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  1. Correct Black KJs are actually more popular here than the Red ones We have the option of all 3 sizes and series in black That being said, a Series 3 Big Joe (regarless of color) will set you back $4000aud (about $2800us)
  2. Yep Can even get the Series 3 in black My local KJ Dealer just recieved a stand alone Series 1 Big Joe (the one with SS hardware) in Black
  3. As already mentioned, dont buy a set unless it has one of everything you know you're gonna need Almost every set i've purchased comes with at least one pot that just sits in the cupboard and never gets used. Buying individual pots as you need them sometimes works out a little more expensive, but at least you have the freedom to buy exactly what you want and need when you need them As for non stick vs stainless: The fact you've already mentioned, the fact you have a non stick set that is wearing out and making you want to "buy somthing good" should tell you all you need to know about Non Stick anything I'd go with a mixture of the best stainless steel posts you can afford and either stainless or cast iron pans in the sizes you use the most
  4. Yeah, but you cant brag about how good of a pitmaster you are if you just switch it on at the socket and walk away... Setting your vents is WAY harder than pushing a button *sarcasam*
  5. Isnt that meant for a kettle? I dont think theyre the same thing, they just look the same
  6. After lusting after a Big JT for a while, the fam all chipped in and picked me one up for christmas. Only issue with it is it doesnt seem to fit. I got my tape measure out and it looks like the Big JT has an internal Diameter of 605mm (sorry for metric, I'm in Australia) When i measure my Big Joe, it has an internal Diameter of 638mm I initally chalked it up to there being a varience in base sizes so theres a bit of play in the size of the JT ring to accomodate that The first cook did not go well as the grill leaked like a sieve and was exceptionally hard to keep the temp under control Then, last night i was at a friends house who also has a BJ and JT to suit. I measured his JT and it has an Internal Diameter of 630mm, (while his BJ had an ID of 640mm), and his sits properly and seals well. I've lodged a claim with my local KJ distributer but they are not really that well versed in Kamado cooking, so i wanted to check if there is a differnce in size between the base of a BJ series 1 and a BJ series 2, and then if there are 2 different JTs to suit them? Its serviceable like this, but if i want to cook at anything under 300f i pretty much have to have all thier vents shut and even then the temp creeps up I have a feeling my KJ store is gonna come back to me with a "its meant to be like that" so i wanted to check with a few of our more expereinced members before i go disagreeing with them. Before anyone asks, yes, i'm sure its a JT for a Big Joe.
  7. Provided the dome will shut withouth a gasket (do it gently, dont want to chip anything) you'll probably be able to keep on cooking Temps may wander a little and it'll probably take longer than normal to shut down, but it should be useable, just keep an eye on it
  8. @pesto3 had his catch fire too I think it was due to grease collecting in the ash pan during a low temp cook and then catching alight when he tried to up the temp, though
  9. Not an expert but you might have trouble getting the dome to seal with the old style gasket on a series 2 Theres also the issue that you'll have to remove the old style gasket in a couple of weeks when the series 2 gasket arrives As far as your question about the pizza stone I dont see why you couldnt use one as a heat deflector in the meantime
  10. IMO The best type of Kamado temp controller is one that has an external screen and can be set up without the use of a Wifi Network or Smart Device, like the Flameboss 300 Having your controller talking to your Wifi Network and then talking to an app in the cloud adds a level of technical complexity the whole cook that some less tech savy people have issues with initially. Theres also the advantage of the temp data being stored locally should your wifi drop out If the device is doing its job, and you know how to use a clock, there is no real advantage to being able to monitor temps when youre away from home. If you have a cook on, but also have errands to run, you simply ensure you run your errands during the start of the cook, so you know you'll be home well before you expect the cook to be finished If you're approaching the end of the cook and get called away for somthing urgent then you either shut the grill down and abandon the cook (if you're going to be away from home for a while) or be ok with possibly overcooking your meat (if youre going to be away from home for a short time) Most of my cooks are seldom done when the advised internal temp is reached, so if i'm a few degrees over, its often not a problem. Of all my friends who have controllers and use them reguarly, I have never seen or heard of a cook where they check thier temps while out of the house, realise their cook went faster than they thought, dropped what they are doing and sped home to "save their brisket"
  11. My sister makes part of her living as an Instagram influencer. She told me of a number offers she's had from agencies offering to turn her 25k followers into over a million for very little charge. They even have bots that create fake instagram accounts and can reguarly post comments and likes on her pictures, upping her engagement rates (what a lot of companies look for now over just follower count). In theory, you could build an Instagram account with a million followers for as little at $5k and then market yourself as a fully fledged "Influencer" You'd be screwed if any company bothered to dig deeper into your metrics, but i'm also told most of the larger companies dont even ask to see them, let alone dig past the first page. Basically, i take everything i read online with a grain of salt
  12. Maybe clip it to the stalk of your dome thermo?
  13. I've been saying the same thing about temp controllers for Kamado Grills since 2 weeks after i bought one (and realised how redundant they are) Fast start up aside, there is nothing an iKamand (or similar) can do that the grill user cant do with a couple of cooks under thier belt
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