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  1. JDEaston, I made groves in the top pf the table for the sideboard brackets to set in and then i used hardware brackets under the table and mounted to the grill using a bolt hole for the legs. I have used the grill a lot and no heat issues at all
  2. Check on Slickdeals at places along your route to see if you can find any
  3. I had my first one for 4 years. I stored it in a shed whenever I could but I grill year round so it was exposed to weather often. I grill in rain and snow. After 4 years the seals were failing and the ash bin rusted. I was able to find 2 new ones on clearance for 69.00 each. I built a table for one and have it under a grilling gazebo so hopefully iit will last longer
  4. Thanks all, yes getting them for that price was my lucky day. Just finished up the rest of the grill area on my deck
  5. First smoke on my new Akorn. This is my second Akorn I had one for 5 years. I just bought 2 new ones at 69.00 each. Made me some pulled pork quesadillas with home made jalapeno BBQ sauce
  6. I am no carpenter so I did not want to try anything to difficult. I am wanting functionality. I still need to do the bottom shelf, hanging hooks and a grab bar. Being an electrician I will also have to add some LED lighting
  7. I think it will be fine. I am cutting my home slightly larger to give more space. If over time it does not handle the heat then I plan on removing the decking from the end with the grill and laying in pavers or something similar. The composite decking seems to handle the sun well and the outside of these grills do not get that hot
  8. I found 2 Akorns on Clearance at WalMart a few weeks ago I paid 69.00 each for them
  9. I just started building my table. I have to cut my hole and came up with this to cut my hole. I used composite decking for my table top ( I got it on clearance at Home Depot for 16.00 for all of it. Total I will have just under 100.00 into the project
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