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  1. I agree with Heuer on the 20cfm being a bit large for a kamado. However Fireboard lets you control fan output to a degree. The fireboard fan is made by auber instruments. Fireboard does not mark up the price that Auber offers the 20cfm fan at. Additionally Auber offers a 10cfm fan or a 6.5cfm fan. So you have choices. Additionally I know the original poster of this thread (Dathzo) utilizes the pit viper along with the fireboard as well as I do with great results. I also have the Flameboss 200 and utilize that fan with the Fireboard and have no issues at all. Totally agree with Heuer concerning Mr Collins. He totally stands behind his product and flamebosses help desk work wonders when your in extremis. Alexa works with fireboard if so inclined. Built in battery power is a plus if you lose power. Since fireboard got in bed with yoder the fireboard now offers cooking programs like my MAK 2 Star or other members of this forums Timberlines. With all that said as of late my go to controller has been the Smobot. Like Dathzo said above the data logging isnt the best out there but that devices temp control is tough to beat. Like that it allows my BGE's or Primo to pretty much operate as intended sans fan.
  2. Sounds like a case for Jackie Chiles aka Kramers lawyer on Seinfeld.
  3. Nice comparison and writeup. I find that on particular cooks I too turn to specific grills/smokers for the job.
  4. Their is a gent "dski grillz" on youtube who has that attachment for one of his kettles. He has a few videos of gabby's in action. Additionally he has multiple grills too include a Sunterra Santa Maria style grill. Dski is the one who set the hook in me to plunk down my money on a Sunterra back in March. Have not looked back since...one of the best grill decisions I ever made.
  5. I have had no issues with I believe 31 SMOBOT cooks. I know their are folks who have beta tested the SMOBOT out their maybe one of them will chime in. If really worried pulse Curtis or Eric at SMOBOT with your concerns or questions. They both are very responsive.
  6. I sent you a PM about Kamado King and Augie. He may have the exact draft door you need. He worked at Imperial Kamado before buying Makosan out when Mako retired. He has a grunch of knowledge on the old clay kamados. I have 2 old clay kamados. One from the early 60's one from 1973. The older one was 1 of 2 my dad bought when stationed at Clark AB. The 1973 model I purchased outside the gate of Yokota AB when I was stationed in Japan. Very Respectfully, Jeff GO NAVY Fly Navy or AAL
  7. Here is an old link to the Imperial Kamado website. The imbedded links in this still work. You will find some info in the repair section on painting etc. http://web.archive.org/web/20090802061836/http://www.imperialkamado.com:80/i_history.htm
  8. Not sure this will make it thru have pretty sketchy internet at present location. I think the primo hinge is fine no problems with it. Sounds like you have an overbite/underbite situation which is correctible. By chance when standing in front of the handle what side are band bolts on? I ask this because a buddy of mine drove himself bananas trying to fix his issue like yourself. We were lounging around his pool and I noticed his band bolts were on the right side of grill when facing it. My XL's bolts are on left side when facing it. Quick call to Primo to verify bolts should be on the left when facing the grill. We flipped the bands and his lid issue disappeared. Who would have "thunk it". BTW his grill was brand new when bought and delivered assembled. On the Primo University pages they have a write up on correction of overbite/underbite situations. I hope you get JR fixed and up and running.
  9. Looks fantastic. My wife is Colombian and she puts a Colombian spin on this dish. One of my faves. We have been to one of his restaurants in Chicago. Was not bad. Still find it hard to believe Rick and Skip are brothers.
  10. Food looks great...glad someone is getting some sun. Its been a rare commodity here the last 3 days and the future doesn't look promising until this upcoming Friday for a sighting. Do you have any names for the 3 Amigos (cookers) I see in your pic?
  11. I know I could roll in hot on that and do some serious damage to that pie.
  12. For sure was not a banner day in Va Beach. Heart and prayers go out to the families and a huge BZ to the first responder. "Da Twins" aka Danny & Arnold or Vincent and Julius look great basking in their pre cook glory.
  13. Hopefully everything went off without a glitch last night with the butts and chickens cooperate as well. Additionally hope your weather is better in your locale than here in Va Beach. Been pouring here since around midnight.
  14. On the subject of the "extended grids" I have been wanting to replace these on my XL. Normal price each runs between $54 and $62 depending on source. Stumbled upon this today and pulled the trigger https://www.amazon.com/soldbbq-Extended-Cooking-Replacement-Primo/dp/B0782CZ725
  15. I think that 4 of a kind, and pair of spatchcocked chickens you are preparing is going is going to make for one happy special "full house" at the party. Looking forward to finished product pictures.
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