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  1. If they are foiled they ain't baked, they're steamed. No nice crispy exterior.
  2. That's the inner rim of the outer shell, the firebox is fine. The cooker is about 1 1/2 years old and I have done pizzas 3 times at around 500.
  3. Just an FYI. Pull the fire bowl out and check the flange that the ash pan hanger is welded to. It may be rusted to powder. MY Akorn has never been rained on, always lived under the shop porch roof, and the ash pan hanger fell off. CG says this is normal wear and tear and not covered under the 5 year main body rust warranty. The cooker still works fine, but I didn't appreciate the hanger till I had to start emptying the ashes without it. I hope mine is an isolated case. Ken This pic is from the top of the Akorn showing the rusted flange and the hanger laying on the ash pan.
  4. If you are going to eat possum you better cage it and feed it corn for two weeks. Many times I have seen possums crawl out of rotten road kill deer carcasses. You really want to get the nasty stuff out of them. The meat is greasy too. I had to eat possum as a kid but it would be a last resort now.
  5. Rick, You can make the changes on the fly. It will take some time for the PID to settle in with the new settings. Ken
  6. It may well be paint. Mine did the same and it was definitely paint. It peeled off in big sheets to bare metal. Chargriller agreed after close up pics and sent a new lid.
  7. I do turkey breasts and whole chicks different from most folks. Low and slow at 225-240 till internal temp is around 160, then crank cooker to 325 till IT is 180. Remove and rest in foil covered with a towel for about 30 min. Open foil, rest another 30. Nice dry skin and really juicy interior.
  8. Western Red Cedar from Lowes, Home Depot.
  9. As others said usually it's creosote, but not always. My original lids interior paint peeled off to bare metal. CG replaced it after confirming it was paint peeling.
  10. Our Akorn is under a porch roof, in a cabinet near the exterior wall of my shop. I have a big stick burner smoker and a charcoal grill under the roof at the outside edge of the porch. No issues at all
  11. Thanks for the comments guys. Our Akorn lives under the roof of the 12 by 36 porch on my shop, so it is not directly exposed to rain or direct sun. As for any heat issue concerns: The sides of the cooker aren't in contact with the wood. I routed a 45 degree angle around the top of the hole. I installed bolts in the holes that were for the shelves. By adjusting the position that the bolt heads rest on the angle, the height of the cooker is adjusted to provide 1/4 to 3/8 " air gap between the wood and the cooker. Notice that there are 4 half holes spaced around the hole. These are to provide air flow around the cooker from the bottom of the cabinet. Since the cooker is resting on the 4 bolt heads I had to install a block of wood below the hinge at the back. Without that block when the lid was opened the cooker tilted back. Even if the cooker was touching the wood, the kindling temperture of dry Pine is 800 degrees F. With the cooker in the cabinet I cranked the temp up to 550 which is the highest I do for cleaning, and held it there for an hour. Checking the temps, the sides of the coker at the hole, measured beneath the cabinet top, never got beyond 175 degrees, measured with a reliable IR thermometer. At cooker temps of 225 to 350, which is my typical cooking range, the cooker exterior never passed 125. I hope this answers the questions. If any additional words or pics will help, just holler. Ken
  12. Hey Dub, Thanks. I'll post some additional pics and info on what I did to satisfy my concerns about the heat. Ken
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