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  1. So, in talking with my mother the other day she said she'd like to try cooking a Heritage Turkey this year -- said there was an article in Sunset Magazine talking about how good Heritage birds are over 'regular' turkeys.. So, my quest began -- to find a decent sized Heritage Turkey not too far from Hwy 5 in Northern CA or Southern Oregon -- on my way to 'mom's place'. So, I started pinging farms up that way that were listed on sights as purveyors of Heritage Turkeys.. I've received at least 3 responses so far -- with prices all over the place from $4.50/lb to $8.50/lb and bird sizes from 6-10lb to 18+.. There's one place in Salem OR that has some 14lb Tom's that sound about the right size.. or I can get an 18+lb "mature" bird up near Redding,CA So, that leads to the question at hand.. IF I were to take our recently acquired Vision grill up that way in the back of the van, can I fit an 18lb bird in there without it hitting the lid or should I stick with something a bit smaller (e.g. 14lb).. Also, I'm assuming I can do these direct (not indirect) standing up ala beer can style (I've actually got a Kamado Turkey Setter I can bring) and cook at ~350F -- correct? This will be my mothers first time to have real BBQ turkey -- she's never had any of my 'Q' before.. It ought to be fun!
  2. Thanks guys.. One more question.. Do you find that by lowering the deflector somewhat into the firebox that you compromise the amount of coals you can load up causing refills to be done mid-cook? When I did a pair of pork butts that was an issue I ran into -- this thing just doesn't hold nearly the qty that I'm used to with our much larger Kamado K7 which can easily hold a bag of Royal Oak without issue (the size bags that Wally world carries -- 8.8lb?)
  3. So, I've done a few low-n-slows on the Vision and while it works OK, without a heat deflector that is somewhat lowered into the firebox, I find vertical clearance to be a big issue once you've got a double-decker grill going.. Yesterday I did beef ribs (not the nubbies that Costco/Sams carries) with 8+inch bones.. I did 3 racks cut in half (6 half racks) and some were vertical which was a bit hard to fit on the 2nd level -- the first level had the heat deflector made of a ceramic pot water catch bought from the local OSH store (14" round) and covered with foil to catch the grease/drippings.. While it works great, it would be nice to have two levels for the meat -- not just one. I know some of you have the grill-dome holder and others have the Vision equivalent.. Anyway, just looking for insight..
  4. Ok.. almighty cheese guru's.. What sort of woods do you use to smoke that ol' block-o-cheese? I'm thinking Mesquite might be too over the top in terms of strong flavors -- are we better off sticking with fruit woods (e.g. apple, cherry, orange,etc)? Can we use hickory or wood that be too strong flavored? Just curious!
  5. There's one for sale in Bakersfield, CA for $195.. Checkout the CL ad here.. As usual, I've got no interest in this -- just passing it along.
  6. We did some brownies the other day too.. Came out great with an ever so slightly smokey flavor.. Kids wolfed them down.. Had to use the pizza stone as a heat deflector...
  7. I was reading on that other forum and I think the thought was that if you store it for multiple hours after its done it may turn out dry even if it was perfect when it came out... Don't know why tho
  8. Do they get pull able doing it that way? Just curious.. I think the longest I've done butts for was about 20 hours give or take... But I don't recall the state of the meat near the bone.. Too long ago now
  9. I'm under the impression that you do not want to do low-n-slow for turkey, chicken or other birds.. Perhaps I'm wrong? Personally, I'd bring it up to perhaps 325 minimum and go from there.. However, I should note that I've never done a turkey on any ceramic cooker -- I have done a number of large chickens though and they always came out awesome when cooked in the 350F range.
  10. Yeah, maybe.. I did have a drip pan but it wasn't the best size -- an old Marie Callenders pie tin -- not visible in that photo. Anyway, another two hours in the oven and all was good.. I need to fab up a new heat deflector.. The one that I've been using is in ultra crappy shape.. I also need to find my deep dish pizza pan which works great as a heat deflector & drip pan (I've used it with about 1" of sand -- lined of course with foil..).. We do have a large cast iron pan that could be used but my better half isn't keen on my repurposing it without a handle.. P.S. One question I've been wondering on pork butts.. This is perhaps a method question.. Every time I do butts, the outside is awesome but as you get closer to the bone the dryer the meat gets -- not something that can be pulled as you near the bone.. Do you guts put your thermometer within a close range to the bone to take the meat off once the meat close to the bone is at temp? Just curious.. I realize the butts are the easiest to cook but most of mine follow this pattern.. TIA!
  11. Small change of plans.. Got a call from my better half and she said the fire pit temp was
  12. By the way.. I should note that there is about a 70 degree temp difference between the grill mounted thermometer probe and the dome thermometer.. When the grill was reading about 220F the dome was reading about 150F give or take.. I should also mention that I'm using a heat deflector that is broken in pieces -- from my older Kamado -- it's filthy as all get-out (bbq crud) but can still work -- it's probably in about 30+ pieces!
  13. Ok.. Today I am doing my first pair of butts on the new Vision grill .. I'm finding the temp control not too difficult -- I had some pretty high temps (closing in on 300F) and had to close the bottom vent to almost closed (perhaps 1/8" open??) and the upper vent was probably about 97% closed -- just a hair open.. Had to run out to the Valley to visit my sister & BIL and when I came back several hours later it had settled down to 222F.. I opened her up a little to bring the temp closer to 250F -- not sure where it's at now -- that was about an hour ago.. Below are some pics.. P.S. I'm using my Stoker on this -- but without the fan -- just using the temp probes. Below you can see it smoking away -- slowly -- gotta clean up the backyard!! It's a mess! Below you can see the Richard Johnson Kamado K7 in the background (textured black model) Sorry.. No done pics -- still cookin!
  14. Glad you got a good cook! I'll be trying my hand at one soon.. But I'll be doing a pair of butts first on Friday..
  15. We've done bread before -- but its been a long time.. It came out great.. I've also done pork & beans using a recipe from one of the Raichlin books (IIRC) and it was awesome!
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