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  1. AntinOz

    Fun Lamb Cook

    We call then cutlets here, and yum your's look delicious. Try rosemary and mint with lamb, goes fantastic! Good to see you supporting the NZ economy as well!
  2. AntinOz

    So... My Mac Died Saturday: Long Live The New Mac

    Yup, four USB-C ports and a headphone jack, my previous Air had better connectivity than this. Being a Unix geek, the Mac feels more natural than any Windows machine ever did.
  3. AntinOz

    So... My Mac Died Saturday: Long Live The New Mac

    Hello from my 13" MBP to your 13" MBP, although at work I have a docking station and a 24" monitor... which just makes the 13" look even smaller. When you find something useful to do with the Touch Bar let me know! Oh, and there is heaps of space on my 500GB SSD (work pays for it).
  4. AntinOz

    Help with First Brisket Cook

    That looks delicious. Reminds me I have a brisket in the freezer that might have to go on this weekend.
  5. AntinOz

    Hurricane Michael

    Happy to hear that everyone is ok. Property can be replaced, people can't.
  6. I start pretty much every cook with the firebox completely full. Controlling the airflow determines how much will be burnt in any particular cook. If your temp is staying stable around 225 and the meat is cooking fast then the fault is not with your fire. Can you calibrate your thermometer to check it (ice bath and boiling water, 0C - 100C, so much easier than F). How are you determining "doneness" on your meat? Internal probe?
  7. AntinOz

    Broken thumb

    At least it will leave a cool scar, oh and your gearsticks are on the right. I was driving a manual when I smashed my left hand and our gearsticks are on the left!
  8. AntinOz

    Broken thumb

    I destroyed a finger years ago (left ring ringer), lot's of physio and two operations later and it's mostly useable. Biggest issue I had was not exercising the rest of the hand while the finger was immobilised. Made the recovery even harder and more painful.
  9. AntinOz

    Tired of pork and chicken

    Smokey baked beans
  10. AntinOz

    Akorn Jr. on sale at Walmart

    Chances are it will be a total fire ban when we are away at Christmas. I will take Jr but probably also pick up a Weber Baby Q before then. I don't think my old two burner companion stove will cut it anymore.
  11. AntinOz

    Akorn Jr. on sale at Walmart

    Even my wife loves my Jr. I came home last night to find that she had it lit and could I please cook some hamburgers!
  12. AntinOz

    Vegan Brisket And Other Attrocities Against Humanity

    Random thought as I was reading this. What would be the outcry if I were to open a meat only greengrocer? I'm sure we could make meat look like various fruits and vegetables.
  13. AntinOz

    All aboard

    I just got back from a week in GodZone (NZ) and it reminded me of this thread. I had the most amazing slow braised lamb shanks in a red wine sauce at one of the pubs I was eating drinking in. You really must try lamb of some sort!!
  14. AntinOz

    Not a boomerang

    My understanding is that they are the same, but I'm sure somebody on your side of the equator will confirm. To be fair though, that one has been dry-aged so there is more in the process of preparation. I agree with the comment about being able to cook better at home often though.
  15. Have to say, the blue corn turned me off a little, but this looks really delicious. Just have to get over my colour bias.