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  1. As always the food looks awesome. Seems like you found a gem of a campground. I love pull throughs and no doubt they have spared multiple marital squabbles after a long day of driving. Seen too many of those in my travels as a couple is trying to back in after arriving late. If you and the Mrs like the waterborne activities after the Covid stuff is in the rear view mirror and you have some time and are willing to travel checkout the Ichetucknee River near Ft White Fl. You tube this river and there are campgrounds in the vicinity.
  2. Welcome aboard. I know you enjoy the Primo.
  3. @ckreef mission accomplished on the Gumbo. Came out great. Too bad this fool cooked it on the hottest day of the year so far. Thanks again for the inspiration.
  4. Have my better 90% heading to Harris Teeter to pick some up. Thanks for the quick response.
  5. It is neat when you meet a person you talked with on an RV forum or any forum. While in Florida a couple popped up at our site and told us that while they were in Coburg Oregon picking up their coach our Coach rolled out of the paint booth. This couple came with pictures of it. In fact they had taken delivery on a Monaco Executive but attempted to switch to our Beaver Marquis. Seems they liked our one off paint scheme we special ordered. Their is an old wives tale about not having/owning a green or any green color/tint on your RV. Just look tell me how many you see... Well you can guess that we went against the grain on our color scheme. BTW really like the waterfall shot. Also what type of sausage did you use in the Gumbo? Not much of a sausage eater but my wife came home from the NAS Oceana Commissary with some Conecuh sausage. Never heard of or had it before. Was pretty darn good so your Gumbo has me thinking.
  6. Nice looking campground and great looking food. Yes very rare to have 4 identical units in a row at a campground unless you are at a rally or something.
  7. Too steal a line from Arte Johnson, "Very Interesting". I am a huge peach and currant fan. Will have to give this a go in the near future.
  8. DK45 mine has been cracked for years. I cooked on mine up until I heard George might sell which he did and I have not seen any drop off in support. I have had my new in box firebox stored in the garage about 9 months now. If you have any cracking or distorsion on you castiron grate buy a new one when/if you file a firebox claim. Some go the KAB route I have not done it, do not see the need myself. Others swear by it.
  9. I am no expert by any means if that cut was an NAMP 184D or Aus 2091 "Rump Cap/Coulotte/Picanah you definitely want to cut across the grain. Hard to tell in the pictures as fbov and len440 mentioned. - In the quick math unless I added an extra 30 mins (bullet 13 confused me) your cook was approx 2hrs. You ran your temps in 275°F - 300°F range. Final internal temp was not mentioned. Two earlier readings were approx 129°F in middle to 145°F on the edges. - I have tried putting a bit of smoke on a Picanah before in 300°F range to an internal temp of 130°F. My wife, and daughter did not like the low temp cook of this. While not tough they just did not like the taste. Looking at my log (yes I am anal rententive) checklist driven my cook was 65 mins. - So went back to my normal way of cooking this cut of meat. Hot and fast (450°F) to an internal of 130°F - 135°F. OR better yet if you have a rotis cut into strips and spin the meat (350°F - 375°F). - After saying this the members here will most likely ban me. I have a Holland gasser in my herd. Its on/off no temperature control chugs along at 400-420°F. It will not flare up their is a grease tray between the burner and the guest of honor. On the holland I grill fat cap down for 30 min then flip the meat to fat side up for an additional 30 mins. After an hour of cooking, temp is usually sitting between 130°F and 138°F and I pull them. Not only does a Holland make potato chip crisp skin on a chicken it makes a darn good Picanah. - My wife on occaison will ask for this cut well done. I cringe at this. Too be truthful highest internal I ever took it to was 155°F. It was a bit tough and dry and I hated it. It did not reheat well at all for left overs. - BTW do not lop the fat cap off any uneaten portion of the meat. When you go to reheat for left overs you will kick yourself for doing so. - If done correctly I would eat this any day over tri-tip and I am a tri-tip eating machine.. If done on the rotis in my opinion it gives rib-eye a good run for the money. - Lastly I would up the temp to shorten your cook and pull off in 130's°F or 55-60°C. - Hope this balloon juice helps on your next cook if we are talking the same cut of meat.
  10. Just reading thru this thread and then rereading your intial post paying particular attention to your last bullet in the "current situation" discussion personally I would nix the summit and kamado. I agree with @keeperovdeflame a good gas grill would make an excellent side kick to your Joe. I have a couple of gassers and my Phoenix produces the best steaks of any grill in my herd with the exception of my Sunterra Santa Maria Grill. If you want to stay in the charcoal realm the kettle is the cheaper option and you could add accessories as you go (rotis, SNS, etc). Depending on your limited space you have multiple sizes to choose from. I have had a kettle in my herd since the 70's and would not dream of voting it off the island. I also have a PK original. Love the grill. Grate space is limited and has a small foot print. Some folks on here have the 360 and they can talk about that. Lastly if you are willing to spend new Summit/Kamado money and want to stick to lump or briquettes you might want to look at a Hastybake. My wife bought herself one (Gourmet) and its massive grate space wise. I know it will cook a great steak just have not done one yet on it. However the rotis chicken off it is incredible.
  11. Call or e-mail Augie here http://kamadobbq.com/ He used to work for IK.
  12. @ckreef the one in the motorhome works great for storing the FMCA mags and a couple bottles of hooch when not rolling down the road.
  13. Very nice ck... Have done pizza camping in the past...but none ever looked as good as yours. My go to arrival dinner in the motorhome was a pot roast cooking away in a crockpot enroute (crockpot nestled in the sink). My snowbird neighbors came to expect it annually upon arrival at Larry & Penny Thompson.
  14. Welcome aboard. Now that the way to jump in new cooker, table and all.
  15. @mike echo Got to admit it was a surprise addition to the herd. My wife bought it last November at a conference for herself. Had it shipped to the house. Imagine the surprise when door bell rang and she wasn't home. She lets me play with it. She bought the Gourmet but added the upgrade of no window on the bifold door. Thing has a large cook area, produces some great food. Temp control at first was a Kabuki dance but have it down now. Definitely not an air tight cooker. Hastybake takes trade ins trying to talk her into trading this in on the "357". Will let that thought percolate with her for awhile.
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