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  1. not sure it will keep my doctor happy, so he and i will just have to agree to disagree on this one. but i frickin' love this and i must try it.
  2. WOOOO! like Dr Frank N Furter pointed out, i am shivering with antici....................................
  3. i could easily be talked into the 14+hr drive to help out with the moving and learning, John
  4. a certain famous four words spring immediately to mind.... now THAT'S a knife!
  5. i'm into my first bag of KJ lump, and it's been terrific. timing is wicked good and i'm very happy to learn about this sale. i will definitely be taking advantage of the buy 2 get 1 sale tomorrow after work. thanks for sharing @Milanista
  6. i noticed a hairline crack in mine too, about a year ago. it hasn't changed a bit. but i do remain cautious about where i keep the stone when not in use. if it's not left in the grill, i keep it protected from the elements to ensure there is little to no chance of it absorbing moisture. i'm also careful to use a drip pan between it and the grates when doing a cook that could drip a lot. one more nugget, don't put a cold stone over a raging bed of coals. my practice is to let the stone heat soak while the entire grill comes up to temp. all that to say, you should be fine for quite a while since you're already being careful with it.
  7. first and foremost, 45" seems awfully high. my table top is 37" from floor and the gasket of my Vision S is 39". i'm as tall as you and i would not make my kamado or table any higher. esp the kamado, as you may wish to consider those times when you need to pull the grates and reach down inside for any reason.
  8. dang it, missed the window to edit my post, so here is a little bit more info... i don't always use the umbrella, but when i remember, it's handy for those times i want to get out there and look in to check temps with a hand probe just to be sure. using it or not using it has zero effect on the cook. it's mostly about me not wanting to stand in the rain but it has been handy during the initial lighting of the lump up until i can close the lid.
  9. i have a setup that works ok so far.... cheap as dirt, and keeps the water where it should be. garage sale umbrella can be mounted in my table, and i have a cheapo chimney/vent cap on my top vent. as to temps and times, well, i have observed no noticeable difference than cooking on a dry day. mind you, i have not cooked in an ugly sideways-rain down-pour.
  10. amazing cooks. i should be turning in, but now i've got a rumbly in the tumbly after looking at all of this pron. and thank you for confirming that i need to add a blackstone to the collection. i know that Mrs will most definitely notice a new cooking appliance out on the deck, so i'll be busted before i can even start. but if i can use your cooks for inspiration and pull off anything even half as nice, i might be ok...eventually
  11. sure looks like it was a fun evening shared. so much to love about those times together with the kidlets. cook sounds interesting and tasty too. must try that idea with Boy the Younger.
  12. +1 for The Wok Shop and your seasoning AND cook both look great. nom nom. i have a Woo Ring that i use in my Vision S from time to time, and it does work a treat for those times i want to use my carbon steel wok or paella pan. gets you just that little bit closer to the heat source.
  13. one could use a large diameter stainless hose clamp, something like i've done on mine...mind you, you will have to cut it. i wasn't too bothered by that. i painted it and that was fancy enough. plus hey, it was jazzed up with the stainless steel. while it is certainly not the most glamourous modification out there, it is also far from the worst. but it works a treat in all conditions and does exactly what i wanted it to do. and i never have to worry about it.
  14. it's absurd enough that i must have one while i am licensed for restricted, i'm thinking that at my house, it may be even better suited towards grilling AND my own water-gun/nerf gun defense. specifically thinking of all the times that Boy the Younger and his collection of miscreant friends get going on any number of missions. they rarely suspect the old guy at the grill...
  15. outstanding. and what a treat to have access to beautiful material and all the right tools...and a space large enough to do it all. your table looks terrific. job well done indeed.
  16. was a terrific weekend. perfect pace, perfect weather, perfect vibe. sunshine, charcoal, proteins, tunes, refreshments, and my big ol' dog at my side. ha, yes, Mrs is always happy when i go see the lads and do some shopping. and bless her, she never asks to see the receipts HA. she did see one, once, accidentally, quite some time ago. she's almost recovered. why is it that our wonderful women are always surprised to see that we can actually take of ourselves when they are away, if even just for a day?!
