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  1. No worries, when it hits 160 wrap it loosely in foil add 1/2 cup liquid (water works fine, but you can use beer, coke etc..). If you have a cooling rack, use it to suspend the brisket out of the liquid. cook another two or three hours and presto, bob's your uncle! Some pellet spitters make more smoke at lower heat settings so you may want to run the first two or three hours at or around 225, then up the temp to 250/275 to get it cooked in time to eat the same day. My pellet spitter has a hot spot so I Like to flip and move briskets every two hours to help even cooking. Lastly, remember "carry over" cooking where the meat continues to cook after it's pulled off the cooker. If you plan on resting or holding the meat in an insulated cooler for an hour or two, it will continue to cook which means that if it's completely cooked when you pull it, it will become over cooked while holding or resting if you put it in an insulated chamber. So, if it's perfectly tender when you pull it, let it rest uncovered on a counter to minimize carry over cooking.
  2. I had to sand and file down and galled gob of metal or the grease would not have worked. The grease will prevent galling in future though.
  3. I'm a "hot and fast" brisket cook and that amount of time to those temps is EXACTLY what I get cooking at 350. I also have a Kamado and it's never stopped confusing me as to what area is at what temp. I suggest you are cooking much hotter than you think you are. My cooks last close to 6 hours and if I am going to hold the meat in a cooler I have to pull at around 5.5 hours to prevent carry over cooking. If I'm going to cool for an hour uncovered then slice and eat it's a 6 hour cook, no matter what size brisket.
  4. Lumps too small is no good but lumps too large is also no good. Easy enough to bust up the big ones though.
  5. Easy, after filling the bowl with hot water to heat it, I fill a smaller bowl with very hot water and invert the large one over the top of the smaller one to help keep the large one warm, after dumping the water first of course. Most of my pizza dough expanding problems were/are due to my house being ice cold in the summer due to excessive A/C use so "room temp" dough was still too cold to expand without drawing back.
  6. Wasn't that long ago I got grief for suggesting a home made version that very concept! Oh well.
  7. I've used them for decades (on car stuff) and while they are a good tool you have to factor in that they don't work well on shiny surfaces, so meat that's covered in a shiny sauce or dripping wet juices/fat or very clean stainless or chrome grill grates and the outside of a newish Weber won't read right.
  8. I have the lowest level PartyQ blower and I love it, temps stay exactly where I want them.
  9. I did one on a pellet burner that took 20 hours at 225 and that cooker holds exact temps hour after hour after hour.... Brisket came out great and I got a full nights sleep, but that was still too long. I cook brisket at 350/375 these days and like the results and shorter cook time a lot.
  10. 225 is going to take a LONG time, in fact unless your actual cook grate temps exceed that number (and you are going off the dome temp gauge which shows lower than the cook level temp) you can expect it to take from 12/14 hours up to 20 hours. My sincere advice is to monitor internal temp at 8 hours and if it's not reaching stall then raise the temp to 275.
  11. Chasdev

    NO Teflon!!

    Well, at least weed, while against the law in some places, does not cause much harm.
  12. Chasdev

    NO Teflon!!

    There used to be a low friction motor oil sold that did improve engine performance thru friction reduction UNTIL some small aircraft crashes caused by the engines failing which were found to have been caused by the teflon carbonizing with the bits floating around in the oil killing the engines which caused crashes which killed the pilots. If memory serves the teflon turned to chunks and came unstuck from the metal parts at under 500 degrees, which means it does not belong on or near a fire source when combined with food that humans will consume.
  13. The wife and I have been marinating with Bulgogi this year and we love the taste and how it tenderizes meat. We've done chicken tenders, pork tenderloin and several cuts of beef, with ny strip (cut into strips being our fav beef) and all have been well worth the effort. Now I want to try some shell on (with the vein removed) jumbo wild caught shrimp. Question is how long should I soak the shrimp? I want max flavor but don't want the Asian pear component turning them into mush.. Anybody tried this?
  14. Chasdev

    NO Teflon!!

    Ask the folks who used to work at the factory that made teflon if it's dangerous, oh wait, you can't, they died from multiple cancers. As for me, even if life is full of various cancer causing chems that don't really hurt that many people, if you add them all up, do you begin to see cancer rates and deaths from chemo/radiation treatment rise nation wide, well yes you do so perhaps one less of them would be a good plan.
  15. Chasdev

    NO Teflon!!

    That would be bad, very very bad.
  16. I've cooked a grass fed prime brisket that we did not like BUT I've also seared grass fed prime porterhouse steaks that were great!?
  17. No personal knowledge but from reading stuff here and there, the hotter the better. Me? I cook in an electric oven at 450 with parchment paper under the pies on pizza stones that were preheated for an hour. Sometimes we make our own dough but when lazy we buy frozen dough balls at the grocery store. Free tip to making the dough round..place a bowl of near boiling water under an upside down steel mixing bowl coated with olive oil and spread the dough ball out over the dome pressing it down gently until you get the diameter and thickness you want.
  18. We tried some last year and it was almost too tough to cut with a sharp knife, and that was AFTER we soaked it it tenderizer.
  19. All the outside goes to restaurants and LOTS of it gets shipped to Japan of all places. We used to cook it once a week and it was cheap and delicious, tender as could be after marinating for a few hours in beer, Worcestershire and mixed with half a dozen sliced green jalapenos and some scallions. Burned like hell but soooo good.
  20. I also love skirt but all this tough as leather inside skirt has me keeping my wallet closed. IF I could find some outside skirt, I would stack the freezer..
  21. I suggest you abandon KIngford original as they are pretty low grade. Everyone knows this so try one of their better offerings like hardwood or pro comp and see who wins. The hardwood and comp are compressed more, burn longer, burn hotter and produce way less ash. And they produce great heat the second or third time you use them. I have a 5 gal metal trash can to store used briquettes, I cull the ones that are down to 1/3 original size and add a few new ones to them when starting another cook and find they work just fine. Another plus is much less smoke produced using recycled charcoal.
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