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  1. I have the sapphire blue Akorn, which I keep covered but outside in the South Louisiana heat and humidity next to a pool. Six months in there is no fading yet. Brilliant color. I've had that HD cart Akorn. It's a good, study cart and still quite mobile. Only problem I had was it's hard to get the cover on it, and when I occasionally spilled a fired coal or two from the chimney onto the table top of the cart, it marked the plastic top. Looked like the cratered surface of a moon by the time I was done with it.
  2. The cover is very nice. It's thinner and more pliable than the regular cover, so its much easier to get on and off and it does not stiffen in the cold. Looks great too.
  3. I just got a new AKORN Kamado and need to order a cover. I see on the Char-Griller site there is a regular cover and a "Premium" cover, which is advertised as more weather resistant and heavy duty. Anyone know if the extra $$ is worth it for the Premium cover?
  4. Interested in one of these but looks like Lowe's no longer carries them. Anywhere they are sold other than the Chargriller web site?
  5. This is my problem. I live in a damp, humid climate. I do not have a garage, so the Akorn sits by the pool in the elements. I do cover it, but have to wait until it cools down of course. I use it four or more times a week. I have gone through 4 Akorns in 7 years, with them typically rusting out just above the ash pan. What do you think would be a better choice than the Akron, in terms of durability?
  6. It matches my pool. My old Akorn still has a few miles on it yet, but this one makes me want to hurry its demise along. LOL!
  7. Just got an email about this new color for Akorn: Sapphire Blue. Looks pretty sweet!
  8. In 25 years of owning Webers, Brinkmans, and several Chargrillers including the Akorn, I've never had a charcoal grill last more than 4 years. Usually I am lucky to get 2-3 years out of them. I guess I am hard on grills. But as I said, I use them A LOT; and the South Louisiana environment is hard on them I guess. They always rust out. With the last Akorn, it rusted around the lip of the hood, at the base when the legs connect, and at the metal binders connecting the ash pan to the base. I don't blame the Akorn though.
  9. Sweet cart, Grilling Chicken! What's the bottle opener for?
  10. Just bought the cart version. Noticed it had screws in the side away from the cart, and so took the wooden side table off my old brown Akorn, re-stained and sealed it and attached it to the side of the new Akorn. Now I have loads of space! Just need to find a grill cover.
  11. I just decided to replace my Akorn after about 3 years. I used it a lot, 4 times a week usually. I had already replaced the lower ash pan piece and warming rack, but now rust was developing around the base lip of the top dome and I could see the inner metal liner was going to come apart from the dome. I decided to get a new one now when I saw a good deal, and keep the old one as a back up. I always kept it covered (at least after it had cooled down), but I live in a very humid environment where things rust easily. I will try the suggestions of cracking the vent and emptying out the ash pan more often.
  12. I called and they did sell the part for only $37. Ordered that and a new cover for less than $75 including shipping. Much better than spending $350 on a new one! Thanks!
  13. My 3 yr old Akorn has rusted out along the edge of the ash pan, with the result that that the little bracket where the clasp secures to the ash pan has broken. I am not particularly handy and don't see an easy fix. Would order a new ash pan but do not see that part available. Any suggestions? If not, where are the good deals on a new one right now? I would like to find a brown or gray one, wooden shelves, for $299 or less and free shipping. Anyone buy one recently?
  14. Wait I thought the whole purpose of the cover was so that the Akorn is protected and not fade! My formerly black Chargriller cover is now half gray after 8 mos. Perhaps I need a cover for my cover?
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