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  1. Chasdev

    Big Joe Vent Setting Frustration

    I'm sure you will hear that you are fussing with the settings too much and while that may be the case, your experiences are exactly why I bought a TipTopTemp device and then later (for Christmas) got a PartyQ. Each by themselves solved the issues you are/were having and both together are sublime.
  2. Chasdev

    I found my low carb/calorie beer!

    Me too but sometimes I just have to have a brew. Back about 50 years ago when I weighed 200lbs, in the heat of Texas summer nothing better than ice cold brew/s.. I can't get that memory out of my head...
  3. Chasdev

    I found my low carb/calorie beer!

    Now THAT'S irony!
  4. I gave up "real" beer a few months ago and the loss felt was profound. Been looking around for a super lite beer and stumbled across (and tried out) MGD64, and surprise surprise it tastes almost like beer! It's only 64 calories with 2.4 grams of carbs so I gave myself permission to have one a day.
  5. Chasdev

    Pellet Grill Questions

    My Camp Chef DLX24 works great! Got it on sale for $500 delivered and have done a bunch of briskets very low and very slow, which have turned out better than any stick burner brisket I ever smoked.
  6. Okay, thanks but what's the lowest temp anybody has been able to maintain? I can cook at 225 overnight using FOGO but would like to go under 200 and stay there for 16/18 hours on a brisket cook. My best brisket cooks so far, tenderness wise, have been on a pellet spitter running at 180 for 16/18 hours, wrapping and turning it up to 225 to finish. I would like to be able introduce real wood chunks for more smoke flavor but stay super low and slow.
  7. What's the lowest steady temp you can maintain on a long kamado lump cook?
  8. Chasdev

    Everdure 4K

    Robbie the Robot approves!
  9. Chasdev

    Natural gas kamado?

    One advantage less heat loss, thus lower fuel use.
  10. Chasdev

    KJ on a covered patio

    Here's my set-up on a screen porch..(the hole in the plastic fan is from a chimney full of Kingsford that ran away).. Works great, even when a large hunk of wood starts smoking. ing
  11. Chasdev

    Lump charcoal

    I tried several brands, Royal and Cowboy included but for me Fogo is the best..so far. I just invested in three large bags of KamadoJoe lump from Costco and have fingers crossed it lives up to it's reputation.
  12. Chasdev

    Keto Diet

    No carb is not a problem for me, but portion control IS! I eat more than my daily allotment of protein just cutting up a fresh brisket while it's still on the cutting board! And then more when it's served.
  13. Chasdev

    Ribs - Dutch way

    ANYBODY besides Lulu...but Vettle is my fav.
  14. Chasdev

    Ribs - Dutch way

    Those ribs along with a Ferrari win!
  15. Chasdev

    Keto Diet

    I modified my keto plan last nite too, fresh strawberries and whipped cream!