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  1. I like pig butts and I can not lie....

    i may have to send my new cookin' shirt your way before i even get a chance to wear it...
  2. well done all the way. the shot near then end tho, where you're drizzling the sauce on the cut ribs after you added a touch of ginger beer.... total money shot for sure. and i know it's been typed in the forums somewhere before, that custom grate is wicked.
  3. Baby backs on the pooper.

    mmmmmmmmmm, pigcicles!!!
  4. New to SV. need some help

    as someone else that is relatively new to sous vide, i have found myself reading as much as I can here and around the interwebs and playing just a little with temps and times to better meet the tastes of Mrs and Boy the Younger. And i wholly concur with @In2Fish has shared. you'll be quite pleased with your results. if i may add a personal note; given the luxury of time, i've been doing my 1.5"+ rib steaks, with seasoning and aromatics added to the bag, at 130 for up to 4hrs. it's certainly not necessary to go that long, but i've found that the fat renders so incredibly easily during the short time on the grill and i'm truly appreciating how the sv complements everything you wish to then finish over the charcoal, or in cast iron...or both. i wouldn't go anywhere near that length of time with fish or chicken, but for beef, i don't hesitate.
  5. Kamado Wok'ing Weekend!

    as @K'man said, wok break-in looks proper and your first cook in it equally so. great thing about those woks, each cook contributes to the next. you'll have tremendous wok hei in no time at all if you keep cooking like that.
  6. COSTCO (Foodsaver 5480) On Sale

    it's a great unit. that's the model i recently purchased from a costco up here. only good things to say about it.
  7. Classic Pyrex Percolator

    i have two of those vintage bad boys. a 6cup and a 9cup. use one or the other for my weekend brews. they are great for sure. my weekday goto is my moka pot when i'm home (aeropress when traveling), and Mrs likes her press pot...unless i'm prepping a perc. a pyrex perc for the both of us on a lazy weekend morning is the dogs bollocks. something almost hypnotic about it working away on the gas range. like you, we were far from impressed with any drip machine and ditched ours so long ago i can barely remember having it. nice to see another discerning coffee drinker out there
  8. Beer brewing / keg / bar

    loves me some stout. but i've found myself on a real IPA kick of late. until i can somehow convince Mrs that a keg fridge is a necessary component/complement to my home cooking equipment, i'm happy to nip over to Whiprsnapr and grab a handful of the Inukshuk. must also get family to send me some more Shatter Cone and Stack '72 from Stack Brewing up in Sudbury (same folks that make Puppers, as seen on the show Letterkenny...in reality it can be found in kegs only tho, so the bottles as seen on the show are not released to the public. but i have tasted it and i do have some stickers lol).
  9. Beer brewing / keg / bar

    i would have liked to, but just like my old motorcycles, my TRUE keg fridge has also been sold. many fond memories tho, and still an empty 30L in my basement somewhere i also really appreciated having a rep from a local craft brewery (Beau's) deliver 58L kegs to me at home. she would also ensure that i'd get the seasonals that were typically held for licensed establishments only. funny how some of my neighbours could sense those days. ahhh, the old days when i was single and had money. i'm told that i'm much happier now tho
  10. for anyone not subscribed to the thermoworks newsletters... the link --> thermopops on sale
  11. Bottom Round was Top.

    nice cook! sure looks like you've made something quite tasty out of that cut.
  12. Wok Recommendations?

    quickly popping in to share another great resource for woks just in case anyone else may be looking. The Wok Shop in San Francisco. i've ordered from there and have been pleased with the level of service, speed of delivery, and professional courtesy every time. there's no question that CGS is great, but you may have greater variety here, depending on your needs. https://www.wokshop.com/newstore/product-category/woks/
  13. Sous Vide Pork Ribs

    ribs, corn...and Lego. the trifecta!
  14. congrats. that's a wicked good deal. those things are $60 up here. they seem a bit too porous to do any direct cooking on, but are a fantastic deflector for indirect. i use mine a lot. and always have a cgs round tray on top to avoid clogging it up with drippings. but it burns off nicely on the next cook if there happens to be any minor spillage.