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  1. Thanks! I wasn’t going to borrow a vehicle and drive the 1-2 hours in holiday traffic if the prices weren’t right. I picked up the Classic 1 through the Amazon deal on Thursday for $699. I think I’ll stick with that.
  2. Has anyone happened to see the pricing at the Woodbridge, VA roadshow going on right now?
  3. RESULTS! 14.5 hours and a wonderful smoked Boston Butt! I decided to go for the overnight cook because the number of guests ended up requiring me to get around a 10lbs butt. I didn't want to start out on something smaller, say two 6lbs, that would more easily overcook or dry out. I used the rub and injection from @Sam31415914 Hour Boston Butt post. I started the Akorn up around 10pm using the method in the pinned post here in the Akorn forum, but I used half of a weber cube. For some reason my temperature was quickly up over 275* in about 20 minutes, so I quickly shut down the vents. I suspect that it had more to do with the weber cube than the lump (Royal Oak) catching, and I will need to work on my lighting technique. This led me to chase the temp until right around 1130pm, when I was able to get it to settle in right at 230*. I through on the butt, set my Maverick to a range of 220*-260*, and went to bed. Because I have young kids, I was up a couple of times throughout the night and took a peak. I believe the temp stayed between 223* and 237*. I was woken up at 730am by my low temp alarm. I tried to see if it was just a fluctuation, but my temp was dropping. I opened up the vents a bit (maybe too much), and promptly began chasing the temp for the next two hours. I was able to get it settled back in at 257*, and there it stayed until it hit 197* IT at 2pm. I foiled it and tossed it in the cooler until we were ready to eat around 430pm, and the results were fantastic! I used @mstewart39 suggested sauce, and it was a hit, too! Thanks so much! I really do appreciate all of the advice provided leading up to the cook. It all really helped. Happy Smoking, everyone!
  4. Thanks, everyone! All great advice! I am looking forward to this weekend, and will update everyone with my successful cook!
  5. I'm not really worried about time as much as I am about my inexperience with the Akorn. I am worried that if I go for the overnight cook it will result in about zero sleep because I don't have experience maintaining temps.
  6. Hey, everyone! I picked my Akorn up a few weeks ago, and so far have done a couple of direct fire cooks with steaks and burgers with great results. I finally have the time to do my first smoke on the Akorn (actually ever, on any grill/smoker), and decided to go with a Boston Butt. I am going to pick up a 9 pounder later in the week. I did have a couple of newbie questions I was hoping you guys would be able to help me out with. 1. In your experiences, for someone still trying to learn their smoker, is it best to try and hit the 250* mark and smoke overnight, or bump the temp up a bit to 300* or so and get it on around 6am? We probably won't be eating until 6pm or so. I am worried that if I start early in the morning it won't be done! 2. What are your favorites for BBQ sauces to serve? I have always been a KC style BBQ sauce guy, but my wife loves NC style. I'm kind of leaning towards NC style because it goes so well with pork. 3. Also, I read the tutorial on starting a low and slow fire in the Akorn, and noticed it mentioned using cotton balls instead of the weber cubes. I already have weber cubes from my kettle grill so I was wondering if anyone had a good suggestion on if I should use a whole one, half, quarter? I would like to try and use them up Thanks in advance! I will update and post pictures after the cook!
  7. Thanks, everyone. I have already found a bunch of great info just by poking around in the Akorn forum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hey, everyone! Patrick from Fredericksburg, VA. I am a complete newbie when it comes to smoking and kamado cooking. I have done a fair amount of charcoal grilling on a basic kettle, but I am really hoping to get into the wonderful world of smoking. I picked up an Akorn to introduce myself to the kamado world, and then hope to upgrade a little while down the road.
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