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  1. I've used it many times to start fires, but never a fire to cook on directly. I believe it is, as you say, "too resinous". But I only have experience with the "fat wood" in the SE USA. It gives off a black, acrid smoke.
  2. Guilty Pleasure / Shave and a Haircut

    This reminds me it was time to order more shaving soap... Thanks!
  3. Electrician in the house?

    Good job!
  4. Electrician in the house?

    True, but in this case where it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't, a continuity test could easily give the same results.
  5. Electrician in the house?

    Agreed. I'd have to look at all connections from the breaker panel to the fixture. Does the power to the light switch feed through a receptacle (GFCI) or another device? Those push in connections on receptacles can get loose. I always check voltage to a known, solid ground. It can't always be assumed that a white wire is a neutral - or that it's not loose somewhere between the location you're checking and the neutral bar in the panel. As I said before - a loose neutral can be a real headache to troubleshoot.
  6. Electrician in the house?

    Were there any connections in the boxes - like wire nuts? Did you check them?
  7. About 10 years ago I bought a "Bubba Keg" as my first Kamado type grill. It's been through a lot of cooks. I have very little experience with ceramic versions of Kamado grills. (These steel kegs are now sold under the "Broil King" label) After 10 years of use, it's not as pretty and shiny as it used to be, but I haven't had a single failure of any of its components and with marginal care I believe I'm gonna get another decade or two from this grill. I've rolled it around the yard, up and down steps to my deck and only in the last 5 years has it been under a roof - although I always kept a cover on it. I purchased an Akorn earlier this year to use at my camper in the mountains. It has served me well there. I haven't had the time to "get to know" the Akorn as well as my Bubba Keg. The evidence of what the Akorn will do is on display here every day. The Akorn is a good grill. Time and experience will give me a better understanding of it's "personality." I've been very happy with my Bubba Keg and I think I can declare it bomb proof and perfect for my needs. If you're only searching for a smoker, I suggest building an Ugly Drum Smoker. Easy and cheap, they do a great job. Good luck in your search... ETA: Real nice boots, Sir.
  8. Air Fryer or Instant Pot?

    No experience with air fryers at all. I did get an IP just a few weeks ago and have been enjoying its versatility since. I cook a lot of soups and stews during the cooler months and I believe the IP will be very handy.
  9. Four Eyed Friends

    That's what I'm trying to figure out. I've been using microfiber cloths that are recommended for eyeglasses, camera lenses & etc. I have a 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and water with a drop or two of Dawn in a spray bottle for cleaning. I rinse my glasses to remove grit before I start cleaning with the solution. Then I rinse again and use the microfiber to dry. I can't say I don't get slapped by an occasional tree branch or don't drop them occasionally. Like you, I've been in glasses since I was a kid and thought I kinda had it figured out, by now. Anyway.....according to some reading I've done, I see warnings from people who have used ultrasonic cleaners, that the cleaners may affect films like the Anti-Reflective treatments applied to the lenses. That pretty much ended my thoughts about purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner... I guess I'll have to try to be even more careful. Thanks
  10. Four Eyed Friends

    I just purchased a new expensive pair of eyeglasses. I've been wearing glasses since I was a kid and try to buy the best lenses and frames that I can afford. Regardless of how hard I try, my glasses become scratched after a few years. I use microfiber cloth recommend for glasses, rinse them religiously before wiping them and use good cleaning solutions. If you wear them from the time you wake until you go to bed - they're gonna get scratched no matter how hard you try. I'm thinking of buying an ultrasonic cleaner to cut down on actually having to touch my lenses and hopefully keep them in better shape, longer. Does anyone use the ultrasonic cleaners on your glasses regularly? Your opinions, recommendations and pros and cons would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Here's the rig I use on my Bubba Keg....I use a 2" deep aluminum cake pan with an inch (+/-) of clean sand in it for my diffuser/drip pan. The straps are about 2" wide and lock in on my firebox. Works for me.
  12. Fly Fishing Question

    I'm no fly fishing expert... But your Palomar Knot is one of the best. I use a clinch knot most of the time, though. The outfit you describe sounds good. I use similar gear fishing in the small streams of Western NC. Be sure it's heavy enough for what you're targeting. I prefer glass rods, they cast a little slower, but have a better "feel" (to me) over the faster, stiffer carbon rods. *another option* If you aren't already familiar, research "Tenkara" fly fishing. It's a very simple concept and loads of fun in small trout streams. Tenkarabum.com is a good place to start. Lots of good info and he sells quality stuff.. (I have no affiliation except as a very satisfied purchaser.)
  13. I've been holding on to a bag of FOGO to try out a on a low'n slow. Looks like there's gonna be a Picnic in my future... Thanks!
  14. It's just me at the house....I bought a 6 qt. ...and it's scheduled to be delivered today !!!
  15. Electrician in the house?

    Maybe you need to tighten the light bulb... It's the little things. By the way, I always check voltage to ground, just to be sure.