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  1. hummm they looks very good. Thank you for your vids and your recipe, very interesting for me, I understand almost everything when you talk . Continue like this BBM.
  2. Thank you Loochie for sharing your expérience
  3. Hello I received my kamado on wenesday (a vision kamado rebranded) is name is Patton kamado, when i open the big box, i was suprised by the cracks all over the top. Is someone received a kamado like this ? After a long time , do you think some parts can detach from the top ? Thanks
  4. you make me hungry that looks very juicy and tasty
  5. Hi Shuley Kamado is not famous here, gaz grill or charcoal grill like this are the most common, weber introduce the BBQ with a cover 10 year ago but most of time they're use like normal charcoal grill. Another thing is that Kamado is not popular,they are very expensive, for exemple, my first choice was a kamado joe big joe but here it cost about 1900€ (2075$us at this time), a normal pay here is about1400/1500€ with lots of taxes after. The less expensive is the landmann big about 900€ (983$US) my new choice for the moment. Last things is that BBQ is not in our DNA like US people for most of us we only grill merguez(i don't know the exact English name) ,sausage, pork chop , pork belly , lamb chop and in best case beef chop. For me youtube is a great information source because i can see, real people cooking real US recipe, it's very interesting, the problem is all different sauce (good term?) that you use ;o) Have a nice day !
  6. Hello everybody I'm happy to be here with all of kamado grill experts. I come on your board to learn more about Kamado because, i come from France and for the moment Kamado are not very popular because they're very expensive. Please apologize for my english, i try to learn english but i forget all that i learn because i don't speak every day your language. I'm a 40 years old father with 2 sons and a wife, i live in france near Puy de dome. I love eating BBQ and i dream to go in USA with my family to visit, learn American language and participate with a real barbecue and american family , one i hope. For the moment i compare all kamado brand sell in france before buy one for this summer (we have kamado joe BGE berghoff kamado, big landmann(i think it's the same as vision kamado) monolith) Thank you all for your post , it's a great help for me. bye
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