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  1. I used to fast a day or two in my late teen years and found it easy, no cravings or hunger pains at all. I guess I had been reading about middle eastern holy guys and wanted to get in on the act. These days, after having enjoyed three squares a day for 50+ years since my late teens, it's not quite as easy. My reading on the innertubes reveal the need to hydrate and supplement with vitamins and minerals or risk bad stuff happening to my innards. So, what did you drink during your extented fasting and what supplements were swallowed? Plain water, clear soup, bone broth, green tea or coffee perhaps?
  2. That's the one, smoke until internal temp is 160 or so then wrap in foil and finish in the oven..' It really did turn out a superior butt.
  3. Those look fantastic. I'm a fan of brining pork, I watched a very old episode of Alton Brown doing a pork butt and now follow his instructions on the brine and cook temps too. My first attempt resulted in the best butt I ever turned out so count me in!
  4. I brine my birds in a large stainless pot using filtered water and salt, period. Over soaking can be an issue but if you pull the meat in a timely fashion, the results are outstanding.
  5. You would have to take it apart and bubble wrap the ceramic parts then crate them with heavy duty cardboard boxes. Even protected and packed, if the main shell or lid gets dropped, it's all over. I think I would just sell it and buy another at the other end.
  6. I had the exact opposite problem, we've been every year and got tired of the crowds and boring racing so we sold our tickets on-line and watched at home this year. Besides the 5 mile drive from my front door to the track takes too long..... We MAY attend again next year if they "catch" the Mercedes team cheating and slow them down enough to make it real racing again but what really sours us is the change from the ear shattering 12,000 rpm V-8's to the droning V-6 hybrids which don't require ear protection. I'm all for the green revolution but in F1? Give me a break. Anyway I may have 3 turn 15 grandstand (row 10) tickets for sale next year if things don't change for the better as we are obligated as PSL holders to buy the tickets for another 7 years no matter if we attend or not.
  7. As long as the wind does not change direction and blow all that ash back at you..should be fine.
  8. That's why most race cars use a "wrap" these days, not cheap but way cheaper than paint.
  9. I've seen them done here in Texas for years..probably cheaper than a full paint job and for sure cheaper than a good paint job.
  10. I started using wet salt brine on birds earlier this year and I will never cook chicken or turkey again without it.
  11. I bought Franklin's book and watched all his videos when they first came out. He is a master at trimming no doubt BUT he also interviews some famous pit masters who never trim a packer at all and who produce world class brisket. I've done it both ways and I have to say other than dealing with lots of rendered fat in the drip pan, there's no downside to not trimming.
  12. It better mow my lawn and wash my car for $10 a bottle before shipping costs are factored.
  13. Walmart restocks every day so if they were down to one then that means there are about to be 30 in the cooler for you to inspect.
  14. Just because it lacked a choice or prime grade does not mean you should walk away. Handle every one of them and look at the sides for signs of marbling. If you find one that's soft and floppy, as in it bends over from it's own weight, and there's decent marbling, you have a suitable candidate.
  15. Last year my Walmart changed up their brisket selection and offered ONLY choice grade and lowered the price to $1.96 for most of the summer.. And yes, I do have a freezer full of smoked and sliced brisket vac packed and ready to go. I eat one pack every 10 days or so..
  16. My advice is, no matter where you find one, to select the highest grade you can afford with choice being the lowest grade you should buy. Also, given a bin full of briskets, choose the one/s that are the most floppy, unless some are frozen and some not. I like to buy ones that are not near the sell by date when possible too.
  17. Cool, now we can get first hand testimony on how to use it! So, HOW do you use it? Do you start a fire in it or start a fire and then place it on top of the burning coals? It's made of metal, yes? Where and how do you place wood chunks? Does it make the wood chunks last longer and/or provide "clean" blue smoke better than without the device installed? If you are getting more wood smoke flavor over a kamado that does not have one, how do you figure that happens? Looks to me that it raises the level of the radiant heat source so that the meat gets hotter without being scorched by direct flames or coals.
  18. looks interesting but I wonder why they only push it to one brand. If it works in that brand it work in all the others too, just saying.
