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  1. https://www.flameboss.com/blog/The-New-Flame-Boss-400-Product-Features-and-Differences-Between-Previous-Models Seems like a very natural step, integrating blower and controller in one unit. At the very end of the post, they hint something more advanced - more expensive - will be coming hot on the heels of the 400 release which is end of August 2018. In fact all three of their new products will be this year. I’m guess the next will be a similar design but with integrated LCD and buttons a la iKamand. As for the third and final product, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a full Kamado with integrated controller. Just my guess. I do like that they are conscious of the price this go round, WiFi and everything basic you need in 2018 and only $219! I actually just purchased the 300 at Home Depot and didn’t have a chance to use it yet, so I’m going to return it and hold onto the cash until I see what’s after the 400. Anyone else?
  2. Thanks everyone. I was more looking for time and temp as I’d never done this... i went ahead and just used my common sense as a cook! I applied a homemade rub of salt, pepper, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder and brown sugar. I let it sit in the fridge for three hours. Fired up the grill and tried to keep the temp manually between 225 and 250, but the grill seemed to prefer 215-235 for most of the cook. Four hours later, I brushed half with a Carolina gold sauce and the other half with a raspberry chipotle. I let the temp get to about 175 and it was plenty tender while plenty chewy, almost like a soft fried pork chunk texture. Came out excellent!
  3. 190 internal right? What about grill temp? About how long? I know there’s no exact time just an idea, I don’t know long they take when the butt is cut up
  4. Never made these before, I searched the forum and saw two other posts but nothing very specific about cook time. Im looking to these on my Vision S, I don’t yet have the deflector kit but have a pizza stone. I’m thinking stone on the bottom rack and ribs above it for heat deflection. Anyone experiences with time and temp on these? Need this to go well. I’ll have plenty of time. I’m planning to rub them and then low and slow.
  5. Just to bring this back to life, I cooked again and it was better but took a long long time for the temp to get up. I even had all vents open. It must something like I'm using too small chunks and air can't flow through (it's Royal Oak)? Or I'm using too little coal? I've seen so many different recommendations to fill the bowl. Just below the holes, to the holes, fill the whole basket, etc etc. When I cook, it's generally two whole spatchcock chickens. I have yet to do brisket but intend to once I'm stable at temps. I really feel like something is going on with my vision and leaks so I'll look at this this weekend too....just so hot out!
  6. This may sound crazy or maybe I'm just too "hulk smash" for my own good (been told that before!), but what kind of tools are you all using to flip your whole spatchcock chicken to get the breast crispy, without the leg/thigh ripping off? I know the most common answer will probably be DON'T FLIP but I like to cook it a little lower temp and the skin doesn't get crispy if I don't. Just hands grabbing the legs and quick? A particularly large spatula? My bird seems to be very tender, and I'm not even flipping when it's very close to temp.
  7. Thank you! Shows sold out at that link and $150 on amazon :-/
  8. Any clues as to the name or where it can be found? I was only able to locate the bracket portion on Amazon.
  9. Yes, exactly. I actually have a 3d printer that will print up to 8"x 8". So if I could get my hands on one, I would immediately begin prototyping something out of PLA until the dimensions and fit seems good enough get a local sheet metal guy to fold me some. The adapter for the BBQGURU and the Flame Boss are incredibly basic cuts.
  10. It locks it full open, for use with the Gas Insert, which requires the top stay fully open for safety.
  11. Just my humble opinion but maybe others will weigh in.... Men...would you want to wait until the 15th just because it was your birthday?! LOL Give it to him now so he can crack that box open, inspect it for damage, build it, and get a few practice runs in this weekend. That way by his birthday, he can make a little something on it for people to try, assuming there's a small gathering. I'm not saying a whole meal, but something to sample. You are a WONDERFUL girlfriend, all that effort and thought. I'm just speaking for me, I'd happy accept it earlier than my birthday and want to use it to bring enjoyment to my loved one. In this case, half the fun is not in building it, it's in lighting it up for the first time! Fellas?
  12. My thinking on it is...after all that engineering and design... it's just folding some sheet metal into various shapes which opens an entire new line of sales. I could very well easily see a sheet metal "box" shape that fits into the vent opening and the iKamand attaches to that. There's many ways to do it.
  13. It has the large door flap though that could easily be accommodated. The grills sells very well and both Flame Boss as well as BBQGuru make adapters. In the end, it's a piece of folded sheet metal. Also I think something like the WSM would need one as well.
  14. Thank you! Could not be more interested in following this. I would purchase this day one the moment they confirm an adapter will be available for the vision pro s. Even if the adapter isn't out for a few weeks / months.
  15. How do we get in on the first batch of orders? Wonder when / if an adapter will be available for Vision.
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