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  1. You can't go wrong with Akorn Kamado, or you can go right with Kamado-Go, which I kinda made for myself haha. I cook at the beach or tailgating all the time and was using Weber Go-Anywhere with my temp controller most of the time. I liked its rectangular shape and wish it had a larger cooking area and an insulated lid. So I went back to the CAD and made a grill exactly I wanted it to be. Double walled top lid, folding side tables/lift handles, arched shape and 275 sq in of cooking area (in comparison akorn has 315 sq in of cooking) Here are a few pics. Works like a champ with my portable temperature controller. with a 12v battery pack it'll run 20+ hours. The best part is, as the grill got opened and closed frequently during the party, it will always return to preset temperature by the controller. So you just drink beer and talk stories I'll be adding a rotisserie setup, a pellet burner, a cover and make it wifi enabled...it's 2020, right?
  2. so all these probes are resistor type of probes and they'll max out around 600 to 700 degrees. We're putting in a thermocouple probe in our new Kamado-Go grill (it'll have a built-in digital thermometer!) thermocouple can go over 1200 degrees. the unit is not water proof but will work in the rain. It can also stay in the case and you can have the lid cover over it, that's how I use it. The manual for the controller is downloadable from our website and I'm still working on the Kamado-Go grill's manual. That'll be available for download this week.
  3. Hi all, just want to make a quick announcement on my 2nd controller project, the TempMaster Portable has now arrived in our Atlanta warehouse and ready for shipping. On this 2nd round of making a controller, we focused on portability. It carried over all the goodies from 1st gen but in a much more compact form. It'll keep a smoker steady for 20+ hours if powered by a 12v battery pack. We also designed a carry-all case so everything can be easily transported. I started making my own smoker controller 6 years ago as a hobby, it's now making a footprint in the smoking business and winning awards at industry tradeshows. Thanks for all the supports from this forum, i learned a lot. You can find more info on this controller at BBQube.us Happy Smoking!
  4. Now fitted with the speed-holed hanger! Got a couple parties coming up and this will be my workhorse. WiFi PID controller is getting close to finish too. Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. I've been using it on a regular basis now. I like how convenient it is and how fast it reaches target temp. If I have to sear a steak, I'll use the half moon basket. but I'm going to test out a controller from another manufacturer that already has Wifi/Cloud built-in, will save me some time in development. @Mr.Chlorine reaching 600 is like a breeze, yea just push more pellets into the pod, I have maxed out the temp gauge on Akorn a couple of times. now you said it, i must try it with my Akorn pizza ring!
  6. More updates on the pellet conversion development. I'm burning day and night and our controller is getting pretty good. +-10 degrees. Temp rise up very fast w pellets, can reach 350 in 7 or 8 min. I'm hoping by fine tuning the algorithm we can get it down to +-5.
  7. I'm hoping to keep it around $300 with the WiFi PID controller.
  8. First firing! The bottom pan fits like OEM. My luggage was way over weight so I had to keep the hanging hopper at the factory. I made two of these conversions, one for Akorn and one for Weber smokey mountain (they don't know yet haha). The temperature overshot like 50-100 degrees because the controller is too basic. I'm converting my charcoal temperature controller into a pellet controller, already made the new controller board now just write the code. It will be WiFi enabled. Stay tuned!
  9. Very cool, I do all my brisket overnight...with my own temp controller temp swing is within 2-3 degrees
  10. thanks! I was surprised too. I had wood fire so it's pretty hot. I think one big reason for it to cook faster is because the moisture on the surface vaporize faster and drip off so it didn't have the "stall" which prolongs the cook. Now, if I make the motor to reverse every 360 degrees, I can then stick a probe to the ribs and monitor it live...
  11. oh so it's like an offset, yea that'd be an interesting project. well, once I got the bottom adapter the possibilities are endless. I'm a big fan of cold smoke and I did a cold smoker setup with a stove range and my temp controller's relay function. I may dig that up and see if anyone is interested.
  12. it'd be hard to keep it under 300 in a kamado with real wood fire, I haven't tested yet but i think it'll shoot over 500 degrees easily. It also needs a feeder coming from outside. With the adapter for the Akorn I can replace the pellet stove with a rocket stove and feed wood from the side. I can add a secondary intake from the existing lower vent into the upright chamber. It's gonna work well with my pizza ring or rotisserie setup.
  13. Haha Im building a rocket stove adapter for Akorn so it can burn wood directly. I did look at the front opening of the ceramic kamado and thought it was a little too small. I'll take another look. Thanks!
  14. I was doubtful about pellet grill, I prefer to read stories complaining about it. Til one day I used it and enjoyed the convenience of it. I had my pellet and half Moon searing tray in my Akorn and together.they can cook anything with ease. As for the price, there is a balance to it. And I always prefer my stuff on the higher end in quality, besides, it's unique. It can be changed back to the regular Akorn in two minutes.
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