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  1. Buy one IMO theyre the #1 accessory for your Kamado "high temp cleaning" will depend on how high youre talking and how often youre taking it there. If you're planning on doing a clean burn to over 800f on a regular basis, you'll have issues with a couple of things, not just your ash basket If you do a clean burn once or twice a year and reguarly do pizza between 600f and 700f, you'll be fine
  2. I've cooked on one of these recently As far as performance, they work well They dont really change the game anymore than an Akorn with a controller would but it does what it says on the box The price point is WAY too high, IMO, and i get the feeling that this grill is aimed more at the person who wants to build an "Instagram Worthy" outdoor kitchen than actually get deep into Kamado Cooking
  3. If youre refering to the hooks on the basket, I think you'll find thats more a personal presence thing than an actual design flaw I have a KABs in both my Kamados and theyre great, a friend of mine has the KJ basket in his BJ and he has no complaints Only reason i went the KAB over the KJ is i liked the handles the KAB has more than the hooks that KJ uses Just personal preference Aside from that, they do the same thing and are worth the money
  4. Sounds like more/better charcoal is needed rather than more air With the doejoe in place you could really fill that baby to the brim I'll be honest, I havent used the doejoe but i would have thought that due to the fact it allows additional air into the grill when in place, your issue would be too higher a temp rather then too low a temp With both vents fully open AND the doejoe letting in additional air from the centre of the grill, you should have all the air you need, provided you have ample fuel to burn
  5. A couple of chimneys of lit charcoal and a full fire box would get the kamado up to 600f as fast (if not faster) than the iKamand would, i would assume As you're not shooting for pin point accurate and stable temps, over long periods, i dont see the iKamand being of much help here outside of (maybe) saving you a few min during intial start up In regards to "maintaining it longer": even if you could set it up so the controller can monitor the pit temp, the open flow nature of the doejoe would mean your primary issue would be keeping the air flow to a minimum rather than keeping the fire stoked
  6. I wouldnt mind if they cut corners on hardware provided the price decreases to reflect it The Series 2 line has just had a $200 increase in Australia and the series 3 brought with it a $1000 price increase, meaning the classic 3 now retails for $2999 and the BG3 for $3999 Australian
  7. Theyre playing to thier own audience over there. I doubt many people would be there if they could think of anything negative to say about KJ in general The trade off for most pellet smokers is increased grill space in return for less optimal heat retention A kamado pellet grill would offer better heat retention and stability but at the cost of relative grill space Theres also the issue that, i imagine, a ceramic bbq would require A TON of pellets in order to heat to pizza or searing temps as the fuel source doesnt have the same thermal energy as lump charcoal would.
  8. Your market will vary compared to mine but the one thing i can say is dont cheap out on a bottle While paying $15-$15 for a spritz bottle seems silly when you can pick one up for 99c, there is nothing more annoying than setting up a cook and finding your spritz bottle has packed it in I went through half a dozen 99c bottles in the space of a couple of months before i figured that out
  9. I doubt it I'm not really sure what improvements could be made to the exisiting model that would warrent a redesign The price drop is likely due to market pressures now that there are Knock Off versions easily availble from places like AliExpress and the fact the JoeTisserie has been in the markets for quite a while now It could also be due to things like the DoJoe and SloRoller coming to the market and KJ wanting to keep their accessories priced at a point where people can justify buying them all rather than having to pick between the 3 Just my 2c
  10. Do you concern yourself with the grade of steel your car is made from when you purchase it?
  11. Well, the series 3 is larger than the series 2 and has more stuff in it, so i can imagine it would be heavier overall, but i still doubt its 500lbs
  12. A little over 1 year in and my weight has dropped from 290lbs down to 205lbs 16 hours fasting and a semi strict keto diet did the trick. Zero cheat days for close to 8 months and only a few low carb beers a week at a maximum. Didnt change my exercise output but i work in a physically demanding job, so balancing my energy in vs energy out really did the trick I've been dancing around the 205 mark for the better part of 3 months despite increasing my "cheat carb" and alcohol intake. Keto and BBQ is a pretty decent combo assuming you can find/make rubs and sauces that dont mess with your macros (gotta love SPG) I dont see myself introducing the really bad processed carbs into my diet in the future (bread, pasta and sugar are still off limits) but i've found the adjustment to my lifestyle pretty easy to manage I'm lighter now than i've been in my Adult life (been over 220lbs since i was 14, i'm 33 now) Its been fun, except for having to replace my entire wardrobe...
  13. Its a little top heavy when you open the dome and could fall bakwards if you dont pay attention to what youre doing
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