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  1. I'm a retired auto tech and I wrestled with heavy engines and engine parts for 40 years and I must interject here that I think it's wrong to encourage folks who have no experience moving heavy objects that two people can move a 300+lb cooker around without too much trouble and that in doing so are doing them a disservice. My wife and I had the fight of our lives loading, unloading, and putting together my Pitboss 24. It was close to more than we could safely do without damaging it or ourselves. If I knew then what I know now I would have hired movers or not bought it at all. It's out on my screen porch now but If I ever sell this house it's going to have to stay put, no way I would try to move it again. Perhaps age is the limiting factor as I am near 70 now, but in any case be warned folks these things are way too heavy to blithely toss off as a two person job.
  2. Maverick for me all the way. I've had mine for four years, done a bunch of overnight cooks, several 24 hour cooks. Battery life had been great, I change them every fourth or fifth cook out of paranoia that they will go dead but so far has not happened.
  3. I use large drip pan /no water, but I wrap it in foil to keep the burnt mess from becoming permanent.
  4. Or you could buy the fire chamber from a PitBoss, which seems to be where your deflector came from?
  5. Buy a cut proof glove, you WILL cut yourself and without protection it will cause quite a delay. Also trim it while it's cold. Lastly some very well known folks don't trim at all.
  6. Pretty nice but I would not paint the cooking grate perimeter.
  7. One thing to try is to not trim the fat at all. I know EVERYBODY does it but there's a famous lady pitmaster in central Texas who cooks three hundred packers a week and she just opens the packaging and plops them on the cook grate. After cooking you can always cut off the fat layer if it offends, but I can't get enough myself and it does trap moisture in the meat.
  8. I ditched mine and went with this...stem diameter is way smaller than OEM but that allows me to run a second (digital) probe plus snake the wire for a third grate level probe through the same hole. Some sticky backed heat tape fills the hole...
  9. I replaced the original temp gauge, wrapped the stem of the Teltru in heat tape to make it fit the larger hole in the dome and ran the digital probe through the same hole next to the Teltru. Then I ran a grid level probe wire through the same hole.
  10. I think I would believe the dome gauge, my experience with plate and chuck ribs is that cooking at 275 for 4 hours is nearly long enough for them to be done. I cooked some last week in a pellet spitter and I pulled them at 10 hours.
  11. So, what was the difference between the cook grate and dome temp readings, in other words, which was which?
  12. Best part of the cow, right there.
  13. I have a friend who's from Brazil and that's exactly how he cooks, but I still want a cooker that traps most of the heat but still has the open firebox or at least access to the fire, without having to buy a high end offset. i already have a Kamado and if I can McGiver a modification without busting it into shards I would be sorely tempted to try it.
  14. What I want is a firebox door like on a WSM so I can tinker with the fire to my hearts content. Adding lump, adding wood, poking it with a stick if I want. Or put another way I want to combine aspects of a Kamado with those of an offset stick burner. On second or third thought, maybe I want a Kamado with an offset firebox attached.
  15. I've been thinking on how to introduce wood chunks into/onto burning charcoal without having to open the lid and re arrange the grates and/or deflector.. If I knew it could be done without ruining it, I'd cut openings into the body of my Pitboss 24 in a heartbeat, then get to work on a sealed door.
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