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  1. yea I went back and looked at it and thought hm it does look like galvanized lol.
  2. I make temp controllers for charcoal grills, so I was just like you, resistant to pellet. but after I made my prototype I kept it on for a few weeks until I had to pack up the prototype and send it to the manufacturer. It's cleaner to deal with, does low and slow with a simple dial and if I need to sear, I just use my half moon coal basket. I'm sure Mrs Skreef will be impressed when she sees the final product haha
  3. it's an aluminum pizza pan. now one for you? in production it's gonna be made with high-temp powder coated steel like all other pellet grills.
  4. It's definitely gonna be cheaper than the Akorn itself. I was surprised myself how much I liked the pellet attachment. Plus it can be removed easily like the ash tray so you can switch to the charcoal anytime. I'm also making a prototype with ceramic kamado body, similar setup, but selling a full grill is another story (cost, logistics etc etc)
  5. New toy for Akorn pitmasters! I made a pellet grill conversion on my Akorn in June and now it's going into production. Basically I ripped out a pellet feeder from a small pellet grill and made an adapter at the bottom of the Akorn grill. I just got the patent pending status so I can post it now. Here is a write up on the project. I'll update when we got the production prototype made...probably within a month. https://bbqube.us/Turn-Your-Akorn-Kamado-into-a-Pellet-Grill-with-BBQube-Pellet-Conversion-Kit_b_15.html?draft=1
  6. The Jr. line has been having small blems since a year ago. Both Jr I bought and my neighbor's from Amazon had misaligned screw holes, chipped fire bowl and bent vent door. But yea at that price at being the only kamado that can be shipped free to Hawaii, i'll live with that.
  7. Akorners, the searing tray for Akorn is finally here in our Atlanta warehouse. All laser cut stainless steel, no modification needed. It sits on two tabs that hold heat deflector. I've used one since April, a prototype I made, and found it very handy for shorter time cooks. Check it out here. Would love to see some pics from fellow Akorners! https://bbqube.us/Half-Moon-Searing-Tray-for-Char-Griller-Akorn-and-Blaze-Kamado-Grill_p_38.html
  8. I've been doing 250~270 for my ribs, I found at higher temp the bark forms better. I also curl it up with skews and that will reduce cook time up to an hour...now if you put it on a rotisserie, it'll get cooked in 2 hrs with open wood fire, temperature 350~400. I used SLC ribs from Costco.
  9. Hi all, I was in love with my Akorn rotisserie setup but bored with birds, I decided to put some SLC ribs on a rotisserie setup. Ribs came from Costco pre-dry rub. Had three chunks of Kiawe wood on top of a snake of charcoals. No drip pan but the fire is on the side. Grill was around 350-400 degrees most of time and only took two hours for the ribs to be done. The rotisserie eliminated the under/over cooked spots and from now on I'll always do ribs on a rotisserie! Check out the video I made and enjoy the weekend
  10. Noted! We have revised the design and now the motor support is no longer on the side table. I made a better video while holding my phone horizontally lol. We have started production prototype and hopefully will bring it the Akorn crowd in Sept. If you can't wait, and have access to a lathe. You can modify a Weber Rotisserie kit to fit over the pizza ring as shown. Aloha!
  11. Mark, thanks and welcome! yes it's the same size as the Akorn so it should fit just fine.
  12. Finally I got around to finish this idea I had for a long time, ever since I made the pizza ring. I picked up a set of Weber Rotisserie and lathed part of the shaft round to fit the Akorn. I cut two little "V" on the pizza ring and the drive motor sits perfectly on top fo the side table - lucked out on that one! The chickens were marinaded with Hawaiian Huli Huli Sauce for two days, with some Hawaiian Salt Seasoning, freshly ground pepper and they turned out amazing. I gotta thank my neighbor who worked at a construction site and got me a tuck load of dried out Kiawe wood. It burns really hot and long lasting. I'm starting to put a kit together and will report back on the progress.
  13. time for me to build a table in the white and gold of Ga Tech
  14. Thanks for the kind words Nigel. We did some testing and found the bottom insulation doesn't make a big impact on the efficiency of this particular grill, the cooking space is well insulated on top of the fire and the overnight run proves it. We used all heavy gauge 304 stainless throughout so we have to watch out for the weight and cost. Adding the bottom would also complicate internal designs.
  15. I designed an ash bucket that can remove ash in one shot. haven't got around to make it. but the promo ash bucket sounds interesting. can someone post a picture of the current charcoal/ash bucket config on the primo?
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