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  1. bluayeddvl

    My XL Egg restoration

    so @K-ville where are we at on this? very curious to see some cook evidence.
  2. bluayeddvl

    beef & travelling to the future

    i managed to get them to 193F. I maintained that for bit, then pulled them off and let them rest in the cooler, just ahead of the lump burning out (and the bowl was Full!). they broke down just as i had hoped they would. but as i'd never done these before, i really had no idea what direction the cook would go. certainly the longest cook i've done, to-date, and i did learn a great deal about the terrific lump, the massive amount of beef, and how my kamado works under load.
  3. bluayeddvl

    beef & travelling to the future

    total cook time...21.5hrs. then a one hour rest in the cooler and they broke down perfectly. and boy howdy is it tasty. not a bit ashamed to say there will be a good bit leftover. enough to keep me happy for a while anyway. nom nom nom
  4. bluayeddvl

    Hi! Looking at a Vision Pro-S

    welcome tacodude. i've been very pleased with mine. it is my first kamado and has tackled everything i've thrown at it. low & slow (currently 18+hrs on a cook), high heat sear, heck, i've even done cold smoked cheese and baked pies on it. sure it may not be as fancy as some others out there, but i don't regret my purchase at all. it's a fine tool and a terrific way to get into the kamado way. also, a great many of the accessory items from other manufacturers will fit it. and i would be remiss if i didn't also give a shout out to the great folks in this community here on kamadoguru. they are all extremely helpful and supportive, and are a wealth of knowledge and experience. no matter what grill you go with, we all just want to cook, and encourage the enjoyment of delicious food.
  5. bluayeddvl

    beef & travelling to the future

    aye, there's the rub --> https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/38925-coffee-rub/
  6. my inspiration for this rub was simple. leftover beans between brews and being too frickin cheap to waste those $ little gems. not making sense? well it's my brew method and choice of beans. coffee nerds will get it right away, when changing one single origin for another. i don't single dose so i sometimes will have some beans left in the hopper but not enough for a full brew. i brew with a moka pot, so the grind is near espresso fine. when i know i won't have enough for a pot, i grind them out and save them in a jar. it breaks my heart to toss them. remembering i tried a store-bought coffee based rub a long while back, i thought hey, i could make that, and save a metric tonne of cash too. so this is what i use. it breaks down into smaller very well, and scales up easily too. mind you, i've not gone past 1.5c of coffee, so i can't confirm over that. this recipe should fill two 500ml jars. to give you an idea, i am currently on a cook of two whole sirloin roasts. one is 12lb, the other is 13lb, and i used only half of one 500ml jar to generously coat both of them. this should be a fair starting point for those wishing to try it, or their version of. hope you enjoy it as much as i do. • 1 cup finely ground coffee • 1 cup brown sugar • 8 tbsp coarse kosher salt • 8 tbsp chili powder • 4 tbsp fresh ground black pepper, or coarse pre-ground • 4 tbsp paprika, not smoked • 4 tbsp garlic powder • 4 tbsp onion powder • 2 tbsp cayenne/red pepper
  7. bluayeddvl

    beef & travelling to the future

    well, the future is here...and the meat isn't ready yet. this pic was snapped not too long ago this morning. at 16.5hrs in on the cook. i did suffer from a temp drop after 2am, but it has recovered nicely and will still be ready to shred/pull for later today. never done this cook with beef before, but thought it would be fun to try. who knows, it might be a winner. and if not, well, a gift to my brother for his freezer.
  8. bluayeddvl

    Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wangs!!!

    ohhh mama......
  9. should be ready mid-day tomorrow if all goes to (made-up-on-the-spot) plan one is 12lb, the other is 13lb. whole sirloin tip. should be quite a test for the kamado and the lump as well. both covered generously with my coffee-based rub *fingers crossed* happy long weekend indeed
  10. bluayeddvl

    I like pig butts and I can not lie....

    i may have to send my new cookin' shirt your way before i even get a chance to wear it...
  11. well done all the way. the shot near then end tho, where you're drizzling the sauce on the cut ribs after you added a touch of ginger beer.... total money shot for sure. and i know it's been typed in the forums somewhere before, that custom grate is wicked.
  12. bluayeddvl

    Baby backs on the pooper.

    mmmmmmmmmm, pigcicles!!!
  13. bluayeddvl

    New to SV. need some help

    as someone else that is relatively new to sous vide, i have found myself reading as much as I can here and around the interwebs and playing just a little with temps and times to better meet the tastes of Mrs and Boy the Younger. And i wholly concur with @In2Fish has shared. you'll be quite pleased with your results. if i may add a personal note; given the luxury of time, i've been doing my 1.5"+ rib steaks, with seasoning and aromatics added to the bag, at 130 for up to 4hrs. it's certainly not necessary to go that long, but i've found that the fat renders so incredibly easily during the short time on the grill and i'm truly appreciating how the sv complements everything you wish to then finish over the charcoal, or in cast iron...or both. i wouldn't go anywhere near that length of time with fish or chicken, but for beef, i don't hesitate.
  14. bluayeddvl

    Kamado Wok'ing Weekend!

    as @K'man said, wok break-in looks proper and your first cook in it equally so. great thing about those woks, each cook contributes to the next. you'll have tremendous wok hei in no time at all if you keep cooking like that.