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  1. Joe tisserie failure

    I personally haven't had a problem with this, then again I don't own a Joetisserie All the best of luck g5spark and apologies for not providing any helpful feedback
  2. Spinning a rib roast

    That looks outstanding Shuley! Don't feel bad in any way with that cook Yum!!
  3. It was love at first sight...AHHHH!

    Righto so far we have 3 in for a road trip to Distillers place Anyone else? Never mind drinking all your beer Kismet, we have lots of yummy brews in Aussie land so you won't go thirsty I'm sure Mr Distiller (going by his handle) won't leave us dry either Cheers and good ol Aussie beers, Billy
  4. Purple Shrimp Scampi

    Thanks mate, I will have to try and get some as they sound good. Cheers, Billy.
  5. It was love at first sight...AHHHH!

    Thanks for that mate, I thought Bbq Galore were the distributor of the Joes but thought maybe someone else was selling them. Will definitely call in if I'm up in your neck of the woods. Cheers, Billy.
  6. Tri-Tip - My Way

    I can nearly taste that from here!!!! Great job Sir
  7. It was love at first sight...AHHHH!

    I think I may have to take a trip to Kentucky, Distiller. That looks awesome! The food looks great as well! Can I ask where you bought the Joe from? I'm hoping to get my very own next year. Cheers, Billy.
  8. Purple Shrimp Scampi

    Nice looking feed Ckreef and congratulations on the "promotion" What sort of flavour do the Tassie berries have? I've never heard of them.
  9. Behold! Homemade jalapeno cheddar.

    That looks and sounds like it will be awesome!!! Please let us know how it was. Cheers, BG.
  10. KJ is having a Warehouse Sell

    Aaaw it's not that bad Mr Husker I'm dreaming myself as I will be in the market for a Big Joe next year.... Wish I lived as close as you....
  11. I had a long week at work and having the @#!$%@* flu didn't make it any easier, so I thought I would cheer myself up with some fire and smokey tucker. The poor little Weber hadn't had a run for a while, so I awoke it from its hibernation and fired it up with a chimney of lump charcoal and heatbeads. Rolled up a couple of chook thighs in some maple smoked bacon and put a bit of dry rub/olive oil on: Smoked em with some Banksia pods and Hickory chips for about 45 minutes in a small pan: Out of the pan and onto the grill and after another hour or so they were done: Well I soon forgot about being crook when I had a taste of these, the mighty Smokey Joe did a splendid job. The Dragon currently has some pork belly burnt ends smoking away and I'm looking forward to them as well. Cheers, Billy.
  12. coal replenishment

    Well there ya go then, never believe all that you hear/read. Thanks for the info and it's great to get actual facts from people in the know (one of the reasons I joined this great forum) Cheers and beers, Billy.
  13. coal replenishment

    I would love a ceramic Kamado and one day I will own one If they are anywhere near as good as my steel Dragon (Akorn) at conserving charcoal (they are better apparently ) then I will be a happy little griller. Enjoy the new obsession/addiction mate and make sure to put up some stories and pics of your amazing cooks. This photo is after 34 hours of the Dragon being lit with most of that time staying in the "low and slow" zone using "Heatbeads Lump Charcoal" : The firebox was filled to just under the tabs and I reckon that another long cook was possible with what charcoal was left. Happy chillin and grillin!!
  14. The random pictures thread...

    Great job mate!! It would have been spectacular to see.
  15. Chucked a chuck on last night

    Can chucka can too haha