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  1. Talk about taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary!
  2. I bought my big Joe at my local Ace after seeing an ad $200 lower than the regular price. I asked if it was the new 2017 Joe, and when they verified it was I purchased on the spot over the BBQ Guys, which is a local store for me. Anther thing about Ace is that you get awards points for purchases. I got at a bag of KJ and Rockwood lump with the awards points generated by that one sale.
  3. Wow, I had no idea. There HAS to be a labeling requirement on this, right?
  4. I suspect the trucking company either dropped it or had something fall on it, then wrapped it to cover up. It must have been a pretty hard drop to cause the gasket damage shown both on the main gasket and the chimney gasket, as well as to pop the packing straps. I would very carefully examine the main shell to make sure there are no cracks, A bummer for sure, but glad to see that it hasn't slowed you down-.your food looks great! I'm sure KJ will make it right.
  5. Looks like the packing straps popped and they wrapped it with plastic wrap to cover.
  6. I cook steaks at 500 to 550 and set up the grill with a deflector plate on one side and the grills on the highest level. I sear the steaks about a minute or two depending on thickness over the flame, then move to the indirect side and cook to temp with the dome down, usually medium rare. Doesn't take long, and after some trial and error I think my steaks come out perfectly this way. I also cook whole chicken pieces the same way, but keep the temp around 375-400.
  7. I would not, not worth the risk. I hope you had a good reason for leaving those ribs on the counter, like your wife going into labor or something.
  8. How do I dispose of a huge Vermont Castings 5 burner propane grill? Still works, but the fire box is giving up and the igniter is goofy. Haven't used it since around the time I got the Big Joe. OK, on topic here's the chicken I roasted last night. We oven roast a chicken once a week here and I wanted to duplicate it on the kamado. Stuffed the cavity with onions garlic, bell pepper, and a cut lemon. Sprinkled "Rub Some Chicken" from the BBQ Spot on it after coating with olive oil on the outside. 400 or so indirect for about 1.5 hours. SO much better!
  9. Yup, same issue with my BJ. I was so concerned I send a picture to KJ and they confirmed it was correct. Good advice from the others here on evening it out. I fill in the cracks with ash.
  10. I need to stock up on the Tums- this is pretty much all of my cooks!
  11. I agree with this. I used to eat rare hamburger until I took a food safety class,and now I make sure it is cooked medium well, all color out. With a steak (which I eat rare) any pathogens typically are are on the surface and killed from cooking heat. Burger is a ground up mix of many parts, and if one part has bacteria, it's in the mix. Making sure it is cooked thoroughly kills most if not all of the bacteria.
  12. Some were as big as my hand, I didn't know they could get so big. I usually have to work for a pint or so, but on this trip I picked nearly 2 pounds and gave away most to friends.
  13. I'll do better on the food porn shot next time. I was more focused on the eating, not the staging. That's half of one of the steaks on that small plate my wife purchased to encourage smaller portions. Silly girl! There's some sauteed kale on the plate somewhere....
  14. The rain down here has resulted in a bountiful chanterelle season in south Louisiana. Cooked them with some ribeyes and potatoes roasted on cast iron. Tasty!
  15. Third rib cook and my trial and error is starting to pay off thanks to advice from this forum. Previous cook s have been marred by too much heat in the kamado, and over cooked ribs. Therefore, I brought the Joe up slowlyyyy and it stayed solid at 220 to 250 the entire cook. Took care to flip the ribs(St. Louis cut), and move them around as suggested by others, and this eliminated the uneven cooking I had experienced before. Applewood in the box, with KJ lump. I used a prepared rub, then realized I didn't have any juice to spritz them with. Rummaging through the fridge, I found some "Captain Rodney's Southern Style sweet tea glaze" my wife had purchased for pork roasts. Finding it a little thick, I added some real tea and a bit of rub to baste in lieu of fruit juice. Finding I had no BBQ sauce, I made my own cooked sauce with items on hand that turned out pretty good: sauteed garlic and onion, ketchup, mustard, lea and perrins, habanero sauce, Steens cane syrup and honey. Basted the ribs with this when they read 170 internal, and pulled them 30 40 minutes later at 180 internal. Double wrapped them in foil and put them in an insulated bag for 30-40 minutes. They came out great, much moister and tender than before thanks to the advice picked up here. The creative use of on hand supplies worked out great as well, with the habanero adding just a hint of heat that I like in the sauce.
  16. Same stone, I want an 18 inch. Ill probably end up getting one as I'll use it for a pizza stone and cooking surface.
  17. I've been following this thread and just calculated shipping to Louisiana-$52, UPS ground. Yikes! More than half the cost of the stone.
  18. Great explanation for a new user trying to learn the nuances of kamado cookery. Makes absolute sense, and I've discovered these dynamics on my first few cooks.
  19. I asked KJ support when I got my grill and here's their reply: "I checked with the warehouse that the little bag is basically to stop the airlift so if you had to replace the dome or base, it will prevent it from opening. Meg : ) " Then I put it away....
  20. Mine was replaced because the original one fell off and dented on my patio. KJ shipped a new one out, even though the function was fine (great warranty support!). I will add a couple of more wraps of the gasket material they sent to help hold it on better. Both vents work fine, no issues sticking or locking up.
  21. I received a new one two days ago so it seems they are shipping.
  22. I'm going to print this out and laminate it, thanks! Good point to stay hydrated..... On my steak grills so far, once again I underestimated how hot this thing gets. I could perfectly grill a MR steak on my gasser at 550 degrees over and over, but this thing gets much hotter. I went wide open to sear my first steak, I'll do better next time dialing it back to 550-600 and maybe raising the searing grill up a bit, then going indirect..
  23. Wow, that makes absolute sense and I hadn't considered it. I had the divide and conquer system outside of the grill with heat deflectors on and dropped the whole unit in. Again, it requires a different way of thinking. You don't worry about temperature drop when sliding a tray of cookies into the oven.
  24. I am greatly enjoying my new Big Joe and learning kamado cookery after many years of charcoal and gas grilling. After several cooks I've noticed the following; I've been generally overcooking food due to underestimating the heat. What is generally the difference between the dome temp and the grill temp? I also think I've been underestimating the overall interior heat as it is higher than what I'm used to with steel grills. My last cook, St. Louis ribs was a bit odd. I started the fire in one spot and brought it up slowly to 225. After setting the ribs in, for about 30 minutes I thought the fire had gone out (or thermometer wan broken) as the thermometer read below 150. I finally opened up the vents and it started to slowly climb again. I closed the bottom vent to about 3/4 inch and the top to the first mark (new vent) and it crept up to 220, when I checked back in an hour it was at 280 and stayed there. I never could really get it to go lower at that point, even when just leaving both vents at a 1/3 inch or less. The ribs tasted great but were slightly overcooked. I used a probe thermometer and they were at 180 internal, I then probably waited too long to pull them. Is that slow heat up normal? I assume it heated up too quickly after opening the vents, but altogether it took about an hour and a half to get up to 280 with the vents pretty closed down. Lesson learned is that a 6 hour rib cook at 230 is more like a 3-4 hour cook at 280. I'm deliberately trying to understand the nuances of this thing before buying a thermometer probe. The flavor is soo much better, should have got one sooner!
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