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  1. Can I ask why you are going underground, is that space for a boat or car or is it just a basement for storage?
  2. I use mine all the time and it is a real money saver allowing me to purchase meat in bulk , divide it up and vac seal for up to a year in the freezer. Soups and other foods that have liquid are best divided up into small freezer bags, frozen and THEN vac sealed. Bloody meats like raw ground burger I also divide into 1 lb portions, vac seal then freeze. I prefer the higher quality bags as they last longer in the deep freeze. I hate getting ready to cook a meal only to discover my vac sealed bag failed in the freezer allowing freezer burn to set in.
  3. Here's some pics of mine with a blurry tape measurement for width.
  4. 350 from the start creates fantastic bark (along with salt and pepper of course) and I elevate the drip pan off the deflector with ceramic pads to lower it's temp a tad. The drippings still burn black though. I find that soaking the pan in dawn and hot water for a day softens the burnt residue enough to remove it and re-use the pan.
  5. I switched to hot and fast these days, no wrap, no water pan, but I am addicted to dark smokey/salty bark!
  6. No doubt you can master the secrets of the vent kung fu if you practice practice practice grasshopper BUT you can cheat and buy a black belt in Kamado cooking if you spring for a temp control blower rig. I have the cheapest one on the planet (not even Wi-Fi, gasp) and it solved all my temp problems, period. Many here use them and all enjoy the freedom from vent herding duties.
  7. Hmm, I was talking about briquets not lump, I agree their lump is not good at all. LIke you my favorites are KamadoJoe xl lump and Fogo.
  8. I too would be all over them.
  9. I also grabbed some, my HD did not have it in stock which is lucky for me as Wally was cheaper!
  10. Lid wide open for a while to get the fire started then lid shut to around 200 with vents wide open, I like to place the meat at around 25 degrees below my desired set point then shut down the vents to what I think it will need which is usually around 1/4 to 1/2 inch each. Opening the lid adds a gulp of air that will raise the temp so do it as quickly as possible or you can waste time tinkering with the vents trying to cool it off. Much much easier to raise temps than to lower.
  11. Not really but if I did not have the Weber's for direct over the coals cooking, the Kamado would fill that gap. For super low and slow I use the pellet rig but truth be told I have grown lazy in my old age and the least amount of work is now my prime directive and since I can run 24 hours on the pellet burner with almost no fiddling at all, well you know..
  12. It came down to wood smoke flavor in the meat for me. I've got a large Kamado, a pellet spitter, four Weber rigs from small to large but the new Masterbuilt gravity cooker gets me back to offset stickburner wood smoke flavored meat. That's what I've been looking for ever since I quit driving a stickburner. The buy in is a bonus.
  13. Been a while but can you post the recipe? I want to try to duplicate it. It looks like you trimmed the bacon ends that hang over the lip?
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