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  1. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    I'd say manufacturing costs would be the main thing At $699, the cart is already getting fairly pricy and trying to make it out of stainless could push the price up a fair bit With a Classic II costing $880* at the road show, how many people would be prepared to spend the same amount again on a cart to put it in? Especially when you consider those two purchases would put you in the ball park for the Webber Summit* that is bigger than the classic and comes with a cart as standard I don't have much of a dog in the fight though as I doubt we'll see the cart in Australia anytime soon and even if we do, I doubt we'll see them priced for under $1800au. *not 100% sure on US pricing, prices mentioned are just what I've heard kicked around here
  2. Kontrol Towers Finally Arrive

    Lucky you I filed a warranty claim for my vent back in September and I was told Australia wouldn't be getting replacement Towers til Jan 2018
  3. A Restaurant Ruined My Life

    Wow Calling him an idiot seems like a bit harsh considering what he had to go through and where he eventually wound up, but his choices all throughout the ordeal do make me question his decision making skills. I've often had the romantic notion of owning a bar. Pulling pints for Blue Collar guys in a simple neighborhood. I'm smart enough to realize that romance and reality seldom line up though I feel bad for the dude, but maybe if he'd spent less time watching masterchef and more time looking into business and financial management, this could've ended differently
  4. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    Cart looks like it'll be priced at between $649 and $699 In other news, there are plans for a cart to suit the Big Joe and Joe JNR in the pipe line Expect them a couple of months after the Classic cart drops No word on pricing for either
  5. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    You could be right Last post I saw was him saying he was able to use the marble top and still keep the price under where he wanted That was quite a while back now so its possible your info is more current than mine Personally, I think a SS top would be a better option anyway, provided Bobby doesn't mind people drawing direct comparisons to the Weber Summits cart
  6. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    From what I've read, the Pro Joe was around early in the companies life but was either discontinued or never put into full production Table top was said to be made of stone in an earlier post. Not sure if that's still the case
  7. For those of you on Facebook, Bobby Brennan has updated the masses on a couple of announced and new products for 2018 https://www.facebook.com/groups/500015733460665/permalink/1263986370396927/ For those not on Facebook, here are the broad strokes: iKamand WONT be shipping before Christmas this year. No word on when it will be shipping Kamado Joe Classic Cart is due around Feb 2018 Kamado Joe are developing/re-releasing a new Kamado- The Kamado Joe Pro Joe. Bigger than the Big Joe with a premium finish and price tag (around $3500us). Looks like its aimed at commercial applications rather than home grillers. New Kontrol Tower fitted to the Pro Joe will be made from 304SS and available for sale separately at some stage (no pricing yet)
  8. New fiberglass wire mesh gasket

    I doubt that is a priority for KJ They've got enough on their plate trying to figure out how to make the gasket work with their grills, let along making sure they work with other manufactures products
  9. My XL Egg restoration

    Will and DnC system from a Big Joe fit? Might be an easy (if not cheap) way to get the bits you're missing
  10. Direct fire brisket?

    I've often wondered if you could spin a Brisket on the Joetissery I'm pretty sure I've seen people spin pork butts, but that could be my imagination
  11. How do you remove the DnC Rack during a cook?

    Its a waste of wood (which isn't cheap here) and unless I spiral the chunks out from the center it hard for me to ensure the fire reaches the wood when I go to put the grill extender in for the sides
  12. I've gotten into the habit of throwing some sides in the BJ towards the end of a low n slow Brisket cook but I usually like to add a couple extra chunks of smoke wood to ensure the sides (baked beans, mac n cheese) get a little extra smoke on them before I crank up the heat and pull the Brisket to be wrapped. Anyone have any good tips/hacks for removing the DnC rack in one piece, while its loaded? I cant get my fat fingers under the side of the DnC, especially when wearing gloves so its kinda tricky, for me, at least
  13. Kontrol Tower Vent Cap Too Large for my Big Joe?

    I was told I wouldn't be getting my new Top Vent before Christmas :-( Living in Australia isn't all Beer and Sunshine
  14. New BBQ Wizzard

    If your dome thermo is accurate, I don't see why you'd have issues Last brisket I cooked didn't have any fancy digital accessories or temp controllers My KJ dome thermo, a watch and a toothpick is all you need If you're super paranoid about internal temp, you can get analogue temp probes from the supermarket for under $10 Provided they're accurate, they'll do the job just fine
  15. Smoked Macaroni & Cheese

    I've been tweaking this recipe for a couple of months now I find adding cream instead of milk adds a bit more balance plus helps to add more smoke flavor due to the higher fat content Its a winner for me