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  1. Thanks everyone, I really enjoy cooking on the little Jumbo. So easy to manage everything, and it turns out some tasty tucker
  2. Times that x 5 billionoly $ and that will be Aussie dollars I want one though
  3. Original bag for me Sam, I take/tip out what I need and fold the bag down to the new level of chips/chunks. One day I might get organised enough to label a few buckets and put them in that. Smoke on and don't sweat the small stuff
  4. That is one sensational looking cook @daninpd!! I find myself lucky that shortly I will be living in an area where fresh shrimp (prawns) are available, fresh and nearly straight out of the water. It does take 5 minutes to drive to the water to get them though. I look forward to trying your recipe and eating them even more so
  5. Awesome KK and ain't nature grand!! The young joey was hanging out in the front yard with his mum this morning. The 2 cats were possibly discussing how to take him down He was onto them and escaped unscathed
  6. I say that you certainly are Soy C! Tasty looking feed there!
  7. The little Jumbo has been getting a workout since the Dragon and full size kettles have moved to the coast. I had 4 chicken thighs in the freezer, which I defrosted overnight, and thought that they would be a perfect candidate to keep lonely Jumbo company for a few hours. A coating of horseradish and rub and back into the fridge they went for 2 hours: Out again and wrapped in some serrano ham: Dusted with a bit more rub and organic cayenne pepper and onto the grill with a few Banksia pods for some sweet smoke: After the biggest one hit about 82C it was time to get them off for a rest: Whipped up some veges and cheesy sauce and dinner was done: The little grill did it again and if anyone is thinking about getting into real bbq (not gas) then I would highly recommend the Jumbo Joe as a cheap, quality bit of gear, that is capable of holding it's own against the larger, more expensive grills. Cheers and beers
  8. That is a tasty looking meal there KK
  9. That is a mighty compliment coming from you Dub and thank you very much. Give it a go and show us amateurs how its done
  10. Thanks KK, it burnt for way longer than I expected and was definitely a fun cook. You should give it a go while you are waiting for the other KK to fire up
  11. Thank you sir and yes I think that is probably what they were. Bought them at Aldi and they were the best looking ones I could see.
  12. Seeing as how all my other Q's have up and left lonely little Jumbo, I thought that I would try cooking a rack of pork ribs using the snake method. I squeezed as many as I could in there, and used a couple of small trays filled with water as drip catchers/heat regulators: A nice rack of pork ribs (not sure what they are known as) was prepped and rubbed: Lit the fuse and added a nice big Banksia pod to get things started: Rotated the grill every so often to keep the ribs away from as much direct heat as possible: In between that I mixed up a hot sauce combo of 3 different bbq sauces, some beer and a little molasses: When they had a nice bark on them, I brushed on some of the sauce and repeated a few more times until they were done: Took em off and rested them for half an hour and sliced a few up: The sugars in the rub and sauces had turned them a dark colour, and they were a tad dry, but tasted great and for a first time in little Jumbo ( and only my 3rd or 4th time cooking pork ribs ever) I was very happy with them. I let the snake burn until I went to bed and this photo was taken at the 9 1/2 hour since I lit it: In conclusion I would have one thing to say....never underestimate the little fella of the bbq world and grill on!!! Cheers and beers
  13. Thanks @TKOBBQ it was tasty! The sauce was a very basic mix of sour cream, cheese, a little butter and some juice from the vegetables. Simple but works
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