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  1. All good, but good smoke or bad the hotter the coals the lower the "smoke" flavor.
  2. I think the high temps required for pizza are cooking off the nasty stuff that cause the stink at low and slow temps.
  3. KJ jumbo lump and Fogo for me. No bad taste whatever.
  4. Masterbuilt sells a very well made cover. Here's my new cover right out of the package, it relaxed and lost the wrinkles in a day or two.
  5. To me KJ has no smoke flavor whatsoever. I've burned two large bags recently through my new Masterbuilt gravity feed smoker and the briskets came out near perfect, no scrap wood flavor at all.
  6. Place the wood far enough from the starter so that the coals around the starter have reached full burn before the wood starts to burn. The higher the heat the cleaner the smoke will be.
  7. I clean all my grates in a sink full of hot water and a large dose of Dawn dishwash liquid. Let soak for an hour or two then scrub with a BBQ grate cleaning brush and THEN run through the dishwasher. On hard sticky rib residue lumps I scrape with a butter knife before the dishwasher.
  8. Take off the cap and go tandoori style? I've been tempted to try it for quite a while. Too bad about this whole lazyness thing, 40 years ago I would have been all over it.
  9. KJ xl lump is my favorite these days, no off putting odor whatsoever, easy to light burns a long time, great stuff. It may still be available on Costo website at a decent discount.
  10. Tom, please read the last two sentences from my last post..
  11. I do. It's called Google, do a quick search, Aluminum begins to give off Aluminum hydrate and related compounds at 293 degrees or hotter. On the stove top or in the oven these temps are easily reached. Take a look at your old aluminum utensils and notice the pitting that occurs. That is caused by the molecular degradation of aluminum during the heating process when it exceeds 290 degrees. It takes a long time to result in the pitting, but it does not take that much in your body to create damage. Remember, Aluminum content in the brain was the first reliable test to predict Alzheimer's.
  12. Correction! Everclear is used to clean the lemon from the inside of the glass you are drinking it from..
  13. Wrapped in what? Using aluminum foil that deep in the fire causes out-gassing of some very bad stuff in terms of human health.
  14. TipTopTemp for me, cheap and easy to use, easy to mount. Drawback is that when it gets clogged up with grease, vinegar used to remove grease damages the ink making it harder to read the numbers. After three or four soakings in vinegar they were gone. Still worth the money though and very functional.
  15. I also hated the first few cooks I did with lump coal, having switched from a stickburner. That scrap wood fire smell stunk up my porch and ruined the meat IMHO, the cure was ditching cowboy and royal oak and switching to Fogo and KJ lump. Night and day difference with almost no flavor added from the lump, all smoke flavor from the wood I chose.
  16. We did it yesterday and it worked great. Warmed the stainless bowl to about 100 degrees to help the dough relax and for the first time ever we made ROUND pies!
  17. Yes you can find one that fits, https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/kick-ash-basket
  18. Well, lets see..lots of stick burners are insulated, most of the high dollar versions it seems, so that's not much of a stumbling block it would seem. As to how long it would take to heat to 275, probably not that long. As to temp run-away, well just start small and don't go crazy with the amount of fuel added, you know JUST like a stick burner. I'm not trying to heat soak the ceramic, rather the air in the kamado. As the ceramic heats up, the amount of fuel added goes down, just enough to make that sweet sweet smoke. I used to burn mini-splits in my offset once the coal base was built up, that way the slowly burning 8 inch x 2 inch splits placed away from the coals, added crucial smoke without adding much to the coal base. I've got a very nice pellet cooker and the meat from it lacks smoke flavor even with a smoke adder device. My kamado also fails to produce smoke flavored meat. Good news is that this thread SO OLD that I already bought a Masterbuilt gravity smoker and IT can induce smoke flavor just fine thanks. So, the kamado is safe for now, at least from me.
  19. My favorites are FOGO and Kamado Joe xxl lump.
  20. The idea mate would be, once having created an opening in the ceramic, to add an offset stick burner type fire box therefore creating the best of both worlds, stick burner hard wood flavored meat AND heat retention in the cook chamber via the Kamado's nature.
  21. I'll let you convince her it's not bloody. Me, I don't want to get myself bloodied.
  22. Outstanding! Believe it or not I had a dream about doing it that way..
  23. The wife and I made our first homemade pizza in about a decade yesterday and tried to form the dough while it was still too cool from the fridge so of course the dough kept springing back making it hard to get to the diameter we wanted. I did a google search for pizza dough forming gadgets/tools and outside of a 400 pizza per hour professional machine out of Italy, I found nothing. I'm wondering however if an inverted bowl of the proper size would/could assist in forming the dough by using gravity to help keep the stretched area from springing back? Anybody try it or something else that helps?
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