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  1. MajorSmoker

    New Vision S owner

    Thanks! I appreciate the insight and the pics!
  2. MajorSmoker

    New Vision S owner

    Thanks for info and the links. Do you use the Vision stock dual grates with this set up?
  3. MajorSmoker

    Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

    I like inside skirt steak I get from Costco. Carne Asada should be flank steak which if cooked right is pretty close. I've made some pretty killer smash burgers on my BS as well as Fried rice. In case you are unaware there are several Blackstone FB sites with great recipes and posts.
  4. MajorSmoker

    Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

    I have a BS 28 and love it! What's your go to cut of meat for Phillies?
  5. Great looking cook. How are you liking the iGrill2? I have it as well and have 3 probes and the grill ambient probe as well.
  6. MajorSmoker

    New Vision S owner

    Thanks. Difficult to decide with so many options.
  7. MajorSmoker

    New Vision S owner

    Hey y'all. Just joined the site after picking up my 1st ceramic. Any recommendations on must have accessories. I'm an experienced Smoker/Griller but not on a ceramic. Looking into the CGS AR combo or SJ D&C to start, but would like to use my stock dual grates if they work well. Any input/recommendations are appreciated.
  8. MajorSmoker

    Home Depot Vision Pro S - Price good?

    Awesome! Ceramic newbie here. I too picked up my S at HD last week as a clearance item for $225.00. Only thing wrong was a missing cover (I can deal with that)! Now trying to determine between the CGS AR, SJ D&C or something else...
  9. MajorSmoker

    Bootleg Rodizio

    I picked mine up as an early backer on kickstarter and it has been great. Not sure I'd pay double that though...
  10. MajorSmoker

    Bootleg Rodizio

    Not sure what that rig costs, but I went with the Carson Rodizio and damn its nice!
  11. MajorSmoker

    Dry Aging in the Steak Ager

    I have seen a lot of posts about the dry age bags, but does anyone own The Steakager, like I do? I have been dry aging for months now and the results are amazing and consistent. Cannot be happier with my SA!
  12. They have it listed as both a pizza stone and deflector. No matter, I think my 15in pizza stone would work fine. Was not sure how a split stone would work out for food.
  13. Did you buy the vision deflector to use as a pizza stone? I already have a 15 in pizza stone so I think just buying the Woo with 2 1/2 stones as deflectors and using my current pizza stone should work.
  14. Lol. I bought it at HD as a floor model in IL. Perfect condition (Black). Only thing missing was a cover! Was down to $419.00 from $699.00 then the manager dropped it to $250.00 just for asking. At the register they gave me another 10% military discount and thats how I paid $225! Good timing as I was not in the market for one. And yes it is the regular size.