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  1. I experimented with adding extra pellets to my burn pot to see if I could get extra smoke and what I got was a temp run away so to answer your question, IMHO you can get it as hot as you like by pushing extra pellets into the burn pot. The question here is, can you make the feed screw over feed on demand?
  2. I used to fast a day or two in my late teen years and found it easy, no cravings or hunger pains at all. I guess I had been reading about middle eastern holy guys and wanted to get in on the act. These days, after having enjoyed three squares a day for 50+ years since my late teens, it's not quite as easy. My reading on the innertubes reveal the need to hydrate and supplement with vitamins and minerals or risk bad stuff happening to my innards. So, what did you drink during your extented fasting and what supplements were swallowed? Plain water, clear soup, bone broth, green tea or coffee perhaps?
  3. That's the one, smoke until internal temp is 160 or so then wrap in foil and finish in the oven..' It really did turn out a superior butt.
  4. Those look fantastic. I'm a fan of brining pork, I watched a very old episode of Alton Brown doing a pork butt and now follow his instructions on the brine and cook temps too. My first attempt resulted in the best butt I ever turned out so count me in!
  5. I brine my birds in a large stainless pot using filtered water and salt, period. Over soaking can be an issue but if you pull the meat in a timely fashion, the results are outstanding.
  6. You would have to take it apart and bubble wrap the ceramic parts then crate them with heavy duty cardboard boxes. Even protected and packed, if the main shell or lid gets dropped, it's all over. I think I would just sell it and buy another at the other end.
  7. I had the exact opposite problem, we've been every year and got tired of the crowds and boring racing so we sold our tickets on-line and watched at home this year. Besides the 5 mile drive from my front door to the track takes too long..... We MAY attend again next year if they "catch" the Mercedes team cheating and slow them down enough to make it real racing again but what really sours us is the change from the ear shattering 12,000 rpm V-8's to the droning V-6 hybrids which don't require ear protection. I'm all for the green revolution but in F1? Give me a break. Anyway I may have 3 turn 15 grandstand (row 10) tickets for sale next year if things don't change for the better as we are obligated as PSL holders to buy the tickets for another 7 years no matter if we attend or not.
  8. Got mine on order..thanks for the heads-up!
  9. As long as the wind does not change direction and blow all that ash back at you..should be fine.
  10. That's why most race cars use a "wrap" these days, not cheap but way cheaper than paint.
  11. I've seen them done here in Texas for years..probably cheaper than a full paint job and for sure cheaper than a good paint job.
  12. I started using wet salt brine on birds earlier this year and I will never cook chicken or turkey again without it.
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