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  1. hunting..fishing..benchrest shooting ..the boat..and cooking out..fills my time..retirement is great
  2. i have a Troy Built w/ a honda engine...bullet proof...5 yrs old..one pull to start..got it at home depo..it's funny..i was busting my a## pushing that thing thru zochya ( sp ?) grass w/ both the temp and humity around 90 and i thought about your post about buying that stuff..it was here when we bought the house..every winter it looks dead brown..every spring it comes back with a vengence..stuff is super thick..like a mat..soft to walk on..little or no weeds where it grows..a pain in the a## to cut..it's so thick..
  3. You're right..too much Stubb's...In the end it was the best one yet..moist with good smoke flavor..my wife sure liked it. now for a turkey breast..wih a 1/2 chimney of Stubb's..
  4. I'm going to give that a try..i did too many things a one time..adj. both vents at the same time and adding sone water to the drip pan..i'm old enough to know better..one thing at a time and see how it affects the temp..thanks on the view..but that's salt water..anything metal becomes part of a rust test..i'll let the site know how well that grill holds up..i've had a webber s470 out on the deck for 2 yrs..no rust..a cabelas stainless gas smoker cabinet for 4 yrs..no rust on that chinese stainless..everything else..burner' smoker pan all the suporting metal..rust apart..useless
  5. Any time you're ion the ES of Maryland.
  6. Got up at 5:30 and started up the Akron w/ stubbs and apple wood. it went up to 170 and i started to cut back. it seemed to settle at 270..held of 20 mins and started down..at 255 i opened yp the top tp 1.5 and the bottom to 1..now it's 293 and again i have to cut back..just cut back to 1 in top and about a 1/4 " on the bottom..i can't seem to park it long at any one temp..big fear it shutting it down to the point of putting it out.
  7. +1 on the JB Weld..i've used it before on metal..it bonds..once hard you can drill it..file it..I mean strong..it's one product that does what they advertise it to do.
  8. Why a no-no ?? doing that way for at least 10yrs..still walking and talking..in fact i just took one out after 24 hr brine ( smelled like peper corns ) smeared with yellow mustard..hit it with the rub ..wrapped in foil till tommorrow morning amd it goes on
  9. The only thing we injected was a turkey when we deep fried ..the bay taste with pork hits it
  10. WE allways brine our butts overnite in brown sugar, white sugar , kosher salt , bay leaves and pepper corns desolved in water..enough to cover w/ice in a small cooler.It seems to keep them moist during the cook and i like the taste of bay..i've got one in right now for a Sat. cook...a small 5.5 lb for the 2 of us...anybody else brine ?
  11. Thanks for the replys..It looked worse than what it was..drill with a wire brush took care of it. i am going to adj the top nut , as it's still tight. it sure didn't leak when i shut it down. for the $269 ( 10 % off ) at lowe's..this is money well spent.
  12. on this grill, they didn't use hi temp black paint on the top vent. the hottest i've had it up to was around 400 while seasoning the grate. i did some ribs yesterday lo and slow. went to adj the top vent and it was stuck. i had to smack it to free it up . i could see black paint scraped back on the edges of the vents. i finished the cook, which came out great. in cleaning up i noticed paint hanging down from the top vent.i touched it expecting it to flake , but no..it was soft and stickey and it has to smack the vent again to move it. has anyone else had this happen ? i am going to take the vent out, take it appart and wire brush off the paint. i just hope the o ring comes out and reseals properly. any ideas ?
  13. you gota keep tring to see what you like
  14. GREETINGS ..from the Eastern Shore Of Maryland...and Retirement..the video got me..and my old gas smoker cabinet rusted out..sooo here we are..2 grills later i've got one that works..i bought the floor sample from my no so local Lowes ( in Delaware )..got it home and noticed that the hood really fit poorly..no biggie , i'll see if i can realign it. no go, the bolt holes on one side hood were stripped out..poor assembly..back to Lowes for the second grill..this time in a box, and i put it together..went together slick..reall like the way the hardware was packaged..no gessing..looks good ..
  15. +1 on the honda enigine troy built..i'm on the 4 season and still pleased..change the oil and filter put some gas in and this thing runs like new..one thing i found was how much better this thing runs on non ethonol ( sp ?)..we can get 93 octane non ethonol and it's woth the extra $$ in small engines ( mower, trimmer , chainsaw ) and boat engines. i use stabol in the gas and with the non ethonol..i've had no problems with gummed up carbs.
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