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  1. Fill your fire box and open your vents more before buying a basket If your grill is clean, full of fuel and has plenty of air, there is no reason you shouldnt be able to get it 900f
  2. You'd need to redesign the base and DnC system It would also be heavy AF and would have to made in 2 pieces and welded together (expensive to produce)
  3. I use the Pit Barrel or Weber Mini Chimney for my smaller grills Theyre half the height of a typical Chimney
  4. Go buy a BGE and then come back in 2 years complaining about how your fire ring has cracked, then
  5. Ooooh, thats good to know I dont suppose you know if a big JT fits a Summit?
  6. Jack of all Trades vs Master of One Dunno about the rest of you, but i cant sear a steak, roast a chicken or cook a pizza in a Masterbuilt to the same standard i get from a Kamado Likewise, some of the best home LnS i've had has come out of a Masterbuilt or a Pellet grill (or an offset)
  7. Cant speak to a Vision S-Series but i can confirm the KJ Woven Gasket fits and works fine on BGE Grills The dome is heavy enough to provide a seal without the need for a latch (that's why it also works on early model KJs)
  8. Location might help with suggestions for dealers in your area Alternatively, there is always the Support Section on the KJ Website (this forum is not affiliated with Kamado Joe)
  9. If you've already got a JT and have some Grill Toys money burning a hole in your pocket, i'd say go for it but i can think of better things to spend $250 on IME, there is a difference in the cooks with a SloRoller but its not significant enough to justify the additional expense and cumbersome storage of it compared to a traditional heat deflector set up I'd wager that the people who sing its praises the loudest are either: 1- People who got it with their Series 3 from the get go and don't know any different (ignorance) 2- People who believed the marketing and upgraded their grill specifically to get a SloRoller without ever trying it first (confirmation bias) 3- Ultra Grilling Nerds who appreciate all the nuance and subtly of this hobby
  10. I dont think you can run a drip pan From what i've seen the grill grates pretty much sit on the SloRoller if fitted to a series 2 grill
  11. If you think metal is cheaper than ceramic then you've clearly never attended a pottery class...
  12. When you guy say "high heat", how hot are we talking?
  13. IME, The KJ castors aren't the best even when parked Mine fell apart after 2 years I'd consider upgrading your castors to something a little softer to help absorb some of the bumps In regards to the cart itself, I think you'd be fine provided you're careful when moving it
  14. If a KJ system fits then a BGE system should (not sure about height, though) I've seen people fit the BGE system in Pre DnC KJs
  15. Search "Band Adjustment Big Green Egg" on you tube Principle is the same
  16. 2nd set in 5 years Multiple Pizza cooks, clean burns and high temp steak cooks First set cracked only after i made the mistake of putting them in after the grill was up to temp If you're going through a set a year i'd say the issue is how you're using them
  17. Polar Bear

    Well rats!!

    If it makes you feel any better, my Series 2 Big Joe came from the factory with the Kontrol Tower loose AF The first release of the Series 2 came with a felt gasket on the top and was later switched to a Woven Style Gasket, which seems to make them fit better Its never bothered me much as i just remove the slider rather than swivel it if i'm going for high temps
  18. Polar Bear

    Well rats!!

    There's a bit of variance in the dimensions of Joes from one model to another Whenever i see a 3rd party product that says "fits all Kamado Joes" its safer to assume they mean it wont be too small
  19. The woven fiberglass gasket works fine with Series 1 KJs and even Big Green Eggs (I've fitted them to a pair of Large BGEs) The weight of the dome is sufficient to ensure "a good seal"
  20. The burying chunks for "a cleaner burn" is more theory than fact
  21. Figure out which direction the fire tends to burn in and strategically place your chunks in line with the burn pattern or add the wood once the kamado is up to temp
  22. If you're handy with a stone and steel, any knife works If sharpening isnt your thing, I'd suggest a good quality boning/fillet knife that will hold a good edge until you can have it professionally sharpened
  23. Pretty Much The Meater Block has wifi built in, so that may be an option if can spring for the extra $$$
  24. Does Apple have a public facing website for the factory it makes iPhones in? I get the company should have a website, but why should the factory? Especially if its in China...
  25. I own a Series 2 Big Joe I have cooked on a Summit multiple times If the Summit was available when i originally went Kamado shopping, I would've bought the Summit We plan to move across the country in a year or two, I'll likely sell my KJ (easier than trying to move with it) and then pick up a Summit when we settle into our new house
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