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  1. Hinge upgrade

    I have a 2017 24" and the fasteners have not started working loose yet, so maybe some later version hardware from PB might be in order.. Instead of new fasteners, how about some thread lock chem on those offending bits, that may help.
  2. Temp Control - high or low

    I rely on the lower vent mostly, running about 1/4 inch for 225/250 degrees, that's with the upper open just a little less than the lower. Recently I've been using TipTopTemp set around 2.5/2.75 for the same.
  3. too much smoke

    Heresy perhaps but try KIngsford professional briquets instead of lump, the "smoke" flavor will be much less noticeable.
  4. The ribs should take around 4/5 hours, the bird less, so after 3 hours in on the ribs, drop the bird.
  5. New KJ pizza accessory.

    Is that a KJ or Pittboss 24? Sure looks like a Pittboss.
  6. Pork shoulder on Kingsford?

    Lets see..first, I still can't get used to the "smoke profile" from lump, while some are better than others even FOGO has a smell when burned and leaves a smoke flavor that I'm not crazy about sort of a burned lumber smell. Kingsford either does not impart a flavor of it's own, or I'm addicted to THAT flavor and don't smell or taste it anymore (or worse, crave it). I cook the same jerk chicken at least once a month wirh kingsford and reused some last week on a chicken with a few lumps of used fogo added in and I could clearly taste the difference the FOGO added to the meat even though there were only two or three lumps in a chimney of kingsford. The kingsford burns more uniformly than lump, the temp stayed the same for 9+ hours with one minor vent adjustment and my experience with lump (limited experience I admit) is that adjustments have to be made as the fire spreads around in the pile of lump. Perhaps the uniform briquet size is responsible allowing the fire to move at a uniform pace as it moved from piece to piece. As to direct over the fire, I think the heat was farther away from the meat, because the when the diffuser gets hot after a few hours it radiates too much heat to the underside of the meat, at least that's been what my packer brisket experiment showed. The diffuser also changes how the cooker "breathes" by dividing the interior or maybe partially blocking air movement from bottom to top. Those are my wild ### guesses anyway.
  7. Pork shoulder on Kingsford?

    Well, it turned out fantastic, best I've ever cooked and according to the wife, as good or better than the Mississippi made version! Rubbed with my favorite pork rub and let it sit overnight in the fridge, then let warm up a few hours before cooking. Fire was super stable at around 240, although I had to make a tiny adjustment when the fire got "mature". Cooked a total of around 9 hours, pulled off at 196 internal and rested for two hours wrapped. Wrapped at 170 and it came out super moist and tender. No "charcoal taste", and no overcooking the side of the meat facing the coals, which was my major concern cooking without a deflector.. I tossed in a handful of Traeger gourmet pellets for some smoke but I think I'm a KIngsford believer from now on, at least for direct no drip pan cooks...
  8. Pork shoulder on Kingsford?

    Got the wife to text him on the road, here's the scoop. Lots of briquets, same amount as with lump, no deflector, no drip pan, meat right above coals but with fat cap trimmed off. Small fire starter, same as with lump, up to near temp and then place the meat. Sweet/spicy pork rub, 225 to 240 degrees for 1 hour 15 mintes per pound to just under 200 internal. Wrap in foil to finish if the bark is getting too dark. I'm going to try it tomorrow, if I can get close to his finished product I will be a happy camper. I'll post up pics tomorrow or Monday but it's cloudy and rainy here so they may or may not come out viewable.
  9. One of my Wife's cousins has a KJ and he cooks the best pork shoulder I've ever tasted. Here's the kicker, I just found out he uses only the cheapo Kingsford! He's out of touch for a few days so I can't ask him if he uses a chimney and gets all the coals hot before placing the meat or if he starts the fire the way most of us do with lump with a small flame in center. Anyone ever try or use Kingsford or similar briquets for pork butt/shoulder? If so what method was used? I'm cooking one tomorrow and am tempted to try some KIngsford comp briquets.
  10. Not sure what evidence you are seeing, I see a deflector in the advert for the Pitboss and no deflector for the other. Was that a mistake by the advertising agency? My Pittboss came with one FWIW.
  11. Bringing grill home

    You need 4 strong friends, my Pitboss 24 was a real struggle for the wife and I and it was not put together. As to a pickup truck, you will need to "pick up" the cooker to put it in the bed which, IMHO is near impossible. Much better would be a low slung trailer.
  12. The Pitboss advert shows a deflector in use.
  13. Looks to me as if the Pitboss comes with a deflector but the Louie does not. I think both those prices are a tad high, I got my Pitboss 24 for around $500.
  14. Beef sausages low and slow?

    Should I figure 3 hours at 225?
  15. I'm cooking a batch of raw beef sausages this afternoon and while 275 hot and fast has been my go to, I was wondering if anybody prefers 225 lower and slower?