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  1. @Jimmy808 Forgot to mention in your second picture above the gridlifter I see you have the small bag of cloth gaskets. Don't laugh they work. I picked up a couple packs of them and used them on my Kikuya Hibatchi Pot. Not the easiest material to work with or glue down. Once worn out replace with felt if desired. Also tighten your bands and watch those rivets in that bayonnet hinge they have a bad habbit of pulling out especially if rust comes calling.
  2. I for one can not argue with anything @KismetKamado said in the above post. You have summed up your Fire Magic very well. I have an Echelon and know its pro’s/con’s. Smoking anything is not a strong point. I have a couple of Kamado’s and the learning curve is minimal. Nothing you could not overcome. I enjoy the whole kamado cooking process from cooking most of the time controller less but when lazy I do use a controller. There are multiple people on here with Traeger’s and I can’t think of anyone off hand that speaks negatively about their grill. I have a pellet grill but went in a d
  3. @luebri kind of agree with you concerning better experience. I had 5 BGE's before I bought the Oval XL. The Oval over the past 18 months has been the heavy lifter in the herd. Just more versatile and cooking a grunch of packer briskets helped skew the usage. I have not had issues getting the temps up with the BGE's or Oval however I have never timed them either. Glad you are like both cookers.
  4. Len you are correct you can use lump in the PK with zero issues. Never had the problem John talks about with using lump vice briquettes in the PK. It's all about fire management. I do prefer briquettes or charlogs in it however. That may change soon my daughter just gave me a "Burn Shop" coal basket that may herd the briquettes or lump better.
  5. - You will not go wrong with either choice. - I think the grate space sq/in difference is about 50 in favor of the 22 in Weber. - Many more add ons for the weber. If your into rotis cooking its cheaper than going the rodizio route on the PK. If you have the rotis for the BJ then its of no significance. - I have both grills and for steaks I prefer the PK. HOWEVER remember it is the cook not the cooker that wins hands down each and every time not the grill. - I personally think the thick cast aluminum shell of the PK is pretty nice. Has great heat retention. Much more so in c
  6. You have a nice piece of history there too include the original wheels/cart. By the color of the cookbook cover, the silver sliding daisy, and cover for kamado I would say it was one of the later ones sold wken Mako still owned Imperial Kamado. Some parts (which you don't need) are still available. If you would really like to date your kamado google "Kamado King" and get in touch with Augie Longo. He used to work with Mako. Here is a link to the old Imperial Kamado website that Mako put together that still works. Hot links work also. http://web.archive.org/web/2009080206183
  7. I hope the original gives you as much enjoyment as I have gotten out of mine. I honestly like the beef short ribs off the PK better than any of my ceramics. Good luck with your purchase.
  8. If you want to be seen and heard get an airzound from delta cycles or amazon.
  9. - I ditched Kingsford years ago. Could not stand the off putting smoke when lighting it anymore. - Presently I am a big fan of B&B briquettes and there Charlogs. - I have burned through 1 bag of Jealous Devil briquettes and am impressed with everything about the product but the price. - If you want a nice clean burning fire get yourself some Napoleon Coconut Briquttes off Amazon or Blazing Coconut Briquettes off Amazon. These are not ordinary briquttes they are extruded about 6 inches long, last along time. Note these are bit more work to get lit. - If your intent is t
  10. @GeboIn the PK I have used briquettes, charlogs (B&B product which is like the old slurry lump you used to be able to buy), lump, and coconut briquettes which you can also use in the kamado. In the Hastybake I use briquettes, charlogs and lump. Depends on cook and at times I use a combo. In my kettle I use briquettes only but skads of folks use lump.
  11. I have a PK original that is about 13 yrs old. Love the grill and pair it with a Carson Rodizio if I get the rotiserie urge. The grill is pretty impervious to the elements which is nice living on the coast. I know there are some folks on here that have the PK360 so they can address that cooker. I do know the PK360 is made in China now and the original is still made in the USA. I am pretty sure at some point if you go the PK route you will want to increase your grate space with one of their grid extenders. The answer is DON'T. My opinion (which means zilch) PK's offerings are cheaply made
  12. Take a look at 1UP racks. When a buddy and I did PAW's (Pedal Across Wisconsin) 5 years ago I did the ride on a highly customized SWB RAN's F5 (it will actually fit in a suitcase) and my buddy did the ride on a LWB recumbent (Ti Rush). I carried both bikes on the 1UP. Great rack. Wished they made one for my Catrike. I carry that in the bed of the pickup or on a Hollywood rack that allows me to carry the trike and 1 bike.
  13. Smart move buying from Vivelo. Have done business with them 2 out of the last 3 years. Bought my wife and niece the same model as your wifes. The rim color on your wifes bike is about the color of their store front at least 2 years ago. Different type bike but as a camper you most likely see a grunch of folding bikes. Not the best of the folders like a Tern but Miami bikes makes a decent cheap folder. Me I ride recumbents have 3 SWB and 1 tadpole trike. I quit riding "upwrong's" 6 years ago. BTW your new rides look schweeet!!#
  14. - Agree with @daninpd at least when I was still on active duty and living in Japan you could order anything from Snowshoes to Ethan Allen Furniture thru NEX/MEX or AAFES. - Long pole in Carlotta's tent is Fukuoka. When I was stationed in Japan there was a Navy ATCO in Fukuoka but that was it. I flew into Fukuoka multiple times to the JN base. Closest USN exchange to Fukuoka is in Sasebo I believe. Still a bit of a haul but doable if Carlotta is active duty or a dependant. - Also back in the day if you drove any direction on "16" out of Yokosuka you would see multiple places selling H
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