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  1. So my New Year’s Eve guests would like prime rib and I’ve never done one on my KJ. I’m going to get the meat tomorrow and I’ve had great luck at Costco for ribs and pork shoulder. Does anybody have any recommendations for a prime rib at Costco? I think they have a few different options. What size for 6 people? I love leftovers so it can be bigger than what I need. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  2. Raised my temp to 300 and wrapped. Up to 157° internal temp so hopefully it will start moving along now.
  3. When it starts going up will it rise quickly? My wife is starting to get annoyed that dinner is going to be late.
  4. I've had a Boston Butt on my KJ Classic II since 8am. It's about 6.5 lbs. Grill is at 225ºF and has been there most of the day. Everything was progressing nicely until I hit about 145. It's only gone up 3ºF in the past 2 and a half hours. I was going to wrap it in foil when it hit 160 and put it back on until 195º as I typically do, but not sure why the temp isn't going up. I've checked it in several spots and it's consistent. Any advice?
  5. Do I wait until my firestarter burns down completely before I close the dome and start the fan?
  6. So I broke down and ordered the Fireboard and Pit Viper fan. Got the Pit Viper today and the Fireboard and drive cable arrive tomorrow. Planning on cooking ribs on Saturday to test it out. Just a quick question. With the Fireboard controlling the fan, how far open should the top vent be on my KJ Classic II? I’m figuring 1/4 of the way open or less and the fan will do the rest. Thoughts?
  7. I wound up getting it at the Quakertown Lowe’s since it was closer to my office. Got 2 bags!!
  8. Which Lowes’s in the area has KJ charcoal? We don’t even have a dealer in the Lehigh Valley at all anymore.
  9. Had this weekend marked on my calendar for a while. It’s supposed to be the KJ roadshow in Allentown. I was going to get a KJ Junior to go with the Classic II I already have. I get there...no road show. They tell me it’s being rescheduled....maybe even for next year. Wtf? I would have driven to another Costco a little further away a few weeks ago if I knew they weren’t going to do this one. It’s still even marked on their site. Now there’s not another one nearby anytime soon. Kind of annoyed.
  10. Where are these carts from?? They look amazing!!
  11. Thank you for your help everyone! Came out delicious! Not bad for my first pork shoulder! I'll fine tune for next time, but at least I have a good starting point now.
  12. When I pull it off to let it rest, so I leave it in the foil it’s in now, or rewrap in fresh foil without the fat in it?
  13. So all has been going well, but I had about an hour stall. Started at 7am and am up to 162ºF. Wrapped in foil, back on and still holding at 162ºF. I have to leave in an hour for about 90 minutes. I'm afraid it won't be done before then. Should I just lower my temp and leave it on? I don't want to ruin it, but cannot avoid going out for a bit.
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