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  1. https://www.youdoitelectronics.com/philmore-standard-alligator-clip-5pk-10119 If you use low temp solder you could make sure it won't fall off.
  2. The secret to using hard cheese in sauces has been revealed! Click and learn gentlemen. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/42642-melting-salts-for-melting-hard-cheese/
  3. My partyQ blower comes with a alligator clip attached to the probe but the jack is larger than the ones on my Maverick. The clip is pushed onto the end of the probe and sometimes slips off so I would think you could buy a new clip and just bend the ears around your probe.
  4. I told my sister and my daughter and both are quite excited about the prospects..
  5. If you test different probe mount locations with no meat loaded (and as long as you avoid the gaps around the perimeter of the deflector) the difference will be small. After loading room temp (or heaven forbid cold) meat, the cook grate temps will drop compared to the dome level reading.
  6. I just ordered some off Amazon and I promise I WILL use it! We quit eating fake cheese and that means of course that no more queso and chips which is unthinkable. You sir have saved us (and our cheese dip addiction).
  7. Outstanding, did you make or buy the sweet/sour sauce?
  8. The wife and I are always looking out for new and tasty sides, so tell me more about how you made them both!
  9. Wonderful story, I am with you on "murder by chemo" these days. My mom and and most recently my best friend got cured of living by chemo and radiation. As a bonus they both suffered like dogs before thankfully expiring.
  10. Spraying works great on WSM or offset stickburners but with a Kamado every time you open the lid you risk the temps spiking and then having to diddle with the vent settings a bunch of times to get the fire stable again. Kosher salt and coarse black pepper only, fat side down over a drip pan (but not swimming in liquid) and cooked hot and fast. Oh, and the point is the way to go.
  11. Maybe he needs a better brand of battery or to check the "use by" date on the package. I've done overnight brisket cooks with mine and the batteries had enough charge left to do shorter cooks afterwards.
  12. Remember, when you slice it up, go across starting at the flat end and when you start to get into the point meat, rotate the brisket 90 degrees and slice across it again so that your knife is cutting across the point end's grain.
  13. I use a PartyQ, it's cheap and works great. Before I used the PartyQ I used a TipTopTemp controller. Now I use both.
  14. Yes, that's it, an offset firebox adaptor which attaches to the Kamado lower inlet so that all the heat and smoke is coming from a small hardwood fire. Placing the new firebox at a lower level would help insure the heat rises into the kamado lower chamber. With the heat retention ability I think it would work well. If I still had my shop and welding equipment I would be out there building step 1 version right now!
  15. My idea is to have the wood fire OUTSIDE the kamado so only hot smoke would enter. Once the wood burned down to coals, regulating the airflow would control cook grate temps.
  16. Here's the thing, coals provide the heat and burning wood provides the smoke. If you have a small coal base and add a stick of wood the temps won't go up until the wood burns down to coals, which are much hotter than the flames and then when the original coals are almost spent and you add more wood the temp stays stable as the new coals from the last stick replace the old ones. Trick is to balance coal bed with new wood and not let the coal bed get too large. Try placing the new wood next to rather than on top of the coal base so it can slowly catch fire and slowly burn, that's when you get the best smoke because the coals heat the smoke and burn off the bad stuff.
  17. Ideal hardwood moisture content is 15/20%, you can pick up a decent tester on Amazon for less than $30. Cutting into the wood is the correct way/place to test. Smoke color/density of properly seasoned wood is a function of airflow reaching the fire and temperature of the fire itself. Too little air flow will cause dense, sour smoke as will placing wood on a "young" fire as the heat from the coals helps burn off the "bad" elements in the smoke itself. In an offset stickburner the ideal method is to run with the firebox door and exhaust stack wide open, using the amount of fuel introduced to control cook grate temps.
  18. The weight of the brisket does not alter how long it takes to break down the tough and chewy elements so you may not reduce the cook time all that much over a larger piece of brisket.
  19. Resting is a great idea but remember to let it cool down to 170 or so before placing in the resting/holding container or it will continue to cook, which is fine if you pull it before it's done but bad if it's fully cooked as it will get overdone due to ''carry over''. Overdone brisket falls apart and is dry.
  20. Not in a Kamado, but do use a foil lined drip pan to keep the grease out of the fire. You can add some water until the stall but doing so will cause a longer cook time as it prevents moisture from cooking out of the meat. OR put another way.. Getting through the stall involves the meat divesting itself of some of its load of water. As long as the meat is still out-gassing moisture it stays cooler due to evaporation.
  21. The way I see it, if there's enough airflow to run a charcoal fire then that size opening would transfer enough heat and smoke to turn a kamado into a smoker. Placing the firebox below the level of the kamado inlet would make sure of smoke/heat flow. Perhaps limited to 300 or less but that's ideal for brisket, ribs and pork butt. An exhaust fan to increase draw might be called for?
  22. Ohhhh, Speeeed holes!!!? I officially give you permission to start work on my idea to convert a ceramic kamado to an offset (mini) stick burner. The plan is to use the inlet opening and connect an external burn box in which to burn wood instead of charcoal (or pellets). Everyone knows that hard wood smoke (and I DO own and use a pellet spitter) imparts superior flavor to meat compared to charcoal, pellets or wood chunk added to charcoal. I suggest rather than cutting or altering the OEM opening to adapt to or use the OEM ceramic opening to reduce possible damage to the ceramic and to make it cheaper/easier to adapt to a wood burner. You're welcome!
  23. Any time you introduce a water pan it increases the time it takes for the brisket to "exhale" it's own internal liquid content. Until this happens, it can't come up to temp. In addition, when cooking at 230, you can expect the cook time to nearly double the time it takes to cook at 300.
  24. I saw an online recommendation for things to try at Trader Joe's and I have to report to any and all who live for hot sauce that Green Dragon is a WIN! It's flavor is mostly jalapeno and tomatillos with vinegar. Not flaming hot and the balance between japs and toma's is perfect, it's not a green sauce and not a jap sauce.
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