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  1. Living through irma - pretty good insight

    I might add that you can pick up a few cases of MRE's that are self heating, some of them are not too bad!
  2. Flies?

    I think they smell the grease in the air..whenever I grill burgers on the back porch, they swarm to the smell...
  3. Pit Boss K22 sealing upper and lower vents

    I switch between the factory installed exhaust vent and another brand of controller and now just use two long sheet metal screws that are small enough diameter to never get tight. All they have to do is to keep the cap from falling off when I open the lid..so there's no reason to fuss with tiny machine screws and nuts anymore.
  4. Electric Kamado company

    My Kenmore range gets pretty hot on broil...hotter than I ever got my Kamado..
  5. Pork Belly Burnt Ends Disaster

    I think the fat right on the fire causes the grease to flame up which reduces the smoke or at least "cleans" the smoke but grease hitting the deflector does not burn but vaporizes into foul tasting smoke.. I almost killed some fine burgers a few days ago by dropping the lid on my mini webber, the grease smoke was intense and the burgers had a nasty grease flavor.
  6. "everything's bigger in Texas"

    You know come to think of it BEVO may be on suicide watch now..so there may be some free brisket soon if they don't start winning..
  7. "everything's bigger in Texas"

    Not open carry, but they did lower the cost of a concealed carry license to $40 from $140. Long guns are open carry, but I think a crime to conceal one?
  8. You can get FOGO on Amazon or directly from them..https://www.fogocharcoal.com/
  9. I also find some brands of lump to sort of "stink" when doing post-cook clean out.. The worst for me was Cowboy lump followed by Royal Oak. Switched to FOGO and the stink is gone, both during fire starting and afterwards during clean up. For quick grilling, you need a fire starting chimney and a mini-webber, that's my go-to for steaks and burgers.
  10. Will do but our next box won't arrive until next Tuesday..I'll get some pics. Our box this week was canceled due to the hurricane, I guess it messed up their supply chain.. I'll take some pics and post them next week for sure, but here's the meal cards for a few..
  11. I believe he was talking about heartburn or indigestion not food poisoning, which takes effect hours after eating, not right away.
  12. The wife and I signed up for several meal delivery services (not all at once) to take advantage of the free or heavily discounted offers and have been pretty impressed. Most of these services have an intro offer that discounts $40 off the first weeks meals so six gourmet meals for $20 can't be passed up. We tried Martha+Marley, Blue Apron and HelloFresh, and we decided to sign on with HelloFresh based on the excellent flavor profiles they came up with. Meals cost $10 per person and come with 99% of the needed ingredients. Prep and cook time is 30 minutes, not complex at all and lots of meal options available each week. Each meal comes with a menu card for future reference which is what we plan on doing after we get a small library of them built up. We were concerned in the beginning that $60 a week (six meals) was too high but after doing it for 6 weeks it turns out that we spend enough less at the grocery store that our monthly grocery spend has not gone up all that much and the quality and diversity of our meal plan is more than worth it.
  13. I agree, mesquite smoked meat seems to linger in my gut for much longer than say oak or pecan.. I used some on a chicken a few months ago and the flavor was much stronger than the other wood types.
  14. Holding meat in the oven or cooler is a great idea, you can go 12hours after pulling (if kept at safe temps) and the meat just gets more and more tender.
  15. Franklin BBQ hit by large fire, $350k damage

    Last night a local TV station showed a video that was taken before the fire dept arrived and the place was well and truly on fire, flames twenty feet in the air. It sure looked like a write off to me..after they arrived, what the fire did not get, the fire dept was taking care of with high pressure water cannon. It's a mess, perhaps time to crane out the 8 pits for cleaning and scrape off the lot for a new building.