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  1. I agree, I've worked on natural lighting for my hobby pics (antique related, not chow) and those make me queasy.. Best pics are in sunlight, or near a sunlight window.
  2. Cool, I didn't know we had a new political forum, can't wait until the impeachment trial starts to check back and see how it's rolling around here.
  3. Chasdev

    Hard Boiled Eggs

    HA! we bought one of those and it is a TOTAL FAIL! It did make some pretty neat fart noises though as it spit out big chunks of busted up eggs...
  4. I'm trying to achieve (as close as possible anyway) the smoke profile I used to get on my offset stick burner but of course I don't want to tend the fire for 8+ hours anymore. Been reading testimony's on line about pre and post smoke methods, so which works best? I want to half S/V and half smoke hot and fast.
  5. Chasdev

    Chest Freezer Question(s)

    I use and buy Foodsaver..my last one lasted several years and the new one is around two years old now and working well.
  6. Chasdev

    Can you trust the grill thermometer?

    I swapped out my OEM gauge for a TellTru and paired a digital to it just for grins. My experience is that before the meat is placed (and after a full warm up) the cook grate temp is the same as the dome but after cool meat is added the two stop agreeing pretty much the whole time the meat is cooking.
  7. I have a PittBoss24 with a PartyQ blower along with a TipTopTemp controller AND I have a CampChef 24 pellet cooker. The pellet burner is indeed set and forget but the Kamado delivers better smoke flavor. With the two controllers I added, the Kamado is also set and forget.
  8. Chasdev

    Chest Freezer Question(s)

    You HAVE to get a vac sealer..
  9. I use a PartyQ blower and from the time I light the starter to the time I place the meat is around 30 minutes. I place the meat about 25 degrees below target temp to allow for a little over run due to the lid being opened.
  10. Chasdev

    Breaking Down a Turkey vs Whole Bird?

    I think you made a mistake when you raised the temp to crisp the skin. The skin is nice but not at the expense of the dark meat.
  11. You ARE the man then. My experience is that the six inch thick end requires more cook time than the two inch thick end.
  12. Chasdev

    Weed ( cannabis) now legal in Canada

    Only about 30 years late.
  13. That and how badly overcooked the last 6 or inches of the flat are...
  14. Chasdev

    Brisket burnt ends

    I've found that the lower and slower it cooks, the more tender the flat gets. If you are cooking a nice fatty prime grade the flat will be a bit more tender but MY best briskets (tenderness wise) have gone 22 + hours, most of that cooking at 170/180 and turned up to 250 for two or three hours at the end. In a pellet spitter that is.....