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  1. Classic 2, no iKamand Use the iKamand money to buy meat and lump instead
  2. For what its worth, as someone who currently has 2 ceramic Kamados, if i could have my time again, I would have picked up the Weber Summit Charcoal over my Big Joe 2 As nice as the Big Joe is, The advantages of a ceramic cooker are not offset by the weight and fragility of them given what is currently available in the market Once you factor in add ons like Pit Controllers, the thermal stability of a large ceramic cooker is almost redundant for the average cook. I'm not a huge fan of the Akorn Kamado due to a few areas I consider design flaws, but as its a cooker largely built to a specific price point, this is not unexpected. The Blaze Kamado looks very interesting, but i doubt I'll ever see one, let alone cook in one.
  3. Polar Bear

    Pellet Joe

    This message brought to you by the Black Olive Pellet Kamado Company...
  4. I'd grab it if a Big Joe was on your radar anyway Be warned though, you'll probably end up grabbing a Joe JNR in the next 12 months for quicker cooks...
  5. As a chef friend of mine used to say "Its Stain Less, not Stain Never"
  6. I'm guessing you dont bother wrappng anything during a cook?
  7. I see about 2 posts a week that make me wonder if the OP is either trolling or is inteligent enough to be playing with charcoal unsupervised...
  8. In theory all required parts should be able to be sourced as they are supplied as spares for warrenty claims I'd imagine the only place to get them would be through KJ directly unless you have a KJ Dealer near you who can order them for you It does beg the question of what someone has a spare base and dome laying around and nothing else though...
  9. A local panel shop quoted me $45 to soda blast all the paint off my control tower Waiting for them to get a big blasting job in and then i'll have mine stripped back to bare
  10. I usually do this Option B is to just wrap the deflector in foil prior to starting the cook
  11. These are really good The have a bit of a cult following in Aus
  12. Why you doing a "Deep Clean" after 2 weeks of ownership? I dont "Deep Clean" my girll more than once a year and its used 3-6 nights a week The easiest way to get around the warping ring is to not remove it very often Like i said, i pull my grill down once a year (after around 200 cooks) and first time it was warped, next time it wasnt Thin steel is gonna warp over time and you can force it back into place with an extra set of hands Its a PITA I'll grant you, but if youre only dealing with it once every year or so you soon forget about it and get back to cooking For the record, in the 3-ish years i've owned my KJ i've gone through 2 top vents, 1 set of deflectors, 1 gasket, 1 set of castors and had a JT that didnt fit I stopped worrying about QC this or Customer Service that and just got it sorted and back to cooking I'd not saying i'd whole heartidly recomend KJs to people moving forward, but not that i've got one its easier to just keep rolling than stressing about every little thing
  13. This reminds me of a time i was talking to my niece and she mentioned it would be great if she could send audio "text" messages to friends rather than having to type them out cause the text conversations took too long I replied "uh, you mean like calling them?"
  14. Forgive my ignorence, but is stealing cat coverters off a car actually a thing in canada? I mean, its not exactly breaking someones window for loose change but its close to that level of stupid
  15. Polar Bear

    Pellet Joe

    I'll reserve judgement on these units til they come to market but due to the nature of pellet grills but i can see a pellet kamado actually offering the worst of both worlds rather than best I'm not anti pellet by any stretch but the upsides of a kamado dont really translate to a relativly low BTU fuel like pellets do (unless you use A LOT of them)
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