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  1. oh sorry guys! this is done at the probe factory that I contracted to make them. I have a motorcycle part business that does all the engineering and testing work. So I just send them the drawings and requirements. Same factory makes probes for most of the probes on the market today. but...they are all the same yea? except mine haha
  2. The current temp probe for grill has not been changed for a long time. I didn't like the space it's taking and the position you have to put it at is often not a good spot to measure grill temp. If it's hot air cooking meat, then the probe should be collecting air temp at the meat surface, right? So this is what I came up with. It can be clipped onto a needle meat probe or the grill by itself. It's so small so you can clip it anywhere. It's compatible with iGrill and many other brands. I've been using it with Akorn Jr. for the last 2 months and absolutely loving it. (I know, I made it lol). It's very useful for smaller grills as cooking area is tight. Anyway, check it out.
  3. Daz

    Akorn Rotisserie

    I think if someone with a fitting one post a height measurement on the lowest part of the wall would help.
  4. I ordered the Jr. from Amazon and the built quality is very poor. Much less than the bigger brother Akorn. Had crossed thread, mis aligned lid, chipped paint. The thermometer was installed upside down. It works fine but they need to tighten up their QA for sure.
  5. Daz

    Akorn Rotisserie

    Onlyfire makes accessories for several grill brands. For $100 it's really cheap, Kamado Joe will sell the same thing for twice. I know because we were neighbors (Kamado Joe and my BBQube booth) at the HPBExpo in Atlanta in March. They told me it's a new item they just released but its made by someone else.
  6. yea i've made a few and sell them online at BBQube.us
  7. this is what I came up with, very simple to make and it works great. I'm making it into the regular size Akorn as well. Laser cut stainless steel!
  8. for me it's I can see the topping all the time and check on the bottom of the dough easily. so I know when it's time to pull it out. it's only a matter of minutes so you want to keep a close eye on it.
  9. Daz

    Akorn Jr. Questions

    go for it man, i cook brisket in it all the time. If the meat is too big just chop it up. I wish Akorn makes a "Akorn Square" like weber go anywhere. the only complain i have is you can't lay a slab of ribs in it.
  10. Looking good! I love my Jr. I cook in it 90% of time now. ( I do have 8 more grills including 2 more kamados!) It's like my 5th range.
  11. I will make a video on the pizza ring. it's like everytime I cook pizza i'll be so busy.
  12. yes the plastic winder comes with every probe, i spent more time designing that winder that the probe! it's 2 pcs and welded w/ ultrasonic.
  13. there is a comparison pic, to the left its' the 16 hr smoked brisket flat and to the right it's the SV + smoking. They were both tender but the SV is more dense in texture.