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  1. I was like you until I ran out of book space in my library. I like the Kindle because when I travel I can carry hundreds of books with me and it only takes up less room than one paperback. Plus, if there is a book I want that I don't have, I can buy it from anywhere I can get a internet signal. Very convenient.
  2. I second the Michael Connelly books. I have about eight or nine of his books on my kindle. If you like Grisham, you will love Connelly. The Mickey Haller books are good if you like Lawyer stories. Fun stuff. Especially if you saw the "Lincoln Lawyer" movie. I think he has three of the Micker Haller stories. I also liked the older Grisham books, but his latest books are not as good as the earlier ones. I wouldn't part with my kindle for anything. I have read more stuff since I got it a year and a half ago than I read in ten years prior. I have also downloaded some of the free Clasics, like some of Mark Twain's stuff. I don't know if it is available on the Kindle or not, but look for a book called "Follow the River". It is a true story about a frontier woman living in West Virginia that was kidnapped by indians, and was hauled way up north, and eventually escaped and found her way back to West Virginia along the New River. Great read.
  3. My hat is off to you TONYDP for taking the responsibility of your own actions. Maybe it should not have broken, but I am sure it was not designed to do so. Honest people like you help keep the cost down for the MFG. and results in lower costs for all consumers. You are a rare individual in today's world (Stepping down off soap box now, hope I don't stumble.)
  4. If you build one, "They will come". (All your friends and relatives for the great "Q" it will turn out.) Plus there is a lot of satisfaction in having built something that works as well as they do for just a few $'s. I have had a lot of different smokers (no expensive brand names, Klose, Lang, etc) but none that worked as good as my UDS does. Just remember to use the KISS principle on your first one, and you wont go wrong.
  5. I only listen to the "tweets" from the wild birds on my deck. My wife has a twitter account for her home based business @superiorclaim I sometimes tweet on there.
  6. Well other than smokin and eatin Q, I enjoy reading and posting on different forums on the web. I also like gardening and bird watching. Before I left Texas I was involved in field trials with my English Pointers and quail hunting. Have a bunch of trophies on the wall from the field trials I won. I was active in a Bird Dog club in Victoria, Tx. for several years. Bad knees and a lack of places to hunt have ended that hobby. I still get a chance to shoot some skeet once in a while. I also reload my own shells for my guns.
  7. I am like JM, I spend way too much time on there. It is an addicting game. My wife has an English major in college, and I try (key word there) to beat her! I think I have six games going at the present time.
  8. It looks like a slick piece of equipment. I have never cooked a pizza on a smoker before. Just never thought of it, until your video of the pizza on the Akorn. I used to get pizza's from a place near Norfolk Va. when I was in the Navy that had a brick fired pizza oven. It had a great flavor if I remember right. Loooong time ago.
  9. Welcome aboard Steve! I see you are from "Big D". Good place to be from. I am about 700 or so miles east of you in "Little D." Not quite Texas, but a transplanted dyed in the wool Texan none the less.
  10. Having lived in South Texas for a number of years, My favorite is Mesquite followed by pecan. I notice that a lot of people say that Mesquite is harsh tasting. My experience is different. I have used it as the only source of fuel and really liked the results. I especially like it for cooking steaks. There is a (or was?) restaurant outside of Phoenix called Pinnacle Peak that cooked great steaks over a Mesquite fire pit outside. Some of the best Rib-eyes I have ever had. I buy Mesquite lump from my local Kroger's and use it in my UDS for long smokes on Briskit and ribs. Great stuff. I also like pecan, but have not found a good supply of it around here.
  11. Welcome Ken, you will find a lot of friendly folks here. I am beginning to worry about the "Carolinas" with all those new Kamado's over there. If you guys fire them up all at once, them "Tree Huggers" might swarm down on you. Of course Que is the official State Food over there I understand. Second only to Texas of course.
  12. Welcome aboard! We can never have too many toys if we have room for them. (The wife says she can never have too many purses.) Why can't we have something that we can't have too many of?
  13. I have been lurking here since John set this up. Found out about it from the BBQB site, where I enjoyed the video's John posted. I have been smoking and Bar B Queing for over 30 years in one fashion or another. I started out on a home made open cinder-block pit with a sheet-iron cover to hold the heat and smoke in. We cooked, smoked, broiled, fried, and tortured various insects and snakes over that pit for years. Later in life, I have used all forms of stick burners and cheap smokers. My present arsenal is a cheap-o wal-mart grill and a UDS I made about a year ago. Best smoker I have ever owned or used for simple operation and efficiency. I hope to get an ACORN soon to replace the El Cheapo grill and expand my smoking surface area and have a grill to do steaks etc. on. Lots of good information on this and the "Brethren" site.
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