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  1. Thanks for the response ckreef. I would really like to paint it as I was considering this before my "incident", unless you all talk me out of it. For those that support painting, would you recommend a primer? I am planning on 3 coats of rustoleum high heat red (as I don't think I will be able to match the color from Akorn) and then finish a with rustoleum high heat clear gloss.
  2. Hi. I am new too the board. I love my Char-Griller Akorn and have had it almost 3 years. Unfortunately, it recently got way too hot and now is in need of an overhaul I have the crimson red version, but now has a black ring around it where paint burned off (where cover meets bottom half as well as around vent structure up top due to the heat) when it went well past the 700 degrees on the thermometer. I have a few questions I am asking for help with below. Some more background....I've never properly seasoned the grate so that is my first step using Pam and heating to 400 degrees for an hour. Also, I have pinched the gasket after my disaster cook and that seems to have bounced back fine. 1. Inside of top of grill is kind of a brown/rust color after this incident. I lightly brushed and wiped with a wet cloth the next day, but after my next cook it still doesn't look right. Prior to this I would experience the black flakiness that others have mentioned and would brush periodically. But how do I clean this current situation? 2. I would like to try and match the original color as best as possible, but am having trouble. I have linked color I have below. I'm going to use a flat high-heat paint for the black legs and bottom stand, but I think I need a gloss for red to be consistent with how a new Char-griller Akorn--correct? Finding a dark red, high heat paint in gloss is proving to be difficult. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Char-Griller-AKORN-20-in-Red-Silver-Kamado-Charcoal-Grill/50387508 3. Any other tips/advice welcome?!?!? I am so bummed this happened and am kicking myself, but hoping you all can help.
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