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  1. I have had a pitboss for a couple of years ago using the stock deflector. Sometimes when I smoke I feel like the meat is a little hard on the bottom as I always smoke on the bottom grate and use the grate temp. I have been looking at the woo ring and the spider and was wanting some opinions from people who have them as I have some questions. I believe with either the woo ring or spider I would get the 2x16 inch half stones. Do both sit lower in the fire bowl and therefore more distance between them and the bottom grate? Also I do some long smokes and will these 2 take away too much charcoal I can load for a 18-20 hour smoke. What are the advantages of the woo ring over the spider? Is the gap around the firebowl less than the default deflector and does this help? Is the woo ring better for adding another grate for better searing? I assume with both I can use half plate for direct and indirect grilling. I have done a few pizzas with using the deflector and a gap with a pizza stone. How are these devices for doing pizza? Is anyone using the ceramic grillstore 16 inch solid pizza stone for the pizza along with the woo ring or spider with two half stones? What pizza stone do you recommend? Are these devices worth it or would it be better to keep using the default deflector and get a grate stacker? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. My dome thermometer is done. What are u guys using? Please add link if u can. Ty.
  3. I have seen a few thermometer post but I am hoping a few of you could post links to the ones you have and recommend. Ty
  4. Has anyone found a half moon cast iron griddle and half grate for the other side? I am looking for one for the k24. Thanks
  5. Thanks. I have the stainless coming in tomorrow.
  6. Should I upgrade to stainless steel? Is it worth it? Thanks
  7. It is time to replace my factory gasket felt. Any recommendations on which one to buy? thanks
  8. Has anyone found rotisserie for the pitboss 24? Thanks Tyler
  9. How deep is your pan. I am wondering if it will fit under the grate well and on top of the stock deflector. it could be a good drip pan also. Could you post amazon link also? Thanks
  10. I can log into the kamado guru website but tapatalk on my android gives me a " you are not logged in or you do not have permission to do this action" when I try and login to kamado guru on tapatalk. It was working fine a few weekes ago. any ideas? Thanks
  11. Awesome. Thanks for the ideas. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  12. What knife would you recommend for trimming a butt before cook and or a brisket? Looking for something around 30 bucks. Smoke on.. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  13. My costco pitboss came with the stock deflector. I have read about the spider setup and it looks pretty good but I am wondering if it is worth the money since I have the stock deflector plate. Is there much of an advantage having a deflector lower in the firebowl? I am interested in half round cermaic stone but I am wondering if someone has bough one that just sits on the firebowl instead of the spider? I wonder if I could just use the 19inch half moon stone from the ceramic grill store. Thanks for any help.
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