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  1. How to use an electric stove?

    Gas is incredibly common in Melbourne. We have mains gas everywhere. I have gas cooktop and electric oven, best of both worlds. I would be tempted to try induction if I upgraded. I even had a mains fed gas bbq (before I knew better) at one place I rented. Four guys sharing a house and nobody got blamed for forgetting to full the gas bottle! I grew up with electric, and would never go back. I even complain when the gas is too slow. Induction would be worth a try through.
  2. The random pictures thread...

    Isn't it one wing short?
  3. Boston Butt Sale

    Oops, and yeah I got the conversion factor right but the maths the wrong way around. Doesn't sound so bad now! I have a good local butcher who is also into BBQ so I get a lot of produce from him. I don't mind paying the premium when it comes with good advice.
  4. Boston Butt Sale

    Damn, it's on special here as well... $4.49 per kg, about $9.88 per lb.
  5. Delivery person throws package

    So it's not just delivery guys here. We had one parcel delivery guy who used to think it was acceptable to jam parcels between my screen door and my front door, there is probably a 50mmm gap at most. We have made several complaints and now we get another delivery person. Also, here, if you are not home they leave a card in the letterbox and you have to go to the post office and pick it up. The same guy seemed to be able to ring our doorbell, write the card, and be in his van again in the 15 secs it took me to get to the front door. I'm pretty sure he was dropping the cards in the letterbox first, then running to the doorbell and back.
  6. New Flame Boss 300

    I read a good article recently (it could have even been on here, not sure) that talks about how recipes used to say warm, moderate or hot oven. I think we get way to hung up on temperatures these days! Don't get me wrong, I will still probably get a controller for those overnight cooks on the Akorn, but otherwise I just set it and try to ignore it until it's done.
  7. Wow, that looks so good! I wish you had posted that salad a month ago when I had a glut of tomotoes and cucumber. Definitely one I will be saving for next year as we grow most of the ingredients and that looks like a delicious way to highlight them!
  8. Hi There

    Snow? What is snow! It's starting to get chilly here, down to 50 or so overnight! Enjoy your Akorn, I have had mine almost a year now and still loving it!
  9. WFO Installation Thread

    We live in a real nanny state. It's even illegal to do your own data cabling if it is going to be attached to an outside network. You can do your own low voltage stuff. Our's seems to be more around maintaining jobs for tradies rather than direct revenue generation for the government, although the pad of certificates for data cabling is not cheap! I believe, at least in a couple of states here, it is technically illegal to change a tap washer.
  10. WFO Installation Thread

    I had to remember you are 110V over there. We only run 10A or 15A domestic circuits here, but on 230V. What are the rules like over there. Here, you can't even look sideways at anything mains voltage without a certified electrician.
  11. Besides wood should be oiled regularly :p. That looks really nice, one of my wife's favourites. I should learn to cook it rather than buy it!
  12. Well, he could get the Thermapen IR and cover both meanings... although I see he has ordered the MK4. My wife wants a thermapop for mother's day so it is only fair that I order myself a thermapen at the same time! The Australia tax on both of these is horrendous (Australia tax is what we pay for living in Australia, and not a govt tax).
  13. Brisket cook

    I measure at the grate on mine. I can run it at 225 for at least five hours without any intervention.
  14. New thermapen IR

    Hmmm, choices... and just as we are coming into winter. Knowing me I will put it on the side table of the Akorn just as it decides to start raining.