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  1. Chasdev

    Skin off salmon to cure?

    I've never tasted it with it having been smoked skin off, but the version I buy from Costco still has the skin on and it tastes fantastic.
  2. Chasdev

    Extreme Diet Trends

    I learned that I was overeating at every meal.
  3. Chasdev

    Extreme Diet Trends

    Then HERE'S a pizza for you.. I prefer it to "regular" pie. https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a22688640/bacon-weave-pizza-recipe/
  4. Chasdev

    Extreme Diet Trends

    Perhaps you should read up on Keto before posting about dietary fiber. Any high fiber veg is allowed and encouraged as long as the carb count is low. Here, try this. https://www.healthbeckon.com/fiber-rich-vegetables/
  5. Take it off and soak it overnight in white vinegar. Mine gets gummed up two times a year.
  6. Pictures? Here's Franklin's stick burners..after the fire.
  7. Chasdev

    Lump Charcoal

    I'm just finishing up my second bag of FOGO and like it a lot. Now on to a two bag test of KJ lump.
  8. Chasdev

    PartyQ sadness..

    Looks like I'm back to adjusting the vents. I can afford another PartyQ but, fool me once...etc....etc.
  9. My one year old PartyQ (got it for Christmas last year) glitched out this morning.. I was setting up to cook some BB ribs, replaced the batteries and lit the fire and was adjusting the temp control buttons when the readout started to jump around, from 450 to 150. Then it started to display the dreaded blank readout screen. Thumping it brought it back once or twice but that's all folks, she's kaput. Just for fun I left a message with the BBQ Guru folks, but I'm not expecting much.
  10. Chasdev

    Vacuum Sealers

    Foodsaver for me, been using one for at least a decade..(now on number 2).
  11. I know, sometimes I still want to feed the fire for three or four hours, then I remember the next three or four, or five or six hours... And trying to find properly seasoned oak AND storing it someplace where it won't get rained on so the rats, mice and wood roaches that will move into it will be comfortable...
  12. Maybe not a complaint but stickburner smoke profile in meat is unsurpassed. I switched to a Kamado so I could resume my normal life while cooking brisket and ribs, which is to say sitting in a LazyBoy recliner in a climate controlled environment while watching HD bigscreen TV with a beer in hand, instead of being a slave to the firebox on my stickburner when it's 105 outdoors. Do I miss the pale blue smoke flavor, yes I do. Do I miss suffering from heat stroke at around 8 hours into a brisket cook? No, I don't.
  13. Chasdev

    The 'Thin Blue Smoke'

    Perhaps for some but I tried it and prefer spreading the chunks out across and under the lump.
  14. Chasdev

    Charcoal not lasting.

    I started out with it removed but I liked how the burn pattern spread more evenly with it installed.
  15. Chasdev

    The 'Thin Blue Smoke'

    IMHO kiln dried wood is a poor choice, compared to properly aged wood, in terms of burn performance and flavor profile. If you can source "real" wood you won't regret it. The key to buying aged wood is to check the moisture content, around 20% is ideal, lower and it burns away too fast and higher moisture, say above 30%, it tends to burn too slow and can produce sour flavors. From my stickburner days I learned that burning wood (with flames) produces the smoke (which flavors the meat) but lit coals produce the heat so that if your wood is too wet it won't burn with flames rather it smoulders and goes more toward dense coals which raise the cook chamber temp without offering the amount of smoke that burning sticks offer.