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  1. Putting it all together

    I have an Acorn (branded Dragon Kamado) and over the weekend did a 15 hour cook at 120 C and left it for another 5 hours, so 20 hours total at 120 ( give or take) and then opened it up to around 270 C for 20 minutes or so and still had plenty of charcoal left. I hadn't quite filled it up to the lower tabs and also used the charcoal left over from the previous cook with some new stuff on top. Had the charcoal pretty much level before lighting and lit it in the middle but at the top with a butane torch until it several small pieces and part of a bigger piece were alight (about 2 minutes of torch time). It works for mine but I'm sure they are all a bit different and the best way to learn is to light fires in them and cook yummy tucker. All the best DWFII and looking forward to reading/seeing your adventure into the wonderful world of Kamado grilling. Here's a pic of what was left after my cook:
  2. Looks mighty tasty to me, nice entry!
  3. Boston Butt first attempt.

    Haha King, yes he was a tad confused when I asked for it but (no pun intended) I guess over here in Oz the term isn't familiar with too many folks. As soon as he saw a picture of what it was, he was onto it. I was very happy with how the bark turned out and thanks for your kind words mate.
  4. Boston Butt first attempt.

    Thanks Kismet it was delicious and I have found a really good butcher who is interested in the Kamado type cooking and is more than happy to get me any cuts of meat I require and at a decent price. Will definitely be cooking another one
  5. First cook starting now!

    I think the cut of meat is pretty forgiving Polaris6 and the temp range you are in shouldn't have to much effect on the end result, except it may get done a little quicker or slower.
  6. Chuck Clod Heart

    Hey Cavman, I haven't cooked many "chucks" but the few I have, have turned out very nice. I have heard it called "the poor mans brisket" and wonder if its a bit underrated for how good it really is. Here's a link to one I posted on here and have a go at one they are good.
  7. I first of all must thank John and many others on this great forum for the friendly helpful advice and awe inspiring cooks. Following Mr Setzlers detailed post on cooking a Boston Butt I embarked on a wonderful journey with some smoked goodness at the destination. I rang my butcher on Thursday and after he googled "Boston Butt" I was told that one would be waiting for me to pick up Friday afternoon. True to his word, when I turned up he had a tasty looking 3.5 kg blade in, shoulder of pork, ready to go. He admitted to making a bit of a mistake when preparing it (cut in the wrong spot haha) and had tied it up. No problem to me it looked great. I scored the remaining fat and applied a delicious rub that I must thank hrmbbq for: I went with the classic Carolina this time but I am definitely going to try some of the others ASAP. Fat cap down and onto the Dragon she went. Grill was 120 deg C and for the smoke I used a mixture of Hickory chunks and Banksia pods: After 12.5 hours I had a look and was quite impressed with what I saw. Looking good but still wasn't fully probe tender and so I let it ride until it was, which happened to be another 2.5 hours later. Now it was like a big blob of meaty, smoky, delicious jelly Popped it into the pre heated esky for a rest and cooked up a BBQ sauce that I had also discovered on this great forum. I'm sorry I can't remember who posted it but thank you very much, it is magic: After 4 or so hours, the sauce had cooled and the butt was ready to be exposed My oh my it was amazingly tender and moist with an almost hypnotic smell. YUM!!!! Pulled some of it and added a little of the magic sauce and life was good Cheers and beers to all you fine folk and thanks again for the inspiration and keep on smoking!! Billy.
  8. Can we say BBQ Rubs!

    Awesome collection of tasty rubs there Mr hrmbbq! I used the classic Carolina rub for my first Boston Butt and in the next hour I will be taking it out of the esky and having a chew. Thanks for posting them up and happy Q ing to you. Cheers, Billy.
  9. First cook starting now!

    Good luck Polaris and I don't envy you at all with those temperatures although grilling a nice hunk of meat on the Kamado would make up for it somewhat Its 28 C here at the moment and I currently have my first Boston Butt resting in the esky after a 15 hour cook. It was an 8 pounder as well. All the best mate and hope to see some pics soon. Cheers, Billy.
  10. Duck

    That looks sensational John!!! The last time I had duck, I shot and plucked it and Mum cooked it up, but I bet it wasn't anywhere near as tasty as yours looks! P.S. Don't tell Mum I said that though
  11. Go-to Turkey Day sides?

    K, just remind me when Thanksgiving day is please? Will you adopt me? I like whiskey!! And peppers!! All jokes aside that sounds like a mighty fine feast to be had Have a good one mate
  12. Turkey trouble

    I'm only a learner, but I would reckon sitting that bird on it's throne. Yep you have to shove it up it's ... Best of luck with the cook and some pics would be great as well
  13. Behold! Homemade jalapeno cheddar.

    So.... I shall bring the beer....
  14. Lamb Lollipops

    It sure was and yes my sister runs a few sheep for this purpose and we selected a tasty looking one and went from there. Hung it up overnight to set and cut it up with the bandsaw the next day. Excuse the rough butchering but it was a tough one to skin.
  15. Uses for trimmed lamb/mutton fat?

    Thanks for that Mr Scaper and apologies for not replying sooner. I'm not sure that will work for sheep fat but spose I could give it a go. Cheers, Billy.