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  1. As said above nice restoration. Have you contacted Augie at this place http://kamadobbq.com/ He (Augie) still sells parts fot the old Imperial Kamados. If you do a search on Youtube for "Kamado King" he has a couple of videos also. Augie pretty much worked for Makosan prior to Mako retiring and he has much insight into these cookers. Up in the "Introduction" section of this forum I just recently hung a link to some Imperial Kamado info in welcoming Butch if your interested. Additionally Augie sourced me some items for my NR 3 restoration.
  2. Vanole

    Ol' Timer

    Welcome Butch. Here is some old stuff from the IK site when Mako owned IK. I have a 1977 Kikuya Hibatchi Pot (Nr5) hanging around and an older Nr 3 that was given to me thats in rough shape and a future project. http://web.archive.org/web/20090820014614/http://www.imperialkamado.com/i_faq.htm#Replacing Parts:
  3. This is gold > > > “Think I’m happy to stick with moo, cluck and oink from here on out.”
  4. @BrianAZ definitely not a needed item. Been cooking on Kamados myself since 1977. Wife bought me first controller for XMAS 2014. To be truthful my original clay Kamado (Kikuya Hibatchi Pot) that I still have I never even use a daisy wheel in the temp equation.
  5. I have a couple fan based controllers and with each of them on any of my ceramic grills the daisy wheel is open a hair. Does not matter whether its an XLBGE, LBGE, MBGE or Primo Oval XL. Many say the width of a dime. I will admit for some reason my old Flameboss 200 and the Primo XL have a Jekyl and Hyde relationship. Sometimes the cook is a thing of beauty sometimes the temps run wild. Though lately I have be running the SMOBOT non fan controller and 11 out of the past 13 cooks its been data logged at almost a flat line. No more than +/- 2°. Do not use a kickash basket on any of my ceramic, so I can't speak for that.
  6. Yowza that looks fantastic. Will be giving this a try when thing settle down.
  7. John those ribs look grrrreat!
  8. Good looking chops. Have those on the menu tomorrow. See you are using grill grates. Have had a PK in the herd for about 8 yrs. Not sure why but my PK is a Beef Plate Rib savant. Have much better results with it than my ceramics or MAK.
  9. It made an appearance here in Va Beach. Went through a couple bags of it.
  10. Had to look up what “Cottage Pie” was and found out it is like Shepard’s Pie which is a favorite of mine. I can tell you, I think I could eat a rather large helping of your Cottage Pie. Nice cook!!
  11. Ck, Nice upgrades for the camp chef and good looking trailer. BTW the color coordinated grill cover and cat is a nice touch.
  12. My opinion which means zilch is that “grate space” is like closets in a house or ammo in a firefight. Never get/have enough of them/it.
  13. You can see Dski on his YouTube channel lighting his Sunterra 48” Santa Maria style grill with the grill gun. Pretty impressive.
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