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  1. I love lamb shanks and will definitely give this a try as it looks amazing. What's that white stuff all over the ground in your pics?
  2. I use the SmartFire https://smartfirebbq.com and love it. It hasn't been without issues. They got a bad batch of probes from their supplier and mine arrived with a DOA fan. Fault was diagnosed and a new fan sent out on the same day. Probes have been replaced and unit is working brilliantly. It does help that I can track the manufacturer down at our local bbq competitions if necessary.
  3. Does that include chasing the redback off my Akorn, as I had to last Monday night before pizza.
  4. Hopefully the weather is a little more stable next week for you to try out your new KJ!
  5. Leg of lamb and possibly use it to glaze the ham for Boxing Day.
  6. damn, all I need out of those is the mincer... my last hand one broke!
  7. Nice looking steak! What ever compelled you to move from Sydney to Canberra?
  8. Also, if you want to make life easier for yourself, get a thermometer with a probe you can leave in. Then you don't have to guess when to pull the breast. Something like the Thermoworks Smoke or Maverick ET-733. edit: I use my maverick, but still test with a thermapen as I have been known to place the probes wrong on the Maverick. It just helps me know when to check.
  9. Pretty sure he's talking about the OP
  10. We call then cutlets here, and yum your's look delicious. Try rosemary and mint with lamb, goes fantastic! Good to see you supporting the NZ economy as well!
  11. Yup, four USB-C ports and a headphone jack, my previous Air had better connectivity than this. Being a Unix geek, the Mac feels more natural than any Windows machine ever did.
  12. Hello from my 13" MBP to your 13" MBP, although at work I have a docking station and a 24" monitor... which just makes the 13" look even smaller. When you find something useful to do with the Touch Bar let me know! Oh, and there is heaps of space on my 500GB SSD (work pays for it).
  13. That looks delicious. Reminds me I have a brisket in the freezer that might have to go on this weekend.
  14. Happy to hear that everyone is ok. Property can be replaced, people can't.
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