  19. Sorry for the long copy and paste job but this is may change how we cook (and eat). African Swine Fever is killing millions upon millions of pigs all over the world, and this threatens to create a crippling global shortage of protein as we head into 2020. This epidemic began in China last year, and it is now also running wild in North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines. But this crisis is certainly not limited to Asia. According to the Washington Post, so far in 2019 there have also been outbreaks “in Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.” Overall, cases of African Swine Fever have been documented “in nearly 50 nations”, and U.S. pork producers are extremely concerned that it could start spreading here too. African Swine Fever is extremely contagious, there is no vaccine, and there is no cure. Once it starts spreading in a certain area, there isn’t much that can be done “other than culling herds and loading carcasses into hazardous waste sites”. Literally, we are talking about an unstoppable global plague that is an existential threat to our food supply. Of course many of us don’t eat pork, but there will also be an immense strain on supplies of beef and chicken as those that eat pork are forced to turn to other alternatives. This is an exceedingly serious situation, and with each month it is just getting worse. China is the epicenter for this crisis, and CNN is reporting that the Chinese herd has “shrunk by around 130 million” since this epidemic first began last year… The damage that African swine fever has wrecked on China’s pig population is hard to overstate. The country is home to half of all the pigs on the planet, and its herd has shrunk by around 130 million since the outbreak began about 13 months ago, according to a CNN Business analysis of data from the Chinese agricultural ministry. Many farmers are reluctant to restock pigs after they are slaughtered, fearing they’ll catch the disease. To put that in perspective, there are only about 70 million pigs in the United States. Yes, that number is for the entire country. So the damage that has already been done in China is beyond cataclysmic, and this crisis is very far from over. As many as half of China’s pigs, an estimated 300 million, have died of the virus or been exterminated since the disease took hold 13 months ago. Of course the virus continues to sweep through China like wildfire, and at this point Rabobank is projecting that up to 70 percent of China’s pigs could eventually end up dead. And considering the fact that about half of all the pigs in the entire world are in China, that is a very sobering thing to hear. Needless to say, this crisis has been dramatically driving up the price of pork. According to CNN, the price of pork in China is now nearly 70 percent higher than it was at this time last year…African swine fever has ravaged China’s pig population, and the country’s consumers are feeling the pain. Some are even switching to other meats as the dietary staple becomes unaffordable. Pork in China now costs nearly 70% more than it did a year ago, For the average Chinese citizen, this is a really big deal, because pork accounts for about 70 percent of their total meat consumption. So to keep their population fed, China has started to import massive quantities of pork and beef from the rest of the world…China has also been buying more pig meat from the rest of the world to keep its consumers happy. The country imported more than 1.3 million tons of pork in the first nine months of 2019, a 44% spike compared to a year ago, according to customs data published Monday. Imports of beef were up more than 50%, as people substitute that meat for pork in their diets. As this virus continues to rapidly spread all over the planet, the supply crunch is only going to get worse. Global prices are going to continue to escalate, and those on the bottom of the global economic food chain are going to have an increasingly difficult time being able to afford to buy any pork, beef or chicken at all. And nobody should expect things to turn around in a year or two. In fact, one expert is projecting that “it will be another 4 to 6 years before China will be able to rebuild its herd”…“We’re past a year now and it’s still spreading and getting worse,” he says. “We believe it will be another 4 to 6 years before China will be able to rebuild its herd, but that’s making assumptions about when and if they will be able to get an effective vaccine.” Of course that projection assumes that there will be a vaccine, but right now there is no vaccine and we don’t know if there will ever be one. Meanwhile, this virus just continues to sweep across the globe like wildfire. In fact, we just learned that it has gotten into “two more provinces in the Philippines”…The highly contagious and deadly African swine fever virus has spread to two more provinces in the Philippines, the world’s 10th-largest pork consumer, officials said on Friday. Cases of infections were detected in some areas in Cavite, south of the nation’s capital Manila, and in Nueva Ecija on Luzon island. This is a global plague unlike anything we have ever seen before. According to the New York Daily News, “more than one-quarter of Earth’s pigs have been wiped out by the virulent disease.” I put that last sentence in bold to make sure that you caught that. More than a fourth of our pigs are already gone, and this virus is still raging out of control. What we are facing is literally a global nightmare, and we are still in the early chapters.
  20. I have two different digital temp measuring devices and they agree what the tel tru reads so calibration is not a concern for me. Note where the digital probe is in relation to the Tel tru probe, I get the same readings from both but of course the digital changes readings much faster AND I can see the readings while drinking beer in my living room!
  21. I use some felt tape wrapped around the probe/s tips to hold them in place.
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