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  1. AntinOz

    Uneventful Prime Day

    We only just got Prime down under, and now sort of get forced onto the AU version of Amazon. Didn't see much that appealed.
  2. AntinOz

    New toy - SmartFire

    So a quick update on this. Tested it out last night, it was DOA on the fan! I always say you can judge a company by customer support. We spent about an hour on messenger last night diagnosing it and Mark is sending me out a new fan today. Much easier than having to send the unit back and wait for replacement.
  3. How much heat do you lose opening and closing the KJ? I found that the biggest problem with my Akorn, but I tend to go for lower temp doughs... Only around 300C.
  4. AntinOz

    New toy - SmartFire

    Yeah, you helped me in my decision. I have seen a few positive comments from you. I also like that they are local, just hope I haven't gotten any of the suspect probes but know service will be quick if I have.
  5. AntinOz

    Hello All - new guy from Pacific Northwest

    Welcome to the guru. My arsenal just shrunk. I gave my 5 burner gaser away. Will replace it sometime with a weber q or similar that i can take camping. Enjoy your Kamado and the site.
  6. Ok, I admit it I'm a gadget freak. Phew, I feel better after saying that. This is made locally in Melbourne and they just did a good deal including the case and four probes. The packaging is really good with space for everything. The red cases are winders for the probes The tiny red box is the controller with internal fan I have it all setup on my Wifi and ready for bluetooth backup. I feel a pork shoulder coming on this weekend and will do a review afterwards. I had to post on here because my wife doesn't get why I am so excited.
  7. HAHAHA I live in Perth!!! You owe me a Pizza!!!! I'm in and I only have to drive across town
  8. AntinOz

    Full English Breakfast.....Pizza

    I'm also only about a third of the way into the book. And I agree 100% with you what a great book You're way ahead of me. My copy arrives tomorrow. And that pizza reminded me of my ex-mother-in-law. When I stayed over: "What do you want for breakfast", me: "Nothing", her: "breakfasts ready", pretty sure it was on the same scale as what you just produced!
  9. AntinOz

    29 different Pizza styles

    When I saw the title I thought it was going to be a summary of the challenge pizzas...
  10. We often put tetras in the axolotl tank. For such a lethargic looking fish he can sure move when he wants to. It's great for self feeding when we are on holidays.
  11. AntinOz

    The Unexpected Cook

    I know it's arguing semantics for what is a delicious looking dish but, my understanding is that, lasagne actually refers to the flat pasta sheet. Without the pasta I still don't see how it can be lasagne. nb: slow day at work today.
  12. AntinOz

    The Unexpected Cook

    It looks nice... but is it a lasagne?
  13. I typically do mine with the smoking stone on the tabs and a pizza stone on the grill. Have had it up over 600 quite comfortably but, now I tend to target 550 - 600 for my pizzas using the dome thermometer and a 70% hydration dough. My stone is normally about the same temp with an IR thermometer. Who knows though, when "The Elements of Pizza" arrives sometime this week it might all change!