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  1. The problem is with the fuel in the carb evaporating and leaving a gummy varnish that effectively sticks the float and clogs the pilot jets which prevents starting or smooth running. The cure is two fold, add a fuel stabilizer to the storage can and also shut off the fuel valve and run it out of gas which causes the carb to run dry so that the amount of fuel left in the jets and fuel passages can't block them when it drys. Dual use is mainly run on propane and switched to gasoline for the swap out of a new tank of propane or while the replacement tank is sourced.
  2. MY problem with poppers is that after the first 10, I get hungry and eat the rest!
  3. I've never seen them cut that way, did you buy them or cut them yourself? In any case it looks like a great idea, I would love to give that a try!
  4. I'm a retired auto tech so I can deal with all carb issues plus it's so hot in Austin that anything freezing up in the summer would be a flat out miracle! Tank size is not an issue because it's going into in my storage shed and I'm hoping any power outages don't last more than one day, fingers crossed. My plan was to go with multiple small tanks, unless the cost for many is way more than the cost of one or two larger units. The buy in prevents me from going up to 10k watts, something in the 4000/5000 watt range is my top dollar.
  5. Thinking on picking one up and have been reading about a zillion reviews and ratings but I would rather hear from guys that already own/use one.. Planning on using propane 99.999% of the time. I'm looking in the 5000 watt range, perhaps as low as 4000.
  6. Here it is..with shipping it cost just under $40. https://www.instawares.com/american-metalcraft-20in-straight-sided-aluminum-pizza-pan.amm-ha4020.0.7.htm
  7. I don't remember right now, but it was a restaurant supply outfit I found online. I'll look around and see if I can find it again.
  8. I just checked and Mayordomo mole is available on Amazon! I'm going to order some right now, I loves me some mole...
  9. I love those old school choppers, no front brake (and almost no rear brakes) on the America bike and check out the clutch and front brake levers on Dennis's bike! At last they are back together, RIP boys.
  10. Just buy a Smokey Joe..I can get four large burgers on mine and the coals okeare right under the cook grate. It's my go to cooker for steaks and burgers plus you can do a spatchcock chicken in 45 minutes by shutting the vents down to a sliver after placing the bird. https://www.weber.com/US/en/grills/portable-grills/smokey-joe-series/10020.html
  11. Not me, I'm still working on converting my Kamado to an offset stick burner... The only thing holding me back is fear of ruining my cooker by drilling firebox mounting holes in it..
  12. Me? I would be a bit paranoid about what out gasses from the aluminum foil and silicone sealer at that temp. I sealed the firebox door on my offset stick burner and when it got roaring hot the automotive "high temp" silicone sealer stunk to high heaven and of course fell apart.
  13. No way the digital probe wires will take that high, but I don't cook pizza so I'm good. And no, no threads.
  14. I vote cutting off the end of the flat and cook it next to the larger piece. The thin end always gets over cooked when attached to the main body of the brisket so this way you can pull the cut off piece when it's done rather than leaving it attached and letting it get over cooked.
  15. I wrapped felt heat tape around the stem/s (I also use two digital probes, one to check against the analog and one for grate level) and sort of stuff them, wrapped in felt, through the hole.
  16. If you like kingsford try the comp version, it burns hotter and lasts a little longer than the regular flavor.
  17. I also don't wrap any more and I like to use oak wood chunks for flavor. As to the rub, it's hard to beat kosher salt (lots) and coarse ground black pepper (again lots).
  18. I also like the taste of kingsford cooked meats but you need to quit using royal oak, it sucks IMHO. Get some FOGO and re-test that meat, it's a night and day difference.
  19. I first saw it at a local HEB store but a year later they were out so I googled it and bought it direct from Adams. I bought three large size but later it re-appeared at HEB in Austin. I like to cut the bird in half season heavily then freeze for at least two weeks to let it brine the bird. Serious good eating when cooked indirect at around 400 degrees for 40 minutes or so, then direct for two or three minutes per side to crisp.
  20. My favorite.. The one on the left that is...Adams.
  21. I see a problem cooking the second/third pie. If you get to 8/900 and open it to place the pie, the next time you open it it will go nuts and then again the next time. A blacksmith forge can reach 3500 if fed enough O2, so opening and shutting after reaching 900 may get interesting.
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