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  1. Doing some St. Louis ribs tonight. Top damper is a bit gummed up from the cold. Handle metal was a bit to brittle in the cold. This modification is not recommended. Going to be making adjustments with gloves.
  2. I would pepper them after cooking them. Should get you better flavor. Searing pepper tends to make it bitter. I also like a hit of garlic/herb butter.
  3. As far as I understand it from previous research, it mostly approximates the taste of aged beef, but the liquid content and texture cannot really compare well. It's a nice way to bump up the beef flavor though.
  4. Hmmmm, the O-ring in the top vent is installed correctly as well I'm assuming. Pretty weird issue. Did the smoke identify any significant leaks when doing these small fires.
  5. Is the ash tray actually hooked or is it being held on by the side clips? Also, if the grill got up to 700, it's going to take a lonnnnng time for the akorn to cool down from that. Could be that you don't have a leak...
  6. What specifically did you take apart? Also, is your ash tray installed correctly?
  7. Yes to the clam box, not to wolf hollow. I can heartily recommend SALT, if you are in the area.
  8. So cool to see the Ipswich blend. Wife's family has a house there and I freeze every summer in the river trying to duck greenies.
  9. Beef stock or even olive oil are good. I personally like using oil as a carrier with spices, but that's just me.
  10. Similar to what others have said, wrap the ribs in foil and place in a cooler with the empty space being taken up by old towels (or beach towels if you don't have junk towels). This acts very similar to a cambro in catering, which keeps food hot for hours. I'd then cook the wings. They'll probably take an hour with heating the grill up.
  11. I personally think that most people do well with Keto, since it simply forces them to pay attention to what they are eating, but that's me. One of the things that really turns me off from keto though was this study: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-45195474 While it's not a direct study of long term keto, it passes my personal "does it make sense?" criteria. End of the day though, do what you want.
  12. Take a cast iron pan, soapstone, or some other flat hot surface. Place burger on surface and smash flat with spatula. Cook and then flip.
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