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  1. The UPS truck brought our Vision Cadet yesterday. UTVol I will give you one guess as to the color. We were siting in the dark last Saturday morning after the derecho took out the electricity when my phone rang. It was a call from a local outdoor shop telling me < I had won their drawing. I had forgotten about it. Drove over to the place and I was the new owner of an Akorn. Now it is time to learn to use them. Later. Sputnik
  2. Thank you everyone, I'm reading and hopefully learning... Also thanks for the Sam's club tip. That cooker seems to be online only it this area. I might be able to find one at a Home Depot to check over. Thanks again. Sputnik
  3. I read the thread about the rusted out akorn. I understand the concept, I got tired of buying a gas grill every 3 years and bought one that would last. I'm going to look at some grills today. I've put a lot of overtime in at the hydroelectric plant this spring, we have had some rain... Thanks again. Sputnik
  4. Yes we do the "GO VOLS". I'm 25 miles east of Knoxville there is always draft beer and grilling on football days. Next time you are in the motherland you have a game day invitation. Orange attire required. And thank everyone for the replies. That is what I must decide on, A grill with lesser ability for less cash. Or drop the cash for a grill with greater ability and develop my skills. The trusty Weber has been with me about 15 years, 6 years ago I bought an all stainless and cast iron gas grill. Last falls hog and Moomar Cowdafi are in the deep freeze saying "eat me, eat me". It is very cold and dark in there, they want out. Thanks again. Sputnik
  5. Good morning, I'm about ready to buy a kamado cooker. I grilled our Mothers day burgers on the Weber using lump charcoal. I was impressed with the flavor. It was very close to cooking over wood. I have looked at the big green egg and hesitate to invest that much cash in a new adventure. At this moment I'm thinking the Akorn might be the best starter unit. Any advise or input on this or other aspects of Kamado cooking will be accepted with gratitude. Thanks. Sputnik
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