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  1. Rip

    Tire pressure Gauge

    What will you take for the old pencil gauge....?
  2. Rip

    Making A Brisket for the In-Laws

    I'm not familiar with KJ cubes, but I use half of any (store bought) starter when I'm trying to go low 'n slow.
  3. Rip

    Making A Brisket for the In-Laws

    Try starting with half of whatever kind of fire starter you use. I've found that a small fire is much easier to control when you're shooting for a specific temp.
  4. Circa 2009, Bubba Keg Convection Grill, Operation Handbook. Dad is a hero. The family is thrilled! Neighbor feels inadequate.
  5. I've always thought the key to getting a screaming hot fire was to maximize the air intake. It will be interesting to hear how lowering the ash pan works. I'd try that, without removing the top vent, first. Keeping the top vent on will, at least, give you a little control.
  6. Rip

    Concrete top grill table w/LEDs

    I wish I was half the "not a woodworker" you are. Very nice.
  7. Rip

    Grill safety

    I wouldn't be scared to take a nap beside that set up.
  8. You sure that's not an ad that you're seeing because of your viewing history?
  9. You might be on to something there. Living in NC, most everything is Hickory smoked. Maybe I'm just "burned out" on Hickory, too. I'm not into a heavy smoke flavor - regardless of the meat or the wood used for smoking. And...My previous home had several large Pecan trees on the property that kept me in good supply. I guess over the 15 years I lived there I developed my taste for Pecan. I rarely use more than the equivalent of a fist sized chunk in any cook. I do like it because I think it's much more versatile than Hickory. I believe it works well with Pork, Fowl and Fish. I rarely smoke Beef. But it's like the old man said....there's a reason they make chocolate and vanilla ice cream - everyone doesn't like the same thing. Fortunately, I like both.
  10. That's the reason I mostly use Pecan. In my opinion, it's very mild, it seems to work with everything and should be very plentiful around Bamalama.
  11. Rip

    joe jr temp hi temps

    My advice is to start your fire with 1/2 of a starter and start gradually shutting the vents around 100* to 150* before you get to your desired temp.
  12. Actually the one I purchased ranged from 200 to 1000. The dial was a better fit. When I got the Tel-Tru thermometer I tested it against 2 digital and 1 analog thermometers in a container of boiling water. They were all within ~4 degrees of each other. I'm good with that. At temps as low as 225, I'm usually pretty happy if I can get the grill to hold within 10 to 15 degrees of that range. Sometimes the grill just settles in where it wants to be and I adjust to that. Otherwise I hook up a temp controller for backup.
  13. I recently purchase a replacement dome thermometer for my Bubba Keg from Tel-Tru and am quite satisfied with it. https://www.teltru.com/s-43-barbecue.aspx
  14. Rip

    Came into an old egg...maybe???

    You got a couple of weeks....fire it up!
  15. Playing on the edge and Akorns are where it's at !!!