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  1. coltwknight

    Royal Oak Lump Charcoal

    Been working great for me.
  2. coltwknight

    I want my brisket merit badge

    I took it off at 195. Turns out just the one end was dry, the rest of it is actually pretty nice. I wish I would have started serving from the other end. I can smoke chicken, ribs, pork shoulders, fish, and just about everything else, but Brisket kicks my ### everytime. With the expense, I am about to give up on it. I do love a nice juicy brisket with good mesquite smoke flavor and crispy crust though. As far as my favorite que though, that is a tie between baby back ribs and a boston butt.
  3. coltwknight

    I want my brisket merit badge

    This cooked a lot faster than I anticipated. It didn't turn out as well as I like, its a little dry. Not tough, and good flavor, but I am disappointed.
  4. I have attempted brisket before with some of my previous smokers (cheapos) and I never thought they turned out right. Now that I have been makings successful smokes one after the other with the AKORN, I grabbed the last brisket at the grocery store today. I really went to get some baby back ribs, but they were sold out - holiday weekend I suppose. Anyhow, they did have this beautiful USDA choice Black Angus brisket. I'll let yall know in the morning
  5. 225 until the chicken legs hit 165, Then I basted with bourbon infused BBQ sauce, and turned the kamado up to 300 to bake that sauce on. I do not like sloppy BBQ. You know you did it right when the chicken falls apart when you lift it up, but its still super juicy! The Best part
  6. Could be 1 of 3 things, or a combination. 1. Dirt and grime build up in the tracks. 2. The tracks have been pinched and putting the damper in a bind 3. Corrosion I bet a good cleaning would fix your issue
  7. Love that Basset! My first cook on my Akorn was also a beer can chicken. You'll love that kamado, especially the first time you need to cook in windy, rainy or cold conditions.
  8. I really like a sweet rub for pork ribs and shoulders. My favorite so far is Famous Daves rib rub, and Webers pork rub is nice as well. In the past, I have made my own rubs, but to be honest, I spend more in materials and end up wasting a lot. Economically, buying a good rub works for me.
  9. coltwknight

    Black Olive pellet Kamado opinion?

    My only concern is that the chip feeder/electric part of the grill is broken or doesn't work well, and that is why they were returned because cosmetically they look great with no breaks. They are very heavy with some solid genuine ceramic lining. If the electronics are broken, I bet the replacement parts are super expensive and you can't use it as a charcoal grill because there are no air vents in the bottom.
  10. coltwknight

    Black Olive pellet Kamado opinion?

    Our local discount store has 2 used but in good condition Black Olive pellet Kamados. Anyone have any opinion on these grills and what they should be worth? They are both on sale for $199, which seems cheap to me.
  11. I have now settled on about 4-5 chunks, that seems to be plenty enough for my needs. Still hard for me to believe how little wood and charcoal this uses as a smoker. I still remember how much charcoal and wood chips I poured into my propane smoker.
  12. coltwknight

    Baby Back ribs on the Kamado

    2013-2016 - I lived in North Tucson(Casa Adobes) on Orange Grove Road. Just before the Oro Valley line.
  13. coltwknight

    Fun few days off of firsts

    Looks yummy. I am a believer in the No-wrap philosophy. I love the smoke flavor and being able to layer the texture and flavor with a good bark.
  14. coltwknight

    Baby Back ribs on the Kamado

    Thanks yall. Jack Jumper, I use to live in Tucson, got my doctorate at the University of Arizona.