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  1. Yes, agreed with all the tips you've already received! I normally wait until I get the temp up and ready to add the food, then use gloves to quickly lift one half of the deflector to throw in the chips or chunks. With chips, I sometimes use soaked chips directly on the coals, but more often, make a foil pouch and use the chips dry. Lately, I have been using chunks and just adding them in dry when ready to add the meat. Oh, and as someone said, you can sometimes throw the chips in on top of the deflector and they will smoke.
  2. Hello...My 2nd Kontrol Tower has had the same issue as the first, the paint bubbling & coming off. Kamado Joe has been just fine to deal with, in terms of sending an email to customer service, getting a reply and then getting a new replacement. In fact, they are sending a new one to me again now. However, I have asked them a couple of times in my emails if they can let me know how the new replacement tower had changed...basically, what the difference is. They are not replying at all to that question, so I'm wondering if the Kontrol Tower has been improved at all, or if I am just getting the same exact part again. Does anyone have any knowledge or insight into this? Just curious... Thanks, JC
  3. Hello all...I believe I previously saw a posting from someone else with a bad kontrol tower top vent...coating was coming off. Well, today, I discovered the same on mine...it is pretty new...got my KJ in April (and loving it, of course). The last cook I did was actually my first "low & slow" on it...smoked a pork picnic for around 9 hours. Oh and yes, the pork turned out fantastic! By the way, I did have the issue with the blackened grease dripping out from the back and onto the KJ dome top. And, I noticed today that for the first time, the slider top was sort of sticking. Anyway, all that being said, the big issue I discovered was that pain/coating is peeling off of the cap on the inside (see pics). I went ahead and put in a replacement request with KJ so I'm sure they will take care of it. However, I'm a little concerned that this sort of issue may happen repeatedly. I'm hoping that it is just a one time manufacturing defect. If anyone else has had the issue, or heard any news about it, please let me know...thanks so much!
  4. Yeah, I'd check out the warranty to be sure it is all good...if so, then this deal seems good. It is a large size, correct? I had a GD for around 11 years and mostly loved it! I had some paint issues, so eventually had to repaint it myself, but that had zero impact on the rest of the grill.
  5. Hello... I have had mine now for around a month or so and can provide some feedback about the new hinge. Initially, mine was perfect right out of the box and the lid would normally stay put at pretty much any position. However, within a few days, it changed and loosened up to the point where it would only stay open when fully raised. Over those few days it had been raining a lot and was generally wet outside. After it dried up and didn't rain for a couple of days, the hinge tightened back up a bit and was more like it was initially. Funny, huh? I did go ahead and adjust the hinge, following the instructions I found here or online somewhere... The instructions were a little hard to follow, but once I figured it out, it was easy. I was able to do it with an adjustable wrench and pointy nose pliers, but I'm sure it is much easier with the 2 wrenches that fit properly... I bought some for next time. So, the adjustment worked well and when things are dry it is tight enough so that the lid raises extremely easy and will sit wherever you leave it and if it is wet or raining, it is a little looser, but still at a good resistance level. Funny how the moisture is definitely affecting the hinge mechanism, but I have monitored it long enough now to see that is clearly the case. Anyway, to make the adjustments, I recommend buying the wrenches you need and then it is no problem if you need to adjust on rare occasions.
  6. I can't compare it to the older version because I have never had one... Used to use a Grill Dome, and the vent cap is different. I have done 2 cooks so far with Temps in the 375 to 400 range. Initially, I had the slider open (alternatively you could pull the cap off) for a few minutes at first, but pretty quickly closed it and used the dial settings... The KJ still heats up smoothly and quickly and per KJ instructions, can hit 600 degrees that way. I got to 375ish and it maintained there well with maybe 1.5 to 2 inches open on the bottom and between line 1 and 2 on the top slider. From what I could tell, the Temps are pretty sensitive to minor adjustments to the slider/dial.
  7. Hi Sergio... If you read my post just above, I describe what the part is... Well, at least this is what they tell me from KJ customer support.
  8. Hello all... Just some comments on my new top vent so far... I have only one 2 cooks so far... There does appear to be a buildup of greasy looking condensation that drips a little from the front and back of the vent. There also seems to be a decent amount smoke coming out of the very top, where the cap meets the metal below it (as others mentioned, the cap sits on there fairly loose)...the slider part hasn't stuck yet, but I can see grease building up and with the flat surface, I'm sure it will begin to stick at some point. It seems to work fine for temp control and allows pretty high temps without opening the slider at all... Just the top part. I have never used the daisy wheel variety, coming from a Grill Dome, so not sure how it compares to the original KJ top. JC
  9. Hi... The small part included is for locking the hinge in case you ever need to replace the base or dome.
  10. Thanks everyone and thanks NCJeff! So, yeah, I figured out the registration a short time ago...the page loaded up fine on my PC via Chrome. I think maybe I was on a tablet initially. I appreciate the info about the side tables as well. Yeah, I was wondering if it was "by design" and providing for some flex over time to level them out with weight. However, mine only seem to flex so far, or deflect, as you say. I think you're right about just filing some metal out of the notch...probably wouldn't take much to align. As for that mysterious extra part? No idea yet...I'll post as well, when I find out. JC
  11. Hmmm, interesting...instructions in the new booklet about 2017 features (the one that came with the grill) show 2 possible means for adjusting the counterbalance tension, based on the set-up that you have. And it is also different for the classic vs Big Joe size, of course. Oh, funny, speaking of the hinge...before the first cook, i could slowly lift the top and it would stay in place in any position, top to bottom. However, during a cook and after, it seems that it has change...now, it is still very easy to lift and it will sit perfectly at the top level, but it will not stay anywhere in between...it will drop on down. Thanks!
  12. Hello all...just joined the forum, so will see if I can also copy to introduction thread or do a separate post. I have a couple of questions that I wanted to ask, however. I just got a new KJ Classic 2017 version from the Costco roadshow...did a first cook the next evening. I have 3 questions and added a couple of pics...if anyone can advise on this, please let me know: 1)How do I register my KJ purchase with Kamado Joe? I found a registration page, but it appears to be outdated... 2)The new side tables are both a little misaligned, I guess you would say...not completely level. Each side slopes upward going out from the body of the grill. It looks like the cut-out on the table arms is a little shallow, so that it will not go all the way down into a level position. Not a huge deal, but wondering if they are all this way? 3)(please see pics attached)...this part came inside of the box that contained the grate lifter tool. Anyone know what it is for? Thanks so much for the help...enjoyed lots of looking around here before I made my purchase and look forward to staying in touch! I have used a Grill Dome for many years and am now looking forward to many miles on the KJ! JC33
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