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  1. Boston Butt Sale

    Your math is off 2.2 pounds to a KG so its roughly $2.25 per pound here As an aside, I've had good success making pulled pork using the boneless shoulder roasts you can get from Woolworths Cut off the netting its wrapped in, remove the skin and you're good to go
  2. My KJJr. Pedestal

    Am I the only one expecting Indiana Jones to try and swap that out with a bag of sand?
  3. New Flame Boss 300

    You're kinda right, but also kinda wrong People are a little too anal about temperature. I've seen beginner bbq guys stress cause their grill is sitting at 250f rather than the 225f they wanted, or worry when their dome temp is 20f different to their grate temp. That having been said When it comes to low and slow cooking, one of the important things is to maintain a stable temperature. Its not so much about what temp (225f-275f) but more that once you get it where you want it (or close enough to it) it is stable for the majority of the cook Bouncing between 225f and 300f as you're constantly adjusting vents trying to get your fire under control are ideal conditions to break down muscle tissue or render fat over long periods of time
  4. How to add wood chips in KJJ

    I do the same thing
  5. Kontrol Tower-vent top paint issues corrected?

    I've seen a number of people post theyre on their 2nd or 3rd tower and the paint is still and issue I have a replacement from Dec of 2017 but I'm yet to use it I just wire brush my tower before use and its all good. I plan to sandblast all the paint off the peeling tower at some stage and then give it a polish on a buffing wheel. I'm keeping the replacement tower in its box in case I make a hash of the blasting
  6. Need advice about PB charcoal grate

    I'd use the weber grate and remove the CI one altogether You have less chance of Ash clogging up the Weber grate than the standard CI one
  7. Updates on iKamand and KJ Table

    Release dates for both were mentioned during a KJ live stream a couple of months ago where the products were outlined in detail. Unfortunately, the announced dates for both products have come and gone, so its anyone's guess, again
  8. Kick Ash Basket and Divide and cast iron divider

    Couple of points: 1-Remove your CI grate if you buy a KAB. Attach the Fire Box divider to the CI grate and leave it like that. When you want to do a cook where the divider comes in handy, swap out the KAB 2- Leaving you CI grate in while cooking defeats one of the benefits of the KAB in the first place. Depending on the lump you use, the holes in the CI can get clogged with ash during a cook and choke your fire out. This is much less likely to occur if you're using a KAB 3- I'm yet to see any real evidence that the KAB increases airflow. As air has to be drawn through the same size vent at the bottom of the Joe, I fail to see how having a basket above the vent increases flow. I could see it increasing air distribution, allowing the fire to burn more evenly but I don't see how it could increase flow. An example, if you're syphoning gas into a container, it doesn't matter if the container is the size of a coke can or the size of a water tank, the flow rate of the gas is dictated by the diameter of the hose you are syphoning with, not the container its being syphoned into. If someone can provide me some real evidence that a KAB actually increases air flow (aside from "I have to shut my vents more now") I'll happily eat my words.
  9. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    Let hope you never buy anything other than a kamado then
  10. You do realize that by buying a kamado you spent hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on a pair of really fancy flower pots and a hinge, right?
  11. KAB in Australia?

    Shipito is a good option too Be careful when looking at forwarders as some tend to shy away from shipping "perishables" Most places are ok but it always pays to check first if you're looking to stock up on rubs or sauces
  12. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    May i suggest looking at the Smartfire, then Also, considering there is no user data out there, we dont know how "clunky" the iK will be when it eventually drops
  13. BGE rips off Divide & Conquer

    It wouldn't shock me if it came out that the DnC system was only begrudgingly approved by BGEs higher ups. BGE seem to have always seemed to take the stance of "why bother" and yet the lack of DnC seems to be the main point of difference people go to when comparing BGE and KJ. Its obviously something they needed to offer as not having it was loosing them a lot of sales but it does look like it was more of a "that'll do" that a ground up redesign. Still, assuming the price point isn't too extreme, I think a lot of BGE users will make good use of the system The rain cap for the top vent is crap, though. It just screams "afterthought"
  14. BGE rips off Divide & Conquer

    You know that KJ didn't invent the DnC style system, right? Also, the top vent is a more original design than the Kontrol Tower was (which is a sub par knock off of the Smokeware cap)
  15. Playing with my Probes

    Fun experiment this weekend while waiting for a brisket to cook Placed my thermoworks pit probe in my Big Joe (also running a Smartfire Pit Controller) in one spot and got a temp above 300f despite the Smartfire and dome temp reading 250f I then moved the pit probe 30mm (1inch and a Quarter) closer to the brisket (above the drip pan) and low and behold, temp dropped to 250f within 5 min So, if you're running a drip pan, place your temp probes as close to the meat as possible and trust your dome Thermo