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  1. AntinOz

    Akorn Jr. on sale at Walmart

    Chances are it will be a total fire ban when we are away at Christmas. I will take Jr but probably also pick up a Weber Baby Q before then. I don't think my old two burner companion stove will cut it anymore.
  2. AntinOz

    Akorn Jr. on sale at Walmart

    Even my wife loves my Jr. I came home last night to find that she had it lit and could I please cook some hamburgers!
  3. AntinOz

    Vegan Brisket And Other Attrocities Against Humanity

    Random thought as I was reading this. What would be the outcry if I were to open a meat only greengrocer? I'm sure we could make meat look like various fruits and vegetables.
  4. AntinOz

    All aboard

    I just got back from a week in GodZone (NZ) and it reminded me of this thread. I had the most amazing slow braised lamb shanks in a red wine sauce at one of the pubs I was eating drinking in. You really must try lamb of some sort!!
  5. AntinOz

    Not a boomerang

    My understanding is that they are the same, but I'm sure somebody on your side of the equator will confirm. To be fair though, that one has been dry-aged so there is more in the process of preparation. I agree with the comment about being able to cook better at home often though.
  6. Have to say, the blue corn turned me off a little, but this looks really delicious. Just have to get over my colour bias.
  7. I do hamburgers direct with the lid down around 200-250C. I find I get a good caramelisation on them like that and haven't had a need to get the coals any closer.
  8. AntinOz

    Sous Vide Brisket- coming soon

    Watching this with interest.
  9. AntinOz

    All aboard

    As a kid, I reckon mutton and hoggot were as common if not more so than lamb. Just needs to be cooked a lot slower. I still think a lot of what we get as "lamb" is probably closer in age to mutton.
  10. AntinOz

    Lump charcoal

    Or to hide the body after you suggest buying another Kamado?
  11. AntinOz

    All aboard

    Wow, to a New Zealander that sounds unbelievable... roast lamb cooked with garlic and rosemary served with mint sauce... was probably the most common Sunday roast growing up.
  12. Yesterday was father's day at our end of the world. Coming up to the weekend my wife popped out to our local charcoal supplier, 20kg of Ironbark Little did I know she had ulterior motives. This turned up in my presents (the charcoal guy is our local supplier) I think my wife and son were dropping hints I ended up cooking three racks of baby back ribs. The rib rack definitely came in useful. No pics but they definitely went down well. Pork shoulder soon to try out the injector I think or possibly a lamb roast injected with red wine.
  13. AntinOz

    How do you get to 800F?

    I normally notice when the flames start coming out the top vent especially when I realise my deflector and pizza stone are in place.
  14. AntinOz

    Akorn upgrade sale

    I have both. JR is great for midweek and small cooks. My dutch oven doesn't fit on JR or my SmartFire. I love my pizza setup on the bigger one and are more comfortable doing longer cooks.
  15. Nice looking cook, and yeah I've been dumb enough to grab both the meat probe and the pit probe at different times.