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  1. These are really good The have a bit of a cult following in Aus
  2. Why you doing a "Deep Clean" after 2 weeks of ownership? I dont "Deep Clean" my girll more than once a year and its used 3-6 nights a week The easiest way to get around the warping ring is to not remove it very often Like i said, i pull my grill down once a year (after around 200 cooks) and first time it was warped, next time it wasnt Thin steel is gonna warp over time and you can force it back into place with an extra set of hands Its a PITA I'll grant you, but if youre only dealing with it once every year or so you soon forget about it and get back to cooking For the record, in the 3-ish years i've owned my KJ i've gone through 2 top vents, 1 set of deflectors, 1 gasket, 1 set of castors and had a JT that didnt fit I stopped worrying about QC this or Customer Service that and just got it sorted and back to cooking I'd not saying i'd whole heartidly recomend KJs to people moving forward, but not that i've got one its easier to just keep rolling than stressing about every little thing
  3. This reminds me of a time i was talking to my niece and she mentioned it would be great if she could send audio "text" messages to friends rather than having to type them out cause the text conversations took too long I replied "uh, you mean like calling them?"
  4. Forgive my ignorence, but is stealing cat coverters off a car actually a thing in canada? I mean, its not exactly breaking someones window for loose change but its close to that level of stupid
  5. Polar Bear

    Pellet Joe

    I'll reserve judgement on these units til they come to market but due to the nature of pellet grills but i can see a pellet kamado actually offering the worst of both worlds rather than best I'm not anti pellet by any stretch but the upsides of a kamado dont really translate to a relativly low BTU fuel like pellets do (unless you use A LOT of them)
  6. Alibaba used to have ash baskets but i'm not sure what the freight would cost you
  7. If customer service isnt getting back to you, i doubt the president of KJ is going to answer your calls...
  8. Saw someone try this last week Its not the idea set up as in order to get the Kamado up to Pizza temps will require a lot of wood, fed in gradually over the course of an evening (like a traditional pizza oven) Also, once you get it to Pizza temps, it doesnt stay there very long and wood splits arent as effecient as lump charcoal It can be done, but its expensive, time consuming and doesnt really add anything to your finished product
  9. Talk to your local KJ dealer They can be ordered as a spare part
  10. I'd avoid the rutland gasket. Despite all the Egg Heads loving them, theyre not rated for use with food and i'd rather not worry about getting fibreglass fibres in my meals The issue with leaving your dome latched when not in use is the latch is what applies the compresson to the gasket when cooking (becasue the air lift hinge takes all the dome weight) Because the latch is not adjustable if the gasket becomes too compressed you could end up with an air leak between the base and the dome. Thats the theory, anyway, but i'd be surprised if anyone has actually found this to be the case. The "dont leave your dome latched" is more of an enthusists recomendation than an OEM one. I wouldnt let it keep you up at night In regards to fitting an old joe with a new gasket. You do not have to worry about the gasket becoming too compressed as the dome weight will take up any slack or compresson that could happen to the gasket due to it being constantly compressed Same thing happens to normal felt gaskets over time
  11. ...thats not really how it works In stick burners the fire box is often insulated but the cook chamber isnt, and there is a reason for that You need decent air flow in order for the smoke from the fire box to be drawn through the cook chamber Not to mention, the ammount of wood you would need to burn in order to heat soak your ceramics in the first place would be substancial and likely result in a fire that was way too big and way too hot with little to no way to bring the temp back down again, because its not like you can just adjust your vents to lower your temp at this point The closest thing to what you're talking about is the up coming Pellet Joe (Kamado Pellet Cooker) from KJ but even that isnt a real Kamado as the base is made from double walled Allumnium, partially due to the fact that trying to heat soak that much ceramic using pellets would be VERY fuel heavy as hard wood is not the most effecient source of thermal energy when compared to other solid state fuels Just buy a stick burner
  12. So, you want a cooker that traps heat even with a hole cut into the side of it? Forgetting the fact that there is zero reason to access the fire mid cook (assuming you've set your fire box up correctly), cutting a hole in the side of your kamado would greatly reduce its heat retention and temperature stablility even if a door is added It would also reduce the structual integrity of the base itself and likely lead to it cracking a couple of cooks in (assuming it held together while you cut a hole in the side of it As mentioned, Saffire make a Kamado with a feeder tube for wood chips, but i imagine that opening would be too small for what you think you want to do If you want to play with fire, buy another cooker You're trying to turn an Apple into an Orange with this train of thought at it wont end well...
  13. Is this a bad time to ask about pineapple on pizza, then?
  14. A Kamado doesnt need power A Kamado has fewer moving parts (less points of failure) A Kamado has a better warrenty
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