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  1. first time kamado beef ribs

    3hrs on the cook...probing says they are ready, but i'm going to wrap them and give them a wee bath in some jus (that has a touch of red wine and some of the rub). when these come off the grill after 1-2hrs wrapped, i'll reduce the remaining jus and then serve a drizzle on each and the rest in a boat for mrs and boy the younger to pour on their rice.
  2. First Time Kamado Paella on the Big Joe

    so many shiny things at CJ Paradis.....i usually find it very difficult to leave that shop without dropping a big roll of $
  3. First Time Kamado Paella on the Big Joe

    that looks like a great paella. nom nom. did you manage to get the fancy crusty bottom too? we tried one here not so long ago and got close. but as Mrs had purchased the paella pan, it is a tad too large of a diameter for our grill to really do it well.
  4. popped in to my local purveyor of all things tasty and picked up these bad boys along with a 13.5lb brisket. ribs tonight, brisket later in the week (or maybe for freezer for short term) quick throw-together rub with brown sugar and maple sugar, coarse sea salt, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika and cumin will update in a few hrs...
  5. SWEET. many thanks
  6. i'm curious about the differences in prices for the akorn Jr from walmart stores. i see $74, $79, $91 in posts, yet if i check online, it shows $91.45 (same as on amazon). how are you folks scooping these up under $80? is it just something going on in-store in your area?
  7. been looking at making the drive south to NY state and hitting the nearest Walmart to pick up one of these that I'm reading so much about. i think it would be a handy addition, not to mention much more effective for smaller cooks when i don't really need a full size grill.
  8. Breville Cafe Frother

    can't speak to that as i've had a positive experience with mine since new. perhaps it is being caused by how people are (ab)using it? you must wait for it to stop spinning the milk (a single beep) and then you can remove the pitcher. the fan will continue to run briefly to cool down the internals whether the pitcher is removed or left on. maybe these folks are removing the pitcher prematurely and that is hosing the induction system or magnetic rotor somehow? i do wish you luck in your hunt, and also should you elect to pick up this used Breville
  9. Breville Cafe Frother

    @bosco , i've got one, and i use it daily for my moka pot cuppa. had it since Jan/Feb of 2016 and have had zero issues with it. 46g-47g of Guatemala Antigua (Happy Goat) or Sidama Ardi (Trebilcock) or Triple Espresso (Bluebarn) ground by my Baratza Vario-W to 400g of water in my 9cup moka pot to produce approx 260g extraction and add 200g heated milk. hooooo boy, that's a tasty cuppa for me. however, i must point out that I don't aim for a micro-foam like in a cappuccino. I prefer a simply heated milk that is just barely starting to froth and at approx 125degF. so for that, i use the 'flat' disc that comes with it. if you wish to produce something much closer to a true micro-foam, then using the other disc, the ridged one, will most certainly get you much closer without using an actual steam wand. happy to answer any specific questions you may have if i haven't hit on anything in the above.
  10. a very tempting 'throw together' indeed. i just had a great pork loin roast and sweet potatoes, with fresh herbs from the garden, done on the Vision S tonight , and i dare say that wouldn't leave anything on this plate if i was walking near it right now either
  11. moderator approval?

    18 minutes later, and no more approval req'd. looks like it's sorted. many thanks.
  12. moderator approval?

    are there some new site rules in place today that i somehow missed? it is curious to see that my replies now need to be approved by a moderator before they appear. anyone else seeing this? heh, even this one needs to be approved
  13. Cutting boards as side tables

    well done. i like it !
  14. Dewalt Dado Blade

    perfect timing. i've been looking for a decent dado set. i'll definitely give this a closer look.