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  1. A little over 1 year in and my weight has dropped from 290lbs down to 205lbs 16 hours fasting and a semi strict keto diet did the trick. Zero cheat days for close to 8 months and only a few low carb beers a week at a maximum. Didnt change my exercise output but i work in a physically demanding job, so balancing my energy in vs energy out really did the trick I've been dancing around the 205 mark for the better part of 3 months despite increasing my "cheat carb" and alcohol intake. Keto and BBQ is a pretty decent combo assuming you can find/make rubs and sauces that dont mess with your macros (gotta love SPG) I dont see myself introducing the really bad processed carbs into my diet in the future (bread, pasta and sugar are still off limits) but i've found the adjustment to my lifestyle pretty easy to manage I'm lighter now than i've been in my Adult life (been over 220lbs since i was 14, i'm 33 now) Its been fun, except for having to replace my entire wardrobe...
  2. Its a little top heavy when you open the dome and could fall bakwards if you dont pay attention to what youre doing
  3. In the 15+ years both the BGE MiniMax, and KJ JNR have been on the market (not to mention the other smaller kamados from other suppliers) no one, third party or otherwise has tried to bring a JNR size rotissery to market. Surely if there was such a demand from the consumer base, someone would have a crack at one in a commercial sense. This is especially true when you consider that nothing from the Joetissery could be utalised in the JNR design (except for the forks). To be truly portable, the supplied motor would need to be battery opperated where the OEM one is corded. New Rods would need to be made as well. Again, this comes down to demand vs amount of units in the market. I've not done the math, but i would wager the of all the KJs sold worldwide, fewer than 10% of them are JNRs (and i doubt everyone who owns a JNR sees a need for a rotissery), so you have quite a large RnD and development cost to satisfy maybe 5% of your exisiting market. The difference between 3rd party developers and OEM products is the an OEM can only market to thier cosnumer base where a 3rd party has the ability to design a product and then tweek it to suit a vairety of grills, opening up thier consumer base and allowing them cast a wider net. The pizza porta was originally designed for a weber kettle, but it was then modified to suit kamado applications as well as a range of other smokers. See what i mean. 90% of the RnD went into one application and the remaining 10% went into madifications to open up the product to different consumer groups. OEMs would need to look at how many grills they have in the market place, then figure out the rate of adoption for this new product in order to balance the costs. I doubt it would be viable. Theres also the issue that the more you water down your accessory line, the less likely people are to buy things. I mean, if you want your Kamado to be a Grill, Smoker and Oven, you buy the grill. Then you want it to be a rotissery, so you buy the Joetissery. Then you want to sear steaks, better pick up a CI or Soapstone. You could also use it as a pizza oven, so you buy the DoeJoe. It would be nice to do chicken tandor, so now you buy the new Tandor Attachement. I wish i could put brisket on at midnight and not have to worry about it, so now i'm buying an iKamand. Before you know it, youve spent 150% of the inital purchase price of the grill on stuff you use 5% of the time. Also, if it were a choice between a Joetissery a DoeJoe or an iKamand, i'd go the Rotissery as a Kamado works as a passable Pizza Oven out of the box and can maintain stable temps with a little practise, where there isnt much of a Roitssery option with what is supplied. I get you'd rather support your OEM, but expecting them to cater to your speciifc requests when there isnt a market fot it seems a little silly. I'm sure KJ would love to sell more products but the fact they havent developed them shows you there may not be much of a demand for them past your limited circle. Lastly, 3rd party offerings are seldom more expensive than comparable OEM products thanks largly to the reasons stated above, so you'll likely find yourself paying a premium for a Kamado Joe branded anything
  4. Size and cost aside, theyre more or less the same Pretty sure every accessories made for the Classic also has a version for the BJ The BJ ones are usually more expensive though
  5. I'm sure John would be happy to set it up if you were happy to manage it
  6. Ok, couple of things here... The JNR is the only of the 3 KJ models that hasnt had a signifigant upgrade to the gasket or top vent. I imagine this is because it would require the current factory to redevelop a small Kontrol Tower just to fit thier cheapest and least popular grill. Smokeware make a rain cap that should fit, so buy that A member here actually made a rotissery rig for his JNR at home. In order for it to be large enough to spin a single chicken without it touching the coals, the rotissery wedge was almost as large as the dome of the JNR, not the most portable of options. Again, you'd need to retool the current production lines in order to develop this or a DoeJoe JNR. If you think the 3rd party options are expensive, i imagine anything KJ develops wont be cheap A JNR will fit in an empty Classic 1 or 2 stand and it gets it to a workable height. Its not as compact as the one BGE makes for the MiniMax but if you only want it for home, it'll work and i'm sure you can find a second hand Classic stand online for next to nothing There are Tandor set ups that fit inside a KJ. They dont hang from the top dome though, which is probably a good thing as it would make temp control and opening the grill mid cook pretty hard. Cant speak to the Akorn JNR, as i dont have one but i imagine any plans of upgrading it fall into the same issues as the KJ JNR. Why spend a lot of time, money and effort to develop expesnive accessories for the cheapest and least popular grill in your line up? Especially when you consider that every extra bit of kit you have to add to your JNR makes it less portable Lastly, cheaper and high quality seldom go together
  7. Doesnt look normal to me Looks like the lock nut rattled loose in transit and the thermometer moved around Probably wont be an issue but it doesnt look right to me
  8. Welcome to the forum Feel free to introduce yourself
  9. Having looked into importing stuff from Aliexpress (I'm in Australia), I imagine the shipping costs would be similar to buying a set up from CGS The CGS one will be much better quality though
  10. I check my dome thermos (actually, all my thermos) once a year and adjust them as you described Considering your Joe has 6 years of cooking under its belt, its possible the adjustment nut is gunked up from all the cooks. You should be able to source an OEM thermo from KJ or you can measure the stalk and search for an aftermarket unit (I hear Tru-Tell units are great) They're typically accurate out of the box but you should be able to adjust them should you need too
  11. I love Yeti stuff but some of thier latest products are "taking the piss" a little $40 for a bucket? $250 for a "pelican" case? $50 for a dog bowl? $300 for a camp chair? I'm all for great quality but there are times when i think they're taking things a little too far
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