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  1. Billy Grills

    Homemade BBQ Dinner / Y2KG Tribute Cook

    Good to hear, and to see the results as well Mrs Kismet. I like your advice!!
  2. Billy Grills

    Pork belly (thanks Mr Setzler)

    Thank you Mr TK and I hope to see some more of your masterpieces before the clock strikes 12.
  3. Billy Grills

    My first Fatty on the CGK today

    Well after the last few days I thought I had better check out some of the older posts (page 637!!!) and see what will go down with the ship come next January, minus the Captain I might add. So much worthwhile information and history to be lost, but on the bright side so many things to try. I really liked this as I haven't yet tried it myself: I know that reading all the posts currently on this forum is totally impossible, so I will try and read and learn what I can while I can. Thanks for this post Pop and hope you are still grilling up a storm
  4. Billy Grills

    Reef's Vinegar BBQ Sauce

    Ditto and thanks Creef and co.
  5. Billy Grills

    Yakitori Sunday

    I think you are right K Joe and maybe spelt like this "SH!T" could be an answer??
  6. Billy Grills

    Homemade BBQ Dinner / Y2KG Tribute Cook

    Outstanding cook and post @KismetKamado and keep that chin up and Kamado on
  7. Billy Grills


    That looks absolutely superb Big Cat!! Just goes to show that a tasty feast can be had for a reasonable price. I also love that ashtray with the tasty looking cigar
  8. If it wasn't for John and this great forum, I wouldn't have discovered how great pork belly burnt ends are, and so, thanks for that mate. I followed your recipe and smoked up these tasty, porky cubes with some Banksia pods, Pecan chips and a lump of Hickory: I have cooked these several times now, and with a few little tweaks here and there, they are getting tastier each time. Cheers, Billy.
  9. A sad sad day in the barbecue world!!!!
  10. Billy Grills

    El Pastor Tacos

    That looks mighty delicious!!!!!
  11. I also will not be joining "farcebook" just to access my favourite forum. I will miss this place greatly and was very dissapointed to read about it's "demise". A sad day for me and quite a few others by the look of it. I may also not buy the Big Joe that I was planning on getting. This forum was the reason I was considering one. Do what you gotta do John but please reconsider. RIP Kamado Guru
  12. Billy Grills

    DIY Stainless Steel Rain Cap

    Brilliant.....just brilliant!
  13. Billy Grills

    The random pictures thread...

    A youngster having "hop through" for dinner on the neighbours front lawn: A lazy youngster by the looks of his size, and a doting mum
  14. Billy Grills

    Homemade BBQ challenge!

    Outstanding looking feast!!!!
  15. Billy Grills

    Preventative maintenance?

    G'day Mr Brats, Seeing as none of the pros have answered yet, I thought I would jump in. Cook lots of tasty food on it and don't stress is my advice, for what its worth. Everything wears out eventually and as long as we enjoy what we enjoy while it lasts, then, that is good enough for me Some pics always help too