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    Maintaining Temps

    The amount of charcoal does not cause or prevent high temps, the amount of oxygen that that gets to the burning coals determines it. That's why a blacksmith uses a billows to force more air into the burning coals, to raise temp. If your cooker's temps run away with the inlet closed off there's an air intake leak. If the temps are too low, open the inlet vent. Opening the exhaust allows more air to pass through BUT is also dumps heat from the top of the dome.
  2. I'm not a fan of injection, or at least until I taste one that improves the factory meat flavor. Ask away, I got a great pork but plan from a local smokehouse who makes the best I've had. All you have to do is rave about how great the meat in question tasted before you ask what temp, how long etc...etc..
  3. After the fact I know, but brisket flats are pretty much doomed to be dry even if cooked low and slow unless you are cooking prime grade with lots of fat marbling. Having said that, running a water pan and cooking as low as you can maintain for as long as it takes helps somewhat. All the briskets you see on the interwebs cooked by the "pros" are prime grade and largely from very fancy sellers who get WAY too much for a packer. Having said that, a $100 brisket will be more tender than a $40 example.
  4. Chasdev

    Maintaining Temps

    Your problem is the opposite of what I experience.. Opening the lid on an established fire adds "extra" air which causes the fire to flare up so lid open time must be limited/managed to keep temps from running away. I suggest adding the wood before you start the fire and to get the meat on the cook grate as quickly as possible. FWIW, the readings you see on the dome temp gauge are normal as the sensing element cools off quickly but should recover in a few minutes after closing. Also, adding digital temp sensors will yield some interesting but at times confusing data to your cooks due the the dome temp readings versus the cook grate reading differences. Introducing ice cold meat close to temp probe sensors alters the readings as well.' Here's what I did to my Kamado, along with mounting digital probe/s at cook grate level. Some times the dome temp matches the cook grate temps, sometimes it does not, so you have to experiment with which level's readings you can trust, or choose to trust.
  5. I did not check out how he cooked them, it was back in the mid 1070's but the wife says he showed her how to do it and that he used two large double hand fulls of kingsford placed against one wall of his square cooker with the ribs indirect, but there was no foil involved. Sounds like low and slow and perhaps the minion method to boot.
  6. The wife's dad used to cut baby backs into three or four bone sections and cook them indirect on kingsford. Sauce was applied four/five times over 4/5 hours and they were perhaps the best ribs I ever ate. Sauce was a thin-ish vinegar based Memphis home brew her mom whipped up and by the time they were cooked the sauce was thick and stuck like glue to the meat. He was friends with his butcher and always got the best ribs in stock.
  7. Chasdev

    Price match K24 costco - Lowes

    Costco is reportedly also a great place to work with decent wages and good insurance package. Sort of the opposite of places like McDonalds.
  8. I don't know the temps but I cook an entire split chicken on a VERY hot mini-webber in 30 minutes.
  9. Chasdev

    Some JalapeƱo Poppers

    I'm addicted to poppers and don't intend to kick the habit, I would love to see a link or reprint of that formula!
  10. I'm thinking about giving it a try but can only find one recipe that sounds half way good.
  11. Chasdev

    Anyone experimented with "no carbs" bread?

    The short answer is it is terrible, nearly not edible IMHO. The reason I never posted back is that all my attempts were failures, not of the recipes but of the taste of the "breads". Way too eggy and way too almondy..texture like puffy cardboard. Even loaded with butter and/or cheese or avocado spread they sucked. For now I think the whole concept is aimed at folks who are addicted to bread, muffins, rolls, etc..and just have to have something. I hope in the near future some food scientists will gin up a decent no carb bread and sell it at the grocery store, I know I'll buy it, at least once...till then adios bread. Save your money, save your kitchen clean up time and just get adjusted to life without it.
  12. Wrapped for 3 should boil them real good but like everything else, it's dependent on everything else (like cook temp for instance and what type of cooker, if you add a water pan and where you measure the temps). 3/2/1 at 250/275 should get to falling off the bone baby backs but with other types, your mileage may vary.
  13. I like my pellet burner because I can cook overnight and sometimes close to 24 hours for super low and slow meats like brisket and pork butt. I got interested in long cooks from the show Man meat fire (or whatever it's called) where the host interviewed a gentleman who only cooked 24 hour pork butts, the results were amazing, tenderness and moisture wise.
  14. I read the post about "supersmoke" and since my CampChef lacks that mode I was thinking about dropping a chunk of hardwood into the burn chamber before startup to add an extra layer of smoke. Anyone ever tinker with added chips/chunks to the burn chamber?
  15. You already know what's wrong, you just need to find the leak/s. One thing to try would be to start a few chunks of charcoal, add some wood chips once the coals are hot, then close off the exhaust port and that should force some smoke to leak out where the air is/was leaking in.
  16. Finally got a chance to take some pics inside my Camp Chef 24. The drip tray is supposed to be tilted from left to right (as pictured) but I'm going to experiment with it laid flat on top of the primary heat deflector (as again pictured) and with a pan sitting on to catch the good stuff and allow me to introduce some water to the cooker.
  17. Chasdev

    Weekend Brisket

    Just got back from Costco and today they had "American Wagyu" branded prime graded packers for under $5 a lb. They were biguns, total prices were just under $100. Too rich for my blood.
  18. Chasdev

    Polar Vortex, Schmolar Schmortex

    My sister is also in Chi town and she sent me a picture of her dashboard display on her way to work at the VA hospital yesterday, it showed -23 at 5:am.
  19. Chasdev

    Weekend Brisket

    I prefer choice over their prime as there is way too much fat on them.. In fact I've only tried one from Costco, it had too much fat to eat, so HEB choice is my go to.
  20. Chasdev

    Weekend Brisket

    That's strange, in South Austin all Costco offers is Prime...it's there every Wed which is when we do our shopping.
  21. A few weeks ago I posted that my one year old and out of warranty PartyQ puffer had stopped working. I called them up and they had me send it back for analysis which I did expecting to be informed that it was kaput and no longer covered by the warranty. To my surprise it arrived via UPS today fixed and working and with no charge for shipping either way OR with any repair charges. So good on BBQ Guru customer service!
  22. Chasdev

    Pitt Boss Accessories - Whici ones?

    Can't get the pics to load in order to here's three more... Also I've switched to ceramic spacers and ditched the jumbo nuts.
  23. Chasdev

    Pitt Boss Accessories - Whici ones?

    Here's how I rig my 24 but I must say I find the upper level grate mount legs to be poorly thought out. The legs take up too much space on the lower rack and so far I've not encountered the need to use both levels, or at least had meat that I needed to cook there that would fit.
  24. Chasdev

    Fun Friday

    Looks fantastic! Is Lane's your "go to" for butt?
  25. Chasdev

    Help on slow cooking ribs

    My PittBoss 24 also commonly shows different temps at different levels, so I pay attention to cook grate temps (both below and about 2 inches above the meat) and ignore the dome temp. I have 4 digital probes and the funny thing is that before I place the cold meat, all 4 read more or less the same, but when the coolish meat goes down, they diverge. I suspect the meat influences the readings as when nearly finished cooking, the temps high and low seem to equalize. Also, the openings around the perimeter of the diffuser are WAY hotter than the "protected" areas and will read and cook hotter.