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  1. Cheap beer prices and the best bathrooms. Love my Buc-ees !
  2. I have been wanting one of these, well I guess I will pull the trigger. Thanks John. I was going to make one but I have not had the time.
  3. On my Classic ll, I just get Joe hot and wipe liquefied gunk off. I have not had any problems. I usally do this on my Hi Temp burnoff from that days cook.
  4. I am in the same boat, Kitchen remodel 2018 to give us much needed space and cabinets.
  5. Congratulations on your new cooker, hopefully it warms up and you and your friend can get busy.
  6. Photo was taken early in cook. I will post of the finished after oven wings.
  7. Long time since I posted life, work and my beloved Astro World Series Championship. Today I smoked Turkey wings, they were seasoned up and smoked w apple wood. One thing I know cook time on these is longer than I thought. They were not tender after reaching temp 170 degrees. So I have put them in the oven, we will see if they are any tenderer.
  8. Nice work, hope everyone had a great time.
  9. yeah, I could make a mess, take me to the car wash and hose me off.
  10. I received mine today, love the, Tri blend. Thanks John . That red w black logo looks nice. I think I need along sleeve now for those cool Texas winters Lol.
  11. Did my homework last month, I have a Dewalt and am buying a Ridgid also.
  12. Congratulations, I love mine. Great cook!!!
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