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  1. ART1401

    Pork Belly

    mmmmmmmm, that looks good!
  2. ART1401

    Pork Belly

    So I was just given 8lbs of pork belly (2 4lb slabs)... what should I do? Cure one to make bacon and smoke the other one this weekend (uncured)? Cure them both? Any thoughts, ideas or hints? Thanks! ART
  3. ART1401

    Cooking with the lava stone

    Hi everyone, I am new to the the forum and to kamado cooking... just assembled my new Vision S yesterday, and cant wait to get grilling! I think this weekend i am going to try steaks tonight, ribs tomorrow, and perhaps pizza on Sunday? I also got the accessory pack, which came with the lava stone, and Im wondering how often you all use that? That would only be for indirect cooking, right? If i was doing steaks, i would not want the lava stone in there right? but have it in for a low and slow rib cook right? Any additional thoughts of advice for a newbie? Thanks!