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  1. Vanole

    Newbie from Eastern NC

    Welcome, Don't retire that PK yet it has a place amongst your grills. Congrats on your Big Joe.
  2. Vanole

    New to Kamados having just found one

    Dan, Get in touch with Augie here http://kamadobbq.com He still carry's parts for the Imperials. He has a couple of youtube videos out there also discussing what parts/internals he has for the old Kamados. V/R Jeff
  3. I think you will be fine temp wise. The celery in the higher temp scenario will be your new best friend.
  4. Will be interested on how the cook turns out and your impression of that technique.
  5. Vanole

    42oz King for a (birth)Day

    Glad it worked out for you. Food looks great.
  6. Vanole

    42oz King for a (birth)Day

    I like Big Cats recommendation. Do a search of "Three Guys from Miami" they have some good ideas for Churasco with a bit of a Cuban spin.
  7. Vanole

    Finally upgraded to a Large BGE

    Congrats on your new BGE. It will serve you well.
  8. Vanole

    Prime Rib

    You going to use the PK on this cook? I have done a quite a few prime ribs on my PK in the past all turned out great. I know its the cook not the cooker but for some reason the PK turns out the best short ribs I make. Lord knows I have enough smokers and grills laying around for comparison taste testing.
  9. Vanole

    Fatty turned out awesome

    Looks great!!!
  10. Vanole


    I got one in the herd. Great little grill.
  11. Vanole

    Making Pork Skins

    Have you ever thought about doing Krustenbraten? You can get puffy crisp skin like pork rinds while doing the whole roast.
  12. Vanole


    I have a PK in my herd. You can/could take your PK out of its traditional cart and put it in that portable stand. If I remember correctly the portable stand was about $110. I seen the stand at a grill store in Coral Springs Fl.
  13. Vanole

    Kamado king

    Did not know Augie was selling the one on Ebay. I know he was with Mako when Imperial was in California. I met both of them when I flew and F-14 from the east coast to the west coast. Rented a car and drove up to the IK warehouse. Bought a couple of spare parts from them. Nice folks. I would call him. He has a couple of Youtube videos where he talks about Japanese and Chinese Kamados.
  14. Vanole

    Kamado king

    Don't see a link. However if it is a Kamado King just text or call Augie Longo on the Kamado King website. Kamado King was formerly Imperial Kamado. Augie bought Makosan out when Mako retired. I know this next comment does not help you in your info gathering however for any of you folks that have an Imperial Kamado or an old Pachinko Parlor Kamado, Kikuya Hibatchi Pot et al... Augie stocks parts for those old earthen ware cookers.
  15. Is this what you are looking for? https://www.americansale.com/products/built-in-nest-for-large-egg Pretty sure other folks sell something like it this was only pic I could find.