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  1. Got my new Akorn yesterday off Amazon and followed the pretty straightforward directions to get it all assembled and ready. Read that you should season with vegetable oil. Should be no problem, and got some Royal Oak lump at Walmart over lunch to give it the first med-high temp cook off to get things burnt off. I did get the Weber SS grate based off the recommendation in a few other Akorn threads I saw, and judging by the size I'm assuming this smaller diameter grate fits down lower, on the 3 tabs that hold the heat deflector, to give a more direct heating grate for steaks, burgers, etc?
  2. Online that price is showing for the Classic II, and that's the only KJ they list...
  3. Ok, was just talking to a buddy (who owns a KJ) and he was at Costco, and the local bbq dealer. The dealer sells KJs, and Costco has the Pit Boss. He said going directly from one to the other, the quality difference was very noticeable. He also said the owner of the bbq store said that he had a customer come buy a KJ after buying a PB last year, having the bowl crack, and Costco not replacing or refunding. I thought their warranty setup was pretty solid, but maybe that doesn't apply to larger ticket items like a ceramic cooker? Not sure. Nonetheless, my buddy is considering selling his 1 yr ol
  4. Totally agree with you guys, I'm on the same page. The KJ for sale has some nice add-ons, and looks basically new. However, once ownership is transferred the warranty is all but gone, so that's a big deal. Don't want something to fail that I'm spending $$ next summer when I could've had something with a full warranty. I guess the big question is, for the 1 yr old used KJ, what is a fair price?? I know I can get the PB at Costco for $635 otd, with a decent warranty. The KJ though has the higher quality, in most every aspect, but no warranty.
  5. That makes sense, and the Pit Boss will have that nice Costco return policy to back the warranty it comes with. I guess if I can get the KJ down to $700 it would be worth it...maybe? I've read that although you are not the original owner that KJ does a pretty good job of hooking you up if it's something that fails. What are the items that fail most on the KJ Classics? Pit Boss also has a 24" surface vs 18".
  6. I was just at Costco yesterday and they have the updated Pit Boss, with heat deflector and black composite side shelves, for $599. Sounds like a pretty good deal. Trying to decide between that and a barely used KJ classic that's for sale locally. KJ is at $950 obo, and this one will be $635 after tax. Quality looks comparable, and the Costco 'warranty' with their return policy is tough to beat. Full refund on most things for years. One thing I didn't seem to like in checking out the store model, the heat deflector that's included sits right up under the main cooking grate. I see a lot of guys
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