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  1. Welcome and congrats on your purchase.
  2. Welcome. Indeed there are some awesome folks here. Before you know it you will be a Kamado owner.
  3. Congrats on your new grill. I understand your thoughts and space limitations and possibility of selling your kamado. I would wait a bit too see if you like the pellet life. I've kept my kamado's even though I have a pellet grill. Have you been over to "Get Your Grill On" on Virginia Beach Blvd? Its just west of Restaurant Depot next to Cap City. Last time I was in their he had a large selection of pellets. There is also a place in P-town that sells traegers so I am sure they sell their pellets.
  4. Nice looking cook KK. Your roasted veggies layed out on the strip steak in that one picture looks awesome. If you could box that up in a Chinese take-out container and airlift that to me I would gladly sample it. My wife is from South America and she makes Matambre quite frequently which looks very much like your cook but uses Flank Steak or Skirt steak mostly. However every now and then Flap Meat (NAMP 185A) shows up around here. Cheaper than either Flank or Skirt steak and I think tastes better. Plus its cut to the proper thickness requiring no knife skills. Most folks say cook flap meat super hot and fast...I have kind of debunked that with two of the grills I have in my herd grilling it at 350 degrees. I have cooked it both ways with success and the meat tastes different each way. Once again nice looking cook. BTW you have pretty darn good camera skills also.
  5. That is a fine looking dish. Nice touch on the pine nuts. My wife fools around with zukes and eggplant quite a bit. She does one variation with both of those items that is a play on a pizza. Really good. I will have her prepare this. Thanks for the post.
  6. Welcome aboard. Can and will not disagree with your logic on your Kamado purchase.
  7. Really nice find. Seen the pics in the Other Kamado section.
  8. Welcome aboard. By chance was George on one of his trips when you purchased. I have been to Cyprus and eaten some fine food off a grill very simular to the pucture you posted.
  9. Looking great on the Primo.
  10. Nice looking cook. Tri-tip around the Tidewater Va area is rarer than "unicorn meat". However like you I stumbled upon 4 prime Tri Tips at the Langley AFB Comissary. Grabbed all 4 of them and intend to make them the guests of honor tomorrow. Have to admit I have yet to cook one on any of my kamados that I remember. Usually turn them out on my PK, so tomorrow will do 2 on each. Again great job.
  11. Looking forward to your brisket results.
  12. Can't argue with that logic. Sweet Baby Rays and Hoboken Eddies are my go to sauces. Once again great looking ribs.
  13. Those are some nice looking bones. See what looks like a bottle of Sweet Baby Rays in the back ground of 1 photo. Is that what you sauced them with?
  14. Welcome Aboard. Off to great start with the short ribs.
  15. I suggested changing the fan damper via PM. Yes you can play with your fan settings with/on the fireboard dashboard. You have 2 options on fan size and an option of limiting fan ouput.
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