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  1. I will have to look up the kick ash basket - never heard of it. I never thought to use the ash drawer... I may give that a try. If not, I just bought a weber chimney and weber lighting cubes. I also bought a new grill brush (is looks like a pumice stone). I like to do BBQ, but hate my racks afterwards. I usually use a putty knife I ground down to clean the grates of my grills... but with this, I figured I would try another route. Thanks again guys! I'm going to cook some pork on it tonight. I did chicken and potatoes on it yesterday (although I had my baby potatoes in a foil packet with olive oil, seasoning and some summer shandy... until I tore it and put out half of my coals!). Luckily it fired up pretty quickly. Nick
  2. Thank you! I'll be cooking on it again tonight. Last night I did whole chickens and a packet of baby potatoes. Tonight i'm going to do pork chops... i'm getting hungry just thinking about it! Nick
  3. I forgot to ask.. what does everyone use to clean the exterior of their Vision's? Can it be polished? My dad came over to my house to check mine out and laughed because he figured I would be waxing it when he came over.... well... he might be right if it can be done lol. I would like to keep it looking nice and shiny for years to come. Nick
  4. Hello! I'm a newbie (2nd post) as I posted in the introductions earlier, and have now discovered there is a Vision section! (as directed to me by Vision Customer service after registering my grill). So far, i'm very impressed with my purchase, and the personal emails I received from Chris as Vision (who suggested I check out Kamadoguru.com). I was on the fence between an Akron or a lower end Traeger pellet grill... then I won a few gift cards from work and thought what the heck. I have wanted a ceramic egg style cooker for years, and I figured I might as well pull the trigger. I was shocked how easy it was to assemble. My only issue was that the glaze is very crazed on mine and it looked as though the glaze had exposed ceramic in some of the cracks (it was in the evening and partially dark). Upon further inspection today in the sun light, it looks more like a residue that'll wipe off with a little elbow grease. It also has a haze to portions of it.. but it's not to noticeable. My only regret thus far is not buying it in red. I really wanted a colored one, but Sam's doesn't stock any of the colors other than black in our store, however after cooking steaks on it last night... I could care less if it was neon pink. My shelf brackets do need a little tweaking, but i'm still impressed at how well everything was laid out, and how thorough the assembly instructions were. I'm hoping to build a table that my Kamado can set in, and my smoker can be integrated into. My first project will be to build an exhaust style hood to evacuate any smoke/etc. while starting up and cooking. I have a covered patio and have opted to keep my Kamado further in away from the weather. I'm hoping to keep it in great shape for many years to come. I know it's not as expensive as a green egg or some of the other models... but it was a huge purchase for us in comparison to the other grills I have owned over the years (in my signature). I can't wait to see what kind of mods everyone has done, and how your Kamado has been integrated into your patio, etc. Also....lighting suggestions? My old Charcoal grill had a handy propane igniter to light off the coals. I noticed that Vision sells an electric element style lighter as well, however I did not see one of the long curved handle one's on their website.. just the one made to slide through the door of the other models. Any thoughts on lighting? Also - does everyone use lump... briquettes... or what? The more suggestions the merrier. I plan on doing some marinated chicken on it tonight, but can honestly say the steak I cooked on it last night was probably the best grilled steak i've ever done, and I believe it was due to this grill and the lump charcoal I found (after lots of searching yesterday). Thanks again! Nick in Ohio
  5. keeperovdeflame, Thank you for your reply. I will check out the suggested sites. I could already tell a difference after cooking steaks on it last night. I'm very impressed with it thus far, but believe i'll be making a few modifications over time. I think the main one will be a nice table that will incorporate my electric smoker and my vision kamado. Then possibly a sealed wall cabinet to store my cooking gadgets. I like to think of my patio as a clean place, but we have mud daubers, spiders, wasps, and other crawly things that like to hide anywhere they can. Some type of exhaust vent is a must as well, luckily I have a metal brake and some supplies already in my shop. I'm hoping to create some type of vent to expel smoke while starting up and cooking. Thanks again! I can't wait to read more and do some "hands on" research tonight. Nick
  6. Hello! My name is Nick from SE Ohio. I was directed here by Vision Customer Service after registering my Vision Grills Classic Diamond Cut B-Series from Sam's Club yesterday (they were quick to email me some tips and information about my grill, including a few websites to use for accessories and information - thus i'm here). This is my first Kamado, although I have been lurking and stalking the web for a long time trying to decide on my next grill. I kept going back and forth on the Char-griller Akorn and an off brand pellet grill. Then I thought about buying a different weber (I purchased and gave my dad a Performer series kettle and have cooked on it quite a bit). My goal was to find something that wouldn't rust, would last longer than a big box store grill, and give me great flavor. I believe I made a decent choice going with the Vision. I wanted something made in the USA, but with my budget I was fairly limited. It really came down to the Traeger Pellet Grill and the Vision in the end and the Vision won me over. I was able to free up a bunch of space on our covered patio, and eliminated my old Gas Grill and Charcoal grill. I hope to do plenty of reading and learning about some of the different mods others have made. My biggest mod will be some type of "oven" style hood to pick up all of the smoke and expel it from under my patio roof. I have some stainless double wall pipe and will probably look into some different duct style fans. However i'll ask... Has anyone created an exhaust type hood for under your covered patio? Has anyone built their own table/cabinet to mount your Kamado? Has anyone built sealed wall cabinets to store your accessories? I do some wood working on the side, and am considering building my own table with a matching wall cabinet. I was just curious if anyone else on here has done something similar? Thanks again! Nick in Ohio
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