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  1. Aura Pro Zone(D&C) - $42.25

    thanks for the heads up on the aura pro-zone system @Tarheel i'll take a flyer on it at that price, even with the conversion to Canadian Peso
  2. Sous Vide on sale

    was cruising amazon.com this evening and see the 800W (bluetooth) Anova [as was listed above in the OP] is on for $104.99 at the moment. i could swear it was 114.99 earlier today, but oh well, it's less expensive now so I thought i'd share for those wishing to pick one up. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00UKPBXM4
  3. thanks folks. feedback is appreciated. esp. while i learn about these controllers and their intricacies. to further cloud and/or complicate things, i happened to spy the Fireboard Pro setup at my local, and boy howdy, that's a fancy rig. plug in a fan controller and away you go. 6 probes!?!?!! i don't think i have the volume in my grill to put enough food for six probes. but on the rare occasion i ever ran two grills then that would do well i'm sure. (just thinking of how to convince Mrs on the benefits of any one of these, as her keen senses will detect it even before i'm out of the car with it. controller= maintained cooking temps = increased accuracy of food temps = saving the children. ok, got it!!)
  4. hey all, and a happy new to each of you and your families. wishing you all the best for 2018. cold enough here today(again/still) to freeze the buttons off a snowman, so naturally i feel the onset of the twitch of upgrade-itis and thought best to reach out with my question, to those who know. as santa was generous and left me some grill-related goodies this year, i'm also now considering a controller for the longer cooks. my vision s has done extremely well, and i remain very happy with it, but i've got an itch to scratch, and it's called a temp controller. anyone here take the leap and get the new CyberQ Cloud? any hands-on feedback to share here? of course the flameboss 300 is more readily available to me at my local shops, but from what i've been reading on the interwebs, i'm rather leaning towards the cyberq...altho i'm not committed to it or the actual purchase of such an expensive toy no matter what brand. really just fishing for real-life experience from those who may already employ such a fancy item to decide for myself if i wish to continue on this path, or put it to rest.
  5. Happy Holidays and Kamado On!

    thanks for the tip @El_Norteno60, i'll check that out next time i'm at the superstore on eagleson. this lovely piece, however, is/was from Pete & Gus Meat Market at the corner of Cedarview/Jockvale. i'm loving that shop. full-service butcher, plus the shop is decorated with the greatest collection of vintage cast iron skillets that i've ever set eyes on. animal protein, cast iron, and a proper skilled butcher with decades of experience. what's not to like these are the only two shots i managed to snap before it was devoured (some leftovers were saved, sliced, and packed in jus in ziploc bags and into the freezer)
  6. lang may yer lum reek...

    slainte yummmmmmm
  7. Early prime rib Christmas dinner

    stunning results. you've done that cut proud.
  8. My first Christmas ham

    NAILED IT!!!
  9. Happy Holidays and Kamado On!

    thank you, and best wishes to one and all from your neighbours up here in the Great White North, eh. Me, Mrs, Boy Elder and Boy the Younger wish everyone a happy, healthy and delicious 2018 i'm kicking off our hols with a brisket :-) it's only been on for an hour, so i've got some time on my hands until i check-in on it. the smoke shows it's only at 20C/70F not bad as it went on at 5C/42F...and it's still sitting at -11C/12F out there
  10. Monoprice Sous Vide $48

    25-NOV - just noticed that this unit is on sale again @ $49.99 https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=21594
  11. taking this opportunity to share my gratitude for a tremendously positive experience with customer support at Vision Grills. Long story short, the two separate items i contacted them about were readily sorted and I continue to be one content customer. the two staff members (Zach and Melodie) i had the pleasure to trade emails and photos with (me sending pics of the areas of concern, and them sending back with highlighted items to pay special attention to) were nothing but professional and extremely helpful. as if their fantastic assistance wasn't enough, they have even elected to send me enough nomex to re & re my gaskets when it's time to do so. pretty hard to say no to that gesture. a sincere public Thank You, to Vision Grills and their excellent Customer Support.
  12. My XL Egg restoration

    can't help but think of this gem, when i read your updates
  13. My XL Egg restoration

    well done. let me know when to bring the proteins and some beverages :-)
  14. My XL Egg restoration

    now just some springs, a nest, a firebox, a cap, some grates and you'll be done
  15. great question, @cardcon i too am interested in this. as well as tricks to prevent, or alleviate, freezing of gaskets that may not allow one to open the lid without tearing. maybe just a firestarter cube in the ashtray (vision s) to slowly warm things and a bit of patience?