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  1. My favorite meal of the day. The food look delicious!
  2. Crap! The warranty is only for the original purchaser...so would that be the casino? Lol, that sucks.
  3. Another question, what are the 4 screws for that come with the grate gripper tool?
  4. Thanks for all the comments guys! I wanted to adjust the hinge because the lid wasn't staying up. If I just barely touched it then it would start to close. I want to tweak it just a bit. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. Hey guys, I am new here and recently purchased an Akorn. It's a nice grill for sure, I have not done any big cooks on it, just simple chicken breast, hamburgers and hot dogs. Anyways I ran across a grill that I just couldn't pass up. I bought a new/never used Classic II off of someone who won it at a casino. It was delivered to her house and set up on it's base, the fire box and Command and Conquer system was still in it's packaging inside of the grill. I paid $750 for it! I got it home and all set up and I am currently doing a pork tenderloin to break it in. I've got a couple questions though. Registering the Grill - The original owner never registered the grill, which is a good thing I think. Now when I go to register it will I have any problems? I've read that Kamado Joe's customer service is outstanding so I am not anticipating any issues. When registering your grill online is asks "Where did you purchase your grill? (Store Name)". What should I put in that box? Rain - The grill sat out in the previous owners back yard uncovered for a month. Is there anything that I should worry about because of that? I will be storing it in my garage so no issues with water now. Hinge Adjustment - The hinge adjustment seems like a pain. Trying to get a good grip on my tiny 7mm wrench while turning the 9/16 nut is a bit difficult. Maybe I am just babying it since it's new and not putting enough muscle into it! My 7mm socket doesn't hold the bottom part of the hinge assemble very well at all, maybe, my socket is a bit over sized or something. Has anyone experienced the same thing? Anyways, so far I am very happy with both grills and hopefully soon I will get some long low and slow cooks in and post some pics. Here are a few of the new Classic II!
  6. I own the KME system. It costs much less then the Wicked Edge and I can get a great edge on my knives.
  7. Haha! I hear ya G_B. If I wasn't a total newb I'd definitely be doing that.
  8. New lid received and installed. I've been crazy busy with work and putting new floors in the house that I have only cooked brats so far! The poor Acorn is lonely in the garage, not getting used.
  9. Thanks for the welcome! The box was in great shape. It did not look to be thrown around or anything like that. Ya luckily nobody has given me any grief about replacement parts. I've had great customer service from everyone involved so far. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  10. Haha! I called Amazon today and ended up getting a 20% refund on top of the new lid from Char-Griller. I'm currently doing the seasoning steps per the manual. I checked the temp gauge with my oven before installation and it was about -30 degrees. So I'm running it at roughly 460 degrees for an hour. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  11. I just spoke with Char-Griller and the lady was very nice. I sent her a picture of the damage and some other information and I should have a new lid in 5-7 business days. Excellent customer service! Even better, I don't have to send the damaged one back so I can still use it this Memorial Day Weekend. I suppose I should keep the damaged lid around as a spare. Are there any common problems with the lid that would warrant keeping the damaged one as a possible replacement down the road?
  12. Hey guys, I ordered an Akorn from Amazon last week and it arrived today. I got home from work and opened the box, taking everything out carefully and laying it out on my garage floor. Assembly went well for the most part but I did run into these issues. 1. The package that contains all of the washers, screws and pins had been punctured and all 26 of the 1/4-20 1/2" screws were spread throughout one of the boxes. Luckily I was able to track all of them down. 2. One of the shelf brackets that come pre-installed was bent quite a bit. I was able to bend it back and the shelf works as it should. 3. Okay the first two things weren't really a big deal, but this one sucks. Before I noticed the shelf bracket was bent I put the lid on. I used the 4 screws with the loctite on them and screwed the hinge and the lid to the main part of the grill. I then tested it and once I put the lid down I notice a massive dent in the lid near the center, right of where the thermometer goes! #3 really bummed me out. I know I didn't cause the damage, I was very careful about removing everything from the box. Everything seemed to be packaged nicely. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what was done about it either from Amazon or Char-Griller customer service. I am going to call Amazon tomorrow, I just don't feel like making that call tonight. I believe it is purely a cosmetic issue, but I cannot be sure yet. I sure hope they don't tell me to package it up and send it back because that would be nearly impossible. Here is a pic of what my lid looks like. There is also a smaller dent, further right of the big one that is also shown in the pics.
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