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  1. My sister makes part of her living as an Instagram influencer. She told me of a number offers she's had from agencies offering to turn her 25k followers into over a million for very little charge. They even have bots that create fake instagram accounts and can reguarly post comments and likes on her pictures, upping her engagement rates (what a lot of companies look for now over just follower count). In theory, you could build an Instagram account with a million followers for as little at $5k and then market yourself as a fully fledged "Influencer" You'd be screwed if any company bothered to dig deeper into your metrics, but i'm also told most of the larger companies dont even ask to see them, let alone dig past the first page. Basically, i take everything i read online with a grain of salt
  2. Maybe clip it to the stalk of your dome thermo?
  3. I've been saying the same thing about temp controllers for Kamado Grills since 2 weeks after i bought one (and realised how redundant they are) Fast start up aside, there is nothing an iKamand (or similar) can do that the grill user cant do with a couple of cooks under thier belt
  4. No High Fructose Corn Syrup here either Even our Coca Cola is different to yours (made with Cane Sugar rather than HFCS) Chicken Salt isnt really a seasoning here, its more of a Religion... May i Suggest checking out: Greenwoods BBQ: Tree Bark (Chicken and Lamb) BBQ Mafia: Mafia Steakout (Charcoal Based Beef Rub) Feedlot BBQ: Cattle Call (Porchini Mushroom All Purpose Rub) Theyre my top 3 Aussie Made Rubs
  5. Go Back to your dealer and they should supply you a new one with the adhesive attached under warrenty Mine is doing that too If you dont want to remove the Dome and assuming it'll fit back in place without having to be stretched (mine seems to have shrunk) I'd apply the glue sparingly, stick your gasket in place and then tape it down to hold it there Give the glue an hour or so to cure a bit and then close and latch the dome Come back in 24 hours Provided you dont go too heavy handed with the glue, the risk of sticking the base and dome together are minimal and easily fixed
  6. I'd be curious what your Fav Aussie Rubs ans Sauces are We've got some great ones over here
  7. If youre complaining about shipping from Atlanta, i doubt you'll be happy with the cost of shipping from Australia
  8. Who is offering to mow your lawn and wash your car for $10?
  9. So it’s basic functions aren’t great or it had problems?
  10. Hey John, why did you end up moving away from your old Yoda Pellet Grill? My local BBQ joint has just started carrying them and they look solid as hell, but i recall you swapped yours out for a Traeger a while back
  11. Well, cause Kamado Joe own the Patent on it and use it as an exclusive selling point to encourage potential customers to choose thier grill over others, like most innovations
  12. Having not seen them side by side, i cant say for sure but they look pretty similar Both have the same cooking area and similar weights listed on the KJ Website The ProJoe does look to have a taller dome, but that could just be the pictures i've seen The ProJoe also has a new hinge (Design No 610) but who knows that that means? As the Pro Joe is meant to be for Commercial Applications its possible the additional costs include extention of the KJ warrenty to a commercial setting (or at the very least, a limited commerical warrenty) I imagine a BJ3 used in a commercial enviroment is not covered by the KJ lifetime warrenty where the Pro Joe should be That having been said, there is a lot of Stainless Steel in the ProJoe so that could be the reason for the price increase all by itself
  13. Cast Iron has the issue of rusting if its not taken care of It also tends to gunk up and stick shut if not cleaned reguarly, so thats proably why KJ moved to Aluminium in the first place Theres a 304SS version of the Kontrol Tower fitted to the ProJoe that looks sexy, so thats an option too It probably cost as much as a Weber Kettle though
  14. I'm planning to have my Kontrol Tower Medial Blasted back to bare Aluminum to mitigate the issue and make it look a little nicer. A friend of mine has a blasting bench and will do it in 10min once i get around to dropping it over If it really bothers you, most Panel Shops would be able to strip it for not a lot of money Just a thought
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