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  1. time for me to build a table in the white and gold of Ga Tech
  2. Thanks for the kind words Nigel. We did some testing and found the bottom insulation doesn't make a big impact on the efficiency of this particular grill, the cooking space is well insulated on top of the fire and the overnight run proves it. We used all heavy gauge 304 stainless throughout so we have to watch out for the weight and cost. Adding the bottom would also complicate internal designs.
  3. I designed an ash bucket that can remove ash in one shot. haven't got around to make it. but the promo ash bucket sounds interesting. can someone post a picture of the current charcoal/ash bucket config on the primo?
  4. Field testing! Did a 12+ hour off-grid run with the Kamado-Go, and it worked like a champ. I was expecting the coal to run out within 6 hours but at 6th hour it only used less than half of the fuel. I had to leave it overnight and the battery ran out in the morning. My guestimate is it lasted 12~15 hours at 250 degrees. The temperature stayed between 240~245, some tweak with the program I can keep it right on 250. Pics show the charcoal I started with and what's left in the morning. Overall I'm very happy with the new grill's performance. The square shape makes it easy to layout ribs or do reverse sear in one grill. the side table/handle comes handy when moving it around (weighs only 30lb). The bottom ashtray makes it easy to cleanup. I'll do a 20+ hours run this week. Stay tuned!
  5. the side port is a standard 1" tubing so it should work with any fan w/ that size. but the PID controllers are not very good at control small grills. there are adjustable bottom vent on both sides, kinda hard to see under the side tables. the probes can stand much higher temperatures, and they're responsive like steak probes. If i tell you i first spent a year making these probes and 7 prototypes of the wire wrap you'd think i'm nuts haha. but that's how i started, i wasn't happy w/ the iGrill probes and soldered one steak probe needle with the iGrill plug...now it's all history! and to OC, here are the dimensions. side table unfolded 37"L x 14.4" W x 16" H grill body 22" grate size 21" x 13", cooking area is 273 sq inch, a little smaller than i previously posted.
  6. yes it'll work with any type of enclosed grills even all weber grills. it got the same fan and control like our pro line. The bottom ashtray drawer is lockable so no grease will leak. I camp a lot and loved my weber go-anywhere but wished it were bigger. now i got a bigger one i'll post more pics once i take it camping. the controller will come with a hardshell case that can hold a 12v battery and can go off-grid for 30+ hrs.
  7. let's hope for the future man you know in today's world you'd have to include every keywords in the title so the amazon customers can pull up your name in search results...and if they look for a low and slow cooker then i hope they find mine. but they ain't gonna type low and slow cooker...
  8. ha, it is a grill and it doesn't look like an egg. and I call it "Kamado-Go", that is kamado grill w/ legs! Kamado for it's insulated lid and the ability to maintain low and slow, "Go" for its portability. kamado means cooking stove in Japanese, if you go to a Japanese museum, that thing looks like a stew pot sitting on a regular concrete wood stove. and what we call Kamado nowadays is actually called "mushikamado", and was used to steam rice.
  9. Just spent two days with the manufacture testing out the new Kamado-Go grill and it worked like a champ. Maintaining 250 degrees within 2-3 degrees of deviation for more than 7 hours before we had to wrap up the test. Insulated top lid with latch, stainless 304, folding side tables and legs, total weight 30lb (side table also dubs as handles for easy carry), and best of all, comes with our new gen of controller - TempMaster Portable. Cooking area is 305 sq inch which is comparable to the Akorn's 315 and ours is square! Other feaurtes include ash tray drawer, heat-defector and charcoal divider. There will be more unique accessories developed for it so stay tuned!
  10. Good call, I love mine. I even made a heat deflectors for it. You can get a cheap digital thermometer for 20 bucks on Amazon.
  11. thanks, that looks nice. so you used flat head screws to mount? hard to see from the pic.
  12. that side table looks awesome...custom made?
  13. I actually made one. attached the weber rotisserie through the pizza ring and it worked really well. I have to dig it up again. I think I was trying to figure out how to stick a probe to the meat and not get it tangled up. I'm working on a new app that will start to control all these accessories I make. that includes the temperature controller, the pizza stone with digital probe, the rotisserie with thermometer and that can feed the data to the temperature controller.
  14. Anyone can tell me where to find stainless grate for the akorn? Weber's too big. I'm not too crazy about casting iron grates. Thanks
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