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  1. Did my first rotisserie cook yesterday using the Masterbuilt rotisserie and while I made to the end of the cook the unit tried to stop working towards the end. After an hour the shaft started making sort of a clicking/grinding noise, stop and reverse rotate. A few times it stopped completely and so I turned it on and off a few times which got it going again. I could not see anything wrong and it was too hot to play with so I let it finish cooking and cool down. This morning I find that the hollow driveshaft socket/screw that goes from the inside left cook chamber panel into the drive motor head was unscrewed and wanting to fall out, which i to say I was able to pull it out of the drive head with fingertips, no wrench needed. It has an outer hollow body with threads on the outside diameter which engage the drive head and hold it tight against the left panel and it has an inner round piece of metal that goes through the outer screw body and engages the drive head with the other end having a square socket which drives the rotisserie shaft itself. Turns out the inner socket piece galled in the outer screw head and had locked up tuning both bits into one lump. When the drive socket froze up it locked the rotation of the motor and shaft and the drive head reversed itself which unscrewed the screw body from the drive head which then allowed the entire frozen screw body and drive socket to rotate counter clockwise and while loose and floppy, it allowed the shaft to rotate and the cook to finish. I sprayed the stuck bits with penetrating oil and tapped the stuck socket out of the screw body and found a lump of metal on the socket outer diameter where it had galled and welded itself to the inner diameter of the screw body. I filed and sanded the galled spot and polished and lubricated the interfaces with some hi temp lithium grease designed for high load drive shaft teeth and now all is as it should be. I could/can not find a way to talk to a human at Masterbuilt to report the galling/sticking or to ask if perhaps the instructions should have mentioned add some grease to the interface. In the picture of the cooked bird you can see the screw/sleeve backed out of the drive head leaving a gap between the flange and left body panel.
  2. Yup, the coals from wood chunks and charcoal both fall into the ash bin, that's what ignites the wood in the bin. NO ashes in the cook area or on the meat ever. There's a large square tube that connects to the burn chamber and it runs the length of the cook chamber with openings along each side to distribute the heat.
  3. Both! I put large chunks of oak or pecan layered between charcoal layers all the way to the top then I place one of the same in the ash bin and replace that one every hour. I love mixing oak and pecan smoke.
  4. One thing a clay pot can't do that a Gravity cooker can, and that's make the meat taste like I want it to taste. I'm not in this game for the fun or how much or little I spend on gear, I am after the taste of off set smoker cooked meat BUT I can't tend fire all day any more in the heat so the Masterbuilt gravity allows me to cook from sun up to sun down with my only having to start the fire, load the meat and every 5/6 hours, add more charcoal and wood chunks. I cook brisket hot and fast now and there's very little difference in how the meat comes out between the gravity feed and the off set rig. I should add that I incorporate more hard wood into the charcoal than the manufacturer recommends.
  5. I messed up and forgot to include don't wash them in water..water causes them to rot.
  6. I read a tip the other day on how to store fresh strawberries so I tried it and it works beyond belief. I only buy organic strawberries due to the large amount of pesticides they are known to carry if not raised organic and I always seem to have some go bad before all were eaten. Not any more, the ones pictured have been in my fridge for a week and are fresh as the day I bought them. Here's how to do it. Do not WASH dry them in water, let them air dry on the counter with an inch or two space between each to get rid of any moisture they may have picked up at the store. Use clean dry mason jars, don't crowd too much and tighten the lid. That's it.
  7. It's your sandwich bread recipe! Send it to me in an email?
  8. I've been trying to cut and paste a recipe from a post here to my email so I can forward it to my wife and after I highlight the text and try to past it to my email, it locks up my entire computer, nothing works, no cursor, no ability to activate a virus scanner or any other utility. I have to do a hard reboot with the power button to get going again. I have a VPN but turning it off had no effect. Tried 4 times and each time the attempt to paste freezes up my entire system. Never ran across this before.
  9. My favorite part of the brisket is the point and my favorite part of the point has dark bark and tons of smoke flavor SO, why not just cut up the entire brisket into 2 or 3 inch cubes when raw and smoke those? Even the flat is better when done as burnt ends..
  10. Guess this just ain't gonna happen
  11. Welcome to the hot and fast club, even if it the low end of the range. I'm doing briskets at 350 and love it.
  12. I strongly suggest you start watching NHK channel out of Japan. I get it on ATT U-verse, there are several weekly shows that highlight Japanese foods of all kinds and some dedicated "how to" cooking shows with master chefs showing off their skills. There's a show that highlights the giant Tokyo market where untold tons of fresh fish and other goods are sold wholesale and the show takes the viewer on a tour (different each week) of a particular food product or sea creature and shows how it's caught, how it's prepared in detail. I think you can get NHK network on line as well as from ATT. It's a great network, they show Japanese wilderness areas, mountains, rivers and coastlines and discuss in detail each area from a naturalists viewpoint. Fantastic country and on my bucket list to visit.
  13. Kiln dried oak is inferior, flavor wise, to properly aged oak. I suspect other breeds of wood react the same. Having said that, I have about two hundred lbs of kiln dried oak and pecan in my shed because I can't find decent smoking wood in Austin anymore..too dang many bbq rigs in back yards these days.
  14. Supposed to arrive this afternoon/evening..will report back.
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