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  1. A 144 count box of Rutland fire starters is 12 bucks at Tractor Supply. They work great, seem nearly identical to KJ brand ones.
  2. cmorgan92

    New Grill, Anyone know what these extra pieces are for?

    Came here to say this^ lol
  3. cmorgan92

    kontrol tower top vent paint/coating issue

    For those of you that are curious, my new top vent that I warrantied shipped today. They must be back in stock.
  4. cmorgan92

    Kamado Joe temp control

    Welcome! Whenever I open the dome, I do whatever I have to do then close it in the shortest time possible. If you are wrapping or anything that takes any length of time longer than a few seconds I typically will remove the meat and close the dome. The butt will probably be done before the temps drop to 250. Luckily Boston butt is a very forgiving meat, and even at 350 you probably won't notice dramatic issues with the final product, especially if you maintained low temps in the first 6 hours.
  5. Bump, back on sale for 15% off until July 17
  6. cmorgan92

    memory foam mattress?

    We bought a Casper mattress last year and haven't looked back. It is an amazing mattress. Perfect amount of firmness.
  7. cmorgan92


    Got the Freedom Blend this week... delicious as always. BRCC has a very distinct scent, and it always fills the house in the morning!
  8. cmorgan92

    kontrol tower top vent paint/coating issue

    From my dealings with Kamado Joe CS they have been beyond polite and courteous. From my understanding they have fixed the top vent issues, but are waiting for them to come back into stock. Patience is a virtue.
  9. cmorgan92

    kontrol tower top vent paint/coating issue

    Sounds like they have worked through the issue and are starting to send out corrected top vents. KJ's customer support is very good and have treated me amazingly well throughout the top gasket and top vent peeling issues. Just waiting for the corrected top vent to come back in stock so I don't have to continue cooking with the peeling one.
  10. cmorgan92

    Cast Iron or Stainless Steel?

    Recently switched from the Akorn to a KJ, I have to say I much prefer the stainless. So much easier to clean and maintain.
  11. cmorgan92


    I generally go for CAF or Caffeine and Hate, but I agree, BRCC makes some good coffee. Just wish their prices weren't so steep.
  12. cmorgan92

    First Pizza Cook... So smokey!

    I think not letting it burn until it was clean was the biggest issue I had!
  13. cmorgan92

    First Pizza Cook... So smokey!

    Nearest Costco is over 2 hours away. Just doesn't really make sense to get a membership.
  14. cmorgan92

    BBQ Bagel for breakfast

    Nice, I throw pulled pork into omelets!
  15. cmorgan92

    Initial Burn

    Got my classic yesterday after making the jump from the akorn. I spent a couple hours playing with the vents to see how it reacted, because it does behave different thank the akorn (in a good way, imo). Stopped it at 225 first, then 250, 275 etc. After awhile I brought it up to 400 and threw some burgers on there! Tasted great.