  17. i have to agree wholly with you. i received a similar great treatment from Vision when i had call to reach out to them. they were terrific to work with and were entirely responsive and only wanted to ensure i remained a very happy Vision owner. in addition to the silicone gasket for the dial/tray, i opted for a length of nomex gasket as that's what i needed more than another pair of gloves glad you're well sorted now, and can get back to what matters...cooking great food.
  18. used less than an ounce as i only wanted to see if i could impart a very light flavour. afterall, this was more or less an experiment, just to see if i could and what it would result in. as to the highland park, it's a lighter tasting single malt. not very peaty at all with light citrus and gentle smokiness. i was truly surprised at how well it turned out and how truly delicious it was. and a whole head makes a whole lot too. now plenty in the freezer to break out any time with some brats or use in a slaw for a twist.
  19. of course many a great tale begin with either, 'hold my beer' or something near to 'Mrs is out of town and I'm left to my own devices'. and as you all know, these two are not mutually exclusive. so of course i decided that a great way to burn a Saturday morning (after mowing lawn and taking dog to the off-leash park) was to make my way to a KJ demo at a local shop, taste some yumminess prepared by Chef Steph, the Grilling Gourmet and get a couple of goodies to bring home. only some of Steph's rubs on this trip. no room in Mrs' car for a new Big Joe or Timberline 1300. Why did i have her car? well, she had mine with the hitch-mounted bike rack so her and Boy the Younger could go adventuring while visiting friends staying at a campground out of town. anyway...after i filled my brain and my belly, again these are not always mutually exclusive, i was off to my local butcher shop to see what was what. as i like to do at least a couple of times every week. after hello how are ya all'round, i eye-balled some brontosaurus rib steaks in the case....good lord these were massive cuts. i really did imagine myself as Fred Flintstone for a moment. So i knew i must have two of them. Afterall, Mrs was away so I wouldn't have to share this time. also asked for a pork rib roast. frenched. and boy howdy, did they deliver on that. it is/was a beautiful cut as well. after a fair visit with the lads at the shop, i was en-route to home. quick pit-stop at the neighbourhood grocery for a whole cabbage and some other veg items, then a few doors down to the local craft brewer for a tidy selection of their finest. finally, to home and light the charcoal. so the following pics are an attempt to tell the tale. Saturday; lazy fun whole smoked cabbage, loaded with rub, butter, bacon, and whiskey (i was/am out of bourbon) and just a wee splash of prepared sauce. bronto steak, reverse sear Sunday; rustic pork roast, zuchinni, corn. all simple preparations of the Sunday fare. roast was dusted with a sweet rub, zucchini only had olive oil and coarse kosher salt, corn was rolled in foil with butter and some more kosher salt.
  20. you could use it, but you would need to keep the sleeve mounted to the cast grate otherwise the electric lighter will hit the KAB. i tried once with the KAB over top of the cast grate w/lighter sleeve and found it to be terribly inefficient for lighting the lump that way due to the added distance from the heat source because of the gauge of steel rod used in the basket. since removing the cast grate w/sleeve and using the KAB flush on the bottom of the fire bowl, i light the lump from the top using two or more starters for hot fires, and from underneath in the ash tray with a single paraffin cube for low & slow. these methods work extremely well for me with this setup.
  21. your photos are outstanding, and really do convey the terrific outcome of your cook. soooo hungry now......
  22. yup, i too have to say , but with a side of and your new grate really looks the business. perfectly suited to that beast of a grill.
  23. tandoori Mmmmmasala. nice job. given the obvious differences between the tandoor and a kamado, how well did your plan come together for the cook temp/time? visually, the result is terrific, so even if you didn't have a 'plan', it sure looks convincing otherwise.
  24. sweet jeebus does that look delicious. outstanding. truly inspiring.
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