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  1. Welcome RVA lots of great folks on here. I'm in Va Beach.
  2. Welcome, their are a grunch of nice folks on here, and I'm sure they look forward to your build.
  3. I agree on trying the hole first knowing that he has a bulkhead mounted spare in bound from corporate.
  4. Its not hard drilling into a Kamado. I have drilled into my Primo XL and 3 of my friends installing the clip kit. I will admit I had to work myself up to doing it. Had visions of bad things happening during the process. I followed the instructions utilized the die tap and then drilled out the holes with a masonry bit. I hope the original poster has success with his new dome.
  5. Congrats on your find.
  6. Welcome... Congrats on your cooker and BTW your Mrs. is a keeper.
  7. I could put a "hurtin" on that great looking brisket.
  8. I'm tuned in and waiting to catch a glimpse of the guest of honor.
  9. I have a bib, eating utensils and will travel...Very nice looking prime rib.
  10. Welcome Smokindadbbq, I too am "dual cool" well maybe not cool and post on both forums over on the green one I am tiewunon. Lots of friendly folks here and not much of the "OT" drivel.
  11. Have never passed up a piece of cornbread. My wife has added blueberries in the past also. Along a different subject their is a BBQ place in Windsor NC called Bunns BBQ and they serve some killer cornbread and if you want your BBQ sandwich will be made with 2 slices of cornbread. Count yourself lucky if you get a corner piece.
  12. Welcome, Don't retire that PK yet it has a place amongst your grills. Congrats on your Big Joe.
  13. Dan, Get in touch with Augie here http://kamadobbq.com He still carry's parts for the Imperials. He has a couple of youtube videos out there also discussing what parts/internals he has for the old Kamados. V/R Jeff
  14. I think you will be fine temp wise. The celery in the higher temp scenario will be your new best friend.
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