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  1. Billy Grills

    Woven BLATZO Wrap

    I have seen a few works of art lately on this forum and now I have just seen another!! Awesome entry and my moneys on you for the win
  2. Billy Grills

    Sunny Saturday Beef Ribs

    Haha nice work 3333, hope they go well for you. Remember to take some photos and put them up here, cause we all like pictures, and of course it didn't happen without them
  3. Billy Grills

    Primo LG Oval table finally finished

    Looking forward to see what is produced this weekend.
  4. Billy Grills

    Sunny Saturday Beef Ribs

    Thanks 3333, they were rather tasty and I bought some beef short ribs today which have a date with the Dragon very soon
  5. Billy Grills

    Primo LG Oval table finally finished

    Awesome job on that table and very cool that you were able to make it with home grown timber!
  6. Billy Grills

    Custom Cedar Cart Table for Kamado Joe J.r

    Great job and love the colour in that timber!
  7. Billy Grills

    New knives

    Some awesome looking knives folks After reading and looking at them on this great forum, I too tripped down the rabbit hole a little while ago with this Maruyoshi Gyuto 180mm: I'm not sure where it fits in the scheme of things as far as quality etc but it is super sharp and I have thoroughly enjoyed using it in the short time that I have had it. (Nice work on the new emojis as well @admin )
  8. Billy Grills

    Cheesy Hasselback Potatoes Au Gratin

    I also had a go at making these the other day and although I didn't have quite enough potatoes, it turned out mighty delicious.
  9. Billy Grills

    Custom Cedar Table for Kamado Joe

    A work of art!!! Top job!!
  10. Billy Grills

    Custom Cedar Table for Kamado Joe

    I've never seen so many clamps all together in the one place before What an awesome looking table and thanks for bringing us along for the build ride!!
  11. Billy Grills

    Pork roast on the Weber Jumbo Joe

    Haha thanks for the kind words Kismet and I certainly hope it turns out as good as that was. Cheers, Billy.
  12. Billy Grills

    Lobster Thermidor Lunch

    Well they look awesome and I certainly haven't seen anything like them over here. Thanks for the explanation mate.
  13. Billy Grills

    It's that time of year!

    Haha I see now, will have to try that for sure and thanks for the reply mate.
  14. Billy Grills

    Lobster Thermidor Lunch

    Looks like a superb meal and some very interesting history on both that and the horses. A question on the lobsters though and that is , the first picture looks to me like what we would call yabbies or crawdads etc, and the picture of them cooked looks more like what we would call lobster. Are they the same or did a picture get left out? Just looking at their shape and length of legs etc.
  15. Billy Grills

    Kamado Pizza with Smoked Tri Tip