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  1. I think there are instructions in the manual that comes with it explaining how to adjust the hinge.
  2. That's like putting a sign on your car saying "follow me to some good food!"
  3. Mine came with the screws. I feel like they were in either the hinge tools or with the wrenches they supply.
  4. I'm thinking about getting the Rubbermaid 7x7 shed to store grilling supplies along with other outside items (push mower, trimmer, etc). It looks like you can attach pegboard and shelves to the walls.
  5. This guy made it looks easy.
  6. Its not just jacking up the price because they can. You are paying for the value in which you feel the item, their time, experience, ability is worth. For anyone who feels that $79 is too expensive for this item they should just go build one themselves. However, if they are unable to or can't find someone to build it for them for less then yeah $79 is a great price for it.
  7. I had a claim that said completed and after a week there was no update, so I called and then they had it ready to ship later that day.
  8. We have a deck box, the low long type, so I'm thinking maybe getting a strong Rubbermaid and some foam and make inserts to hold all of the flat items such as the cast iron insert, heat deflectors, etc.
  9. I'm not sure if this is the right place, but how does everyone store their accessories. I have big joe and have the diffusers, pizza peel, cast iron insert, and joetisserie. Not to mention a cast iron pan, cast iron griddle, 2 pizza peels... How does everyone store all of their accessories?
  10. You could see if bbqguys ends up having any Father's Day specials. For Memorial Day weekend they have free joetisseries with the classic and big joe.
  11. I wasn't setting up a two zone cook, just cooking a few hot dogs each time, so my thought was toss in the divider and use less lump. I'll get a picture of the lump tomorrow if it isn't raining.
  12. Has anyone else tried the firebox divider for the big joe? I have used it twice and had a hard time getting the grill over 300 degrees. I'm not sure if it was due to smaller pieces of lump or due to having half of the amount of lump.
  13. Well, good news. I called yesterday and spoke with Shoppers Choice and they followed up with me today and said since it was originally stated that they could match the deal, that they would go ahead an honor their word.
  14. Sounds like you got the one with the built in timer :). I think others have mentioned similar things and it is possible that depending on how much ash there was that it could restrict airflow. I came from a WSM as well, and I think my favorite thing is not having to dump out a large water pan after all of my long smokes. Enjoy your KJ!
  15. I explained to the customer service person when I bought it and that I saw they had the deal and she said just send a screenshot of the deal and she could get it taken care of for me. So I sent the screenshot and then got an email today that they wouldn't honor the deal since it was a memorial weekend only deal.
  16. I did, they said to send them a screenshot of the deal and they would be able to match it. However once I sent the screenshots over I got an email saying that BBQGuys.com couldn't match the deal.
  17. AndyB

    Big Joe Cover

    I got my Classic from the roadshow this year and the cover that came with it fit very well. The big joe cover I got came from Amazon so I'm not sure if those have been changed/updated.
  18. AndyB

    Big Joe Cover

    I went ahead and ordered one the The Cover Store. I did some searching on the forum and it looks like some others have had good experiences with them as well.
  19. Has anyone seen if they have an open API for the flame boss as well?
  20. AndyB

    Big Joe Cover

    We had some strong storms tonight in Charlotte and the wind whipped the cover on the Big Joe all around, but the one on the Classic stayed on well. I tried to upload a photo but it fails from iOS safari, but the cover almost came completely off. Even with the cord at the bottom tightened some it still feels very loose on the BJ. Have others noticed the same on their covers?
  21. Dang I just bought the big joe from them last week.
  22. There wasn't when they came to Charlotte, NC. Just the two you mentioned.
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