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  1. Looks like they needed some more time on the grill. Bet they were still tasty though.
  2. Broke my cast iron grate the other day and purchased a stainless replacement that has the side hinge. There's enough room that I can get in, lift the smoking stone and toss wood into the center of the fire if needed. Just another option for you.
  3. @kamado mofoFor smoking on the Akorn, you'll likely get the smokiest flavor when smoking at 275F in my experience. I try to settle my Akorn around 235F after throwing on cold meat. By the end of the cook, the thermometer should be reading 260-275F. Any temp between 225-275F is going to result in tasty BBQ. Akorn is usually happiest around 250F as far as stability is concerned. @KaliforniaI generally set the bottom vent and make small adjustments to the top vent. When your down in the low and slow range, it takes very little on the top vent to raise or lower temps after you set the bottom where you know it will work (for me, just covering the screw or roughly .75, top vent at .9 typically)
  4. Residue. Easily cleaned off. Someone recently posted that he cleaned it lightly with a brush. Image below.
  5. I like butterflying the butt out in one long piece (pinwheel type cut) and then cutting the pieces to size.
  6. Thanks! Just did taco's al pastor on the grill. 4 wooden skewers was not a stable arrangement.
  7. Your link is just linking back to this thread fyi. Curious about that deal though.
  8. If you're having trouble with the brisket, you could always separate the flat and point. I was trying to read through all you posts as far as technique goes. Seems like you're changing things for the better (e.g. probing for doneness vs. relying on temperatures).
  9. So, having used my Akorn for years now, my only gripe is that whenever the top is opened, air can uncontrollably be sucked into the fire from the gap between the firebox and the shell. Has anyone modded their Akorn to remove this leak path? Thoughts? I would think that a metal ring to seal the gap and hook onto the firebox would do the trick. Maybe some felt seal on the backside to make it air tight?
  10. Not sure why you would do that when you can plop a joetisserie on for $50 more, without modifications.
  11. I've apparently been intermittent fasting for years. Always skip breakfast. Lunch at 11 and dinner around 5.
  12. Doing some St. Louis ribs tonight. Top damper is a bit gummed up from the cold. Handle metal was a bit to brittle in the cold. This modification is not recommended. Going to be making adjustments with gloves.
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