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  1. It is by Aura Outdoor products. It is called the Pro-Zone system...$99 http:// https://auraoutdoorproducts.com/collections/grilling-stuff/products/the-m-z-multi-zone-cooking-kit?variant=1261349020
  2. Thanks. I didn't really know what to expect from a vac-packed, pre-marinated, not fresh Tri-tip. As you can see in the pictures they didn't even leave enough scraps to call 'em "scraps". It never made it off the carving tray. I think I like my tri-tip better, but if I was in a hurry or a spontaneous cook arose, I would not hesitate to cook another one of these.
  3. Success. It was a little smaller than I like. But friends were eating it as fast as I could slice it. It had a killer flavor and great texture for pre-packaged. We had a taco bar so I took it to a solid medium. They inhaled the tri-tip and then moved on to the brined chicken.
  4. Came across a ready to grill "Santa Maria Tri-Tip" at Wally-land. I was intrigued as I usually have my butcher cut me a fresh one whenever I cook tri-tip. The price was great albeit the tri was on the small side for my liking..right at 2lbs. I figured I would see how it turned out. Vision is at 225 and TBS is rolling. With luck I should have results in a couple hours.
  5. I was just getting ready to post with a question, but this post seems to touch on a problem I just had on Sunday. So far, I have cooked steaks, reverse seared smoked chops, dogs and chicken on my kamado. Sunday we had friends over and I was doing chicken and aloha burgers(pork burgers with bbq and pineapple). I had the d&c set up with half deflector and full grate at gasket level. Chickens go indirect over the plate and the pork burgers were direct over the coals. I guess I didn't even think about the pork burgers being so fatty and I ended up with thick acrid smoke pouring out of the grill. I knew that wasn't good and opened the Iid to find a grease fire sort of around the inside perimeter of the firebox. I think the pork burgers were dripping onto the unlit coals around the edge. The food was creosote covered and we salvaged just enough to eat. The rest was ruined. It was the first negative cook with my new grill. This post seems to confirm my suspicion of the cause. Anyway to avoid this? Less lump for short hot cooks maybe? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. I dipped my toe in with a vision. In the month I have had it I have cooked more than the entire last year. I was an avid smoker, but the kamado is like the Swiss army knife of cookers. I am so happy with it, I sold my smoker and gave my 7 burner gasser to my FIL. I'm never looking back, in fact, by next summer. A Big Joe may join the stable for bigger get-togethers
  7. That's what I was thinking too when I was assembling the grill, but it sure does lock it wide open
  8. Title says it all. Any Vision Pro S owners know what the little red lockout knob is for? Seems to only lock out to wide open. Just curious.
  9. Thanks! They were just amazing. I just got my Vision and these were my first attempt at "low and slow" temp control was surprisingly easy.
  10. Just FYI...I liked the D&C setup too. I got a knockoff by Aura Outdoors for my Vision Pro S that was $99 for the Entire setup...base rack, two diffuser halves, two half racks and the rack extender. As near as I can tell, it is EXACTLY like the D&C.
  11. Grabbed some "America's Cut" chops at the butcher shop yesterday. Brined them 4 hours in a mix of 6c apple juice, 3c water, 1/4c brown sugar and 1/4c salt. Patted dry and rubbed them down with my own mix. Fired up the Vision and smoked with some cherry thrown in low and slow at 225 until 130 IT. Pulled them, opened the vents and brought her up to ~500. Dropped the chops back on to sear for about 1min per side, lid closed. I won't ever do these another way. Probably the juiciest, most flavorful chops I have ever had. This kamado thing is the beat kept secret I ever discovered! Tomorrow is smash burgers on the Kettle-Q griddle!!
  12. Thanks. I have been searching the forums and scouring the internet. My brain hurts. I think the D&C is what I want....just not the price tag! Lol
  13. I just got my Vision S...scouring the internet trying to figure out a deflector set-up that suits me. Looking at the KJ D/C and the CGS Woo. Question...can I flip a Woo upside down to really get that pizza up into the dome? Any guidance on what I should be buying before I drop $200 on a set-up? I want low/slow, high heat grill, direct/indirect grill and most of all PIZZAS! ...and go!
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