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  1. not likely but it's in production. I'll try to get an update tomorrow from the factory.
  2. Mark, thanks for the support! I believe our customer service has responded to you earlier but I'd answer it here again so everyone can see. Wifi version is in production and i'm hoping by Nov we'll have it on the market. I've used the production prototype for half year now and have ironed out all the bugs. Now just waiting for the hardware to complete. Inkbird buys the hardware from us but they add their own wifi module to pair with their own app. So it's almost the same except the Wifi connection part. Likewise, our app will only work with our controller. Yes! We implemented h
  3. yes the large adapter fits most of the med to large kamados on the market.
  4. Happy to hear that! And thanks for the support. You can always hit me up if you need something for your Akorn.
  5. Russ, thanks for checking in. I got the prototype built and tested but haven't decided to enter the production yet. If we do, we'll have to stock up a lot more replacement parts due to the more complicated design of pellet grills. I really wanna build a product line that's focused on portability of grills (a few more portable grills/smokers coming up). Maybe after this fall when we can have some slack we'll take another look at it.
  6. a 3000 mAh battery pack can run it for 20+ hours, I use a 6000 mAh one and it'll last 40+ hrs. The two gens uses same blower fan so the power consumption are almost the same.
  7. no worries DM me your addr and I'll have my office to ship you a Jr. adapter. Thanks for the support!
  8. Yes we manufactured for the inkbird but it was integrated with their own app.
  9. maybe it's time to make a ceramic ashtray for Akorn...
  10. no right now we only making the pizza ring for the Akorn. KJ got their own pizza ring i believe, called DoeJoe.
  11. I had water in ash pan so I just drilled out a 1" hole at the bottom and put a drain plug on it. Rust happens when the heat got transferred through the bolt to the paint, then paint bubbles and peels off...you know the rest. But I still love my Akorn. It's easy to move around and the removable ash pan is a winnah!
  12. i built a half moon searing tray that sits on the tabs that hold the deflector. works like a champ. it works well for reverse sear thicker steaks. I use the other half to slow heat the steak and when it reaches around 90 degrees internally i flip it over.
  13. Hi there, the Akorn has a removable ash pan at the bottom. So my attachment has the same specs and hardware and can be easily attached to the Akorn kamado like a factory ash pan. The bottom pan has a tilted top surface and the grease will drain into a grease holder at the lower level. It's critical to drain the grease out of the open fire for all pellets grills, so for your Vision you'd have to figure out how to drain the grease first. Vision grills are made in the same factory where I also have some projects going on. I'll take a closer look next time I'm there. I think a heat deflector that
  14. I leave mine outside under the roof. it gets wet at times. I also do pizza and run it hot at times but never find the need to replace firebox. what i found is the ash pan may catch water/grease at the bottom. I also had one time a big fire (cooking duck over a pellet fire and rotisserie...) and the heat melted the paint around the lower vent. I'd periodically check the ash pan see if any deposits at the bottom. Ash traps moisture and may rust through from inside. I think it'd be a good idea to add a drain plug at the bottom if you store it outside.
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