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  1. Hmm, I was talking about briquets not lump, I agree their lump is not good at all. LIke you my favorites are KamadoJoe xl lump and Fogo.
  2. I also grabbed some, my HD did not have it in stock which is lucky for me as Wally was cheaper!
  3. Lid wide open for a while to get the fire started then lid shut to around 200 with vents wide open, I like to place the meat at around 25 degrees below my desired set point then shut down the vents to what I think it will need which is usually around 1/4 to 1/2 inch each. Opening the lid adds a gulp of air that will raise the temp so do it as quickly as possible or you can waste time tinkering with the vents trying to cool it off. Much much easier to raise temps than to lower.
  4. Not really but if I did not have the Weber's for direct over the coals cooking, the Kamado would fill that gap. For super low and slow I use the pellet rig but truth be told I have grown lazy in my old age and the least amount of work is now my prime directive and since I can run 24 hours on the pellet burner with almost no fiddling at all, well you know..
  5. It came down to wood smoke flavor in the meat for me. I've got a large Kamado, a pellet spitter, four Weber rigs from small to large but the new Masterbuilt gravity cooker gets me back to offset stickburner wood smoke flavored meat. That's what I've been looking for ever since I quit driving a stickburner. The buy in is a bonus.
  6. Been a while but can you post the recipe? I want to try to duplicate it. It looks like you trimmed the bacon ends that hang over the lip?
  7. I love mine, cooked brisket points three times and ribs three times. It's not super sturdy and the Wi Fi sucks but the temp controller function works great and the gravity feed works flawlessly. For the money it's hard to beat and for me at least, getting offset stickburner wood smoke flavor in the meat is fantastic.
  8. Okay, that's what I was doing when I tried keto, having a support system makes all the difference I guess. Cooking keto for one is next to impossible when there's only two eating and the other meals are the exact opposite of keto. Way too much planning and WAY too many dirty pots/pans/etc.. Guess I'll try to eat way less of the bad and much more of the good.
  9. Great info, thanks for the update! I'm contacting them right away.
  10. Man you are doing great! I've been following along reading each post as it hits and I have to ask you, If you are doing low/er carbs and low fat, what the heck are you eating? I'm not trolling, I need to drop at least 100 lbs myself and can't get her done. Keto got me 15 lbs but my wife made fun of it to her family and friends so I went back to max carb eating and quickly added back the 15 and gained 15 more. Lastly which "popular" diet plan are you using, if I may ask?
  11. Indeed, I want to ask them about KamadoJoe XXL lump and Kingsford competition professional grade briquettes.
  12. Have not heard or seen either at Austin Tx costco but I bought some terrible Cowboy brand a few years ago from them and still have one large bag sitting in the garage just in case of the end times hitting early.
  13. I ran post oak chunks in the feed chute and in the ash bin at all times so the first three hours were very smokey. Also, the briskets points were 225 for two hours and 350 for 2.5 hours. Apple juice/apple cider vinegar spray every 45 minutes, wrapped in butcher paper for the last 1.5 hours. Some of the best brisket I've ever done.
  14. I switched from a stickburner to a Kamado because I reached the point where I was no longer willing to tend fire every hour for 8/12 hours in order to smoke a brisket. The Kamado, once I installed a PartyQ blower system, was set and forget, BUT no amount of wood chunks or smoke adding devices got me where I wanted to be flavor wise. The Masterbuilt gravity however takes me right back to stickburner bark and flavor and I don't have to monitor the fire constantly, so for me it's a done deal.
  15. I went Masterbuilt for the ability to burn largish chunks of hardwood, period. So far so good, lots of real wood smoke and smoke flavor in the meat. I love my pellet spitter for LONG low smokes but for ribs and hot and fast briskets, it can't compete with the gravity unit.
  16. Congrats! Welcome to the brotherhood of "we who hate stupid instruction writers". That's not to imply that you were not already a member in good standing.
  17. Question? Too many beers or not enough? I ended up flopping mine around at different angles as the required pieces went on, that whole tape the gasket in place this was a farce so I tipped it so gravity held the gasket in place. The screws that hold the control panel to the body are hard and need a LONG screwdriver plus a small diameter long stem flexible magnet works great to get the lost handle mount screws out of purgatory. I had a slight advantage being an ASE Master auto tech with about $100,000 worth of tools about 30 feet away....
  18. I visited the Kingsford website today and they make a bunch of stuff I had never seen or heard of before, it's worth a look, although I can argue the fact that no retailers near my abode carrying ANY of the upscale items, is responsible for my ignorance. They also say there's a "NEW" product going to be revealed Jan 20, so stay tuned for whatever that is. I would love to try the oak hardwood version of their briquettes, but no worries the KamadoJoe lump is working nicely.
  19. I think there may be confusion over the grate opening size and the type of charcoal used. If you use the smallest pieces of lump then some of them will fall into the ash bin but even if they do, they still burn once the larger lump pieces burn down enough to fall into the ash bin and cause them to catch fire.
  20. I did the break-in burn with kingsford and have been cooking with KamadoJoe xxl lump and I can state for a fact that the KamadoJoe lump is vastly superior. Enough of it falls through the grate to ignite the hardwood chunks and they burn to completion emitting lots of great smelling smoke. So much so that from now on, other then placing one chunk of wood at the bottom of the charcoal chute to get the party started, all my smoke wood will be in the ash bucket.
  21. Don't consider it a mod but I like to use a drip pan and raise the meat above it so the smoke can get to all sides. I also like to elevate the drip pan off the cast iron grate in the hope of lowering it's temp.
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