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  1. Joe JR efficient for my goals?

    Good Point, but: "Even the JR is fairly expensive here ringing in around 599 at lowes. but quite a bit easier to deal with vs the 1599 price tag on the classic 2" Lowes don't sell KJs in Aus
  2. Joe JR efficient for my goals?

    Must be Canada Classic KJ II Retails for $1999au here
  3. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    Basically, the new functionality built into the App means the iKamand control is almost secondary The app with feature a direct link to KJs social media posts and announcements (as well as the KJ forum, I imagine) Also, users will be able to enter their cook details into the app and it will generate an "expected" run time based on cook data mined from other users There's also talk of a KJ recipe of the day as well as techniques being automatically updated every 24hrs for users. Basically, the app will function like a private KJ facebook that users will be able to share information and cooks with other KJ users. The downside of this is that KJ will own any and all data contributed through the app, just like facebook or twitter. So, in theory, if youre a KJ fanatic, it could be a cool place to hang out and swap ideas with other like minded people in a dedicated platform. I can see the benefit (from a business point of view) in creating a KJ specific community outside of the major social media platforms as KJ will have full control over content and policy, as well have the option to profit from the user information the app collects. That having been said, the idea that this should be funded primarily by early adopters, regardless if you want it or not, doesn't sit well with me. We'll need to wait and see what sort of privacy options are built into the app when it launches but it kinda feels like KJ are deliberately tying the RnD and roll out of what could be a pretty decent money making opportunity (from data mining its users) to a product they know has almost unseen levels of hype attached to it. I know I'm looking at the glass half empty with this one, but after 3 price rises, 3 release delays, no actual product test data (as yet) I'm at the point where there is no way this product will live up to expectations. People forget, the iKamand is essentially a Flameboss in a fancy shell and without a screen and requires you to have a smartphone in order to use it I'll be passing on this one at least until they've been in peoples hands for a while, allowing the hype to die down and get some actual user data without the benefit of KJ colored glasses
  4. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    I had a reasonably heated conversation with some people on the facebook thread about this As an aside, there are some KJ fanatics out there, its frustrating to talk to some people who blatantly refuse to hear a bad word or consider criticism of their precious Kamado manufacture, but I digress. My issue with the latest update with the ikamand is that the price has now risen to $249us Apparently, this rise is due to the extra features and data charges associated with the app, as well as future development for expected cook times and social medial linking. The flip side to this, is the app will be a free download from the app store and all the non controller based features will be available to someone who doesn't have the controller. This essentially means that the people who fork out for the ikamand are paying for features that non ikamand users will get for free. I know its a minor thing, but it doesn't sit well with me, especially when every $10us price rise equals a $40au price rise when/if the unit eventually lands in Australia (where I'm based). Also, the more bloated the app becomes with additional features, the more issues there may be with the app itself as it seems to have morphed from a simple controller interface to a KJ specific social media platform that not only mines your cook data but also acts as a KJ marketing tool. Perhaps I'm being negative but I would have preferred to see a basic app designed to run the controller and a separate app more geared towards a "facebook but for Kamado users" type application The fact that we don't know if the data mining of your cooks for "expected cooking times" is a feature that can be deactivated, or that the information mined from the cooks for expected timing will be accurate when we take into account how different each brisket behaves as well as wrapping v not wrapping, temps spikes ect
  5. Grill grabber installation

    Correct You install the nut, ferrel and sleeve on the bottom of the hinge spring bolt and it keeps the air lift hinge from springing open if you ever need to remove the bands to swap out the top dome
  6. propane for heat source

    Most people will use Propane as a starter instead of a Charcoal Chimney or starter cube Once the fire is lit, the propane is packed away and heat is supplied by the lump
  7. Grill grabber installation

    By "package of parts" do you mean a couple of nuts and a socket?
  8. Akorn to BJ upgrade and questions

    The KAB is $80us and its worth the money I paid $130au for it thanks to the "you live in Australia tax" and in my opinion, its worth the money Depending what you think your time is worth to you, the quick and easy clean up post cook means it pays for itself in time saved within a couple of cooks I did my first couple of cooks when I was waiting for the baskets to land in Australia and cleaning out the fire box after a full load and a low n slow cook was WAY messier. Each to their own but I still recommend them to anyone who buys a Kamado
  9. The president of Weber called me.

    With a new Red Kettle coming it must be time for another patio extension? I've been watching since before you picked up your Summit and cant believe how much larger your BBQ Arsenal has gotten over the last 18months Keep up the good work, mate
  10. Akorn to BJ upgrade and questions

    I'm at work at the moment but Google is my friend Here you can see the divider in place. Its feet slot into the holes in the bottom plate and then 2 wing nuts secure it in place. The top handle on the divider allows you to remove the whole assembly easily Here is a picture of the Kick Ash Basket in place in a Gen 1 KJ The bottom plate has been removed as its no longer needed and you simply dump your lump in this basket. When youre done cooking and the fire is out, you can remove the basket with the burnt lump still in place and shake it over a garbage can. Makes clean up heaps easier My set up looks more or less the same. The firebox divider and OEM Cast Iron plate stay assembled for when/if I need it. With the KAB in place, I have don't need to run the bottom plate anymore unless I'm using the firebox divider.
  11. Akorn to BJ upgrade and questions

    No, it actually bolts to the CI grate. The divider comes with a couple of wing nuts and the bottom of the divider has tabs that fit through the grate holes that are threaded. I bought a kick ash basket when I picked up my BJ. It allowed me to remove the cast iron plate that came as standard. Then I bolted the firebox divider to it and left it like that. This way, if I don't need to run a full basket I can easily remove the KAB (even if its full) and swap it out for the CI plate and divider before refilling. I don't use the divider much but its set up if I ever need it
  12. warranty problems

    Having not witnessed the phone conversation, I cant make any judgments but I would've thought the correct way for CG customer service to handle this would be to say "wow, that's quite a lot of damage. You're better off taking it back to the store for a replacement/refund. If the store gives you any trouble, tell them to call me on XXXXXXXX and i'll tell them to swap/refund it. Sorry about that and thanks for calling first"
  13. Shun Knives Recomendations

    I have a couple of Shun Classics A 10inch Chef knife and an 8inch slicer I love the Chef knife and the thing that attracted me to the line initially was they offered their Classic range with handles balanced for Left Handers. As a leftie, this was a nice touch I think the left handed line has since been discontinued but they can still be found at certain retailers
  14. Doing a wood only cook?

    This question is the same as asking "can I take my Toyota Prius Offroad"? You can, but its not the best idea If you want to cook using mainly wood, why not buy an offset smoker and leave your kamado for charcoal cooking like it was intended? You'll always be better off using a tool for the job it was designed for
  15. Finally Pulled the Trigger

    All the cool kids are doing it