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  1. Breville Cafe Frother

    can't speak to that as i've had a positive experience with mine since new. perhaps it is being caused by how people are (ab)using it? you must wait for it to stop spinning the milk (a single beep) and then you can remove the pitcher. the fan will continue to run briefly to cool down the internals whether the pitcher is removed or left on. maybe these folks are removing the pitcher prematurely and that is hosing the induction system or magnetic rotor somehow? i do wish you luck in your hunt, and also should you elect to pick up this used Breville
  2. Breville Cafe Frother

    @bosco , i've got one, and i use it daily for my moka pot cuppa. had it since Jan/Feb of 2016 and have had zero issues with it. 46g-47g of Guatemala Antigua (Happy Goat) or Sidama Ardi (Trebilcock) or Triple Espresso (Bluebarn) ground by my Baratza Vario-W to 400g of water in my 9cup moka pot to produce approx 260g extraction and add 200g heated milk. hooooo boy, that's a tasty cuppa for me. however, i must point out that I don't aim for a micro-foam like in a cappuccino. I prefer a simply heated milk that is just barely starting to froth and at approx 125degF. so for that, i use the 'flat' disc that comes with it. if you wish to produce something much closer to a true micro-foam, then using the other disc, the ridged one, will most certainly get you much closer without using an actual steam wand. happy to answer any specific questions you may have if i haven't hit on anything in the above.
  3. a very tempting 'throw together' indeed. i just had a great pork loin roast and sweet potatoes, with fresh herbs from the garden, done on the Vision S tonight , and i dare say that wouldn't leave anything on this plate if i was walking near it right now either
  4. moderator approval?

    18 minutes later, and no more approval req'd. looks like it's sorted. many thanks.
  5. moderator approval?

    are there some new site rules in place today that i somehow missed? it is curious to see that my replies now need to be approved by a moderator before they appear. anyone else seeing this? heh, even this one needs to be approved
  6. Cutting boards as side tables

    well done. i like it !
  7. Dewalt Dado Blade

    perfect timing. i've been looking for a decent dado set. i'll definitely give this a closer look.
  8. memory foam mattress?

    i'm with you @Chasdev, i'm a similar build to yourself comin' in slightly under at 6'/300lb. Mrs is barely over a buck-twenty, so finding something that suits us both is a real chore. my high-end coil pillow-top mattress was barely a couple months old when we connected. that's been more than 6 yrs ago. and this year we're both feeling not unlike how @BhamBruni has described. Mrs stopped laughing at my separate beds suggestion long ago.
  9. memory foam mattress?

    thanks all, for sharing your feedback and experiences. it's an expensive proposition this memory foam bed idea, but what really draws me in more than anything else is the isolation of the transfer of movement across the mattress. Mrs has the jimmy-legs some nights, so not being disturbed by that every 45 seconds until i can drift off will be like being a bachelor again...err, like a dream.....err, much more restful. also, we're both side-sleepers, so i hope and trust that we will both benefit equally from the mattress we ultimately decide to purchase.
  10. Skillets

    any of my vintage GSW cast iron skillets, but i think i lean towards the No8. a great size for most things and it fits neatly on the vision without taking up too much real estate. also, it won't snap your wrist when you pick it up
  11. memory foam mattress?

    so Mrs and I are finally putting an end to less-than-great sleeps and shopping around for a good memory foam mattress. this past week we looked at and gave an in-store lie down on some tempuredic and a terrific sealy optimum chill. (yes, of course i acted like a teenager in all tests. unavoidable. ) so today, while checking the interwebs, Mrs hit upon Amerisleep and asked me to have a look-see. Who? yeah, that was my reaction. never heard of them. but i thought i'd read on and see what's up. prices seem inline, and free shipping in/to Canada too. and if that wasn't enough, there is also an additional $250 saving on the Liberty if purchased within the next 4 hrs on amerisleep.ca so, all you gurus, any of you have anything to comment on as relates to a decent memory foam mattress that will offer great support and not make a person melt overnight? and what about Amerisleep specifically? not entirely opposed to making the drive to upstate NY to pick up something US-specific for the right price. many thanks.
  12. Amazon Prime Day

    forgot all about prime day. thank goodness i took a sanity break at work and visited here. managed to grab myself a chainmail scrubber too. 30 minutes remaining on that deal.
  13. finally, first kamado brisket

    i do appreciate everyone sharing from experience. that's exactly what i can learn from and gain my own experience ...definitely going to need to pick up a couple more briskets as i only have one flat on-hand :-)
  14. finally, first kamado brisket

    thanks for the support everyone, and all the kind words. and thank you @rchang72 for the franklin video (man oh man those look good) and the tip about the costco cuts. i was also ever so slightly suspect of exactly that, and i'm happy to read what you have shared. i've learned a great deal from a great many on this forum, and i apply it. not to be one for sitting still when i can apply something new that i've learned, so my next crack at a brisket may well be sooner rather than later.
  15. Home Run Pizza

    that's some nice work for sure. i'm basking with a tummy full of brisket and old vine zinfandel, but i think i could still find some room for a slice or two of that right now