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  1. oh if you have iOS then yea go for the WiFi but if you have an android phone it may take me another month to get the app finished.
  2. Mark, we'll have the wifi inventory next week but our android app is still under development. I'd say end of March for the app release.
  3. it's very stable sitting on two tabs. we digitized the inner fire bowl so the edge of the tray matches the bowl perfectly. It won't even wiggle.
  4. Mark, good news we should have our first delivery in about 3 weeks. I'll update when we have them.
  5. Mark, it's been in production for a month now. I'll check with the factory tomorrow and give you an update.
  6. Daz

    iKamand v2

    omg thanks for posting this I totally forgot I even wrote this lol. Our WiFi controller is coming next month!
  7. Daz

    iKamand v2

    hey so sorry I just saw your post. You can definitely use lump coal but break down the bigger chunks. When I wrote the manual I was overly cautious but since we're here...you can dump all the coals in and lit a corner, the controller will still manage the temperature very well. As long as coals are making good contacts with each other.
  8. yea we're going into assembly next week. I hope I'll get them a month from now. here is the new decal.
  9. not likely but it's in production. I'll try to get an update tomorrow from the factory.
  10. Mark, thanks for the support! I believe our customer service has responded to you earlier but I'd answer it here again so everyone can see. Wifi version is in production and i'm hoping by Nov we'll have it on the market. I've used the production prototype for half year now and have ironed out all the bugs. Now just waiting for the hardware to complete. Inkbird buys the hardware from us but they add their own wifi module to pair with their own app. So it's almost the same except the Wifi connection part. Likewise, our app will only work with our controller. Yes! We implemented h
  11. yes the large adapter fits most of the med to large kamados on the market.
  12. Happy to hear that! And thanks for the support. You can always hit me up if you need something for your Akorn.
  13. Russ, thanks for checking in. I got the prototype built and tested but haven't decided to enter the production yet. If we do, we'll have to stock up a lot more replacement parts due to the more complicated design of pellet grills. I really wanna build a product line that's focused on portability of grills (a few more portable grills/smokers coming up). Maybe after this fall when we can have some slack we'll take another look at it.
  14. a 3000 mAh battery pack can run it for 20+ hours, I use a 6000 mAh one and it'll last 40+ hrs. The two gens uses same blower fan so the power consumption are almost the same.
  15. no worries DM me your addr and I'll have my office to ship you a Jr. adapter. Thanks for the support!
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