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  1. Thanks guys. No smoke wood here, just virgin lump. If this turns out too smokey, I may need to switch to guns and go indirect... will let you know. Fingers crossed.
  2. Bowhntr

    New guy with PitBoss

    Thanks all, I'm in my first cook and smoking out the neighborhood. See my post in general section...ugh. Learning curve....
  3. Hey all, First day with the PB24 and I'm doing a spatchcock chicken as my inagural cooking adventure with the kamado. Halfway through and I'm wondering if all the smoke pouring out of the top vent is 'normal'? I'm stable at 375 and am cooking direct heat on top rack, no diffuser. My GF is giving me the evil eye because she thinks I'm smoking the house out every time I open the patio door to come in! I keep telling her I'm not smoking the chicken, I'm ROASTING it... but the smoke isn't helping my case. Help a newbie out?
  4. Bowhntr

    New guy with PitBoss

    Hey all. After years on a Weber gasser, I decided to take the plunge into the kamado world. Have no idea what I'm doing yet. Picked up a pitboss from Costco and ran the cure cook last night. Hope to learn some stuff here. Greetings from FL.