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  1. Bear in mind, the Series 3 carries with it a considerable price increase from the Series 2
  2. I believe the Glaze is baked on in production, so reapplying it will be difficult As for used bands, you'd better hope someone locally smashes thier joe by accident because thats really the only way decent quality used bands come up for sale/trade
  3. Considering the Wire Gasket has only been on the market for 2 years (or there abouts) I think its too early to tell, yet
  4. Couple of things: #1 Tin Foil (as we call it here in Aus) must be rated as "Food Grade" in order to be sold in stores. In order to be sold for use with food it must be rated to not leach more than trace amounts (at most) into any food it comes into contact with #2 Aluminum that is found in the brains of Altziemers patients can come from a number of sources in day to day life including breathing it in city enviroments. Even if there was a link between Aluminum and Altziemers, the tin foil you use would only be a fraction of the source and even then you would need to consuming Foil wrapped BBQ multiple times a week, in which case, the Aluminum or Altzimers would be the least of your problems #3 If health is your main concern, i'd steer clear of BBQ all together as its been documented that protien rich diets as well as smoking and grilling have (allbeit, minor) links to cancer #4 I'd be more concerned with the staples your friend is using to seal up his butchers paper, as these are in no way rated for use in cooking and would contain trace amounts of chemicals from the manufacturing process #5 Again, if you're concerned about trace elements of aluminum leeching from food grade tin foil you should also be worried about the chemical byproducts associated with paper production, even food grade paper. In short, this doesnt concern me My excessive alcohol and tobacco consumption, chloresterol levels, risks of driving a car every day, the women i associate with, the industry i work in, my family history of cancer, arthirtis and gout, global warming, nuclear war, brake dust and high risk or depression concerns me more than tin foil
  5. Actually, the only time Justin was mentioned directly was when someone said he'd be joining the stream at some point. Dave did mention he was planning on getting a few grills out to people for review but he didnt mention any names or anyone who was "endorsing" the grill
  6. I've had a basket for amost 2 years and completed numerous Pizza Cooks and Clean Burns Never had an issue either
  7. The cyclonic insert is designed for Low and Slow smoking, so i can understand why they've put that limit on it It main purpose is to move smoke around the grill more effectivley to provide more flavour Assuming it comes with traditional Heat Deflectors (and there seems to be a spot in the stand to store the insert when not in use) i dont see this temp limit being an issue, you'd just swap between the two depending on what you're doing
  8. Cant speak to your set up specifically but i've found that mixing and matching probes and devices rarely delivers accurate readings as each manufactuer calibrates thier own probs and recievers differently. For example, i think the probes on my Thermoworks Smoke are some of the best on the market but they are either wildly in accurate when used in a thermo other than my Smoke or simply dont display a reading at all, so I cant use them on my pit controller even though they fit.
  9. I can get my joe to sit comfortably at the sub 200f range but it does take a little longer than you'd expect If you're going for low temps, its much better to build a small fire and let it grow slowly than it is to build a big fire and then try and choke it down to control it Its a bit of trial and error but it can be done if you take your time with it
  10. Becasue i'm a bit of a Troll, i left a comment on his video explaining (nicely) that all the issues he outlined I've never experienced with either my KJ or BGE His response was, and i quote, "As good as those Grills are... we're better" Glad he settled that for me, i'm now sold...
  11. I got 5 min into it, heard the first lot of incorrect info and figured i'd see how deep the rabbit hole goes. I've watched a few videos on You Tube where people test the ADC products out against traditional Kettle set ups and 98% of the time there doesnt seem to be any advantage to the ADC products. Then you look through the comments and even the most unbias of videos outlining what can be achieved with standard kettle equipment is met with serious vitriol from Dave at ADC. I'm not a fan of the guy and the more i look into his "Must Have" kettle tools, the more he looks like a Snake Oil Salesman. As John has already said, its not so much his products that i disagree with, its how he chooses to market them. He did not As Justin is a seasoned Kamado owner i would be very curious to see what he thinks of Daves claims in regards to how "difficult" kamados are to cook low and slow in, especially as I've seen videos where he's used the SnS in his Summit
  12. I made it through Here’s a summary of my thoughts as I was watching it: 5min in: "You always have trouble getting a Kamado to create clean smoke and fire at low temps" "With our Slow n Sear Kamado we don’t have this problem and it works perfectly" "We have no data to back this up" Not off to a good start… 10min in: Personally, I don’t see how you cant achieve the same results in any brand Kamado with a cheap charcoal basket or a firebox divider, not to mention the KJ DnC does EXACTLY THE SAME THING while still offering much better cooking flexibility. Hell, the SnS will fit in the Webber Summit Charcoal and do what this thing is apparently designed to do. Then there is the whole thing where you have option of removing the SnS, and using the traditional CI charcoal grate and extra heat deflector it comes with, making it exactly the same as a normal Kamado (which apparently doesn’t work very well..?) 20min in: These “Custom Made” Kamados look a lot like the no name Chinese ones I see on Ebay… Same Shape, Next and vents. Look a lot like a Pit Boss… “The great thing about this set up is you don’t have to remove all your grates and water pan to add more charcoal” Um… if youre using a full fire box rather than using this basket that only lets you fill it 1/3 of the way, you don’t need to add charcoal. “Yeah, theres a lot of reasons its better” Really? I’m yet to hear one? Oh, we’re moving on, ok… “The Kamado world has gone nuts for accessories that try to do what the SnS does naturally and we’re not gonna make needless accessories” You mean, like a glorified charcoal basket? “We went with a 22inch Kamado because most Kamado companies prefer to make accessories that only fit their 18inch or 24inch grills” You mean like you’re 22inch SnS and drip pan? Wait a sec, isnt the Pit Boss Kamado 22inch? 25min in: “Its hard to get a good smoke ring and anyone who has cooked on a Kamado knows this to be true” Does it? Guess I missed the memo on that one… “We went with a traditional spring hinge cause we all know a lot of those red Kamados have spring issues” Wow, I’m missing all kinds of memos today… “Its $1499 including shipping” *falls off chair* 30min in: “I’ve been testing this the fuel consumption and you’ll get a minimum of 10 hours from a load of charcoal” That makes sense, its 1/3 of a regular firebox “Big Green Eggs are so clunky and you cant get the fire close enough to the meat” Has this guy ever used a Kamado before? “You can get this thing up to temp in 30min. I start with half a chimney of charcoal and then set my vent” Yeah, that’s how a Charcoal Chimney works… “You can use the SnS in a Weber Summit but our vent design provides much better air flow than the Summit does” Isnt the Summit Vent design the same as the Kettle… which the SnS was originally designed for? Finished: Yeah… I’m not sold
  13. My pit controller has lived in its box for the last 12 months Once i figured out how to set the vents and maintain temp it seemed pretty redundant
  14. I assume you already have the Joetissery?
  15. I was always shocked the original demo deal and roadshow pricing exisited in the first place. I'm not sure how many KJ retailers there are in areas where the roadshow visits but i can imagine the promise of the roadshow rolling into town must hurt the bottom line of any independant KJ retailer. I have often wondered what the ratio of "Costco KJs" there are here opposed to KJs that were purchased at independant retailers. Seems like the only way people in the US buy a KJ is to wait for a Roadshow to come to town
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