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  1. I was more hoping there was a decent extension to the Summit range I like the grills, a lot. If I had been able to buy one in Aus before i picked up my Big Joe, I would have and will likely get one in the future if/when I move house
  2. Oh, so it is the old model Just a re-brand with a few features stripped out
  3. Forgive my ignorance but what is the S6 and E6? Only the old Summit is listed on the Weber website
  4. Due to the nature of comp judging, you need to load a single bite of food with so much flavor that it stands out in amongst the 400 other bites of food the judges take over a weekend Jump on you tube and check out some of the comp prep videos people like ATBBQ put out. You end up using $50 worth of rubs, brine and sauces just to put up 6 chicken thighs (out of the 12 you cook) and then most of what you serve up for judging goes in the bin I have a couple of friends who've competed at a high level. The amount of work that goes into a top tier hand in is staggering (like picki
  5. Umm, a KJ Classic is knocking on $3000 here A DnC set up from BBQG will set you back around $300 So you could have the Pit Boss with DnC for $1300 You also have the option of the Char Griller Kamado from Bunnings (that does come with a heat deflector) for $650 or the Pro Smoke from BBQ for $850 Not saying you shouldnt go with a KJ, but if youre planning on using the "for only a little more i could get a KJ" justification to yourself (or your missus) I suggest you check your figures first I wouldn't hold your breath for a KJ Special anytime soon. BBQG cant fil
  6. Because no other brand offers a fire box design like this? All the other manufactures are content to stick with the single piece design and simply replace them all under warranty at some point when they eventually crack
  7. Cool Story, bro I'm basing my opinion off multiple cooks on a Big Joe 3 and many, many cooks on a Big Joe 2 I'm in an a position where I own a BJ2 and my father recently purchased a BJ3 Is the new model superior? Sure... i guess? Is it worth the $1000 price increase (in Australian dollars) over the series 2? Nope The ash basket that is included in the grill is the only real bonus over what you got in the Series 2 The SloRoller sounds great if you read the marketing material, but in the dozen or so cooks i've done, the difference is minimal
  8. I'd only consider purchasing one if my ceramic heat deflectors were broken and not able to be replaced under warranty I still probably wouldn't go that way though as the use case for the SloRoller is fairly limited when compared to the ceramic deflectors I've cooked on a Classic 3 a number of times and I don't believe the SloRoller makes enough of a difference to justify the purchase (that having been said, i dont believe anything about the classic 3 justifies the purchase price)
  9. Here is what i believe causes Temp Creep, but I'm happy to be corrected by the members here When you start your grill, if you do not allow it to come up to temp and heat soak the ceramics before you put your meat on, you have a portion of your thermal energy (created by the fire) being slowly absorbed into the ceramics So, your fire is actually too big for the temp you want because once the ceramics have absorbed the required thermal energy, it now becomes ambient thermal energy (ambient grill temperature) The amount of charcoal in the fire box doesn't matter at this poi
  10. I was in your position I bought a BGE MiniMax to go with my Big Joe It was my go to grill for quite a while, so much so that the BJ just gathered dust until i had a bunch of people come round Its worth doing if you already use you BJ regularly for grilling In terms of Portability... well, if you want a Grill you can take on the road with you, there are MUCH better options out there I mean, you can take a Joe JNR to a picnic, but i'd wager you'll only do it once or twice, and then you'll buy a GA or Akorn JNR
  11. Sounds like temp creep Try setting your vents earlier If you want a long stable cook, add a starter cube, let it burn for around 10min with the lid open, then shut your lid and set your vents Leave it alone for at least 90min When you come back, it'll be fully heat soaked and what its settled at is what it will stay at (unless you change a vent setting) Dont stress about a 25f to 50f difference. If you want 225f and it settles at 250f, you'll be fine, dont try to chase it These things take time to come up to temp Every Kamado is different so the ven
  12. Why didnt you just go to a KJ retailer in the UK? Its not like it was a warranty claim
  13. You can switch it between the two but you'll need 2 mounting brackets, one for each grill
  14. Ah, I see your problem, you're not actually using the grill to cook on Its a videography prop for your new zoom lens, in that case, I agree, it looks pretty rough when you're at 3x zoom. I'll bash KJ as soon as anyone else (and i own one) but I must say, you're being a real princess about this Who complains about the INSIDE of their Kamado? Dude, you have too much time on your hands Either send it back and get a refund or cook on it and go about your day No one here cares that you're not happy about MINOR cosmetic flaws on the INSIDE of your Kamado Yo
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