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  1. If you're handy with a stone and steel, any knife works If sharpening isnt your thing, I'd suggest a good quality boning/fillet knife that will hold a good edge until you can have it professionally sharpened
  2. Pretty Much The Meater Block has wifi built in, so that may be an option if can spring for the extra $$$
  3. Does Apple have a public facing website for the factory it makes iPhones in? I get the company should have a website, but why should the factory? Especially if its in China...
  4. I own a Series 2 Big Joe I have cooked on a Summit multiple times If the Summit was available when i originally went Kamado shopping, I would've bought the Summit We plan to move across the country in a year or two, I'll likely sell my KJ (easier than trying to move with it) and then pick up a Summit when we settle into our new house
  5. Main difference: One is a log One is a chunk If these chunks are 1/4 the size of a log, then putting a log on would be the equivalent to adding 4 chunks of wood in one spot to the fire That's too much wood and would likely result in acrid smoke and over smoked food
  6. If you do multiple pizzas (more than 3 or 4) regularly (more than once a month) then it has some upsides If not, I dont see the worth in one If you are, I'd still consider buying a dedicated pizza oven before a DoJoe, but thats just me
  7. The size of the lump means little if you know how to use it properly
  8. I've never understood why some people get their knickers in a knot over lump size More to that point, if you are picky why not poke the bag before you buy it to ensure the contents have some size Throwing the bag over your should usually gives you a good indication of how the contents are like
  9. Despite what you may have thought going in, you've bought the Toyota of Ceramic Grills That's nothing unusual and will have zero effect on how the grill cooks If you wanted Perfection, you should have upped your budget and looked at a Komodo Kamado Great first post, BTW I look forward to you never contributing again once you realize you're not going to get the sympathy you're hoping for
  10. If you're cooking pizzas and your stones arent up to temp, you're gonna end up with crap pizzas Part of the idea of cooking pizzas on a stone is the stone distributes heat and helps cook the base If you put a cold stone in a hot grill and then throw a pizza on it, not only will your dome temp drop (because youve introduced a cold mass into the dome that will suck a lot of the thermal energy out of the atmosphere) the base want be cooked by the time the top is If you put a cold stone into a hot grill and then wait til the stone is up to temp before putting a pizza on it, you've just lost whatever time saving you thought you were getting, and you've probably cracked your stone
  11. Depending on how your consumer laws are written, a 12 month warranty starts from your initial date of purchase If your product dies on day 364 you receive a new one free of charge, but, if that new one dies 2 days later, you are now out of warranty and will need to purchase a replacement Warranties don't start over when a replacement is issued As you're now 0 for 2 on iKamands, I'd be pushing for a refund from your retailer These types of devices are meant to offer piece of mind when you're away from your grill, and the fact you dont seem sure its going to switch on next time you need it sounds like the opposite of that
  12. I wont take money for a cook because as soon as cash changes hands, the expectations change I can knock out good bbq 95% of the time, but everyone has off days and knowing my luck, I'd have an off day the day someone is paying me for the cook. If someone wants brisket for a birthday party/celebration, I'll supply the food and cook it for free as a gift If someone wants to pay me, well, money tends to change expectations and i dont need that kind of stress in my life
  13. I just love it when people join here to have a whine and then never post again...
  14. Typically, parts supplied under warranty are covered until the warranty on the original part expires Eg: If something has a 5 year warranty and they replace it after 4.5 years, that new part has a 6 month warranty In this instance, the Base has a lifetime warranty to the original owner so the new base will be covered under the same lifetime warranty
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