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  1. Update: We got the Android WiFi controller App in play store! WiFi units are shipping now. Thanks for all the supports (esp the early birds). Happy Holidays!
  2. John, sorry it came with no instruction. We had to wait until all firmware bugs were sorted out so we can start to make the instruction video. It should be ready this coming week. It'll also be shipped with a startup menu to get it going. Feel free to email or DM me with any questions. Thanks!
  3. sorry guys it took longer than I expected. I know some of you have been very supportive and I really appreciate that. We had issue with the last firmware for the wifi module. The testing units connected flawlessly but the production units had issues connecting some of the wifi networks. It turned out the new chipset shipped with new firmware from the manufacture and we had to update all the units we received already. We're making instructional video for WiFi connection this week and next week I can start ship users with iOS devices. My android app developer had a busy semester while keeping up a full time job but promised me he will finish the app this month. We don't have full time software developers in house (they are too expensive lol) but rely on a couple of awesome friends who are experts in their fields. Again sorry it took forever but I can start to ship units out next week (iOS app only at the moment, app is already in app store), just DM or email me and I'll give you guys some deep discount.
  4. Mark, we got them! the shipping took nearly two months but they're here and we're updating the firmware to the latest. I'll post an update next week. iOS app will be in the app store next week and Android will have to wait a bit longer. If you have an iOS device then the controller is good to go very soon. Sorry it took a long time but it's finally coming to the pitmasters!
  5. oh if you have iOS then yea go for the WiFi but if you have an android phone it may take me another month to get the app finished.
  6. Mark, we'll have the wifi inventory next week but our android app is still under development. I'd say end of March for the app release.
  7. it's very stable sitting on two tabs. we digitized the inner fire bowl so the edge of the tray matches the bowl perfectly. It won't even wiggle.
  8. Mark, good news we should have our first delivery in about 3 weeks. I'll update when we have them.
  9. Mark, it's been in production for a month now. I'll check with the factory tomorrow and give you an update.
  10. Daz

    iKamand v2

    omg thanks for posting this I totally forgot I even wrote this lol. Our WiFi controller is coming next month!
  11. Daz

    iKamand v2

    hey so sorry I just saw your post. You can definitely use lump coal but break down the bigger chunks. When I wrote the manual I was overly cautious but since we're here...you can dump all the coals in and lit a corner, the controller will still manage the temperature very well. As long as coals are making good contacts with each other.
  12. yea we're going into assembly next week. I hope I'll get them a month from now. here is the new decal.
  13. not likely but it's in production. I'll try to get an update tomorrow from the factory.
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