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  1. Do they say what the inside diameter is?
  2. I know most Kamado don't get hot enough to cause aluminum foil to outgas, I prefer stainless steel.
  3. Not all of them need the intake door modification, my Costco 24 is not loose and does not leak. Oh, and my clamp bolts/nuts are still tight after two years of use. It did need a layer of felt around the top spigot.
  4. I run ceramic spacers and to tell the truth, I don't see much difference, with or without. On long cooks running the spacers the deflector heats up enough to fry whatever drips into the pan, so perhaps the spacers delay the heat up but do not prevent it or reduce it.
  5. Where in the cooker are you placing your temp probe/s? There's a difference (and some debate) on where you sample temp data. If you place cold meat near a probe, your fan will blow like crazy trying to come up to the set point. I've always been a cook grate probe position guy but with Kamado dome temp may be the way to go. I run my digital probe next to the analog probe where it sticks through the dome.
  6. I just let mine cool off and it's always cold after sitting overnight, with plenty of unburned lump leftover. An interesting side note perhaps, I saw a show about charcoal making in Japan (the super expensive stuff) and at the end of the "how to" part of the film they showed how it's used by a grill master and how it was so hard it can be used over and over again. They dunked it in water and let it dry out for later use. I'm pretty sure this is the charcoal the show covered. When you break a stick in two it shines like a jewel. ttps://www.amazon.com/Kishu-Binchotan-Japanese-Charcoal-Mountains/dp/B00L7485PU
  7. And a little further down the road you will have to soak it in vinegar because it sticks and will refuse to move...
  8. I use that KIngsford pro comp for all my hot and fast cooks in a Webber and it works great I did try it in my Kamado for a 6 hour rib cook and had no problems, but there was more ash than with lump.
  9. Those look very good! I gave up all my wood spoons, spatulas etc.. after one fell out of the rack in my dishwasher, landed on the heating coil and caught fire inside the dishwasher when the dry cycle turned on. It took at least 20 full wash cycles running vinegar to reduce the smell enough to use again.
  10. Or you could just get some of this...I use it at least once a month and it rocks..
  11. When I wrap I spritz the foil a few times with apple juice/apple cider vinegar then place the meat bone down. In my opinion adding more than a tiny amount of liquid results in the ribs getting boiled. There's plenty of natural juices inside the wrap after an hour without needing extra IMHO.
  12. I'm just finishing two large bags of FOGO and it's very good. Next up is two large bags of KJ extra large lump.. Takes me a year to get through two bags it seems..
  13. The more I watch BBQ cook off show (reruns) the less impressed I am with the food they cook. All the flavoring/injecting/doctoring to change the natural flavor of the different meat's has me wondering if the ultimate goal is meat candy with some hot sauce added in.
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