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  1. @KK got to ask Who really wore who down? BTW great story.
  2. That looks delicious. Not sure if I could contain myself only eating that at breakfast.
  3. @CheeseMcGee, thanks for posting the Tomato Pie recipe. I have already printed it out and its 2nd in line on the to do list. Can't make this stuff up, it would have been "numero uno" but yesterday our mailman wiped out our mailbox. So must attend to that today setting a new post ect...
  4. Not at all. In fact I've never seen it (lump) in the Commissary before. Have seen it in the Exchange in the past however only the usual subjects Royal Oak, Cowboy and at times B&B. Would be interesting to see what AAFES carries vice NEX System.
  5. Going to make both of you (Dogstar & ckreef) cry. Was at NAS Oceana Commissary on Tuesday. In the back of the store by meats there is a small discount room. Well Curios George here stuck his head in the door and low and behold 5-30lbs pristine bags of JD was staring me in the face at $8.99 a bag. Scarfed those up much to the chagrin of my wife. I offered to make the walk of shame to the front of the store to get another cart she declined. We continued shopping and one gent asked where I got the lump. Told him the discount room. I did not lie their was multiple bags of Frontier in there. Poor guy.
  6. As a child growing up in the PI at Clark AB (actually born there also) I am quite familiar with this dish. During my Navy time visited Subic an untold number of times. Used to order this dish at Nina Papagyos even though it was more famous for Mexican food. Your chicken looks spectacular. Fantastic job.
  7. Thats a darn nice cook. Love rotis chicken. Nice job!!!
  8. KK, Oh the wicked webs we weave. We have discussed this. Best to live by the mantra "Better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission." Your dog was most likely wondering what is this new "interloping lid" doing on/in my grass/yard. Dog looks amazing. Recently I had my grill buying misdeeds turned 180 degrees on me. In late Nov the Mrs bought herself a grill after she went to Tulsa for a convention and ate at Burn Co Barbeque. She asked what they cooked on and then went over to Tulsa Grill Company and bought a Hasty Bake. Grill was delivered when she wasn't home. Had the driver set it down in the middle of her side of the garage. Sweet Revenge for when I got the "wire brushing" after the Sunterra fiasco and the over zealous Old Dominion Freight driver. BTW her new grill which she has yet to use herself is kind of fun to play with. That PK 360 looks sharp much nicer than my original PK.
  9. -I have not had any issues with 80/20 on the PK (original). However on my Hasty Bake Gourmet if I crank that firebox right up under the grate (sear position) I have had a flare up or two in the past. Luckily there is alot of "grill-o-state" on the Gourmet I can go to the second grate level or crank the firebox down to the bake or smoke position. -After reading your two posts this morning I would start playing around with your vents which are different (much nicer) on the 360 as compared to my original PK -Or maybe just introduce your guest of honor on the indirect side intially.
  10. Don’t have the PK360 but have the original PK. Are you cooking with the lid closed? How many briquettes you using? I find the PK to be extremely efficient so I don’t go wild on the coal load unless smoking. In your 2 zone set up on the cool side are you using a drip pan? Not sure on the shape of bottom vessel of the 360. Could grease runoff from the cool side over to/under the coals? I fortunately have had no/zero flare up problems. Hope you get it figured out. I have had my PK almost 12 years now and would never part with it.
  11. @Mr Cue I have been fooling around with those Char-Logs for almost 2 months now in my PK and Hastybake. Nothing negative to say about it yet and burns clean. Much cleaner than Kingford. Reminds me of the old extruded Coconut Lump from the late 90's and early 2000's.
  12. I have a Nr 3 just like your Nr 2 except my lower damper is black. Also have a Nr 5 Kikuya Hibatchi Pot. As "Keeper" above mentioned Augie Longo could most like give you a ballpark date. He worked for Mako at Imperial Kamado and then took over the business and headed east when Mako retired. Augie has a couple of youtube videos out their. Do you have the cart or feet for it? The cart for my Nr 5 was in sad shape. I ferried a jet to the west coast in 04 and met Mako and Augie and snagged a new cart. If you cant source the rain cap if you can still find a BGE one, it will fit. There was a post years ago on a different forum of a gent who made his own rain cap. I will see if I can find that post. He even gave the detail on getting proper texture. I would start a small fire and get the moisture out of it that has accumulated with non use before cooking on it. Do not cook on it in the rain. Additionally on the Naked Whiz's website he has some info/manuals for the older clay kamado's. I still have my original documentation for my old cookers. It is translated from JN to English. Both sets of instructions talk briquttes or Sumi (JN lump). If intetested in copy of the documentation let me know. I will figure out how to get it to you. It does not scan well because of type of paper its printed on. Good luck with your great piece of history.
  13. Your maiden voyage on the PK looks like a great success. The tritip on Junior was nothing to sneeze at either. Darn nice job. I have the original PK a gift from my daughter. Absolutely enjoy that grill. Not sure why but the PK puts out some fantastic plate ribs. I know of a least two esteemed posters on here (Kismet Kamado and John) have PK 360's and have seen some of their cooks coming off the 360 and they looked scrumptious. Congrats on your new cooker you have a great combo of cookers.
  14. Nice job on the cook. I would gladly help you make that vanish. Absolutely one of my favorite cuts of meat. Have arm wrestled myself to near death on what I like better Picanha or Tri-tip. Have come to the conclusion I like the one the best I have done last. If you can get your hands on a rotisserie give the Picanha a spin, you will not be sorry.
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