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  1. Yep Without the weight of the dome to compress the gasket, a latch had to be implemented to ensure a decent seal between the dome and the base. I've fitted mesh gaskets to both KJ 1s and BGEs and they work great Much better than felt and much safer/easier than Rutland
  2. Mesh all day The Rutland Gasket is not approved for use with food I run a mesh gasket on my BJ2 and after 3 years of regular pizza cooks and steak searing temps its still going strong Also, if you're planning on using a JT, having some form of gasket on the dome of your KJ could help prevent damage and make temp control a little easier Just my 2c
  3. Yep, thats what i used and its been fine since
  4. While i dont blame you for the action you took i'd like to point out how sad it is that a 184 page thread of pictures posted for ####s n gigs was locked all due to a bunch of people getting their political dicks out where it wasn't warranted, despite multiple (justified) warnings Bring on 2021, i'm so tired of 2020 ruining everything that brings me joy
  5. Gotta love the internet during an election year... 2021 cant come fast enough
  6. Firstly, if the Webber Summit is not a Kamado then neither is an Akorn, Blaze, Bubba Keg ect Now, as a current Big Joe owner, if i had my time again, I'd have gone with the Summit The price point is pretty close here between the BJ2 and the Summit on a cart (If you dont want/need the cart, the Summit is $500 cheaper than a BJ2 and $1500 cheaper than a BJ3) With the Series 3 KJs launching in Aus, the Standalone Summit is actually $500 than the KJ Classic 3 I've cooked on a Summit 3 times over the course of a week (an Air BnB i rented on vacation had one)
  7. They don't have a buy it not option on their page that i could find), only a list of dealers, so i don't know why they'd need to show prices If it said POA, i'd be miffed, but this looks more like a company that operates through a distributer network rather than direct to the public sales
  8. For Future Reference- https://www.kamadojoe.com/pages/warranty 5 years on metal parts
  9. Ooof! If their current line up vs Aus pricing is anything to go by, retail on this will be over $500aud I might be walking past this after all
  10. Color me intrigued I really like this design for camping over the traditional Weber GA I doubt we'll see them in Aus anytime soon (and i'm sure the price point will be insane when we do) but this will be hard to walk past when/if it lands here
  11. Metal components have a limited warranty (3 years, i think) so you'll likely be buying a new one Only the Base, Dome and Firebox have a lifetime warranty
  12. Most people have them made to their specs by a carpenter locally There are a couple of Kamado tables available but with the KJ3 being a different shape to most other kamados, coupled with the fact there doesn't seem to be a standard size for gas grills you'd probably have more luck talking to someone in your area
  13. could try to make jerky out of it...
  14. Cause it looks nice when you see it sitting in the store for the first time
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