was cut and individual steaks were wrapped and baste with the marinate. These were cooked for 20 minutes at 350F. Cooking was done in ER2D2 (short for Evil R2D2 and pronounced UrrTwoDeeTwo) a Vision Diamond Cut B-Series - named by my nine year old.
  3. Uh... I didn't even think to put my chimney on a different surface. I did exactly what you asked about, starting with the chimney sitting on the leftover lump in the fire bowl and dumping when it was ready. I just assumed that's what I should do. No experience here, I bought the chimney when I bought the kamado. My chimney has a bottom dump so it was really easy. It worked great. You know, when I read what others are thinking about, I realize that despite my normal (i.e. non-grilling activities) penchant for overplanning, I have a tendency to just blunder in a forward direction with grilling. I may need to slow down a little. I'll be watching here for responses from the folks who actually know what they're doing. But in lieu of that, it makes sense to me.
  4. Thanks for posting about this. I've only cooked twice (next one is tomorrow - a slow cook with a brisket), but I've been leaving the coals in the fire bowl. After tomorrow, I will clean it out and inspect. If I find anything I will post it on this thread.
  5. I have the Vision Grills Diamond Cut B-Series grill. I posted the same pictures on my FB page and got some funny comments. "It looks like an evil R2D2 is cooking your food!" "Darth R2" "It looks like a Dalek (Dr Who villain)" Now my nine year-old wants to name it using one of those themes! Does anyone have a nickname for their grill?
  6. Well, here's my second attempt. I used the recipe found on this site: It turned out great, but my bride was wondering what the zesty Italian dressing did. She said she couldn't taste it and noted that the recipe also requires a rub and the BBQ sauce. And it's not like chicken is tough meat. We're thinking about lightly coating with olive oil and using the rub, then the BBQ sauce as an experiment. Does anyone know? It turned out really tasty so maybe we shouldn't mess with it. In the first picture I was trying to show the lack of smoke anywhere other than the top. So maybe in this later model the leaks I've read about in the B-series have been fixed. In the second picture, the temperature is nicely locked in around 280F. And finally the finished product.
  7. Congrats on the first cook! Pics?
  8. Does it have any lateral support or is it that stable on just the paver? By the way, I love the picture with the carpenter's compass for drawing your circle. I taught math for 15 years and if I was still teaching, I'd be showing that picture as a practical application of geometry.
  9. On the tables, do the grills just sit on the lower level or is there support from the top level of the table as well? I had assumed support from both levels, but the pictures I've seen look like it just sits on the bottom. Thanks!
  10. Thank you! Appreciate the link on this. As I've start searching other threads here I realized I may have rushed to get the Vision Grills stone as some have praised the KJ Divide and Conquer. This half stone would work well with what I have.
  11. Hi, I also bought the Vision B-Series Diamond Cut from Sam's this week. And I found a Vision Grills Lava Stone at a Home Depot (had to look hard). It wasn't at one of the stores near me. Today I foolishly fired it up without running any tests first. I didn't know what I was doing. I chose the simplest recipe I could find and then substituted whatever we had around the house. And, it all worked out. I slow cooked some pork loin country style ribs and they came out great. Love how solidly it held at 250F for me. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
  12. Hi, I'm new to the Kamado style of grill. Our old propane rig died and my wife offered up the idea that I could get something nice and we would call it a Father's Day gift. I wanted to go back to charcoal, so I started doing a little research. I was amazed at what I did not know! Heck, I didn't even know about lump charcoal! So after a little research both online and with friends, I found myself interested the Kamado grills and suffering from sticker shock. Ultimately I decided to go with a Vision Grills B-Series Diamond Cut from Sam's. Today I took it out for it's maiden voyage. I smoked some pork loin country style ribs and I'm sold! They turned out great and it was lightyears better than trying to do it with my old gas grill. I've lurked a little here and I'm looking forward to learning a lot. Bill