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  1. The wife thinks she wants one but I can't see how they can truly be smokeless. Anybody got one or seen one run?
  2. To me a keto diet is 70 percent vegetables with some meat and fat thrown in.
  3. I soak a kitchen towel in water and cover the flap on the TTP to make sure it's not venting.
  4. I used to keep them in the fridge too but the max time is one week after peeling, and some sources say one day after peeling. Shell on is the way to store them FWIW.
  5. You may have to play around with minutes cooked depending on how many ears you stuff in the microwave but a good rule of thumb is that when they are way too hot to hold in your bare hand they are probably done..
  6. Cooking corn in the husks really adds flavor for sure. Have you tried the microwave method? It's my new "go to" corn on the cob method. Cut off the bottom two inches and microwave for two/three minutes on high, then grab the tassel end with paper towels and squeeze, the cob pops out the cut end and all the tassels stay inside the husk! Flavor is outstanding as well due to the cooked in the husk effect.
  7. I caught that episode, that's what made me search here for "Golden cast iron" which lead me here... How did you get off the freight truck?
  8. I've been washing the exteriors of all mine with a veg scrub brush for the past few months because of the last scare....
  9. I took a shortcut, and installed an accurate analog and parked an accurate digital next to it.
  10. And now we have another recall of California avocado's due to Listeria contamination! Shipped to Arizona, California, Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.
  11. So, what did your two probes read when you pulled it off the cooker?
  12. I'm new at this but it seems every time I open the lid on a banked fire, the air hits the coals and the temp rises. If I open it too long or too many times, it takes a long time for the temp go back down unless I shut the vents, which causes another set of adjustments a while later. I love to experiment, but I already know what wasting money on large chunks of overcooked meat is like so I prefer to know the operating temp inside the cooker is so I can duplicate any and all positive results at a later date. My kitchen oven has a knob that tells me what temp I can expect, more or less, the temp to be so I can predict a standard outcome. I expect to be able to do the same with my Kamado, so thanks but no thanks on guessing and probing.
  13. I've found that temps at cook grate level and up in the dome change from exactly the same to wildly different at different times during a cook. I've got a high dollar analog gauge twinned with an accurate digital probe and they always read exactly the same, but they rarely agree with the digital probe/s I place at and just under the cook grate. Not to mention that after preheating, even if all the readings match up perfectly, once you place a 8 or 12lb slab of room temp (or colder) meat on the cook grate, all readings quickly agree to disagree.
  14. Moving it is also a concern, the shipping box is large and heavy but you can use a dolly or roller platform to get it where it's going to live. Once it's out of the box, it's quite a chore to move around, you need help, strong and steady help at that.
  15. Do you have to drive over them with one of your truck wheels to crack them?
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