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  1. modenacart

    Disappointed , is this normal?

    I just got my retort going last week. I copied the Hookway dragon and it works great. My my pittboss has been awesome. I expect to have to tighten bolts sometimes.
  2. modenacart

    Pit Boss Thermometer

    Mine is near spot in. I am sure they will send you another one if you contact customer support.
  3. You can use any type of wood finish but a marine varnish or epoxy will likely last the longest. I would put 10 coats or so in and sand between coats to knock off any debris that settles on them if using varnish. If using epoxy follow the instructions. I boat forum would be a good place to find information.
  4. modenacart

    Komodo Joe sale

    https://m.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=42684056 seemsnlike a good price.
  5. I hot cook can help burn off grime.
  6. modenacart

    Finally BEAT this 10k Route

    I find running downhill to be much harder on form. It seems to help teach you to move your legs faster too.
  7. modenacart

    Akorn for sale

    I have my akorn for sale on Craigslist if anyone is interested. https://eastnc.craigslist.org/for/d/char-grill-akorn-kamado-kooker/6274038261.html
  8. modenacart

    Turkey on the akorn

    I have an akorn I bought in may for sale for $200 if you are near eastern NC. It comes with a smoking stone.
  9. modenacart

    Here goes nothing just finished the steak fridge

    Wow, the world has changed. Temperature controllers are freaking cheap now.
  10. modenacart

    best probe for high heat cooking

    My dome thermometer was off in my akorn and I contacted their customer and they sent me a replacement. The replacement is pretty close.
  11. modenacart

    Beer in Water Pan?

    I think the water pan does help but beer doesn’t. You just boil off the water in the beer leaving most of the rest of the beer behind in the pan.
  12. For anyone wanting to try the ring of fire and can’t find buckets or whatever. Just just firebrick. You can cut it to size. The point is to create a barrier for the fire.
  13. modenacart

    Bourbon Substitute???

    I would use a realitivly inexpensive whiskey too. Expensive whiskey should be drank not cooked with.
  14. modenacart

    More Forkish Pizzas on a Pit Boss

    Are you using lump or charcoal? Using lump I can max out the thermometer on the dome out easy on my pit boss 22. Brisquetts dont seem to get near as hot.