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  1. Polar Bear

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    I'd be worried you'd crack your deflectors or cause dome damage from trying to cool it down too quickly I'd also be concerned with your temp gauge being damaged from being held at its max reading for long periods of time You could prob take it that hot every once in a while but if you were doing it more than 2 or 3 times a year, i imagine repeated exposure to the top end of its rated temp would shorten the life of the grill and could void your warrenty (would need to check the conditions to be sure) Theres a reason traditional pizza ovens are built as thick as they are, 900f is HOT
  2. Polar Bear

    Hello!! From Melbourne , Australia

    Sounds about right Theyre the only game in town for KAB
  3. Polar Bear

    Hello!! From Melbourne , Australia

    Urban Griller in WA are the only importer and stockists for KAB in Aus
  4. Polar Bear

    Hello!! From Melbourne , Australia

    Hey Mate BBQ Galore carry GrillGrates (the product) that will be cut to fil your Kamado perfectly In regards to the Kick Ash Basket, I have one for both my KJ and BGE and i think theyre great While i wouldnt agree that it "improves" air flow allowing for hotter fires (thats another conversation for another time) it does make cleaning your grill SO much easier Of all the Kamado accessories i have purchased, the KAB is the only one i highly recomend to new people
  5. Polar Bear

    Thermoworks SIGNALS

    I purchased a Thermoworks Smoke not long after picking up my KJ It hasnt seen much use of late as i feel its a little redundant if you know your grill, but i can see a use for it in certain situations, just fewer than i did a year ago
  6. Polar Bear

    Short ribs stall

    I can knock out a 6 rack of Short Ribs in about 5 hours Obviously, your mileage may vary be try upping the temp to 275f-300f Beef Ribs tend to like a hotter heat, IME Bark will depend on what you use for a rub. If you're just doing SPG then you wont get as "crunchy" a bark than if you use a commercial (or home made) rub Its also a good idea to allow some time for them to rest after they are prob tender If you're hoping to have dinner on the table by 7pm, I'd recomend having them on by midday. This will give you some wiggle room with the cook time and still allow at least an hour to rest (wrapped in foil and placed in a cooler) before eating If theyre done sooner, you can rest them for longer If theyre not close to where you want them by the 5 hour mark, you can wrap them in foil and return them to the grill This will speed up the cook but it will soften your bark
  7. Polar Bear

    Cannabis became legal across all of Canada!

    What!? You mean you cant consume a mind altering substance while in control of a motor vehicle? Shocking... I'm all for legalisation of cannabis but anyone who want to get thier smoke on and then drive a car is as reckless as someone who drives after a couple of beers
  8. Polar Bear

    Kamado Joe Classic III, Big Joe III (Possible Spoilers)

    Phew! That pricing makes me nervous for us KJ Buyers Down Under... At Current Exchange the Classic looks to be getting a $600+ price increase and the Big Joe an $800+ price increase That'll put the BJ3 at over $3800 and the Classic 3 a little over $2600
  9. Polar Bear

    What's the difference?

    There might be an end of year deal down under at Boxing Day
  10. Polar Bear

    Temperature Controller

    As many have mentioned, save your money I bought a pit controller a couple of months after buying my Kamado. It works great but despite that, its been living in a tupperware container for the last 3 months despite me low and slow cooking almost weekly Its a handy gadget but in hidsight i wish i'd put that money into a Joetissery.
  11. Polar Bear

    What's the difference?

    As we dont have Thanksgiving, we dont have Black Friday Sales (for the most part) Closest we have is Boxing Day Sales but you seldom find the level of discounts offered that the US does during Black Friday
  12. Polar Bear

    What's the difference?

    The Classic Large is still a current production offering in Aus, so warrenty isnt an issue. From what i can tell from talking to the KJ distributer, it was originally launched in Aus back in 2011 as a cost effective solution for people who want a Kamado but are less concerned with smoking and roasting. As many have already mentioned, you can buy the classic large and then spec it out with a DnC later if the inital cost is an issue. If youre looking for a set up similar to your BGE i would consider the one piece heat deflector rather than the DnC as it will be MUCH cheaper than buying a whole DnC rack later: https://www.barbequesgalore.com.au/kamado-joe-heat-deflector-to-suit-classic One last thing, there is only one retailer for Kamado Joe in Aus, so you wont be able to "shop around" for a decent deal BBQG have been known to have 20% off store wide sales, or 10% off smokers sales around Boxing Day but theyre not a regular thing.
  13. Polar Bear


    I feel for you We've had 3 break ins over the last 6 weeks While cameras sound like a good idea, our local cops have said they seldom can be used to get a conviction due to the quailty of the video as its often up to the judges discretion as to if the footage is clear enough to be used in court. Best case with cameras is the offender didnt cover his face and your local police recognise him, at least then they can knock on his door and hopfully get your stuff back. We've recently invested in sensor lights, more barbed wire, new security screens for our windows and new dead locks for our doors. Cameras will be next, but thats more so i can get an alert when someone is in the house while I'm at work and can then call the poilce to hopefully catch them while theyre there. Our dog passed 3 months ago and all this trouble started not long after. A dog is probably the best and cheapest security measure you can get. We'll be getting a new one in the new year as we'll be away for most of Dec and dont want a new dog to be left alone with a random house sitter a month after we get him
  14. Polar Bear

    Flame Boss 400

    Or the Smartfire
  15. Polar Bear

    New knives

    Please let us know what you think of thr Spyderco Sharpener I've been hunting for an easy knife sharpening system for a while and like the idea of the Sypderco