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  1. Video came through on my end. Luckily a larger fire did not occur and your home is safe AND most importantly you and your family are safe. I have never seen that happen and hope I never do. I have seen 1 of 3 shore power cables on a Navy ship pretty much explode and go up in smoke in the PI. Unfortunately in that instance 1 SRF worker did not make it.
  2. That sounds like a great plan, plus the sentimental value remains intact. I am still kicking myself over a 1981 Lancia Zagato (aka Fred The Red) that was judged as totaled by the insurance company in 1987. I should have fought harder and been a more informed person. Too this day I miss tinkering with that care. So glad it came to a good conclusion for you.
  3. That looks fantastic. Nice job!! In fact if my better 90% would leave for a day or two, that would open up a window of opportunity to ditch this darn sling and rustle me up a chuckie. BTW as I sit here sniffing the screen and drooling you have some darn good camera skills.
  4. I have a onegrill basket which was gifted to me but can't remember who? Good product. Have used it multiple times though never in a Kamado. Used it in my Hastybake Gourmet and on my PK coupled to the Carson Rodizio. My wife sprays it down with Weber grilling spray to help ease cleaning. Not to steel my friend @Gebo thread but onlyfire makes a bunch of rotis stuff has a 25% off sale on orders over $50. Code is PRIZE25
  5. - Looks like you all had a great time. Super good idea. - Back at Thanksgiving my wifes family had a zoom call with everyone too include grown up grandchildren all over the US, and then added aunts/uncles and cousins, shirt tail cousins and interlopers from Colombia. - NO great food exchange like your event. - Hope all the plans you folks made come to fruition this year.
  6. - On occaision though normally coinciding with fall (hunting season) the Web Restaursnt Store runs a sale on Morton Tender Quick. Last time I bought during the sale it ran $2.27 a bag. It is running at 3.87 a bag now. Shipping is reasonable and quick. - Additionally at times they have shipping thresholds where shipping is free.
  7. @byeeYou are most welcome. I even got a hold of my BIL he still has the box and gave me the sku number if required. You stay safe and glad I could be of a little help.
  8. @byee I had one of those given to me by a friend at a campground in Fl. He bought it at IKEA for about half the price Amazon is asking. It was meant to set on a counter to air dry pots, pans, dishes and the like. - What I remember about it is that it broke down into a very small box (great for motorhomers) and was pretty heavy for its size. - I gave it to my BIL about 4 years ago. He is using it like what you intend to do. - He says it works fine but a huge PIA to clean. Remember the vertical posts all screw in, which he says are much easier to clean than the accordion base which he says you need to soak a bit and use a bit of elbow grease on. - None of what my BIL says has discouraged him from using it.
  9. - Not with either the Fireboard FBX11 (aka FB 1) or Fireboard 2. - Neither of my Fireboards consume anymore fuel than my Flameboss 200 or old DigiQ DX2 - I know this is not part of the question but if you want a fuel/lump mizer the SMOBOT shines in that arena. I have had over a 37 hr burn in a Primo XL with well over 1/3 of a firebox left when I shut her down.
  10. I am sorry to hear and see this. Not sure if there is any recourse with the insurance company BUT I hope it works out for you.
  11. Nice cook. Did you make your own jerk sauce/marinade?
  12. Put me in coach. Very nice looking dish. The roasted red pepper, cauliflower, rice dish is right up my alley. Nice job!!!
  13. @len440 not worried about the rocking at all. It's the wobble of the front leg that irks me. This is my third kettle. First bought at NEX Yokosuka. Rock solid. Second bought directly from Weber had a bit of wobble but fine. This last one has the hips of a hula dancer and the wobble of a drunken sailor.
  14. Yes those Napoleon Apollo's are nice. My neighbor has about a 6 year old Napoleon Bullet Smoker (not sure it was called an Apollo then) thing has been through the wars too include a dip in the Chesapeake Bay and it looks as good as new.
  15. @Lumpy_Coal thanks so much for quick turnaround. My nephews birthday is coming up so now I know what I am getting him. Thanks again.
  16. Read through this whole thread @Lumpy_Coal great iniative with original homegrown plate setter. I gave my mini to my nephew years ago. He uses it alot. When you bought the new platesetter did it require a new ring to sit in grooves? Or did you just replace to have new?
  17. @Kamado Chris if looking for it in a store you could possibly walk right past it. It comes in a box with handles vice a bag that charcoal normally comes in. There are a couple of youtube videos about the product online.
  18. @Kamado Chris if you want to cut down on ash Napoleon has an offering “Coconut Shell Briquettes” that I here in the states get off Amazon. It is an extruded briquette about 6-8 “ long with a hole in the center. Bit difficult to light but burns hot and burns a loooooong time. Very little ash content. I run the stuff in my Kettle, PK Original and Hastybake Gourmet. Both for long low and slow and hot and fast cooks. This coconut shell charcoal is a bit pricey but seeing how its a Napoleon product it may be cheaper in Canada. However in my opinion it is worth the price. - Amazon routinely runs sales on another Coconut Charcoal called “Blazing Coconut Husk Briquettes” that is another good one. - Lastly ash content is a tad more than lump but you can use it in your Kamado. Works good for baking due to neutral smoke generated.
  19. I would give you my right arm (warning it's pretty useless and sling bound for 5 more weeks min) for one of those rib-eyes. I know its bad but I would just eat left handed and inhale before you knew it. Really nice job I have huge rib-eye envy.
  20. @mike echo Thank you very much. Today has been the first I have been moving. For any folks contemplating shoulder surgery. This is my second one. First surgery without nerve block. Second surgery with nerve block. Hands down better experience WITH the nerve block. Both surgeries were uncomfortable but coming home after surgery numbed up and with a pain ball is “mo” better than sedated and a string of pain pills. Therapy started today so well on the way to recovery.
  21. Nice addition and BTW your Mrs is a keeper. Really like that your kettle has the two front legs. I have had kettles for years and my biggest beef has been the single front leg. Not a show stopper but it bothers me. Hope your new grill brings you years of happiness.
  22. @len440yes I did and that darn swab had the longest handle on it I have ever seen. I swear the health care worker was in another county when she started that test. Overall painless. Thanks Len for the well wishes. Glad I have spent time in the military have to muster at 0530 at PASVB for this party.
  23. Sounds like you folks carried on pretty much as normal, well as normal gets nowadays. I usually am cooking but not this year. Can you believe it I have surgery scheduled Monday so I spent a couple of hours of Christmas Eve at SVBGH going through my pre-op tests too incl Covid testing. After running that gamut went home and self quarantined. So my better 90% is doing all the cooking for the near future while I am doing the “Elf” on the shelf thing. Merry Christmas All...
  24. I have seen a few Cobb’s in different campgrounds I have traveled through.
  25. @Surly Viking I just noticed your post today over on the AR forum (tiewunon). Hope Weber answers the bell for you. My daughter Kaitlyn initiated her gen 1 cooker with a brisket. Said it came out great. She likes it better than the MBGE I gave her a year ago. So I guess the MBGE will comeback to Papa in Feb when we move to Fl.
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