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  1. I wont take money for a cook because as soon as cash changes hands, the expectations change I can knock out good bbq 95% of the time, but everyone has off days and knowing my luck, I'd have an off day the day someone is paying me for the cook. If someone wants brisket for a birthday party/celebration, I'll supply the food and cook it for free as a gift If someone wants to pay me, well, money tends to change expectations and i dont need that kind of stress in my life
  2. I just love it when people join here to have a whine and then never post again...
  3. Typically, parts supplied under warranty are covered until the warranty on the original part expires Eg: If something has a 5 year warranty and they replace it after 4.5 years, that new part has a 6 month warranty In this instance, the Base has a lifetime warranty to the original owner so the new base will be covered under the same lifetime warranty
  4. Welcome to the Forum Also, Welcome to KJ ownership... It seems all black "painted" pieces that are exposed to heat peel at some point Its happened so regularly its become normalized at this point Not much you can do about it other than giving the parts a hit with a wire brush between cooks and learning to live with it
  5. The Weber wasnt popular on release due to its high price point and most people who were interested moved on as soon as the RRP was revealed It kind of missed its window to wow existing Kamado owners looking to upgrade I'm sure Weber wouldnt have dropped the price if it was selling well You're also fighting the issue that people either A- think a kamado at that price point should be ceramic, because... reasons? B- say "thats a lot of money for a big kettle" Weber really missed the mark when the Summit launched in terms of marketing and any momentum they may have had with the product evaporated long ago That having been said, between the recent price drop of the Weber and the price rise of the Series 3 KJ, the Weber is looking like a no brainer (at least in Australia, where I'm based) I'll likely ditch my BJ2 in the next 2 or 3 years and when I go shopping for a new grill, the Weber will be top of my list
  6. Plenty here: www.youtube.com
  7. My Pit Barrel Cooker is my main "camping grill" Its a little larger than the Weber GAs you often see but its upside is you can fit all the grill accessories (charcoal, chimney, gloves, tools ect) in it Plus, it can easily fit 8 halved chickens or 8 racks of ribs for larger cook outs I've also hung the charcoal basket from the top rods and grilled on it Its a killer cooker for both the patio or campsite
  8. No but also Yes KJ has the Patent on that style of rotisserie set up so theyre the only Kamado manufacture that makes one You can get a Chinese knock off from somewhere like Ali Baba but the postage is usually pretty steep I've also heard that after market Weber kits fit but you wont be able to close the lid
  9. @John Setzler might have some information regarding coating type and construction material of the SloRoller
  10. Just make Pizza instead If you're going to burn through a whole load of charcoal @600f you may as well get some dinner out of it
  11. Because that would require you to remove a hot DoJoe and Pizza Stone and them place it somewhere to cool off If you're not blessed with an abundance of space, putting a 600f attachement on the ground/deck to cool while you shut the grill down is not safe nor practical
  12. Substitute the word "paint" for "coating" and my point still stands At this point, you're just splitting hairs KJ clearly have an issue getting their "coating" of choice to stick to their aluminum of choice And to Gebos point, they have one thing in common and its kind of a big deal...
  13. Kontrol Tower SloRoller DoeJoe Pretty much any Black KJ Product that is exposed to heat has had issues with paint peeling I'm genuinely shocked they're still persisting with the material/coating combo Theyre still putting out Kontrol Towers that peel after a couple of cooks (my neighbors 6mo Series 3 started peeling by cook #5) I was keen on the idea of a KJ basket but as soon as i saw it was painted i put my wallet away I had a pretty good idea of how this was going to play out as soon as i saw the press release Its a shame
  14. Honest question, John You've made a video (maybe 2) on this basket, what happens now in relation to those videos? Do you take them down? Do you make another explaining the issues you're having? When I search "Kamado Joe Basket" on You Tube, your video for AGC is the first to come up Was just curious how you approach a situation like this where your initial impressions were good but they didnt last in the long run?
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